I TRIED THE TATI BEAUTY BLENDIFUL here are my thoughts...

Laura Lee
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Hey Larlees, todays video is a review of the new Tati Beauty sponge. This sponge is supposed to be great for creams, liquids and even powders. SOOO a magic sponge? We shall see :) also sorry my mic was a little loud so it sounds a bit off in some parts. Thanks for watching xo Laura
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Jan 13, 2020




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Comments 2 227
Laura Lee
Laura Lee Month ago
My earrings are not an extension of my earlobe ... I thought that was apparent, but apparently not. 😂😂
Ruth Watson
Ruth Watson 7 days ago
They do look pretty insane at first glance
Monica Jenkins
Monica Jenkins 10 days ago
Oh my head 🤣
Jennie Love
Jennie Love 11 days ago
cutie pie
cutie pie 12 days ago
First thing i noticed🤣🤣🤣lol. How funny😭
Nadia Nava
Nadia Nava 12 days ago
You’re the best sales person of the year!
BingBing BongBong
“Mah ho sahd panol juhs fehowl”
Marianita Delgado
This pad literally has come in every ancient cover girl powder compact and been discarded since brushes and sponges jumped in I’m surprised she isn’t getting sued for attempting to act as if it’s a new creation
arrowmagnet 5 days ago
Oh you’re still making videos?
abshira A
abshira A 5 days ago
She needs her teeth done 😂😂
Courtnee Soltes
Courtnee Soltes 5 days ago
I can’t get it to work for my foundation:( It looks so streaky. Help!!
gizelle gonzalez
gizelle gonzalez 7 days ago
Flawless!! Sign me up!! It takes forever to blend creams sometimes, with brushes and blenders. I’m shookith how fast you did your face makeup.. with just one applicator!! 😍
cecil cece
cecil cece 7 days ago
This is the firts time seeing laura lee vid other then the apology. I just relize how likeable she is
Mariana Collins
Mariana Collins 8 days ago
I found DUPE for Blendiful at Walmart. It looks exactly the same, package with 2 puffs😁 usvid.net/video/video-veA69Ilwx7E.html
Olivia Rindone
Olivia Rindone 8 days ago
XELA MMFF 9 days ago
One advice, If u don't want to wash the Belndiful everytime u use it, I would recomend u to use one side for cream products and the other for pouder cause if u use the same side for 2, it will make a mixture really weird. But if u don't mix them u won't need to wash it everytime u use it. Hope it helps u
Meagan Newton
Meagan Newton 10 days ago
Okay I need this sponge🤩
Whitney Dawn
Whitney Dawn 10 days ago
Lol the top of the earrings are flesh colored n it looks weird like some weird lobe thing...love the backdrop
jungkook is my life
Omg you just swiped once and the foundation already looks settled?!!
Taylor Parisi
Taylor Parisi 12 days ago
She prolly paid her for a positive review or said she would do a positive review of her products in return lol
Maja Mojo
Maja Mojo 13 days ago
Studio more lights=very smooth skin Less lights = rough skin Only FOOLS rush to buy😇
Maija Miller-Christian
Gurlll that's not new that's one of those ole school powderpuffs that everybody had in there bathroom 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Linnéa Olsson
Linnéa Olsson 13 days ago
Honestly this looks so damn good!! I want it and I want a cream bronzer asap
EnkeliMusiikki 14 days ago
It’s shocking this woman still makes videos 🤣🤣🤣
jackiepicasso 15 days ago
I ordered this because of this video and you guys 😳 she was not playing around. This thing blends so fast and my makeup looks so soft!!!!! LOVE IT
Ashton Glass
Ashton Glass 15 days ago
Love your personality Laura, keep being you❤
Gabrielle Baehr
Gabrielle Baehr 15 days ago
All video thumbnail for this product make it out to be the sponge not working well and then I watch it and I’m blown away by the good review
Nanette P
Nanette P 18 days ago
WOW. That's amazing. Ima buy one
Yas Mina
Yas Mina 19 days ago
Can u change the background it looks horrible
Felicia Decker
Felicia Decker 19 days ago
Throw those earings out hahaha
Scarlett Scarlett
Scarlett Scarlett 19 days ago
Can you please say everything a little but slower? Haha
Faith Alvarez
Faith Alvarez 19 days ago
I was thinking about buying this but after watching this video I am getting it ASAP! Thank you!
