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With marketing that seems strategically targeted to teens, the rise of vape pens and e-cigarettes has young people addicted and schools scrambling to curb students’ habits. #TheDailyShow #IfYouDontKnowNowYouKnow
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Nov 8, 2019




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Comments 3 705
Tahmid Jamal Diaz
Tahmid Jamal Diaz 25 minutes ago
Addicted to vaping? Hahahaha. What's the cold turkey of that? What the actual f
Tahmid Jamal Diaz
Tahmid Jamal Diaz 26 minutes ago
How much did the big tobacco pay for this?
Amanda A
Amanda A 27 minutes ago
Did he really bite into a cabbage? 🤢🤮
Tahmid Jamal Diaz
Tahmid Jamal Diaz 27 minutes ago
Vaping saves lives
Whit Ney
Whit Ney Hour ago
Over 1000 people a day die from causes attributed to smoking CIGARETTES! And what will they want to ban next flavored alcohol because they decide thats why teens binge drink? Fascist idiots! Cant wait til they try to ban it. People all around the world have been rioting and protesting against their governments and if they ban flavored eproducts im calling it now there will be millions in the streets!
Cody Dimmitt
Cody Dimmitt Hour ago
So celebrities who are payed endorsers of alcohol is ok are you fucking kidding me!
Google User
Google User Hour ago
Ok but.... Their stalls had DOORS?! At almost every boys bathroom from elementary to high school there was only a few stalls with doors.
Randi Savage
Randi Savage Hour ago
But flavored alcohols are fine? Wont a kid be more inclined to drink the green apple pucker or chocolate baileys over straight whiskey? I just don't see how removing flavors solves anything..... if tobacco and menthol are all they can get, they'll vape those instead.
Surud Patel
Surud Patel 2 hours ago
Do the Manufacturer Executives VAP if it is that Safe I wonder . Just asking & looking for Honest Answers .
Mark Drumgo
Mark Drumgo 2 hours ago
That T.I. joke was for his black audience and I’m laughing my ass off
Jared Wagner
Jared Wagner 2 hours ago
So why is caffeinated soda that comes in every fun flavor ok for kids, even though it's just as addictive? Nicotine and caffeine are nearly identical in addictiveness and toxicity. The only difference is that soda also has a ton of sugar.
Koji K
Koji K 3 hours ago
who's vaping rn lol
Art Ringsen
Art Ringsen 3 hours ago
Unlike the Juuls who's flavors are tame, the "cotton candy gummy bear" juices are typically sold in specialty shops which ID you when you come in. This isn't some gas station counter, it doesn't matter if you call it blues clues or something it's not being marketed to kids. That's why all the kids are using Juuls and not specialty Vapes and custom flavors, it's just on the shelf at seven eleven. Agree that the ads should follow the same laws that apply to cigarettes though.
Nan's Guns Channel
Nan's Guns Channel 3 hours ago
Lol, why are we holding everyone but the kids vaping responsible? If that’s the case, let’s get rid of cars, alcohol and cell phones.
Chris Barnes
Chris Barnes 4 hours ago
If you advocate for making e-cigs or any type of e-liquid illegal you are advocating for a policy that will lead to deaths. It will empower black markets and people will be poisoned just like with THC vapes. We need to legalize and regulate weed and keep e-cigs and juice legal and have stricter regulations.
William Jackson
William Jackson 4 hours ago
"Take the doors off those stalls expeditiously!" 🤣🤣🤣
Mond 4 hours ago
As an Irish person cabbage is something I am bred to be addicted to.
Jason Firewalker
Jason Firewalker 4 hours ago
Why isn't nicotine a schedule 1 drug? Why is pot? It's because everthing our government touches is corrupt. Because our government is corrupt. In the immortal words of The Joker; This town needs an enema.
Armani Sg400
Armani Sg400 4 hours ago
This nigga a 🌽 🏀
Morné Beukes
Morné Beukes 4 hours ago
Wait what im getting my choice taken away because rich guys directed sales at kids? Thanks.
Nkgetheng Rosma
Nkgetheng Rosma 4 hours ago
But mis Trevor Noah is advertising Jonny walker
Lori Plumb
Lori Plumb 4 hours ago
My mama can actually sing again thanks to e-cigs. She hasn't coughed like she did before.
Christopher Richardson
T - the "other" parents are Military adults that have gone through boot camp where there's no doors on the stalls! ;) Semper Fi!!
Backruborbust 4 hours ago
Oh Trevor, disappointed in you. Disappointed with Juul and the like too. Look for the other side, it’s there
Brady William
Brady William 4 hours ago
Juul is shit. Funny thing is, both vapers and non-vapers are in agreement on this.
