If you haven't considered AMD's new GPUs... you should...

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Most people don't shop for $1200 video cards... that's why this competition taking place in the mid tier GPU market is great got consumers!
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Jul 8, 2019

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Comments 3 724
Danny Divelbiss
Danny Divelbiss 2 hours ago
What AMD processor should i pair with the 5700xt......i want to do my first build and have it team red.
NBA FANBOY 4 hours ago
ray tracing is garbage for now maybe in a couple of years with more powerfull cardssrry amd wins for once
jothain 6 hours ago
I have to say it out loud. I though about taking risk, but didn't. God damn I should've bought those AMD stocks couple years ago. God damn fucking fuck...
hyou zan ren
hyou zan ren 8 hours ago
As loyal AMD fans I m proud to be the next owner of 5700XT! 😎😎😎
2B Sure
2B Sure 10 hours ago
Would consider AMD card but got a g-sync monitor
C A N C E R 3 hours ago
Sell your monitor and buy a Freesync one :)
Honest Customer
Honest Customer 10 hours ago
I don't know about the rest of you nerds but for one this review was wack! And you had time to make it not wack. Two when someone says prices are slashed I'm thinking more than lil ass 11% which btw isn't that much higher than 10%. Only thing you said In this video that was a true statement is with AMD cards you spend allot less between upgrades compared to GTX. And that was a review on a review that SUUCCKKEEDD A$$, Thank you
alasdair macdonald
alasdair macdonald 10 hours ago
I want to get the 5700xt, the money isn’t the problem, it’s just I want to wait until August when the companies come out with the custom variants that has more fans and possible RGB
Gordon Hood
Gordon Hood 11 hours ago
I'm still running a rx nitro 590 8gb on asrock 970 gaming pro mobo 16 gb ddr3 1866mhz ram driven by a FX 8350 (crap cpu) on my viotek 34" ultra wide monitor 3440x1440 GTA V everything except MSAA is off rest maxed 45 fps never drops below 32 goes from 32 min to 60+ which is fine for me no micro studdering. Even though i am happy with my rig i want to go Ryzen 3600x to start with a x570 mobo with the same rx 590 how do you think this system will fair? Oh and I'd love to see a Middle Earth Shadow of war benchmark I tried this game in 4k and it pulled 9 gigs of vram!
Ho Daniel
Ho Daniel 12 hours ago
may i ask what is the lowest frequency that msi afterburner can achieve ?
IVAN NEGA 12 hours ago
IVAN NEGA 12 hours ago
IVAN NEGA 12 hours ago
Manolo Yanes
Manolo Yanes 12 hours ago
How much you get paid by Nvidia,
SemiFinal_RS 4 hours ago
Manolo Yanes he literally recommend buying the 5700 XT. He only said buy rtx if you want the extra bells and whistles
Yasinzafer40 16 hours ago
I'm seriously considering buying a Vega 56 for €200 or thereabouts, but I'm afraid of AMD dropping support for Vega soon. Do you guys think I should get a Vega 56 for ~200,a 1070/ti for 200-260 or a 5700 for 350? The vega 56 performs as the next best thing to the 5700,but again, will support drop soon? Thanks for your comments
Mike Conca
Mike Conca 18 hours ago
My first card was a 9600 pro
007Babush 21 hour ago
Does anyone know what music is that playing during the benchmarks? And who's the artist?
Kimz Sama
Kimz Sama 22 hours ago
will rx 5700's run on B450 boards?
jimmicrackhead12 12 hours ago
yodarulez 22 hours ago
Nice Video Jay. Loving the new AMD lineup. Seriously considering this in my next build :)
Maffey Ibuprofen
Maffey Ibuprofen 23 hours ago
I think, aside from the obvious no brain fanboy morons, that most people are on board with AMD bringing some competition. Even if you're not an AMD fan or think that their products are not for you, the fact that Nvidia and Intel have to slash prices and get off their arses is enough for most people to want AMD to get some wins. Sadly though, there will always be those idiots with their i5 4690k and Gtx 970 who jump into comments to say "AMD sucks ass, my threeway SLI RTX titans need my 9900k, you're all just poor AMD fanboys LUL". And seriously, fuck those spazz's!