Rand Ghz
Rand Ghz 21 day ago
Leslie Aviles
Leslie Aviles 21 day ago
You’re fantastic!!!!
Leigh Barry
Leigh Barry 22 days ago
A very affordable sock puppet... just laid waste to the brush industry.......
Tessa goode
Tessa goode 22 days ago
As if you would ever give an honest review
shera monica salvador
Why you so tense throughout the video?
Jessica Lea Garza
Jessica Lea Garza 22 days ago
David Leal
David Leal 22 days ago
I NEED this!! 😱😆🙌🏽
Umalkhayr Abdirahman
It's applause fast the foundation while beauty blender make u uncomfortable 😣
Stephanie Brinkman
Stephanie Brinkman 23 days ago
I’m not even through the whole video (yes I’ll keep watching) but it makes me feel so much better that your grays are showing bc I look just like this right now! I Need to get that root touch 😅 also i just ordered the blendiful 🥰 I’m so excited!
Marinelle Facundo
Marinelle Facundo 23 days ago
I really thought that it was an extension of her earlobe
Lindsey L
Lindsey L 23 days ago
Bought one bc of you Laura! Thanks!
nikibabes169 23 days ago
I just got this and now I am Siked to use this 😱😱😱 insane application
Kc ALtribe
Kc ALtribe 23 days ago
Subscribe 💥
Erin Noel82
Erin Noel82 24 days ago
I've been holding off... I'm ordering it right now.
Bridgett Hall
Bridgett Hall 24 days ago
That looks amazing!!! Totally ordering!!
Karah Josey
Karah Josey 24 days ago
Carolina Platas
Carolina Platas 24 days ago
I have been using a fiber cloth like this for along time. Didnt know it was innovative! Lol
Breanna Antonucci
Breanna Antonucci 24 days ago
Ok but why did she only put foundation on one eye ?
Aurora Castillo
Aurora Castillo 24 days ago
Onestly is anyone going to spend 18 dollars for a shitty piece of rag??? Don't waste ur time hating on me I won't answer.
Aurora Castillo
Aurora Castillo 24 days ago
I stick with the beauty sponge...
amra hujdur
amra hujdur 25 days ago
havent watched you since that drama,i even forgoted how u look like bruh
Anjali Ray
Anjali Ray 25 days ago
Ok so the actual demo starts at 5:38 -.-
Sam King TV
Sam King TV 25 days ago
Who made those earrings, Sue them 😂😂😂
SHARON KIM 25 days ago
Imma buy one now
Mayara Daquino
Mayara Daquino 25 days ago
I like you’re review. You look honestly and genuine
Fabi x Makeup
Fabi x Makeup 25 days ago
Okay but why are you in a rush 😂
Ruth Nicolae
Ruth Nicolae 25 days ago
I bought them ans i love them! So easy to apply your whole face!
Alexis NoName
Alexis NoName 25 days ago
You look like a horse
Alison Parton
Alison Parton 25 days ago
Your earnings look like your ear lobes have melted into them and now I can't unsee it
Elem Erçırpan
Elem Erçırpan 25 days ago
Damn I need this Blendi things too
Cookiekiller2002 25 days ago
Subscribe song?
Kari M
Kari M 26 days ago
I think your skin looks FABULOUS!!!!! Best base I've seen in a while.
Toby Gonzalez
Toby Gonzalez 26 days ago
Your makeup looks flawless using this! Wash it and tell us if it still applies the same please:)
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