If You Want to Buy a Macbook…

Dave Lee
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Which MacBook is worth buying in 2019? Here's the MacBook buying guide - Ranging from their MacBook Air to the MacBook Pro, these are some things you should know.
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Jun 20, 2019

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Comments 2 442
Dave Lee
Dave Lee 28 days ago
I've moved away from Apple's MacBooks but if you're gonna get one, get the right one
Peter Pašmík
Peter Pašmík 3 days ago
@Dave Lee pls could you recommend me... I decide between this new macbook pro 2019 or dell precission 5540. Thank you for your help.
Gamer Boyhg
Gamer Boyhg 9 days ago
Ivan Arnold
Ivan Arnold 11 days ago
Damn, why complicate things? Just buy a BTO mid-2014 with 16GB ram, 2.8 GHz i7 and a Samsung SSD. Best MacBook ever made - a beast, no overheating, no issues, works like a dream. Even Rossmann recommends this model (or the late-2013 one)
Suck my pepe P
Suck my pepe P 16 days ago
Dave lee your high as in like in weed where you don’t know what *cheap means *
امجد الدكسن
Dave Lee in terms of durability, what do you recommend Mac or windows?and which laptop among windows one could worth buying for a ph.d students?
Trell West
Trell West 8 hours ago
2013-2015 macbook pros with retina are still solid computers if you can find one
Artform Insights!
Artform Insights! 10 hours ago
Dave, you should do a new vid now on the new AIRs and MBP 13s...I really feel the MBP 13s with the bumped up specs is what Apple is finally responding to all the PC laptops dominating the creator space for low money. 😄
Utkarsh Gupta
Can an undergrad computer science student use the air?
Grant Baynes
Grant Baynes Day ago
I loved away and got a Razer Blade. 6 months in and I really miss Mac OS. I can't wait for Apple to get their shit together and fix the MacBook range so I can move back.
IKSH 4 days ago
I still can't believe that you have been standing the whole time
BdrumMerX14 4 days ago
you were wrong they updated them lol
Steven Velthuizen
Dave: If you want to buy a Macbook... Me: Buy a GPD P2 Max.
Star A
Star A 5 days ago
We need updated video on 2019 MacBook pro and air
Gaming Mädchen
Gaming Mädchen 6 days ago
Now you need a new video😆
Gandalfwiz2007 6 days ago
As a gamer, i laugh so hard in the face of a MAC, expensive, underpowered, stylish, so it's a piece of jewlery
Chris Chris
Chris Chris 7 days ago
*another anti Apple video 2 in a row..*
Hey Yeah
Hey Yeah 7 days ago
still too expensive for me, so I got a MacBook Air 13'' 2011 model for $315. Runs perfectly and it doesn't need dongles
YJ Gamer
YJ Gamer 7 days ago
What is the best laptop for gaming and college?????
MalarkeyMan 8 days ago
No way, I can’t not stand Windows 10
Rim 8 days ago
Sooooo Apple revamped their mid-2019 lineup today. MacBook Air is cheaper and has True Tone, base model MacBook Pro has Touch Bar, 8th gen i5 and a quad core CPU.
Austin Peltz
Austin Peltz 8 days ago
Dave: "This is the MacBook lineup for 2019" Apple: *revamps MacBook lineup 2 weeks later*
씨스타mAriA 9 days ago
Fuck Apple ,you are still using that shit keyboard on the new mba and mbp ,why don’t u use the scissor keyboard !?fuck you !🙂
Triple259772 9 days ago
I just picked up a 2016 15" pro for 1200
Jose Samour
Jose Samour 10 days ago
If you want to buy a macbook by an ipad
Ravishankar Sharma
Ravishankar Sharma 11 days ago
Dave Lee will tell you how to roast someone very politely.
emretovic 11 days ago
now that I know he is standing, I feel discomfortable somehow like it is tiring
Zirui Hao
Zirui Hao 12 days ago
@Dave Lee, when you say you’ve moved away from MacBooks, have you also moved away from iPhones? If so, what new ecosystem are you in now?
Zirui Hao
Zirui Hao 12 days ago
Are there ways to get 2015 refurbished models? That’ll solve the old battery concern.
