I Went To Hawai’i With No Clothes • Ladylike

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Kristin goes to Honolulu with an empty suitcase (and Jen!) and has to find two complete outfits for a day look and a night look.
‘Alohilani Resort Waikiki Beach
Manaola Hawaii
MW Restaurant
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Jun 8, 2019

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Comments 3 843
Yazzy 07
Yazzy 07 29 minutes ago
I love this series 🙌🏻❤️
Jasmin Tiara
Jasmin Tiara 2 hours ago
sick jen= even more gay and freakier jen.. I’M LIVING
Kenneth Solis
Kenneth Solis 4 hours ago
You should go to Mexico next but don't forget to take Jen.Jen is funny and cool
JustAaralyn 12
JustAaralyn 12 5 hours ago
I literally stayed at that hotel in Hawaii!
Carolyn CN
Carolyn CN 5 hours ago
As a plus size woman, love ALL of this. But, would love to see how much the clothes are. It's nice to see that more shops are catering to us, but can you do it on a budget? Also, shout to Jen-- love her!
Carolyn CN
Carolyn CN 5 hours ago
Plus, PLEASE come to DC... I have no idea where to shop here outside of Eloquii and Torrid
Deadpool Kawaii
Deadpool Kawaii 6 hours ago
Mexico you should go to Mexico
Rebecca Small
Rebecca Small 10 hours ago
You should come to QLD, Australia
Canicia Biscoe
Canicia Biscoe 14 hours ago
These clothes are gorgeous!!!!!!
bella solis
bella solis 16 hours ago
Not to be weird but like Jen was being a teeny tiny bit sexual towards Kristen just I already know it’s just me any ways good video tho 🙂 Or they are just that close not an expert tho
Joanna A
Joanna A 18 hours ago
Please come to Houston!
What Ever
What Ever 20 hours ago
I love how Jen and Kristen are polar opposites but are best friends
What Ever
What Ever 20 hours ago
Jens face at 2:57 I can’t even handle it
Scarlet Ash
Scarlet Ash 21 hour ago
I said it in the last one, go to a small town in the middle of nowhere or better yet, Japan or Korea. Good Luck finding plus size clothes in Korea!
dog lover1020
dog lover1020 22 hours ago
Jen needs her own talk show
crossfire367 Day ago
things I enjoyed in this video: ✅ Amazing, local store with beautiful clothes ✅ Shop owner radiating peace and love, also hella funny ✅ Boppin' outfits on Kristin ✅ All of Jen's comments ✅The 8 jobs everyone had to do ✅ Me wondering when I'll ever be so lucky 😭
Mr. Raccoon
Mr. Raccoon Day ago
You should go to Aruba
Bunnii Boo
Bunnii Boo Day ago
Love that blue dress and the black swimsuit!!
jada dean
jada dean Day ago
Riss Sim
Riss Sim Day ago
“Censor the boobs, the boobs look to good” -Jen I LOVE YOU SO MUCH
Riss Sim
Riss Sim Day ago
“I knew I loved you before I met you” Everyone with a crush on Jen
Keke White
Keke White Day ago
Kristen was serving it up she looked gorgeous ❤️💕; and omg I love Jen she's funny 🤩
Anja Hedlind
Anja Hedlind Day ago
Please go to France! I think it would be fun to see Kristen and Jen there.
MIV 12
MIV 12 Day ago
Jen is so attractive i love her
putri aryana
putri aryana Day ago
Miku Shiimura
I would immediately get tangled in that tying dress
Hailey ruetten
you should go to Italy
Imma jojo ur siwa
Omg I thought u actually went to Hawaii with *no clothes*
Marie Goodner
Yay Jen !
Salma Tartoussieh
you guys should go to Paris next!!
Ella Marie’s vids ASMR
Wish I could see you there I live there
I lived in Hawaii UwU ❤️💕
Pim Cronie
Pim Cronie 2 days ago
My favourite comedy double 😍🙌
Bella Ghosheh
Bella Ghosheh 2 days ago
Tu Gfa
Tu Gfa 2 days ago
luuuuuv Jen´s jokes
Myla Doughty
Myla Doughty 2 days ago
Go to Mexico
Olivia Jannetto
Olivia Jannetto 2 days ago
I don’t like the bathing suit that much lol
Rei Vissey
Rei Vissey 2 days ago
💀 favorite video
Daily Haley
Daily Haley 2 days ago
Ya see when I watched this video I was two weeks away for my trip to mexico ya see where I'm going here...
Irrelevant_ Celery
You should go to India
Victoria Le
Victoria Le 3 days ago
Come to Orlando
Ailsa Wilson
Ailsa Wilson 3 days ago
Did anyone else see that ring in the sky at 19:37???? I’m so confused is it a reflection???
Sarah Elizabeth
Sarah Elizabeth 3 days ago
Harley Quinn
Harley Quinn 3 days ago
I didn't knew Jen was gay? Well she is a human and very pretty too I luv her videos anyway
Alexxx 3 days ago
You are so pretty girl 👑💖
Yohali Aldana
Yohali Aldana 3 days ago
And I Oop-
And I Oop- 3 days ago
And I Oop-
And I Oop- 3 days ago
I’m GAY😂💥‼️
And I Oop-
And I Oop- 3 days ago
rhythmrecall 3 days ago
My fav episodes on LL are these and trying everything from Trader Joe’s. So basically everything Kitchen and Jorn
Juana Corona
Juana Corona 3 days ago
Jen fangirling over Kristin is a mood
Charlotte Morgan
Charlotte Morgan 4 days ago
I love Kristen and Jen together, their hilarious, the perfect amount of funny stylish and gay 😂
Hannah Ward
Hannah Ward 4 days ago
The dress at @10:30 was giving me serious Margaery Tyrell vibes! Love it.
