I Try DOODLE ART! - Is Doodling Dumb, or Delightful?

Draw with Jazza
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Nov 30, 2018




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Comments 6 287
Ernst de Roo-Straatemans
I still get the impression you have no idea what you're doodling
Sam Black
Sam Black 2 hours ago
Jazza should do a collab with peter dtaws
Crazyredneck 3 days ago
I'm American.... wtf is so funny about doodle?
xd McMaya
xd McMaya 3 days ago
Justinjerone Flores
“So whether you you wanna play your doodle with your friends or by yourself....... check out skill share” HAHAAHAH
Melony Pullen
Melony Pullen 4 days ago
Jazza trying to be an Adult for 13 minutes straight .... Me too jazza, me too
Melony Pullen
Melony Pullen 4 days ago
I dont think my doodle looks bad or anything ..... 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Jinkstack S
Jinkstack S 5 days ago
"Doodle" - Jazza 2018
Cake Monster
Cake Monster 5 days ago
I can not doodle but this video really helped
Liz Kimber
Liz Kimber 7 days ago
Ok, I never found the word doodle humerous before now.. yeah Im 3yrs old now.. doodle hahaha
Marley Dees
Marley Dees 7 days ago
*suddenly wonders for no reason* is there a kid size for the im a adult shirt? xD
ThatOneArtist YT
ThatOneArtist YT 9 days ago
When you finally find a use for sharpies😂
winter rose
winter rose 10 days ago
In art class I remember doing a project like this my teacher called it the line project
Unknown JK It's meh
You’re just a immature little boy
George Chembers
George Chembers 13 days ago
next video: Jazza and his friends playing with their doodles :D
Ari 13 days ago
This the only style of art I draw in.... Unless I'm instructed to do something else for my art class
Dudkover01 13 days ago
My name Is Dušan / Dushan
Shining Sun
Shining Sun 16 days ago
i draw doodle with the same pen as yours!!😜
DestinyOFGood 16 days ago
Yoztex_TX 17 days ago
What kinda type of art you make
ur bad kid
ur bad kid 18 days ago
Bullshit that is one type of doodleing
michelle joest
michelle joest 23 days ago
Is doodle jazzer the the different version of you jazza please reply
Albert Grunnion
Albert Grunnion 23 days ago
I don't get this...isn't doodling just kinda drawing tiny things in the margins of notes?
avabee 433
avabee 433 23 days ago
Doodle. Ha
Marco Rio
Marco Rio 23 days ago
Doodling was all the rage back in 2011-2012... Domo-kun... Domo-kun faces EVERYWHERE.
irok75 25 days ago
You talk to much, doodle starts at 2.55 :-D
the crystal plays
the crystal plays 26 days ago
I wish he would say gelair ladys and gentlemen welcome to draw with Jazza im an adult
Mark Wilson
Mark Wilson 26 days ago
does it make you a pornstar if over a million people have seen your doodle? =P tehehe
EyeLoveIt 26 days ago
that isnt a doodle doodling is were i have a thic small pen on apad with magnetic with a slidering eraser at the buttom
Zoe Dolan
Zoe Dolan 27 days ago
I searched up what doodle meant in Australian slag... Now i know why he is laughing
Varsha Balaji
Varsha Balaji 27 days ago
6:49 OMFG
I Swear I'm Not High
welcome to Jazza tries PENIS art
Xuan Hung Do
Xuan Hung Do 28 days ago
this show needs an adult
Z Month ago
wait... is jazza from australia???
D. doodler16_
D. doodler16_ Month ago
He does doodles better than me😅
Hans Packer
Hans Packer Month ago
You have regressed :-D
*vex has left the chat*
jay Month ago
Why my doodle hard?
CaptainBeaker86 Month ago
Yo he has the same birthday as me
Candy Unicorn
Candy Unicorn Month ago
So immature 😂😂🤣
justforthetv Month ago
How is that so funny to you? I mean.. the First time, sure.. but you've got to expand your mind.
liliana rodriguez
This looks really similar to what I call here in America, Zentangles. I just got done with a Zentangle project in my art class, and I understand what he means by a zen kind of feeling.
Floss Banyard
Floss Banyard Month ago
am i the only one that sees a man in this and his face is being painted by the brush?
Samuel Mendoza
Samuel Mendoza Month ago
If you want to doodle check out peter draws. His art is always so intricate but has no meaning
DeathDayDevice6 66
what the hell is a doodle in australia?
Pichu Bobby
Pichu Bobby Month ago
i’m sad he didn’t say, “I’m Proud of my Doodle.”
Tea Exposed
Tea Exposed Month ago
*My doodles are always too small.*
z3_Clutch 123
z3_Clutch 123 Month ago
We did doodling in 5th grade and all my papers in school are covered in lines a circles I also made a sunset from just lines, but I lost it 😔😔😔
Lil Snikrz
Lil Snikrz Month ago
Wears doubt t shirt
ZawaadPlayz YT
ZawaadPlayz YT Month ago
Ill teach u
CaptainCarno Games
I have a hint on how to ‘doodle’. Use just the tip
Multi Media
Multi Media Month ago
And if it stops working you could try blowing it off
James Tweddle
James Tweddle Month ago
At school we had a teacher that would make us doodle for 2 minutes at the start of the lesson
Arshia Bawa
Arshia Bawa Month ago
What was the joke? I didn't understand
Arshia Bawa
Arshia Bawa Month ago
+Multi Media uhh... *you're
Multi Media
Multi Media Month ago
Your welcome
Arshia Bawa
Arshia Bawa Month ago
+Multi Media thanks
Multi Media
Multi Media Month ago
Doodle means penis in Australia I guess
That dude cancer
I feel like that is his favorite shirt .
