I Threw my Brothers Mystery Items OFF 10 Story Trampoline Tower!!

Dangie Bros
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I threw my brothers EXPENSIVE stuff off a 10 STORY TRAMPOLINE TOWER!!
Building 10 Story Trampoline Tower:
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Sep 4, 2018




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Comments 4 008
Caleigh-Ruth Brown
Caleigh-Ruth Brown 16 hours ago
Kaden Jakob
Kaden Jakob 2 days ago
I am a subscriber
JOEBOB 2112 4 days ago
9:48 be like
SpaceAce 10 days ago
Who else got sad to see Chris chuck the xbox
Josh Kiefer
Josh Kiefer 12 days ago
Why would you destroy Robberts THINGS !!! They are not yours to destroy and disrespect the items. Robbery took 3 fricking hours to build the lego star wars command station and you did not help at all
Ian Kendray
Ian Kendray 13 days ago
Yay I love this because rob gets sad and destructive fun
Ian Kendray
Ian Kendray 13 days ago
Les go dodgers
Game mode On
Game mode On 15 days ago
My dad found a random half broken Xbox 360
Aaron King
Aaron King 17 days ago
Jim Fisher
Jim Fisher 18 days ago
Poor Robert
Deborah John
Deborah John 21 day ago
This was published 1 day befor my birthday
Mike Small
Mike Small 21 day ago
Safety is not important 1 ovall And why do you have to destroy robs
Anton Carlsen
Anton Carlsen 22 days ago
8:23 lol😂😂😂😂😂
David Tucker
David Tucker 22 days ago
"cause safety...(hesitates) I INPORTANT!" said by the Dangie bros??
Doug Finlay
Doug Finlay 23 days ago
The LEGO was the best
wendy neis
wendy neis 23 days ago
I like Rob
Beaminglight23 Cargill
look at chris and look at himinow
Brayson Perez
Brayson Perez 27 days ago
So sade 😥
Winged Donuts
Winged Donuts 27 days ago
lol imagine being their neighbour and seing this giant trampoline tower
Leo-pards- outakes
Leo-pards- outakes 25 days ago
Winged Donuts gcchgjvhgjvjghv
Ryan EJ
Ryan EJ 29 days ago
Leave a comment for the dearly departed broken Kylo ren spaceship
Emily Brewer
Emily Brewer Month ago
Never land Of gaming
That’s nubtastic
Cooper Natoli
Cooper Natoli Month ago
How could you I love Nintendos but I'm still a subscriber
Paige Gray
Paige Gray Month ago
dangie bros can i have a shoutout you guys are so amzing and awsome so thank you
Paige Gray
Paige Gray Month ago
who thinks these guys are cool
Ty Bradley
Ty Bradley Month ago
I have a nintendo
Brittany Gurule
Brittany Gurule Month ago
Jen Zarutskie Sieczkiewicz
Chris:we are going to actually have safety Me:then why are you called the DANGIE BROS
Jacob Batten
Jacob Batten Month ago
Do a giveaway
Chase Kowal
Chase Kowal Month ago
Jeff good at parkour
Chase Kowal
Chase Kowal Month ago
Good at parkour
Henry Hamps
Henry Hamps Month ago
Xbox rules
remus Brooking
remus Brooking Month ago
I'm a ps4 guy
Ryderness Central
No not the Xbox
Frankly Gamer
Frankly Gamer Month ago
Rob as blue underwear like the undo
Amanda Jones
Amanda Jones Month ago
like if spot different iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiijiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
Zach Poucher
Zach Poucher Month ago
Why you bully Xbox
Diana Castillo
Diana Castillo Month ago
I have playstation
vx Drift
vx Drift Month ago
Maverick Fruth
Maverick Fruth Month ago
You Chris’s value items next
Ike Baller
Ike Baller Month ago
Kill Cody!!! Bellinger!!!
Beronica Garcia
Beronica Garcia Month ago
Make a 100 trampoline
The3rdAttept Month ago
4:12 *Sad Bill Gates noises*
James Gaskins
James Gaskins Month ago
Jeffery is crazy
Keyla & Gus
Keyla & Gus Month ago
Vilocity 9
Vilocity 9 Month ago
I didnt know they were 108 feet high 10 stories is 108 feet they say its 30 😂
uroš mihailovic
Keyboards aren' t expensive at all
goodlifeguru Month ago
they are if its them posh lighting up ones
A Jamal
A Jamal Month ago
uroš mihailovic some of them are
Heloise Collen
Heloise Collen Month ago
HELLO anyone reading this i hope you have a great christmas
goodlifeguru Month ago
you to
Smartblueman 2 months ago
Andrea Flug
Andrea Flug 2 months ago
I can take mw 2
Reif Myers
Reif Myers 2 months ago
What do you think you are the dangie bros.
Kimberly Ingolia
Kimberly Ingolia 2 months ago
Yes I do
Carol Freitag
Carol Freitag 2 months ago
Hulk:smashes robs Nintendo switch Nintendo switch:TRY ME!
Josh Playz13
Josh Playz13 2 months ago
Judy Plumley
Judy Plumley 2 months ago
I love Xbox !!!!😡😡😡😡 Roobbbbb!!!
Jesus Sandoval
Jesus Sandoval 2 months ago
They should have gave the xbox as a giveaway
Ninja Rat
Ninja Rat 2 months ago
If you drop pc,xbox,playstation and a nintendo switch who wil vinnnnnnnnnn?? NITENDO SWITCH
Blue boy Hay
Blue boy Hay 2 months ago
They should make a part 2 with Jeff and then Chris for part 3. Like if u agree
Sarah Penny
Sarah Penny 2 months ago
Go jeef
Nicol Pietersen
Nicol Pietersen 2 months ago
I can't even afford an Xbox 360.And you dudes smashes it.Why why.I wish i was as rich as you dudes
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