Janine Kereluik
Janine Kereluik 4 days ago
I want that teal dress that can get tied different ways! Is there international shipping???
Dakota Samael
Dakota Samael 4 days ago
when jen was like "idk why but I cant stop touching the vagina part of the bathing suit" the whole time I was thinking, "well jen, maybe it's cause you're GAY"
Grace King
Grace King 4 days ago
Burlington Vermont, lots of good gay bars!!
Joy Chang
Joy Chang 4 days ago
loving this asian pacific islander representation
Peappa Ellas
Peappa Ellas 4 days ago
Jen is so cute I think I'm going to be homo now
Delsa Bauan
Delsa Bauan 4 days ago
Try Batangas Philippines...
Riley Schraner
Riley Schraner 4 days ago
Go to Indiana
youdontknowmeandyouneverwill haha
sis didnt get accessories 😔
Hannah Maclaren
Hannah Maclaren 4 days ago
Jen is such a hype queen
Katie Callebs
Katie Callebs 4 days ago
Go to Nashville next!
Ci. Lime
Ci. Lime 4 days ago
Jen be best gril
ItzMaryPlayz -Gachalife-
Jen:*Coughs* Kristen: “you sound like the inside of a sock Jen: “yeah”
br_ana boot_n
br_ana boot_n 4 days ago
love these and love seeing kristen feeling herself. such a fun and heartwarming video!
nicolewry 4 days ago
I know I’m late but go to Chang mai Thailand!
Debbie Scarborough
You two are friend goals. I love your body positivity Kristen!!
Zedeye 4 days ago
Sees Jen, clicks
Cynthia K.
Cynthia K. 4 days ago
so pretty in the evening look dress
Hope Heathers
Hope Heathers 4 days ago
I live in Honolulu and my soul- their pronunciation- nooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooo o o o o oooooooooooooo oooooo ooooooo ooooooo ooo-
Hope Heathers
Hope Heathers 4 days ago
They did good for the most part but lol
Wynn 5 days ago
Come to Tuscaloosa Alabama! You can get in on the Roll Tide madness. :"D
Jeanette Haas
Jeanette Haas 5 days ago
Kristen looked so cute in all those dresses and the Orange and rose bathing suit :)
Anora 5 days ago
I've haven't watched a bunch of Ladylike videos recently, so when Jen jumped out at 0:15 I had to take a minute and remember that this is a reason why I'm Bi
HorsesAndDIY's 5 days ago
Lillian Schraml
Lillian Schraml 5 days ago
You should go to Canada
Astrid Filbert
Astrid Filbert 5 days ago
Let’s make Kristin’s face at 11:57 a meme, I’ll start *when somebody you really don’t like tries to be funny*
Mariah Cohen
Mariah Cohen 5 days ago
They should go to Indianapolis
Miranda Sibbett
Miranda Sibbett 5 days ago
Kristen, Japan would be so cool! And interesting to see what they would supply plus sized
Paige Bagwell
Paige Bagwell 5 days ago
Kristin: easy, breezy, beautiful.. Me: COVERGIRL Kristin: ..me 10:55
Natalee Cleveland
Great thing to come back and find after a week of encampment, love the content ladies!
Jessica 5 days ago
I really loved the first red off shoulder outfit on Kristen💖💖💖
Shaylyn Glaha
Shaylyn Glaha 5 days ago
Come to Colorado, so I can meet y'all!!
Jen is just that one person I want to be my best friend she is so funny and my sense of humor is pretty rare BE MY FRIEND
The Animal Show
The Animal Show 5 days ago
Go to Texas or Miami
Go to Paris next!!!!!
stella owens
stella owens 5 days ago
I really love Kristen with a natural makeup look, she’s always gorgeous but a nude lip just suits her so much
Sylvia Ellis
Sylvia Ellis 5 days ago
Why do they spell it like that
Julia Harding
Julia Harding 5 days ago
Yay representing my home :DDDD
Breanne W.
Breanne W. 5 days ago
Wyoming... Go to Wyoming...
MasterHeartGamer 5 days ago
Next Episode Jen Should Do It With You! It Would Be So Interesting To See Someone With A Different Sense Of Style Try To Do This Along With Kristin!
Victoria Owings
Victoria Owings 5 days ago
You should go to Florida or Costa Rica
Emely Domaas
Emely Domaas 5 days ago
Norway next!!!! Lillehammer
Anna Ilvery
Anna Ilvery 5 days ago
missed opportunity to collaborate with bretman
Sarah Fitzpatrick
Go to Maine! Bar Harbor, Portland, or Freeport. OR St. Johns, Newfoundland.
Simone Dubois
Simone Dubois 5 days ago
Why did I think the towel was her dress tho XD
Savannah Fox
Savannah Fox 5 days ago
What’s really in that cup Jen?🤔
Lisa Hoshowsky
Lisa Hoshowsky 5 days ago
Yes! She literally got everything I wanted (even the bonuses) and no I want to go to Hawaii just for that local clothing store!!
Leah Walabee
Leah Walabee 6 days ago
You got so su burned honey I'm sorry
Sarah Dowsett
Sarah Dowsett 6 days ago
*you sound like the inside of a sock*
kaitlin soldan
kaitlin soldan 6 days ago
That sky blue long dress was my fave 😻
bhaumi patel
bhaumi patel 6 days ago
a dessert
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