If You Say WOW, You LOSE! (HARDEST) Ft. Christian Delgrosso

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May 19, 2019

Infinite listsentertainmentfamily friendlyElders ReactKids ReactIf You Say WOWYou LOSE! (HARDEST) Ft. Christian DelgrossoIfYouSayWOWLOSE!(HARDEST)ChristianDelgrossoChristian delgrossoChristian Delgrosso vinesInfiniteListsReactsTry not to say wowIf you say wow you loseInfinite lists wowInfinite lists try not to say wow




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Comments 18 151
Infinite Month ago
Doc oc
Doc oc 19 days ago
Porscha Sims
Porscha Sims 19 days ago
If it is a big celebrity
majd alhusseini
majd alhusseini Month ago
@Daniel Barajas Ruiz is dum
zyth Drizz x
zyth Drizz x Month ago
you are ♾lay the best❤️
cheesecake_24 Month ago
Hiii there 😍
Jackeline Balenzuela
Jackeline Balenzuela 21 minute ago
I have sub and played with u guys
J. Bearding
J. Bearding Hour ago
you said it 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎
Erin Moore
Erin Moore Hour ago
I am playing I am I got red Power Ranger lives and I'm on five lives
Emilia Gonzalez
just start the vid my god
sochil Paz
sochil Paz Hour ago
Wait that Orange little things are fish eggs
Serenityfmv Nightstar
Brianna Jarboe
I had 5 lives and never said wow.
AGC_ Hurricane
AGC_ Hurricane 2 hours ago
You said wow
Kris Frey
Kris Frey 3 hours ago
Josue Rodriguez
Josue Rodriguez 3 hours ago
I. Have. 5. Life s
Josue Rodriguez
Josue Rodriguez 3 hours ago
You. Said. Wow
Josue Rodriguez
Josue Rodriguez 3 hours ago
Bugs. Are. Nice. Bee
Michele Joyce
Michele Joyce 3 hours ago
uu your little fan said wow at a piont
Wilver Torres
Wilver Torres 4 hours ago
You said wow you both said it
Cynthia Myers
Cynthia Myers 4 hours ago
Christian is my favorite USvidr!
michael green
michael green 4 hours ago
I'm playing too and I have one life
Amanda Wawok
Amanda Wawok 4 hours ago
I have three lives
Georgie Jordanon
Georgie Jordanon 4 hours ago
It’s Lego time
It’s Lego time 4 hours ago
This is my life🤩🤩🤩🤩
Georgie Jordanon
Georgie Jordanon 4 hours ago
megan gaddy
megan gaddy 4 hours ago
You said wowwwwwww
Raiko Uutma
Raiko Uutma 5 hours ago
i hat 5 lives
Artin Ratavos
Artin Ratavos 5 hours ago
I have 5 lives
TheGoldenbubble rodman
5 lives
Dina Addeena
Dina Addeena 6 hours ago
Sophia Lohman
Sophia Lohman 7 hours ago
christian said wow
Don Reagan
Don Reagan 7 hours ago
😂 christ got boss baby
Azza Zoza
Azza Zoza 7 hours ago
1 laif
Laura Skripčenoka
Laura Skripčenoka 8 hours ago
I whant you to doo try not too talk and i had fiwe liwes left💐😎
Debi Clemens Boles
Debi Clemens Boles 10 hours ago
GachaLife Bloom&Leo
GachaLife Bloom&Leo 10 hours ago
Starts with infinite lives HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA uses them for each one At the end still has infinite lives
dina odeh
dina odeh 10 hours ago
When he had 3 lives he said wow and I said the W word
G.C. O.
G.C. O. 11 hours ago
Andrea Stubbs
Andrea Stubbs 15 hours ago
He said wow
Oscar Wadman
Oscar Wadman 15 hours ago
He did WOW two times
saif ehab
saif ehab 17 hours ago
no you win infinite
saif ehab
saif ehab 17 hours ago
Christian said wow when the tier was on fire
