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David Dobrik takes us on a tour of his $2.5M home in Los Angeles. His house features a functional flamethrower, an in-house recording studio and a thorough security system (a nail in a sliding glass door to prevent break-ins). David also shows us his cars, including his Ferrari and Tesla.
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Inside David Dobrik's $2.5M Los Angeles Home | Open Door | Architectural Digest


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Jun 24, 2019




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Comments 6 364
luxusmode111 Hour ago
Natalie isnt his assistant??
Chase Scott
Chase Scott Hour ago
I love David dobrik
hillary clinton
Weird how my house is worth more than his
William Girardeau
2.6 millions
Hellzap0ppin Hour ago
After seeing that car fart, I've never wanted to be rich so much in my life! 💗👽💗
Veronica Holme
Who is this guy
Griffin Bast
Griffin Bast Hour ago
7:36 I spot a mongo pod
monty royal
monty royal Hour ago
that would be a shame if he were to catch that terrible hairdo on fire.
sofea Hour ago
wait he cant tie his own shoes?
SERENA PZ Hour ago
“It’s not to modern” -shows his iPad on the wall!
Mahathi Venkatesh
nobody: David: I own a Tesla
Amber Heart
Amber Heart Hour ago
Americans are weird. Why tf would u wear shoes inside; i will never understand. im american
Neo Louis Ramos
When snoop dogg tours his house: “And this is is my grandson David”
Gavin Greene
Gavin Greene Hour ago
David interview just topped every other interview x 100 like he just brings so much life into things👍🏼😊
TD Playz
TD Playz Hour ago
luke Hour ago
"I'm a sucker for views." *yeah, we know*
Sbetow Hour ago
Bit awkward but I still love you David.
Jasmin Acevedo
7:35 Theres a juul pod lmaoooo
April Holley
April Holley Hour ago
"my ex-girlfriend got for me" 😢(LIZA)
Adam V.
Adam V. Hour ago
Yosra Mehdoui
Yosra Mehdoui Hour ago
Anyone know the soundtrack in the tesla light show?
R S Hour ago
and they say millennials need to grow up
Chloe Brodziak
His bathroom is bigger than my bedroom!!!
Jordan B
Jordan B Hour ago
Love David ❤️ I have a new makeup page on insta about sharing the entirety of my makeup experience -fails included. Would love it if you could check me out! 💕
Paul Rusu
Paul Rusu Hour ago
The style of the house is like a house
PanduhBOI Hour ago
You have someone who ties your shoes for you😮 Can I move in with you?
Goddess Zeus
Goddess Zeus Hour ago
Andres r
Andres r Hour ago
Anyone happy they finally got to see ghe rest of david’s house??
Robert Vazquez
If I’m happy for any vine/social media celeb, it’s him.
Ashlee’s Makeup Time
Every picture is when your were younger 🤯🤯🤯 MIND BLOWN
Lizette DLR
Lizette DLR Hour ago
Does anyone else just love how honest he is??
Andy Hour ago
For the life of me, I can't figure why this person has so much money
LEAF Hour ago
Do you that’s sucked When that thing fell on his foot
ag.onewheel XR
His assistant ties his shoes while he plays angry birds.... That's pretty damn sad and pathetic imo
Cadizzz Hour ago
"We don't have a lot of fun around here", says David with the most thrilling life.
Jennifer Terault
One long humblebrag. While kids view this, admiring someone invested in shallow things that they will never own. Its like group of fish watching another fish lust after a hook just out of its reach. Get this, get that, you'll be happy, just like him. Society is going to change a lot, and soon. We did an experiment on our children that would have never been approved if we realized what it was. The internet. Name a drug company that would give a drug to the entire population, integrate it into existing therapy protocols, without question, testing, or care. They wouldn't. The internet has given fuel to our worst inner voices. And they make friends with others' inner voices. We are done, lets start over.
Gabby Clough
Gabby Clough Hour ago
S L Hour ago
Liked as soon as I heard the Mitch Hedberg lol
Anggie andarista
It gets trending so quickly
zerocool1ist Hour ago
Julian Potter Music
Tesla's a scam but ok David
Brandy Howard
Brandy Howard Hour ago
Finally we see the whole house. And that bathroom!
kj Hour ago
we dont have a lot of fun around here was the funniest part of this video
kj Hour ago
ALSO this is a skateboard (picks it up) (silence)
kj Hour ago
also we dont negotiate with terrorists
Monica23 Hour ago
Your fish needs a companion(s) and more room and tank stuff- very cruel. 🐟🐠🐋
55giantsfan22 Hour ago
C J Hour ago
Natalie ties David shoe laces
Erica Hengartner
I can’t believe it was a 14 minute AD
Levontè A.
Levontè A. Hour ago
When i cry, my tears hit the side walk. When david cries, his tears hit that tesla leather. God damn i feel broke
Hillaimee Hour ago
Love the clickbait 240sx
Jaz Tesch
Jaz Tesch Hour ago
I thoroughly enjoy that they bleep out some fucks, not not all of them. Keeping us wanting more AD?
Amber Malik
Amber Malik Hour ago
Hi Ad it’s DD 😂😂
Liv_Thomson Hour ago
5:50 - knowing that the ex girlfriend David addressed was Liza made my heart crumble a bit.....
jakia '
jakia ' Hour ago
i kinda wanted to see how i looked at 2:36 ...
Zoë Vivian
Zoë Vivian Hour ago
this is what happens if you make a ten year old a millionare.
