if Apple Watch commercials were honest

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What Apple doesn't want to tell us about the Apple Watch....
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Jan 13, 2020




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RØB Month ago
Apple Watch GIVEAWAY👉🏻 LIKE this video , turn ON bell notifications, FOLLOW me on IG @roblopez , comment “apple watch” on recent pic ! 🙂
Ty game Vlogs
Ty game Vlogs 5 days ago
When you don’t have insta and still wanna win so you download insta try sign in to the old account you had but you don’t remember the password so ask them to send you an email then you realize that you don’t have the email app and die in a small hole realizing that you lost your chance
Nathan Agar
Nathan Agar 6 days ago
If I add this comment there will be anought comments for a year.yay
Μαλακας Κουραδακιας
is useless anyway
ImAPerson 8 days ago
RØB i love the calling system
Evel Knievel
Evel Knievel 5 hours ago
Can’t believe i watched this crap..
Alexa Fauson
Alexa Fauson 9 hours ago
I find these videos hilarious. He is making the truth out of apple commercials but the thing is that he has all of the products.
AvaXXX Gacha
AvaXXX Gacha 10 hours ago
Android users:😭😭😭😭😭😭 I am a android user
Gloria Hmil
Gloria Hmil 13 hours ago
Hi im rob jobs rip off of steve jobs
Jo Rowland
Jo Rowland 16 hours ago
At thestart I swear he was wearing fit bits
Samurai_ Sam2
Samurai_ Sam2 18 hours ago
congrats!!! u got 9k dislikes
Mohammed Mostafizur Rahaman
Next video if iPad commercials were honest
Mohammed Mostafizur Rahaman
Next video if iPad commercials were honest
HASAN HEMEL 23 hours ago
4:55 lol
shru6g Day ago
RØB: *says apple watch is not worth it* Also RØB: ITS GIVEAWAY TIME..
Ziyao Lim
Ziyao Lim Day ago
What about you you say those products are useless do you have any products nonono
Anurag Sarma
Anurag Sarma Day ago
All dislikers are apple employes.
roma alazira
roma alazira Day ago
apple watch
TheGuy -
TheGuy - Day ago
An apple a day takes your money away 😂😂
Tk Muns
Tk Muns Day ago
That EXTRA naming convention gets me every time. You should do Sony naming their products parody.....makes Apple look lame.
Just make a video that apple sucks in everything
Monique Mustra
Money saving hack : Don’t get an Apple Watch, get a Fitbit Versa 2
Aysha Amin
Aysha Amin Day ago
Man ur hilarious!
ice_crows Day ago
No one : Kawhi Leonard : 0:38
Harin Mathers
Love you man 😂😂😂
Pranav Shikotra
Battery life is amazing
3:29 Samsung fans
Anmol Boparai
Anmol Boparai 2 days ago
We are Apple yah !! :)
iss jessica
iss jessica 2 days ago
He's right
ii_Bxlla 2 days ago
I really like the watch beachside I can text my friend that’s on holiday in class. I haven’t got caught yet.
ii_Bxlla 2 days ago
Cause I have an Apple Watch fkn a bunch of people ask if I have AirPods and iPhone 11 Pro and I’m like “NO!” It’s so annoying
Better than You
Better than You 2 days ago
I was drinking apple juice when I was watching
Sunny D
Sunny D 2 days ago
U r so hilarious. This is amazing. Great point of view.
richard francis
richard francis 2 days ago
I dont want that watch 🤦‍♂️
Kiyandaman 2 days ago
He says the apple watch bad and says there's a giveaway
Kiyandaman 2 days ago
Is bad
Pizza Iscool
Pizza Iscool 2 days ago
Where’d you get this shit tone of money?
Jeremiah Weber
Jeremiah Weber 2 days ago
❤ Android
Nrl with the Over Lord
Apple Watch
Small Business Resource Center
This is so great.
Smurf God
Smurf God 2 days ago
Imagine if this guy was an actual iPhone commercial he would be fired first damn week😂
Owlfate 2 days ago
his giving away because he dont wants it :p
SpaceRangerWoody 2 days ago
I love my Apple Watch...and all of this shit is true LMAO
Gacha Molly
Gacha Molly 2 days ago
Get him hired and the whole company will be on fire
Wolfiechu Gacha101
me: *is proud because I use samsung*
The1nOnly J0hNC3N4
iTreadmill, nah iRan YYYEEESSSS BBOOIIII
nan 2 days ago
Apple releases so many products you will never run out of content xD
Caroline 2 days ago
to be fair, the verification codes just add to what makes apple so secure. on the other hand, it sux
Ansh 3 days ago
Best vid ever
PretaX Official
PretaX Official 3 days ago
crying in iphone while lucky patching on android
master saitama
master saitama 3 days ago
5:40 after all the talking he really give apple watch .... 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Aulia Akbar
Aulia Akbar 3 days ago
Real question here, how come video like this doesn't get sued by Apple? note: I hate Apple.........and i like this Video
Gold 3 days ago
Rob: and if you have a fitbit *me staring at the fitbit on my wrist* *looks back at screen* Rob: 🖕🖕🖕🖕
Memes Corps.
Memes Corps. 3 days ago
All these videos are the same but I love them all.
Jk_gamerYT btw
Jk_gamerYT btw 3 days ago
I know that it’s not real
Happy 3 days ago
You could also have donated that money you used toh buy that apple watch for giveaway😴
Kid gamer
Kid gamer 3 days ago
Who’s watching this while wearing a watch
『 h o n e y c o v e s 』
Okay, so, my dad got AirPods cuz there was something that would lower the price of something if you bought the AirPods or lol idk don’t remember, and everyone in my class thought I (ME) was bratty. Like geezzzzzzzz.
Brady Dunn
Brady Dunn 3 days ago
Bro said literally everything bad about the Apple Watch then is trying to give it to one of us😂
NoobLife27 sup
NoobLife27 sup 3 days ago
Apple users has entered the chat
NoobLife27 sup
NoobLife27 sup 3 days ago
Apple users heated
:v :v
:v :v 3 days ago
And you just saw how useless this is, but you're participating in the giveaway , why? We are apple bitch....I'm rich
juanm_ 007
juanm_ 007 3 days ago
Apple watch
Clorox drink
Clorox drink 3 days ago
Your name being Rob is a joke itself
Anju Gupta
Anju Gupta 3 days ago
Truth : you didn't search for this
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