Giselle Medellin
Giselle Medellin 17 hours ago
Tj Howlett
Tj Howlett 17 hours ago
I won against my copy .-.
Tj Howlett
Tj Howlett 17 hours ago
I am lonely
Mario Cantu
Mario Cantu 17 hours ago
He said wow
Tj Howlett
Tj Howlett 17 hours ago
Dude i can clap fast too
Stacey Rice
Stacey Rice 17 hours ago
casey mcdonald
casey mcdonald 17 hours ago
100 lives
The Nate Channel
The Nate Channel 18 hours ago
Reyanna Vasquez
Reyanna Vasquez 18 hours ago
John is cheating he said wow but infinite didnt here
Cheyleigh McNearney
Cheyleigh McNearney 18 hours ago
Chris said what when you weren't looking infinite lists
Reyanna Vasquez
Reyanna Vasquez 18 hours ago
I have 5 lifes
Fara Carroll
Fara Carroll 19 hours ago
Me too
Paisley Ruthann
Paisley Ruthann 20 hours ago
Abrham Narvaez
Abrham Narvaez 20 hours ago
Bug Boy
Bug Boy 21 hour ago
no wows ;]
Bug Boy
Bug Boy 21 hour ago
um okey ;3
John Antelope
John Antelope 21 hour ago
i love your video.
Elijah Pelham
Elijah Pelham 21 hour ago
My lives are going to be 🍌
Lil Thunder
Lil Thunder 22 hours ago
My life’s yeet
Lil Thunder
Lil Thunder 22 hours ago
Yet life’s I have 1000lifes
Tracy Downes
Tracy Downes 22 hours ago
Annmarie Quilligan
Annmarie Quilligan 22 hours ago
Christian said wow I love this
Elaine Carlos
Elaine Carlos 22 hours ago
Joseph A
Joseph A 23 hours ago
No u make it like a plus trust me
Fortnite Nerdo
Suck counter-1ml
Fortnite Nerdo
How counter-1bl
robyn bianco
robyn bianco Day ago
Michael Neel
Michael Neel Day ago
it is not tofu it is flon
Indya Morgan
Indya Morgan Day ago
I have 5 lives
David Wishnefsky
I still have 5
Nicola Wasserman
-50 lives
dweinyraizel rodriguez
He said wow
Amari Moore
Amari Moore Day ago
Leif Karlson
Leif Karlson Day ago
Ai hav 2 livs😗😗
Ricky Prescott
He said wow
Diego Lopez
Diego Lopez Day ago
Can I play
Jamie Goetz
Jamie Goetz Day ago
I have one 10000000000000000000000009
chris conte
chris conte Day ago
I have all five lives from Vincent Conte from America
Cai1 Palmer
Cai1 Palmer Day ago
Lucija Guja
Lucija Guja Day ago
Laurena Rago
Laurena Rago Day ago
5 lives
Markuss Roģis
I got 5
Tracy Dibble
Tracy Dibble Day ago
I had 5 lifes
aijinjsh Day ago
how do you get the merch i lovve it and infinet is the best
aijinjsh Day ago
mohamed ouf
mohamed ouf Day ago
Do you mean chad wild clay👊🏾💪🏼
mohamed ouf
mohamed ouf Day ago
Infinite you should do your lives with subscribe🤣❤️
Ali Bara
Ali Bara Day ago
Crhisten sed waow
Stray Kids9
Stray Kids9 Day ago
"Oh my gowash" -Caylus
Kathy Martinez
I still have💎💎💎💎💎 lives
lashan payton
Infinte didn't notice christan said wow at 11:34-11:35
Christian cheated!
Zygis Zygis
Zygis Zygis Day ago
Ihave 100 ☹📱🖤
John Worley
John Worley Day ago
You said wow though
Milan Schlachta
You both said it take a life of
John Worley
John Worley Day ago
I got 1 life at the end
Kristina Tancosova
He said wow two time
Scott Huggett
My life’s are 😜😜😜
Dorothy J. Wilson
Honey mustard is the thing
Heather Sturge
I still have 5 lives at the video
Sarah Angel
Sarah Angel Day ago
You said it hehehehehehehehehehehehe
Helen Duong
Helen Duong Day ago
You said it bro vales
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