ViiV Creations
if rDNA evolves like ryzen....Nvidia better have learned from Intel that waiting and not worrying is the WORST thing they can do ahahaha!
Nick Copia
Nick Copia Day ago
Support AMD!
albert dumaguing
Online fps benchmark please
William Barath
At the value end of the spectrum, the 99th percentile FPS is way more important than the average FPS. If the 99th percentile FPS drops much under 40, the gameplay will be too annoying even if it's "playable"
Maffey Ibuprofen
Maffey Ibuprofen 23 hours ago
Not with Freesync, it won't be! And be honest, who are spending over £300 on a graphics card and doesn't get a freesync monitor?
Lütfullah Karahanlı
There is not dozens of games that support rtx...
issaciams Day ago
Not enough games benched. Otherwise a nice review.
Льен Day ago
use water block pls
Timothy Lowe
Timothy Lowe Day ago
I want the vast bad, I am glad I didn't buy another less than what I want monitor today, I realize this Is a few days past, but thanks. I want a 5700xt or 5700 for my Ryzen 2700+Msi gaming x MOBO, I ordered today, I am wondering how this would all work together and what memory speed/brand I should order for it. If anyone has any tips, id appreciate them. Moving from I7 4790, so I am sure that any bottleneck I have from CPU, I won't notice, and this setup should be great, if not, ill give it to my son and get something else later. Not a fanboy of anything,
Lazar Day ago
The sun shined on the Amd again
Cavstic Day ago
Impressive. The 5700xt is a LOT cheaper than both 1080ti and 2070 super WHILE still competing with both in terms of performance. Well played, AMD.
Psychedlica VFX
Psychedlica VFX 4 hours ago
How many CUDA core does 5700xt have? ooops... sorry, it doesn't have any and neither does ANY AMD GPU... theres a reason why AMD's products are cheaper than both Intel's and Nvidia, that because team red does a lot less than team blue and green.
r Negoro
r Negoro 2 days ago
The new 3600 is worth it
Psychedlica VFX
Psychedlica VFX 2 days ago
This ill-informed trend by most TechTubers of AMD fart huffing is fast becoming annoying. And I say this as someone who literally can not afford to be anyone's fanboy. Thing is AMD may be putting up a reasonable fight on PC gaming front, but when it comes to anything other than that, AMD suffers terribly in real-world environments...and this is just with the CPUs. Synthetics and benchmarks are actually inaccurate ways to gauge a CPU's performance. Take 3d modelling and VFX for example, Reddit's VFX page as well as Autodesk's forums are full of users complaining how sluggish the software becomes when they switched to high-core Ryzen 7s and Threadrippers. Coming to GPU usage , AMD is dead on arrival since both Redshift and Octane exclusively support CUDA.
Sigitas Shields
Sigitas Shields 2 days ago
The music during the charts was savage
Timagen Polujancewicz
I have a ryzen 2700 3.2 8 core and a 580 8gb love em both
Jack Morris
Jack Morris 2 days ago
Purchased a 5700XT but it kept crashing when I loaded a game. I had to return it and was forced to get a RTX 2070 because they didn't have another XT or any Super in stock.
Jack Morris
Jack Morris 16 hours ago
@vh9network It was a brand new build with only ever seeing the latest Adrenalin drivers. Tried DDU in safe mode, format and reinstall windows.i could get into a game from anywhere of just loading in to 10 mins. Then PC would reboot and wattman says settings went to default, which they were anyway. ASRock x470 Fatal1ty Gaming K4 Ryzen 2700x Corsair Vengeance 16Gb 3200
vh9network 17 hours ago
When you had it were you able to get to the point of installing the Adrenalin drivers before it crashed? You probably should have booted into Safe Mode and ran Selective startup, and removed whatever previous driver you had installed. What are your system specs? Mobo, CPU, RAM, etc.