Backruborbust 4 hours ago
Oh Trevor, disappointed in you. Disappointed with Juul and the like too. Look for the other side, it’s there
shortmocha2005 4 hours ago
I’m a huge fan of Trevor but this one sided info commercial is just beneath him and the Daily Show... How much many did y’all get for this one?
mtrexabdi mtrexabdi
cigarettes are 100% bad while vaping is 95 % bad.
Li Jsson
Li Jsson 5 hours ago
Time’s changed. I saw teenagers smoking when I was outside playing basketball. They are like about 12 years old or less. That’s really no good
Mfskarphedin 5 hours ago
I’m almost 50 years old, and I quit smoking, because I took up vaping instead. I don’t need to say anything about the positive health effects it’s had. Now people like me are going to lose their bubblegum flavor and mango punch and crap like that, because stupid kids won’t stop breaking the law! Give me my effing gummy bear flavor! I’m really disappointed in how crappy this piece was. My first thumbs down on you ever.
Elton Aleong
Elton Aleong 6 hours ago
Being addicted to e - cig isn't good for kids yes but everyone's doging the product and weed is so heaven sent go figure. WHO PAYING WHO?
Chris Barnes
Chris Barnes 6 hours ago
I started smoking cigs at 16. I’ve quit smoking cigs for years now and also slowed down on vaping. It’s supposed to be a way to get off of smoking cigs. Also yes they are meant for adults. This is honestly very disappointing Trevor. Maybe talk about how kids are getting cigs and vapes illegally. Why are you glossing over the cigarette part of this. McDonald’s is addicting and it contributes to death, should be outlaw it? No.
drxym 7 hours ago
The simplest remedy would be to broaden existing tobacco legislation to cover EVERY nicotine product except certain smoking / vape cessation products and to exactly prescribe what a vape may contain and in what quantities.
KGCobalt20 7 hours ago
Here almost everyone smokes weed at school lmao
Natasha Clark
Natasha Clark 8 hours ago
I'm a cabbage addict... there I said it. 🤣😁😂
ITS A KEY WORLD ...... @Key_Vine
Michael Vile
Michael Vile 10 hours ago
This is soo nuts to me..legalized weed..is ok..but vaping is a "crisis"..lol farting in an elevator SHOULD get you a ticket/fine/community service..lol
Taco Barbecue
Taco Barbecue 10 hours ago
Trevor, you have always been someone I looked up to and respected. Please take sometime to dig a bit deeper into the real facts of vaping. Vaping SAVES lives. E-liquid flavors help ADULTS quit cigarettes. Vaping is so much MORE than just JUUL and e-cigarettes. In fact, it's the ILLEGAL THC BLACK MARKET which has been the cause of illness and death in the United States ... NOT legitimate vaping products. I was waiting for you to address the vaping industry at some point ... to actually tell people how through omission and generalizations the CDC and the media have painted an inaccurate picture of the vaping industry. Do we want children addicted to nicotine? Of course not. Supporting 21+ sales is the best way to LIMIT these devices and liquids to children. #FlavorsSaveLives #WeVapeWeVote. [ just a note - I have NEVER smoked cigarettes or used a vaping device in my life. I have nothing to gain or lose - except perhaps the lives of my loved ones who have and might be able to quit cigarettes for the 95% healthier legitimate vaping devices.]
Precious Carnes
Precious Carnes 10 hours ago
When you noticed it was 4:17 when looking at the clock on the video
Derrek84 10 hours ago
Well, I like cabbage. Especially raw or sour, mmm ;) I'm serious.
dazaek 10 hours ago
I bet you havent see Malaysia Vape products yet. U be amazed.
Steven Arvizu
Steven Arvizu 10 hours ago
Can’t I just vape on some sour apple without people trynna make me smoke tobacco:(
Adam Parker
Adam Parker 10 hours ago
It’s not that vaping companies targeted students but that vaping is appealing to students because of convenience
leftnao 11 hours ago
Am I the only thinking that it’s really the vendors fault for not checking ids?
Steven kunz
Steven kunz 11 hours ago
I always knew you were a sell out bitch Trevor.
Indiana Tohn
Indiana Tohn 11 hours ago
Juul is the only vape company advertising to kids. Lumping all vape companies together is grossly misrepresentative of the truth! In fact Juul IS big tobacco. Phillip Morris owns the majority shares of the company. Is there any doubt it’s tactics mirror the cigarette industry?
Tryo707 12 hours ago
I used an e-cig to quit smoking. It's been seven years since I last had a cigarette. I really don't want to see people lose a wonderful cessation option.