Goalazio 13 days ago
I love having a MacBook. Always had issue with Laptops around the same price range. I currently have a 2017 MacBook Air and it’s a quality piece of kit for £700. Definitely would recommend it, I usually video edit, photo edit etc on it!
Carl James
Carl James 13 days ago
if you buy a windows computer and don't immediately put linux mint/VM windows.... .... you're silly as.
xenga92 13 days ago
There was a Canada-wise recall on the 2015 MacBook Pros, because of explosive batteries. I had to bring mine in to Apple to get it changed. They ended-up having to also replace the fan, because it didn’t work after the installation, so they also had to get me a new cover for the top and keyboard ordered-in. I just got it back yesterday, and it WAY too hot now, that it burns your hands if you touch it. My Mac wasn’t like that before 😑
TamxA6 13 days ago
I don’t wanna buy a macbook. It should be called a Macwaste anyway.
Spot On Productions
Free Macbook Pro on my Channnel!!
Kapna4 14 days ago
But how about all this Mac apps is it not better choice for a business or study? I think with Mac you will be more productive?
r.maditya sashank
r.maditya sashank 14 days ago
Don't waste MONEY ...Go & buy WINDOWS TABLET with GRAPHICS CARD .....or else ....JUMPER Ezpad GO 2in1 ....
Roberto Villani
Roberto Villani 14 days ago
Apple slogan should be (Unlimited price, limited possibilities)
LaunchAnia 14 days ago
I still use my late 2008 MBP 15'' and it is going relatively strong. And I was able to replace the swollen battery on my own, because this model still has this possibility.
Lucas 14 days ago
Will they be releasing new laptops in September?
Tamara Girodie
Tamara Girodie 14 days ago
Thank you thank you THANK YOU for mentioning the refurbished store!!! No one knows about it and I recommend it all the time ❤️
Cotanak 2828
Cotanak 2828 15 days ago
Cheapiest Macbook in germany is 1523,72$ thats bullshit. I have to move to USA
Cotanak 2828
Cotanak 2828 15 days ago
Apple Refurbished products are still more expensive than new ones from another store.
abdul motin
abdul motin 15 days ago
...sell your kidneys!
Abood Albadani
Abood Albadani 15 days ago
I was writing a series of brute force algorithms in c++ using Xcode with a 2017 MacBook Pro and about 9 hours in the laptop was very hot and crashed and I lost about 1500 lines of code and had to restart everything so yeah last time I'm using a MacBook. Now I use a dell xps 15
Iliya Ramadanovic
Iliya Ramadanovic 16 days ago
What about Linux
Red Hook MMA
Red Hook MMA 16 days ago
Tech Channels #1 Dave2Lee #2 Mrwhosetheboss . . . . . #556 Marques Browlee
Dodial Fayed
Dodial Fayed 17 days ago
for video editing and good typing quality, which windows laptop would you recommend? (other than surface book 2)
Prama AP1
Prama AP1 15 days ago
Tejmaster1 17 days ago
Could you make a alternative video for each macbook option from things you actually use day to day now u have left macs
Y Derek
Y Derek 17 days ago
i have a 2018 pro 13 inch, the harddrive failed and apple asked $700 for repair. I ended up purchased a SSD external drive for $170 to set up as boot and duct taped it on the laptop.
Was it out of warranty? Did you have applecare?
Maciej Skrzetuski
Maciej Skrzetuski 17 days ago
And the awkward hand gestures continue... Are you somehow disabled and can't control it?
salsa putri
salsa putri 17 days ago
I want to buy it but the problem is i dont have money
Anikesh Srivastav
Anikesh Srivastav 17 days ago
Please make another video on cheap laptops for Students in 2019
Zon Music
Zon Music 10 days ago
Samsung Chromebook
TK42DAN 18 days ago
My 2013 MacBook Pro is still kicking ass. Best laptop (computer?) I've ever owned. The battery isn't what it used to be but 98% of the time I have a plug next to me, so it doesn't bother me. I keep waiting for Apple to release something exciting, but...well...maybe next year...or the one after that. Seriously Apple, you need to start doing something exciting, and something exciting that your average customer can afford. :)
Smokeshot 2115
Smokeshot 2115 18 days ago
Should we wait for the new macbooks?
TK42DAN 18 days ago
The last five or six Macs I've bought for myself or family members have been refurbs. Never had a problem with one of them. Good stuff if you can find the load-out you want.
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