Insane Relationship TikToks (w/ Danny Gonzalez & Drew Gooden)

Kurtis Conner
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We're on tour right now and we found some insane relationship TikToks that confused the hell out of us. So, enjoy three boys who separately make fun of TikTok come together to make fun of TikTok some more.
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TikTok cameraman:
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comment "i love cvpooot" if ur reading this

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Sep 20, 2019




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Comments 7 760
mechi 3 hours ago
0:51 that look
Dayana Neri
Dayana Neri 3 hours ago
Does anyone know the song from 12:58?
Lily Calderwood
Lily Calderwood 3 hours ago
I love the dynamic of these three because it’s so adorable how they each smile when they make the other two laugh
Sophie Schroer
Sophie Schroer 4 hours ago
I haven’t watched any of the videos with all three of them yet bc I’ve saving them but now I think it’s time
Cheyanne Forbes
Cheyanne Forbes 4 hours ago
13:52 has me dead 😂😭
Aesthetic Mess
Aesthetic Mess 5 hours ago
Tiktok bad
Pan Plaz
Pan Plaz 5 hours ago
I got your inkbox add before your vid
Drama Emily
Drama Emily 8 hours ago
I love cvpoooot
Emilia Modrusan
Emilia Modrusan 9 hours ago
What the actual fuck is the purpose of these tik toks??? 😂😂😂😂😂
Fluffy Mcguffin
Fluffy Mcguffin 12 hours ago
FuCk yUor PhoNe anD kiSs mA FacE
Big Papa Walking Down The Street
11:22 The gay panic On Kurtis' face is gold
Bag Head
Bag Head 15 hours ago
Why do I feel like their tour was just an excuse for them to have a giant sleepover
DudeitsMaddi 16 hours ago
6:02 has the same energy as the episode of spongebob called “spongebob, you’re fired!”
Gachagirl0910 2028
Gachagirl0910 2028 17 hours ago
How many times did they say cvpooot? 😂😂
Eric Hbm
Eric Hbm 17 hours ago
We want more Kurtdandrew vids!!
Naomi Zarin
Naomi Zarin 18 hours ago
I got an ad for tik tok in the middle of this video
Alex Brockwell
Alex Brockwell 18 hours ago
i love cvpooot
cheekgyuns 20 hours ago
kurtis looks like the high school freshman that hangs out with seniors and is like their little brother
Shania B.
Shania B. 22 hours ago
If anyone actually did this stuff, they'd get sued 😂
kurkkupastillit ja lämmin tee
Kurtis looks like Danny's and Drew's child. Like, he actally has similar fearures as Danny and Drew.
AwkwardSause c:
AwkwardSause c: 23 hours ago
Kurtis is baby
Confusioned E
174k chokes here we go
danny is a cuck confirmed
Rare Talk
Rare Talk Day ago
I found the last one they made in an actual tik tok compilation and im laughing my ass off right now XD
• Desiire •
Danny’s floofy hair in the “here are our tik toks” is seriously the most precious thing ever we must protect him at all costs
Vivian Sondrini
these tik toks are every couple that was in my MIDDLE SCHOOL "being in a relationship is just one big game of tag"
Kassidy Delilah
I still come back to this video lol its so good
Jessica Wheeler
2:18 “sorry about your kids” 😂😂😂
MA Martinez
MA Martinez Day ago
If you watch Chinese tiktoks these are basically the exact same thing except China did it first. Weird either way.
Alice Potter
Alice Potter Day ago
that type of intro is why boys are considered funnier lmao
Raine Of Fire
“WHAT THAT WORKED!!” “DONT TRY THAT!!!” Drew Gooden 2019
Nile Quintana
the holy trinity
Sarah French
Sarah French Day ago
this made me laugh way too hard, thank you
Sol Aurelion
Sol Aurelion Day ago
I feel like I watched a sexual assault compilation
kit blue
kit blue Day ago
im wheezing
Red Paladin
Red Paladin Day ago
I think i just peed my pants😂
Suicidal potato
Suicidal potato 2 days ago
It’s so awkward the three of you together, find a different setting or something
m sparks
m sparks 2 days ago
serious question. where can i cop that spongebob shirt that kurtis is wearing in the beginning???
Abhinav Singh
Abhinav Singh 2 days ago
You have no right to say tik tik bad, the amount of happiness it brings to my 12 year old niece is just pure, you have no right to take that away from someone especially if they're not harming someone.
Pritty Kitty
Pritty Kitty 2 days ago
Am I slightly disturbed at how much Drew seems to be enjoying all the strangling at the end? Yes. Yes I am.
Hardcore Productions
This is one of those those videos that you watch to feel better because they’re entertaining and watching them laugh is really satisfying and it makes you happy when they’re happy. You know?
Brynnamaxwell 2 days ago
I wish they recreated the last Tik Tok that had me dying😂
mess missadi
mess missadi 2 days ago
Kurtis' laugh is so adorable
betzy escobedo
betzy escobedo 2 days ago
the tik toks at the end gave me life lmaooo
Mya Gaming Kat
Mya Gaming Kat 2 days ago
Pause at7:30
MrSlyFox 007
MrSlyFox 007 2 days ago
*gets tik tok ad*
ThatOneLilPup 2 days ago
No, Voldemort said “I can touch you now”. You fools. You uneducated swine. (Jk love you) (but seriously) (no jk) (unless)
痛みただ 3 days ago
I want my 20 minutes back
[ Crxqstal Joeqerx]
katherine holsomback
15:43 i’m dying 😂
Felica Lox
Felica Lox 3 days ago
I fear no man But that thing… Drew: *double chokes Kurtis and Danny* It scares me
Trinity Powers
Trinity Powers 3 days ago
11:29 Danny's face omg I'm dying:-):-)
Lucy Thomas
Lucy Thomas 3 days ago
His videos are just so much more vibrant when there are 3 of him.
LydiaE Harty
LydiaE Harty 3 days ago
This is trippy I pretty sure I actually thought 2 of you were the same person and I got kinda freaked out for a sec 😲 not memeing
Caroline Beck
Caroline Beck 3 days ago
pewdiepabl o
pewdiepabl o 3 days ago
14:32 is me and my 12 year old friends laughing at literally everything oml 😂
Awkward Arts
Awkward Arts 3 days ago
Tik tok bad, book good
You Don't Need To Know Who I Am
Kayli Orazio
Kayli Orazio 3 days ago
14:34 reminds me of the evil guy from Mostly Ghostly
m o
m o 3 days ago
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