iPhone 11 Pro DROP Test! Worlds Toughest Glass!

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iPhone 11 Pro vs 11 Pro Max Drop Test! Extreme durability testing the 'Worlds Toughest Glass'.. Actually incredible results!
(8) iPhone 11/11 Pro Giveaway: gleam.io/a1Z4V/mega-iphone-11-giveaway
Phone Rebel cases: instagram.com/phonerebel/
iPhone 11 vs XR Drop Test: usvid.net/video/video-ULEulJAKfZs.html
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Sep 20, 2019




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Comments 20 775
The Entertainment Guy
The Entertainment Guy 16 minutes ago
Paul Gomez
Paul Gomez 2 hours ago
Great! iPhone 11 pro and pro max.
Aryta Ratu 99
Aryta Ratu 99 3 hours ago
Drop to my hand please 🤣😃🙏
jawahira. ap
jawahira. ap 3 hours ago
Wat can I do if my 11 pro broken 😔???
maumau151 5 hours ago
They only brake when thrown at nice men😇
Xamicon 9 hours ago
plot twist: the iphones are paid actors
Ducati Painting
Ducati Painting 10 hours ago
3:50 non ironically says oof
Ruby House
Ruby House 13 hours ago
Still giving phones away? Me please needed for my Uni 🙏😭
Sibel Iljazovska
Sibel Iljazovska 22 hours ago
My heart .. 🥱🤮
Jose Rubio
Jose Rubio Day ago
My phone literally fell 2-3 feet and it shattered completely...
Team Scrutiny
All you need to do is get a 55' and shoot a round in it and it's done it a millisecond
High Five
High Five Day ago
Apple always say that there are new iPhones has the world toughest glass
Huckleberry Finn
I would get paralyzed before I can drop them
Rogue Day ago
Can I have one?
SANdro Urbiztondo
You dont have to thrown the iphone just give it to me hahahah😂😂
Aldrin Nobleza
Adventure Music
My heart is broken after this video guys .. please help me 💔
It is obvious that the Apple company paid you to advertise, all the phones were broken as soon as you fell.
M_A_M Day ago
can you send to me this iPhone 11 Pro or 11 Pro Max because i need it , i waiting you : this is my gmail : am951693@gmail.com
The19boss Day ago
OMG that wall of iPhones on the back
Rishabh jain
Rishabh jain Day ago
Hey bro that's is very cool content i liked it
Eddie Herrera
It hurt to watch this
Whaiuka Day ago
i doubt it broke cause of the impact, i guess it broke after the other phone dropped on it, it was the same in another video guess 11 against XR but dont know. I bet it wouldnt have broken id the second phone didnt fell onto it. Next times please watch out for that this doent happens, that falsen the outcome.
Asjath Shakir
Asjath Shakir 2 days ago
Mohammed Raqheeb
Mohammed Raqheeb 2 days ago
I can't see this 😭😢😢😢
Mohammed Raqheeb
Mohammed Raqheeb 2 days ago
Mix Videoz
Mix Videoz 2 days ago
Hy I need this mobile
Hong Yi Kun
Hong Yi Kun 2 days ago
when you drop a scouter bike from top of your ceiling
joshua fishing monster
Iv always wanted the iphone 11 but never got one so can i get one
schnuurtchke 2 days ago
zazur smartphones
Grease quala
Grease quala 2 days ago
Upgrade packaging ??? You Sir is a fukin 🐐
CloutkingH2o10 2 days ago
🎛🌫🌫 🌫🌫🌫 🌫🍎🌫 🌫🌫🌫 🌫🌫🌫
Aman Koolath
Aman Koolath 2 days ago
any malayaliii kanumbo sahikunila myrr
ExtremeMrGamer 2 days ago
If u don't have a sim card ejecter just drop your phone 5:35
Nitin Raut
Nitin Raut 3 days ago
Bro is this for sale ..??? Tell us if yes
Swesna Sewa
Swesna Sewa 3 days ago
HL 3 days ago
You r dropping a Rolex Daytona ..
HL 3 days ago
Many ppl would be happy to get all those chargers and cables from you..
Rajat Gupta
Rajat Gupta 3 days ago
My kidney got heart attack after watching this
amy tran
amy tran 3 days ago
Cool test love to watches .😉😉
عطر رجولة
يوال عطيني واحد😅
Mnoo0ooRr 3 days ago
حالف يكسر الجوالات
Sam Phe
Sam Phe 4 days ago
teffy Bitencourt
teffy Bitencourt 4 days ago
Megan Lee
Megan Lee 4 days ago
I want a new phone 🤩
Michael 4 days ago
Mine lasted one drop out of my pocket sitting down before the back glass broke
The goat
The goat 4 days ago
I drop my 11 pro max and put it pools hot tubs etc not matter what it works 😂
jesus for all
jesus for all 4 days ago
Please don't please by this phone because I need it so much
B1ODIN 4 days ago
They should make one with bulletproof glass! Will be a thick phone tho😂
발빠닥 4 days ago
바닥이 불쌍해
Dina Seddiek Gadalla
Whose poor here and got a mini heart attack on each drop????
Badkid 5 days ago
I broke my iPhone 11 Pro Max yaya
Wolf Haley
Wolf Haley 5 days ago
🎛⬜️⬜️ ⬜️⬜️⬜️ ⬜️🍎⬜️ ⬜️⬜️⬜️ ⬜️⬜️⬜️
Carbon Gaming
Carbon Gaming 5 days ago
nly thing that can break an iphone 11 pro is an iphone 11 pro max
harpal singh
harpal singh 5 days ago
We buy old phones.any repairing or parts need in apple call or whatsaap me 9911012123.
x.xtubax.x Ayyildiz
This hurts me...
Timur Cinar
Timur Cinar 5 days ago
🎛⬜️⬜️ ⬜️⬜️⬜️ ⬜️🍎⬜️ ⬜️⬜️⬜️ ⬜️⬜️⬜️
Ozeh Vivian
Ozeh Vivian 5 days ago
Wow it's nice though but you just destroyed my dream phone there😂😂😂😂
hanna linch
hanna linch 6 days ago
His out here breaking a thousand dollar phone , while I have a oppo😐🤧
То чувство когда ты русский и хер пойми о чём они говорят
Touch Philip
Touch Philip 6 days ago
Why u don’t give me u do like that lol😞
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