I was wrong about Kawhi! But who saw Paul George to the Clippers coming? - Jalen Rose | Get Up

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Jalen Rose admits he was wrong following his prediction that Kawhi Leonard was going to re-sign with the Toronto Raptors in free agency.

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Published on


Jul 11, 2019




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Comments 1 096
com4535 3 months ago
Jalen must feel so stupid
True Talk
True Talk 4 months ago
Nobody gonna listen to this fool again
skip slick
skip slick 4 months ago
PG was rumored to want to go to the clippers when he was a free agent... jalen really doesnt know what hes talking about at all does he?
brian baker
brian baker 4 months ago
He stay wrong
King Dom
King Dom 4 months ago
I trust nothing these reporters say anymore
Smallvillefreak616 4 months ago
I’m 99% hearing that Jalen came back into the studio early Saturday morning, picked up his mic, and walked home.
10,000 subs with 3 videos
99% he said
RealMenCry 4 months ago
No Jalen, if OKC didn’t make that trade at that point then the Clippers offer wouldn’t be there since Kawhi wouldn’t sign with them They only wanted PG with Kawhi not PG alone, they got 5 first round picks for him so they’d get him straight away. Kawhi would have signed with the Lakers otherwise and no one could compete and the clips would have kept their future and OKC wouldn’t get a better offer
OKAYYYY 4 months ago
Jalen 99% Rose
NFL MIXLITES Prod. 4 months ago
If the player himself says he is signing with a team and it gets reported by Chris Broussard that he does I’m automatically not believing it
Sylvia Oochoa
Sylvia Oochoa 4 months ago
paul george ask for a trade!! Westbrook asked for a trade first!
Joshwa Katzio
Joshwa Katzio 4 months ago
at 1:47 the lighting guy was drunk
Michael Johnson
Michael Johnson 4 months ago
This is a relatively new phenomena where sports commentators are on 24/7 talking out of the side of their neck and essentially being so gullible as to repeat everything some 10-level-down club employee, or the cousin of the sister-in-law of the janitor tells them something, and they run with it. In the past, folks weren't paid to to run to a silly show to spew unsubstantiated information. These shows are now essentially comedy routines. ESPN has ruined sports reporting and analysis with these scripted reality shows staffed by loud mouths who intentionally spit out information that they know is garbage.
k john
k john 4 months ago
Sources.. sources. Sources..haha..
Everyone was wrong, but Jalen had the audacity to suggest it was 99% certain. TAKE A BIG L!
papabols 4 months ago
is Jalen 99% sure that he was wrong?
Tristin Rocker
Tristin Rocker 4 months ago
Seth Clark
Seth Clark 4 months ago
Just because people played the sport doesn't make them a good analyst
Book of shadows contributor Brian
Clippers going all in next season
Professor Bird
Professor Bird 4 months ago
Proved he could win alone Greenberg??? I thought having no KD or Klay happened. These dudes stay saying garbage. Why didn't he go to the Clips before Paul George if he proved he needs no one. Such ignorance acting like Kawhy proved something by winning a title against The Warriors minus Kd and Klay.
Raymond Ford
Raymond Ford 4 months ago
Is Sam Presti working for the Clippers? Rose was right. If the media actually worked, that would be investigated
Spencer Godfrey
Spencer Godfrey 4 months ago
jalen rose is such an idiot
Video Boss
Video Boss 4 months ago
Jalen Rose is a goof! Can't stand listening to him
Fernando Iturburu
Fernando Iturburu 4 months ago
wrong is not the word but unprofessional. and joking about it simply confirms that, not to say finding excuses to, again, be a proud unprofessional reporter.
MVRTS 4 months ago
jaLen rose
nadero miller
nadero miller 4 months ago
Jalen trying to save face now. Gtfoh!!!
Eric B
Eric B 4 months ago
Azidonis 4 months ago
I'm gonna laugh my ass off if the Clippers suck.
Diogo Costa
Diogo Costa 4 months ago
like who wasn't wrong? that's the real question, nobody knew this was going to happen and certainly nobody predicted it
Granny Panties
Granny Panties 4 months ago
Jalen Rose dumb af
parsa mo
parsa mo 4 months ago
Jalen got exposed
jlccarv 4 months ago
He signed a *3 year deal*, so you got everything wrong 🤦‍♂️
Cmkev 17
Cmkev 17 4 months ago
Day Walker
Day Walker 4 months ago
Well you all did or did not know about the DUO conversations... because if you did, then you knew about Paul leaving when he knew that Westbrick was going too.. Too much drama in OKC. In addition, The commissioner and the owners HAD to quell all the super-team talks.. and the players agreed to give folks a fair enough chance to win the TITLE. This is nicely orchestrated and agreed on..
Ricardo Salas
Ricardo Salas 4 months ago
first take is the best show on t.v...
Ricardo Salas
Ricardo Salas 4 months ago
kawhi is the best player. better than LeBron
Joel Orona
Joel Orona 4 months ago
Welcome to the CBA CELEBRITY basketball Association....lol....😀😁😁🤣🤣
Chill Gunner
Chill Gunner 4 months ago
i thought houston might make a move for westbrook tho.
bee boo
bee boo 4 months ago
My prediction the 3rd man with 2 first names will join soon CHRIS PAUL PAUL GEORGE KAWHI LEONARD
Julian Dilonez
Julian Dilonez 4 months ago
Kawhi and Paul George will be clippers for the rest of their lives.. they'll both get super max deals in 2 years.
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