MazyLoron Month ago
I skipped over the introduction of this video so maybe it’s explained there but I’m guessing that “doodle” means something very different in Australia than it does in the US?
Goinne Woods
Goinne Woods Month ago
I'd love to see you do this again, but using more of a PicCandle style. I think you'd have a lot of fun, and she has step by step videos. Also, thank you for helping my inner twelve year old laugh
Lilith Ursin
Lilith Ursin Month ago
me: Draws ONE word.... (5 mins later)full of swirls and scribblesandanimalsANdDRAGONSANDCHARACTERSAND1000000000000000000000000000000 MORE THINGS! like if you agree
Stella Topan
Stella Topan Month ago
its cool but when wants to colour it cos maybe will going to be boring youll be like:💀💀
Natalia Small
Natalia Small Month ago
cross with zentangle anyone?
Samuel Page
Samuel Page Month ago
Make a doodle challenge with vexx
Sergio Polimante
Dumbest video. Doodles are proven dumb
DeathHammer Month ago
amina awudu
amina awudu Month ago
Sigrún Á
Sigrún Á Month ago
I loved the first one with black lines and more geometric
Sigrún Á
Sigrún Á Month ago
These look so goood as backgrounds for line art art
angel milton
angel milton Month ago
I have the opposite problem. I only know how to doodle lol more traditional drawing is so intimidating to me.
Enkii Draws
Enkii Draws Month ago
That *thumbnail* tho “I play with doodles” I apologize to anyone who doesn’t get the doodle jokes... You’re innocent... I’m sorry.
T- Rex
T- Rex Month ago
I know how to doodle
Batkid and Batgirl
Krampus looks like a mutant reindeer
Butt Monkey
Butt Monkey Month ago
Okay, so halfway through i just had to stop the video and go to urban dictionary and type "doodle". Then i was like "ohhhhh NOW i get it..." heh, I've heard it called many things, but DOODLE? The more you know. And now, with my newfound knowledge.... I'll be watching the whole thing all over again just to hear the "doodle" jokes. You think jazza is immature? Clearly you've never met me XD
L. H. Galaxy
L. H. Galaxy Month ago
Adrianna Shaw
Adrianna Shaw 2 months ago
DOODLE!!!!! \O/
Venom_fates 2 months ago
Isn’t this called like zentangling or sum
L.A. nimations 201X
L.A. nimations 201X 2 months ago
Oh my god I didn't get what he meant until there were 2 minutes left to the video
JK’s Queen
JK’s Queen 2 months ago
I WISH YOU ARE MY TEACHER 😭 you teach so good
Lor Aj
Lor Aj 2 months ago
Anybody wanna start an. Artist DM. Group on ig
María Victoria
María Victoria 2 months ago
I just love doodles!! For the exact same reason you don't hahah
Psycho Dino
Psycho Dino 2 months ago
This video inspired me to finish the doodles on mr converse
cecelia smith
cecelia smith 2 months ago
I love to do doodle art
Linnea Sandin
Linnea Sandin 2 months ago
So.. Cheese doodles are really cheese penises?
Mr Bleach
Mr Bleach 2 months ago
I cant find free courses on skillshare :(
sDanOs 2 months ago
Wait everyone has to look down on their doodles - *if yah get what I mean*
Black Ghost
Black Ghost 2 months ago
I'm 14 I'm not an adult yay 😊
Narri Dragon
Narri Dragon 2 months ago
We need a counter for how many times you've said doodle in this video.
Joe Butler
Joe Butler 2 months ago
do more of this doodling is epic
Lousianna Reficul
Lousianna Reficul 2 months ago
You need to make a shirt that says "why am I so immature!" that would be soo cool
Jaime Soque
Jaime Soque 2 months ago
I am an adult aaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa can’t do dis aaaaaaaaaaa
ZDuke 2 months ago
How to doodle: " *OK PENCIL!!! WHAT AM I GOING TO DRAW TODAY?!?!* Oh! A spiral? OK. Then some lines, a few random cubes and insets..."
Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong 2 months ago
Am I the only one who calls it a Zentangle
Alyssa Herrin
Alyssa Herrin 2 months ago
So Jazza, did this lead to you doodling (drawings!) more since this experience?
Daniel M.
Daniel M. 2 months ago
I think this is called zentangle in America
Person Peaple
Person Peaple 2 months ago
I’m an a doula tee on whel laughing at the word doodle
makayla kintner
makayla kintner 2 months ago
how are you so fucking good!!!!!!!!!! i could never do that!!!!!!!!!!
Gus Palentino
Gus Palentino 2 months ago
ori FERARU 2 months ago
"I DON'T KNOW HOW TO DOODLE!" me: *sigh!!!*
Chase Family
Chase Family 2 months ago
How ironic that he plugged his " I'M AN ADULT " line of shirts in this video.
Takashi 2 months ago
yeah my friend doodle is better than yours
Prince _
Prince _ 2 months ago
Wow ,that doodle is huge
AxipaxiFN 2 months ago
It's easy to make a doodle here let me show you B====D
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