Zoë Vivian
Zoë Vivian Hour ago
jk. I love David Dobrik sm.
zzz zzz
zzz zzz Hour ago
2.5m for this crap?
Christal Hla
Christal Hla Hour ago
#2 on trending
Samantha Hour ago
beautiful house, but this would be like $1 mil MAX in texas lmao
tato horns
tato horns Hour ago
I’m pretty sure it’s a neon light
Nathan Herberger
The style of the house is house
Hankyul Kim
Hankyul Kim Hour ago
“the style of the house is a house”
W0rning Hour ago
“And this is my grandma” 🤣🤣 snoop on screen
Dog IQ test usvid.net/video/video-3z0XQAmk4tI.html
Nick77382 Hour ago
Anybody see the mango juul pod at 7:36? David be vaping.
kj Hour ago
I'm sorry when did MTV cribs change their name ?
*cabbage yacht is in hawaii so zoology is not zoloft*
Classic Covergirl
The car photo I’m crying
Dearie Nails
Dearie Nails Hour ago
He is really nervous. 😊
Pauline Pearl Salas
Tesla: is $150,000 and David's fave car Also tesla: lets tana mongeau (who barely has experience) drive it *THE SAME FREAKING t3sLa:* crashes it to a garbage bin for a joke Elon Musk: *Is my baby a joke to you?*
Moon's Beautiful
...and that's how much USvid can buy you 🤐
aiden steele
aiden steele Hour ago
Lmao the pod at 7:36
Matthew Bryan
Matthew Bryan Hour ago
Yo that fish bowl is WAAAAAYYYY too small. Fish need more space than that honestly dude
Bob Jim
Bob Jim Hour ago
Bigass house and cant give a betta fish the home they deserve. You know they actually feel things right?
Darlene Livingston
All I got out of that video was that David is a man child and that I want a Tesla.
NotxOdd Hour ago
I got like 8 non skippable ads
Lanced Tea
Lanced Tea Hour ago
He’s so awkward it’s amazing I love him
PepperSpice Hour ago
4:36 Did anyone else see that fish have a tiny seizure when he put his hand on the top of the bowl?
TommyNC2010 Hour ago
David is just classically funny and that's why I like him so much
Sıla Kılınç
nobody: Elon Musk: dulu lu lu dulu lu lu dulu lu luuuuu
Nealium Hour ago
“I really like LED signs” ... that’s a freakin neon sign.. nope I can’t watch this
1 like 👍 1 sorry 🙏 to god ☝
Histify Hour ago
calls neon led
Hamza Ali
Hamza Ali Hour ago
11:12 Why are there so many girls at David’s house?😂😂🤷‍♂️
Weronika Bartnik
David takes out flamethrower.. camera-man slowly backs up 3:52
Zhou rui Fan
Zhou rui Fan Hour ago
Come to my graduation tomorrow please 😂😭😭😭♥️♥️ i need some one to come with me no one is gonna be with me 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💔
Rick Mercier
Rick Mercier Hour ago
I like this house because it’s a house, when I imagine a house I see this house.
Treely Living
Treely Living Hour ago
Actually as I continue to watch this I kind of feel sad for him to have so much but really have so little makes me feel blessed for life I have
S R Hour ago
David just casually shows us his flamethrower
Brambles Hour ago
Must be actually pretty sad living here alone...
IrishJoey Gilmore
Wouldn't people find out where that building is then they'll find his house 😂
Armin Broubakarian
Just want to make sure he has an assistant, right?
isaiah jones
isaiah jones Hour ago
This is a LED light, *points at neon light*
His plasma screen TV moves right into the wall like michaels 😂
Djk8263 Hour ago
Le labo candles? Nice taste brah 🙌
Erikai Hour ago
David got the glock’s and nines 🤭
CEA Hour ago
Well I had no idea who this guy was, I'm in that "fun dynamic - Views" other age range. At first I thought he was that guy from The Office, then I wasn't sure if he was that guy that sung that "you're beautiful" song I saw on some morning talkshow many years ago when that chubby weatherman couldn't stop laughing at his girlie singing voice. But at around 30 seconds or so I realized this guy's either a youtube millionaire or other social media celeb. Well, I had no interest in really looking further on google than finding that he's a youtube success. And good for him. Live it up while it lasts. I remember when I was 23, working 3 jobs and about 74 hours a week and I had an apartment that was $200 a month and felt I was living it large. I had at least $3000 in the bank at all times! Didn't have to worry about getting by. And today I'm guessing the same place is going for $1200 or more a month, because all the gay hipsters have turned the area into an entrepreneurial paradise. I guess that's what 20 years does to what was known as "fly town". Back when I lived there, it was a crack house and whores were being abducted out front during daylight hours. I still kick myself for having moved out of that place. I could of felt like I was somebody today, instead of a bum, which is what I am......Anyway, he's definitely cute and fun and exudes a positive and full-of-life personality. It was nice of him to have his servant order the free Chipotle for the A.D. Crew. This was exactly as I thought it would be, although it was difficult to understand everything he was saying because of his heavy Slovakian accent.
Diana L.
Diana L. Hour ago
Why is no one talking about the fact that David has Natalie tie his shoes for him 😂 can't tell if he's joking or not lmao
-- Hour ago
Architecture was mentioned zero times
Stock Brothers
He has an assistant to tie his shoes?! 😂😂😂 ps: small USvidr here :)
Sara Hour ago
He’s like a child but with money
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