iPhone 11 Clone Unboxing!

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First iPhone 11 clone unboxing! Up close with the triple lens camera, two months before release! How bad can a $100 iPhone 11 be?
iPhone 11 latest leaks.
iOS 13 latest features.
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Jul 11, 2019

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Comments 10 460
平和主義者 2 minutes ago
Maya dozetas
Maya dozetas 3 minutes ago
Is it fake?? It’s look not real iPhone 11🤔
Ms Believer
Ms Believer 11 minutes ago
This design is just trash tbh,the designs are going downhill
سلـطان الـنحيت
الكامره يبيلها حمايه لها غير الجوال
Abigail Bello
Abigail Bello 20 minutes ago
Someone answer me ASAP is that what it’s gonna look like
Ikram Ben
Ikram Ben 33 minutes ago
I don’t like it flop 🙊🙊
k cracks
k cracks 52 minutes ago
if they made a second one like that they should name it iSquare2
GOAT GANG Hour ago
Who else went to the comments to see if this shit was fake like if u agree
Optic S king
Optic S king Hour ago
guys wait for Samsung galaxy 11, there will be no notch or anything on the screen, its all full screen and it has better camera
walflox the gamer
Wth is that
Julicrack_YT Hour ago
Hagemaru Conan
Really ip11? 😒😒
Orochin Hour ago
Horrible lol
Amy Pico
Amy Pico Hour ago
It looks fake
GT_Wild Thing
GT_Wild Thing 2 hours ago
Whishi 2 hours ago
How much this gonna cost? 10000?😑 Happy I got Galaxy 10.
Brendha De Oliveira Becker
Q porra feia do caralho
Jixzeey -
Jixzeey - 2 hours ago
not reall
Flash Goal TV
Flash Goal TV 2 hours ago
Design camera is better if cameras are put horizontaly or vertically
stan oneus
stan oneus 3 hours ago
honestly, I prefer the older iPhones
Maya Marchetti
Maya Marchetti 3 hours ago
Ciao sono italiana e non ho capito un cavolo
Trey & Demetriana
Trey & Demetriana 3 hours ago
Please go subscribe to us haven’t uploader or first video but coming soon !!!!!!! USvid COUPLE ! 💛 LOVE YOU GUYS !
TheFishestQueen 3 hours ago
That is so ugly 🤮
Lucia Vega
Lucia Vega 3 hours ago
Que tenías en la espalda😰
maría gomez pascual
is fake guys
Zamyia Williams
Zamyia Williams 4 hours ago
Whts going on apple
Prexx Gökhan
Prexx Gökhan 4 hours ago
حصة العتيبي
اي عربي لايك
Ranoshi Ali
Ranoshi Ali 4 hours ago
moto momo
moto momo 4 hours ago
🤢🤢thisis the worst design apple has made
Rebecca Ureyy
Rebecca Ureyy 4 hours ago
It looks ugly ....... no hate !!
Anirvan Kothuri
Anirvan Kothuri 4 hours ago
I hope the camera is good at dark conditions at least to compensate the design
Eren Demirörs
Eren Demirörs 5 hours ago
Apple 20 and 20 camera
Liberty ZerKa
Liberty ZerKa 5 hours ago
Airzz 5 hours ago
The new IPhone Xs Max Plus looks great!
Shoosh Ali
Shoosh Ali 5 hours ago
No No No No👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼
Yavuz Berkay
Yavuz Berkay 5 hours ago
bad :/
Gabriella Awaitey
Gabriella Awaitey 6 hours ago
This is the stupidest iPhone I’ve seen in my life.
Mic Wash
Mic Wash 6 hours ago
I would love if they made a new phone other than the iPhone series
Mic Wash
Mic Wash 6 hours ago
Tbh the iPhone xi is ugly who would buy it if it came out
John Wayne
John Wayne 6 hours ago
Samsung the King!!!
dorothy9 7 hours ago
Farah Sayer
Farah Sayer 7 hours ago
It looks like a fitbit attached to the camera. Lol
Junk Jason tv Your nan
Can I have one
Zenotic 7 hours ago
the design is good an all but the camera ruins it
Mr Supreme
Mr Supreme 7 hours ago
Luz Salazar
Luz Salazar 7 hours ago
ugly but still coppin
Jamal High
Jamal High 7 hours ago
They had those iphones wrapped up like they was some kilos from gustavo on snowfall
José Massingue
José Massingue 7 hours ago
I t's fake
TheKhokharboy 7 hours ago
Thought it was something other than the phones when he brought them packs out..
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