Symon Channel
Symon Channel 12 hours ago
Watch Trevor - Eat Cabbage - Me : Dam, we can make some Kim-chi with that cabbage!
Devan Sch
Devan Sch 13 hours ago
They will either vape or smoke. Also vaping helped my my wife and I quit smoking, its now to the point neither us can stand the smell off cigarette smoke.
Joe Gallagher
Joe Gallagher 13 hours ago
The bit about the schools taking the stall doors off was kinda funny, but who here went to public school in America where every stall had a door? I feel like the Kyle's all ripped them off
Just Jason
Just Jason 14 hours ago
Trev you missed a joke connecting adult alcohol flavours being the same as vape flavour like (alcohol strawberry lips) vape flavour strawberry o wait that's not a joke adults like flavours as much as kids do?? who would of guessed
Xavier Washington
Xavier Washington 14 hours ago
I live in Indiana they already took the doors off our bathroom, first it was the doors to enter, bc kids were shootin dice, then off some stalls to stop smoking, so yea its not a joke, i vape, but ion vape nicotine, or thc, nor do i do it often, i got bored of it, but juuling gettin serious now, ppl are legit addicted, and who knows whats gonna happen long term, kids already gettin strokes, seems like we just went through another loop
Yo Bama
Yo Bama 14 hours ago
I've never even seen a vape ad. Only anti vape. Everyone knows it's not safe. We dont care. Oh well
Nile Yacob
Nile Yacob 14 hours ago
Passed out after vaping!!! That is not possible if you are using normal e-juice. Didn't anyone find that weird at all? As for fruity flavors of e-juice being marketed to teenagers, how about flavored alcohol? I also doubt I have seen teenagers avoiding cigarettes because they were unflavored!!! This is just a conspiracy by the big tobacco to get rid of vaping as it has eaten a big chunk of their sales.
Bhoorfard 14 hours ago
No the parents should just be jailed and fined from this point forward and I garuntee this would shift nationally. When did it become acceptable to blame an entire industry on the basis of the actions of one company or person? Cigarettes were known to be a cause of cancer in the 60's and big tobacco buried that, that's why they had to pay. Also fun flavors don't mean they are for kids. There is gummy flavored alcohol, Chocolate liquor that tastes like Swiss miss. We wouldn't blame the company but the liquor store that sold it. This whole thing concerning vaping flavors being for kids is rediculous.
Jerod Watson
Jerod Watson 14 hours ago
They give any loser a tv show now a days. How about parents be parents and stop looking to the government to raise your kid. There are flavor condoms do you blame that for teens having sex? Do you blame flavor alcohol for teens drinking? Teens shouldn't be vaping in the first place so who cares what flavor they like? Should we take a poll on what are teens drinking and ban that too? Why stop there sugar is horrible for children and we have to do what is right for our children so let's ban soda and all candy while we are at it.
boh nj
boh nj 14 hours ago
And the kids switch to chicha 😂
Alanna Woods
Alanna Woods 15 hours ago
My high school back in the 90s had no stall doors in the bathroom. It is more common than you think. The issue isn't vaping. The issue is vaping nicotine and THC. Most vaping juice has neither.
Xylos144 15 hours ago
I see four possible categories of kids. 1. Kids that never smoke anything 2. Kids that wouldn't ever smoke cigarettes but will vape. 3. Kids that would smoke cigarettes, but vape instead because safer/tastier/cleaner 4. Kids who will smoke cigarettes and will never vape. Before the invention of E-cigarettes, there were only categories 1 and 4. With the invention of E-Cigarettes, group 1 got split into groups 1 and 2, and group 4 is split into groups 3 and 4. Presumably the more E-cig companies advertise, the more of a shift we get of kids from groups 1 and 4 to 2 (bad) and 3 (good). The question is, how many kids would be smoking cigarettes but now vape (A much better situation) vs how many kids wouldn't be smoking anything but now vape (a worse situation.) How much good and bad are we getting from E-cigarettes? What's the ratio of good to bad consequences? And here is a strange idea - what's the marginal effect of E-cigarette companies advertising to kids? How many more non-smokers turned vapers do we get, and how many smokers turned vapers do we get? If we get more of the latter than the former, especially if we got many more, then, as terrible as it sounds, it might be an objectively good thing for E-cigarette companies to actively advertise to kids. It's an evil, but it's a lesser evil. So how many kids are going to be corrupted, vs how many are going to be granted a reprieve from their worse corruption? I suspect that it's probably not lopsided enough to actually justify that, but it's not outside the realm of possibilities.
Landon’s Chanel
Landon’s Chanel 15 hours ago
Ummm.... what about all these alcohols that have flavors? No more green apple vodka for you! Kids like apples!
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