if Apple Watch commercials were honest

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What Apple doesn't want to tell us about the Apple Watch....
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Jan 13, 2020




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RØB 3 days ago
Apple Watch GIVEAWAY👉🏻 LIKE this video , turn ON bell notifications, FOLLOW me on IG @roblopez , comment “apple watch” on recent pic ! 🙂
Howling Eclipse
Howling Eclipse 44 minutes ago
@Sharjjahn Aziz Most people CAN control their urges fyi, it takes a special kind of stupid to NOT this day and age. ALSO I DONT CARE/ It's FREEEEEEEEE. and you're obviously too stupid for this apple product anyways, I dont care for it. But people like you are what's making the world stupid. Go back to school kid, you need to learn your ABC's all over again. I feel bad for your kids.
Howling Eclipse
Howling Eclipse 45 minutes ago
@Sharjjahn Aziz just shut the fuck up you spoiled brat XD Also this is FREE SO please to do everyone here a favour and shut up. NO ONE CARES. ALSO IM A FUCKING FEMALE YOU GOD DAMN SACK OF OVER BOILED POTATOES. Now go cry to mommy like a good little lad and shut up!
Arturo Alvarez
Arturo Alvarez 15 hours ago
@Sheri Lawton ANDROID
Arturo Alvarez
Arturo Alvarez 15 hours ago
Sheri Lawton
Sheri Lawton 15 hours ago
CJB's Gaming
CJB's Gaming Hour ago
Apple Watch❤️
Refilwe 7
Refilwe 7 2 hours ago
When he got the call the
celia flores
celia flores 3 hours ago
Honestly yeah
Fake ACcoutn
Fake ACcoutn 3 hours ago
Umbreonfammboi __
Umbreonfammboi __ 4 hours ago
He's saying that the airpods are cool
мιѕѕ Valadéz
мιѕѕ Valadéz 4 hours ago
I hate how spot on this is 😂😂😂
Kianne Basa
Kianne Basa 4 hours ago
Me:Android Rob:Andrew
John _Karas
John _Karas 5 hours ago
Is it me or he is losing subs?
Meghna Doshi
Meghna Doshi 6 hours ago
As they say "An apple a year, makes your money disappear"
Miss PoTaTo HeAd
Miss PoTaTo HeAd 6 hours ago
haha I have a apple watch hahaha ur too poor for me! jk jk jk
ako ang tatay mo ulul
Memic 7 hours ago
Wow, the new -apple- banana watch looks great!
Dean Winchester
Dean Winchester 7 hours ago
2:02 is that kylo ren😂😂😂😂
Cookoo Clock
Cookoo Clock 9 hours ago
Android is better!
Emil Helth Jepsen
Emil Helth Jepsen 9 hours ago
I thougt about it but do you have a kind danish background or something because that the ø in your nname RØB is only in Denmark?
Nickleback Five
Nickleback Five 9 hours ago
My shit lasts like 2.5 days lol
Nisanya Pathirana
Nisanya Pathirana 9 hours ago
ඒක නන් පට්ට bro👍🏻
Wierd0000 XD
Wierd0000 XD 10 hours ago
I can't i will never win i am not allowed to have instagram 🥺😔
Sophia C
Sophia C 10 hours ago
Hehehehehe lol *KIDZBOPKID*
Sanam Rajput
Sanam Rajput 11 hours ago
That’s soo true and soo video 😂 love from India❤️
ben nesty
ben nesty 11 hours ago
Sheri Lawton
Sheri Lawton 11 hours ago
Fitbit is a less expensive apple watch
Jess DeFrain
Jess DeFrain 12 hours ago
By the end of all these videos I always realize I don’t really need or want all the new apple products. But then I enter the giveaway anyway cause it’s Apple
Zh1d3 12 hours ago
iCuckoo Clock got me XDDDDDDDD
iX Ed1t
iX Ed1t 13 hours ago
“we made it so you can use your watch as your phone, and your phone as your watch” stonks ⬆️
Selty 13 hours ago
Hahahahaha craaay
Mariah’s Dream krew
*If you already got an Apple Watch Like me* like this comment
Teagan Levitzke
Teagan Levitzke 14 hours ago
see it’s as big as your thumb. My thumb |
Selim khandaker
Selim khandaker 14 hours ago
Androi- Androi- omg I can't even say that androihmmhmh
JB 14 hours ago
Guys don’t try it I did everything even try to talk to him and he didn’t even respond
Apple Unboxing Products
Do a iPad honest commercial
Prism 14 hours ago
Apple watches are overrated
Dark Way1099
Dark Way1099 15 hours ago
just saying nobody cares
Antonio Martinez
Antonio Martinez 15 hours ago
It would be funny if you did a video about the Apple Pencil. It’s so useless you can basically get those pens with the rubber end at the Dollar Store and it would be the same thing.
Draoloupod 15 hours ago
Tristan Romero
Tristan Romero 15 hours ago
Do you now rosaly from high school she is my aunt
David Castaneda Alas
I literally cant stop laughing. So true tho
Lilyana Mallor
Lilyana Mallor 16 hours ago
What’s the piano music?
Cringy Kid
Cringy Kid 16 hours ago
Trash on the Apple watches then do a giveaway fir one I’m confused and fur AirPods pro too
Taetan7王子 16 hours ago
Rob you for got to say "Lite"😂
purrrfectpresents AJPW
Apple©️: *watches video* ooh free commercial that's very accurate Bob: ICOOCOOO WATCH
purrrfectpresents AJPW
Rob: Ahahha almost forgot I had the time Me: I don't even own a watch let alone an Apple watch
Yung Boi Charles
Yung Boi Charles 17 hours ago
ayeeee got my boy noah boat
Genoa Savannah
Genoa Savannah 17 hours ago
FutureApplePe AwesomeOrange
Where is my apple gang bro???
Alex M.
Alex M. 17 hours ago
😎 I'm happy with Android and I will not change back to Apple again ! 🤗😉
snorf 17 hours ago
What if the guy that called him was telling him who really killed JFK
Daysha Stewart
Daysha Stewart 17 hours ago
Crazy you were at my high school today and yesterday Brazy
sisi m
sisi m 17 hours ago
OKay we get it androids are shit 😭
Jesus Christ is God
Jesus Christ is God 18 hours ago
When are they coming out with the iLash, and what will be its functions hmmm...
Jessica Melendrez
Jessica Melendrez 18 hours ago
Kid Zeke
Kid Zeke 18 hours ago
Yo Rob kinda low-key high-key look like Robert Downey Jr. is it just me?
Oii Brandon
Oii Brandon 18 hours ago
Does anyone know when the Apple Watch Circle Edition 4 ProSport Series 2 Band Loop Titanium 4 Color Style 5 Health is getting released?
IAmAsianYang Yang
IAmAsianYang Yang 19 hours ago
Ahmed Elturki
Ahmed Elturki 19 hours ago
Do a iPad commercial please the iPad 11 pro
Winter. Wolf
Winter. Wolf 19 hours ago
Apple watch
Joshunyek 19 hours ago
Do a if apple computer commercials were honest
Thomas 19 hours ago
please do the apple pen haha
ARMAN SULTANY 20 hours ago
Reply if this is real
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