Graham Gallagher
Graham Gallagher 2 days ago
is it worth upgrading my trusty 4 year old EVGA 980ti Kingpin for this?
Graham Gallagher
Graham Gallagher 13 hours ago
@Andrew Murphy that's the trouble I still play a 1440p 60fps with an overclock,I might just hold on to next year.and keep topping up my GPU piggy bank on my desk
Andrew Murphy
I bailed on my trusty 970 SSC Sli set-up for an RTX 2080, I'm not complaining at all, but had I waited I'd be jumping ALL over this. So if it's in your budget and you have complimenting hardware, ya I would. Granted those 980 ti Kingpins were beasts! Still are really.
CarlS. 2 days ago
Thermals? And what performance with a 3700X?
Bunny 2 days ago
So with a 3700X + 5700XT + some high freq RAM, you have a very decent PC.
vh9network 17 hours ago
Android Fixer
Android Fixer 2 days ago
(5700xt)It actually performed similar to rtx 2080 with some code tweaking which results in full potential of its oc and liquid cooling (a German guy proved it)
Pain Killer
Pain Killer 2 days ago
I was headbangin while trying to make sense of the graph
Kind Old Raven
Kind Old Raven 2 days ago
To be honest I'm pleasantly surprised with 5700 and 5700XT as well as the new Ryzen chips. Both Intel and Nividia are either dropping prices or coming up with new products in response: that is 100% good news for gamers and hardware enthusiasts. I'm looking forward to the board-partner versions of the 5700 and 5700xt cards myself. However... I'm truly the most curious for the desktop versions (and better versions) of the RDNA chips they're putting in the new consoles, at least one of which apparently supports hybrid hardware-software raytracing, wich means it must be something like a customized 5800(XT) or something like that. Now that would be even more interesting to me personally.
Volunteerism Jack
Buy RTX if you want the full cyberpunk experience.
Matt Dehart
Matt Dehart 2 days ago
No you shouldn't.
cyprian ladd agpoon
hey Jayz are u "Geralt of Rivia?"
phil hacker
phil hacker 2 days ago
*** check this out*** usvid.net/video/video-VrIGrUEnoVk.html
Dave 3 days ago
That one at the front has a dent
rizzauliarahman 3 days ago
I would love to change my GPU to AMD, Only if Tensorflow fully support calculation using AMD GPU ☹
Nik Mohamad Aizuddin Nik Azmi
@rizzauliarahman You're welcome. Yeah, probably would take a lot of years to port ROCm to Windows. Also OpenCL performance on ROCm is still bad compared to AMDGPU and Adrenaline drivers. I had to use QEMU/KVM with GPU Passthrough to quickly switch between drivers and OS for 3D rendering and Deep Learning applications.
@Nik Mohamad Aizuddin Nik Azmi Thank you for your information. But I think the installation for Windows is still not supported, so maybe another time
Nik Mohamad Aizuddin Nik Azmi
You can, with Tensorflow-ROCm. We are currently using AMD Vega 56 & Radeon VII for Deep Learning research using TensorFlow-ROCm.
DesiredHeadshot 3 days ago
ridefast0 3 days ago
Might be cost effective to choose AMD integrated graphics CPU now, I did that for a productivity PC and it streams 1080 video perfectly with no video card at all.
Kim Faes F*Kim
Kim Faes F*Kim 3 days ago
Why isn't Ivan (navi) kicking in my door i want 1 😔
GreenMachine 3 days ago
I have been following you for some time now please stop doing pre-testing videos it is annoying and time-wasting I understand that they're paying you money to do this SHIT but please hopefully the sponsors can understand a message. STOP it!
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