I TRIED THE TATI BEAUTY BLENDIFUL here are my thoughts...

Laura Lee
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Hey Larlees, todays video is a review of the new Tati Beauty sponge. This sponge is supposed to be great for creams, liquids and even powders. SOOO a magic sponge? We shall see :) also sorry my mic was a little loud so it sounds a bit off in some parts. Thanks for watching xo Laura
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Jan 13, 2020




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Comments 1 960
Laura Lee
Laura Lee 3 days ago
My earrings are not an extension of my earlobe ... I thought that was apparent, but apparently not. 😂😂
Kristina Kiki Mihajlovic
If I didn't read your comment I wouldn't have noticed 😂😂
Ashley Diaz
Ashley Diaz 13 hours ago
Laura Lee 😂😂
BrunetteUnleashed 17 hours ago
lol i didnt see it! i really like them!!! 🤣🤣
Sue B
Sue B 18 hours ago
fat puss
fat puss 19 hours ago
Denise Egner
Denise Egner 43 minutes ago
I've miss your videos....been off of social media for a couple years.
Inés Hour ago
When se uses the dark brown sponge it leaves dark marks on her face, or its just me?
Hailee Rodd
Hailee Rodd Hour ago
i think beauty blenders are just overpriced
brinabrina Hour ago
is her voice shaking or is it just me?
shawna conaghan
shawna conaghan 2 hours ago
This is not a sponge. Not a sponge at all.
Christopher Castaños
I just remembered you exist.
Pet_tula Rhodes
Pet_tula Rhodes 3 hours ago
I want one
Erin Ashley
Erin Ashley 4 hours ago
Girl I'm going gray too! I just turned 30 in September, & didn't think it would happen this soon!😭 My eyebrows are growing in all gray, & my hair is about 50% gray.
AMANDA DAVIS 4 hours ago
Ordered it hopefully it makes me less lazy and I will apply makeup more often 😂 I have been on strike
Rudaba Subha
Rudaba Subha 5 hours ago
I personally don't think people should use this product because it requires to drag the product and you're pulling your skin, which will cause your skin to sag. Dabbing motion is the best.
Paul Devron
Paul Devron 5 hours ago
In 2020 beauty tubers are supporting eachother. Bout timeeeee
Yenifer Tamayo
Yenifer Tamayo 6 hours ago
For some reason I feel like she try too much which makes me not like her 🙄
Mouthy Mama
Mouthy Mama 9 hours ago
I just ordered one. Let’s pray it really is this good.
NXVI 9 hours ago
the amount of times she said sponge and in my head I'm like.... *"not sponge"* 😂
Rich Verdad
Rich Verdad 9 hours ago
Super pretty 🧡
April Luebrecht
April Luebrecht 10 hours ago
How many Dr Peppers did you have before filming? You are talking a mile a minute! 🤣
Carley Pengelly
Carley Pengelly 10 hours ago
Just bought the sponge as soon as i saw it go on your skin 🔥🔥🔥
Emma Chipponeri
Emma Chipponeri 11 hours ago
This made ur skin look flawless!!!😍💕
Pam Duncan
Pam Duncan 11 hours ago
It looked like you were using more Foundation but not showing on camera you putting it on..so how many times did you actually pump some on?
Kristine Lager
Kristine Lager 12 hours ago
I ordered some the other day along with the pallet and I can’t wait to try them
Kaylie Reynolds
Kaylie Reynolds 13 hours ago
Your makeup is absolutely beautiful all the time but girl you look absolutely flawless in this video
Tracilyn Hidalgo
Tracilyn Hidalgo 14 hours ago
I have one just like it but it's round made by Laura mercier
Elisa Mejia D Salazar
I will like to see this reacción in a acne face cause your face skin is good but don’t know if it’s that good for me buuuuut I mean is not expensive so I can try it 😍
K S 14 hours ago
Slow down, you talk so fast your voice sounds like it’s hurting you girl!
