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I Tested The PH of EVERY BOTTLED WATER! Trying all the water brands and doing a a ph water test with Dasani, Evian, Voss, Aquafina and more! Leave a Like if you enjoyed! WATCH me tasting them all usvid.net/video/video-J0e5KDzzmCg.html Subscribe so you don’t miss videos!
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Sep 8, 2019




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Comments 5 589
Vashti Clorindalim
Vashti Clorindalim 12 minutes ago
Can u still drink the water after dropping that thing? And is that the true color of water?
celyne huang
celyne huang 6 hours ago
You forgot pristine water and aqua and vit
gemma jewl
gemma jewl 7 hours ago
Little Lia Little Lia Little Lia What did u do with the water after vid?
Burrito Animation
Burrito Animation 7 hours ago
Before I played the video I went to get core/*the holy water of great taste* I went back hoping its good taste means good health i was so happy
Margarito Felix
Margarito Felix 8 hours ago
Why are almost all my favorite waters yellow except for the one that has a sunset and I like core my fave my mom likes daje blue and aqua fina o and smart water :D
alex shamara sha thomas
How do you get that paper and bottle
Kristal and Winston Forever
Hi Liam my name is Kristal and I love your videos. The weird thing about this video is that I haven't even heard of half of these water.😄
Kristal and Winston Forever
Oops I meant Lia. Oto-corrective evil.
Emily Andrews
Emily Andrews 15 hours ago
Hey Lia like this comment and your the best person in the world jk you already are 👌
Kenadi Sama
Kenadi Sama 15 hours ago
no one: me at 3 am:
Cocaha 87
Cocaha 87 18 hours ago
Aquafina is Michigan River water. Gross!
Dara Popova
Dara Popova 18 hours ago
Why does sniperwolf has a channel named little lia!? What!?
Just Jess
Just Jess 18 hours ago
Ice mountain water is the REAL water you should drink it taste like natural water and IT IS
Itzwolfgirlluna 19 hours ago
Dude I drains meh sparkling water cause I’m a loyal Italian UwU
Madde 20 hours ago
Me: I HAAATEEE WATER!! Lia: I have 25 water bottle water here
Gacha LOVER 321
Gacha LOVER 321 20 hours ago
What about your tap water?
Im a nugget YT
No hp0
She protec She attacc but most importantly she a hydrated snack
Faith Brown
Faith Brown Day ago
Wow, I’m disappointed in Kirkland.
Ruby Arnett
Ruby Arnett Day ago
She didn’t do ALL of them like if you noticed
Killer Games
Killer Games Day ago
Why didn’t you do Poland spring water I drink that
HeWhoCries Day ago
8:43 "Albertson's? More like Albert-daamns. ahaHaHAH! Me: aight, imma head out
NutellaKitty 04
Those pumpkin candies are made out of oil
Mike Riordan
Mike Riordan Day ago
Well you know what I bet you pretty soon were all going to use that ph juice stuff in the water bottles so we can see what ph it has
pastel moon
pastel moon 2 days ago
You should try tap water I wonder what color that would be lol also love your videos😋
Melody Moo moo
Melody Moo moo 2 days ago
Smart waters not very SMART!?
Hannah Gonzalez
Hannah Gonzalez 2 days ago
Can someone tell me where niagara is
Fiona Urquhart
Fiona Urquhart 2 days ago
Little Lia's study group*
kawill22 2 days ago
They try to get you to buy bad water because it’s a cheap price and has been everywhere. You gotta be like the Kardashians and know what’s bad and what’s good
Ni zam
Ni zam 2 days ago
Wow 👌 ok
karen kaye seneca
who else thought of guava juice?
Tohammi Abas
Tohammi Abas 3 days ago
Your also sniperwolf right?
pokémon god123
pokémon god123 3 days ago
desani water is good for you
Totally not M
Totally not M 3 days ago
My friends birthday is on September 9 and my birthday is on September 8
Ashley Rose
Ashley Rose 8 hours ago
Jerallyn Escamilla
Where did you get the chart and color dye thing
Fifi sisters
Fifi sisters 3 days ago
I give my dog core water when we on vacation
тυllιρтαтσ υωυ
Golden R
Golden R 4 days ago
Water need a pH about 7 because 7 is neutral, more that 7 is base and less then 7 is acidic
Oofergang I
Oofergang I 4 days ago
They have boxed water
Kacey Duber
Kacey Duber 4 days ago
Wait I thought little lea was someone else but it’s still sssniperwolf lol 😂
Juvia Fullbuster
Juvia Fullbuster 4 days ago
Bleach has a ph of 13
Blake loves horses Silver
8:16 I said I’m getting a new water
Blake loves horses Silver
I have smart water and i liked alot off your videos I’ll try to like all off your videos I subscribed
Av E
Av E 4 days ago
I’m 9 what is ph
The Hell Of Roblox
I’m gonna stop drinking smart water
Samia Musa
Samia Musa 4 days ago
I wonder what the shopkeeper was like tho 🤔
Shamzy gaming
Shamzy gaming 4 days ago
Horror girl Gamer Yt
“I forgot Dasani but just know it’s bad and acidic” me:okay I still have Aquafina (because tap is also pretty bad) later... “Time to test Aquafina....yellow which is bad and acidic” me again:no more water for me then didn’t like it anyways~
Kea Le
Kea Le 5 days ago
Sparkling water is yummy
Grateful_Plays Roblox
I really just watched this while drinking that curvy bottle 🤣🤣🤣
GSL_ Ice
GSL_ Ice 5 days ago
On the bai water she says she thinks it’s not an Alkaline it literally says antioxidant water 💧😂 5:10
Green Peecock
Green Peecock 5 days ago
You shouldve mixed the water
Crissangel Velasquez
InsanoOrange 5 days ago
I drink essentia and I was SO happy to see it purple!
Zarah Samlal
Zarah Samlal 5 days ago
All three of us are the same me lia Digital next both love Aquafina
Masha Mitchell
Masha Mitchell 5 days ago
Get a tripod, mute that person we can't see, less talking in general and lower your volume.
Kelly 5 days ago
Y'all ever had boxed water?
Daisy Szeto
Daisy Szeto 5 days ago
Wow I didn’t know water had tastes! Because Digital thinks arrowhead water tastes disgusting!
: TorrLi :
: TorrLi : 6 days ago
Polution +1000
Colourful Panda
Colourful Panda 6 days ago
Ah yes bagged flammable water
Jerry Gutierrez
Jerry Gutierrez 6 days ago
Good lord I'm in love with you
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