Joanna Lody
Joanna Lody 15 hours ago
Laura Lee great and honest professional review I've seen re Blendiful, well done! BTW love your lipstick and color, what is it as looking for one exactly like that xx
thelm 15 hours ago
Mine will be delivered Saturday! Can't wait!
shay ry
shay ry 15 hours ago
This would not work for my dry af skin
Sandra Diaz
Sandra Diaz 15 hours ago
Honestly i bought mine right after i saw Manny's and your review..can't wait to try it ❤❤
Gina Scott
Gina Scott 16 hours ago
This looks so great and I just ordered one!!!
Aobo Li
Aobo Li 16 hours ago
Can you please tell me where you got your top from? So pretty!!!
Dina Torres
Dina Torres 17 hours ago
Holy cow! I need!!
Ërin Řyan
Ërin Řyan 17 hours ago
What is it made of? Velour? It looks like she did a "youtube challenge" put her makeup on with a stuffed animal and said "o my god this needs to be a thing"
Marilyn Pratts
Marilyn Pratts 17 hours ago
I want one looks so dope and innovative ur makeup is so flawless airbrushed is right!
Mickey Gomez
Mickey Gomez 17 hours ago
Laura I just adore you. 💕💞💕
Sue B
Sue B 18 hours ago
Laura Lee's voice always sounds nervous to me.
Jessica Anderson
Jessica Anderson 18 hours ago
Do a blendiful eyeshadow challenge 😃😃
Kayla French
Kayla French 19 hours ago
Jenna Goldberg
Jenna Goldberg 19 hours ago
It looks good
Shelly B
Shelly B 19 hours ago
Omg it reminds of a fancy version of the sponges we use to use in high school that seems like it made ur make up so airbrushed and fast Im always down for a quicker application
felicia seidl
felicia seidl 19 hours ago
I need a brow tutorial 😍
Patricia Jones
Patricia Jones 20 hours ago
Wozaaa Boo
Wozaaa Boo 20 hours ago
1:35 😂😩❤️ i love you
Fatima Khalid
Fatima Khalid 21 hour ago
I’m thinking is taking a powder puff and using it with foundation would give me the same effect
Nicki Zufelt
Nicki Zufelt 21 hour ago
I stop following you several months ago, I just didn't relate to the things you were posting (which is fine, no shade. Just not interested). But girl... The Laura I'm seeing in this video is so much the Laura Lee I fell in love with a few years back. I'm so stoked 🖤 Definitely following you again. I loved this review!
It’s Kim
It’s Kim 21 hour ago
What happened to your upload last night. I didn’t get to watch it :(
Bea the bookworm
Bea the bookworm 22 hours ago
Please review RCL beauty 😊❤️
Kansas Gilleo
Kansas Gilleo 22 hours ago
I wanted to get my palette I just have been crazy so much 20 Bond Street
Jessica Ruger
Jessica Ruger 22 hours ago
Please be more gentle around your eyes!😬🙈
Giselle Salisha Ali
Giselle Salisha Ali 22 hours ago
Love makeup laura again 🥰
Caitlin Handshoe
Caitlin Handshoe 22 hours ago
I love Laura, but she already has the most perfect, smooth skin ever lol. So anything she uses is going to look amazing. I need to see someone with texture and redness like me 😩
MrsLawrence47 2 minutes ago
Caitlin Handshoe check out Allie Glines, she has acne scars, looked amazing. Plus she’s just a great beauty blogger.
Darlene D
Darlene D 23 hours ago
Flawless 😊
Candace Griffin
Candace Griffin 23 hours ago
Ordered this because of ur review!
Jessica Simmerman
Jessica Simmerman 23 hours ago
This would be soo great for traveling! I am getting tired of of lagging around a bunch of brushes.
Amberly Cantu
Amberly Cantu 23 hours ago
Just purchased mine :)
Jessica Johnson
Can't wait to get one🤗 loved the review!
Meghan Reynolds
I think this product would be great for the neck and the under the chin area. Especially for those of us who don’t always buy the same color as our face. Brushes and sponges work ok enough for the face but don’t always work for putting product down my neck
Lou Aguilar
Lou Aguilar Day ago
Fucking WOW. This may give me a little more incentive to try makeup again. I can't believe how well they work. 😃
Katlin Provard
Now I rlly want it
what eyeshadow are you wearing on this video?
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