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I Tested The PH of EVERY BOTTLED WATER! Trying all the water brands and doing a a ph water test with Dasani, Evian, Voss, Aquafina and more! Leave a Like if you enjoyed! WATCH me tasting them all usvid.net/video/video-J0e5KDzzmCg.html Subscribe so you don’t miss videos!
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Sep 8, 2019




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Comments 3 447
Lucy Cruise
Lucy Cruise 12 hours ago
Ice mountain
Nfinity 12 hours ago
Aquafina is so good
Gavin Ryan
Gavin Ryan 12 hours ago
She forgot to try boxed water
Gavin Ryan
Gavin Ryan 13 hours ago
Where I live almost nobody cares about being healthy so we don't have any really good quality things so I haven't even heard of half of these waters
Phantom_Wolf52 14 hours ago
Lia the bag water is really acidic cuz its hydrogen infused
That one random Harry Potter Fan
Lia: getting all of these water brands that I’ve never heard of Me: Just drinking some Aussie Mt Franklin and Woolworths water
Relatable Stuff
Relatable Stuff 21 hour ago
Just to help u out a little bit. *Best Water* Aqua Hydrate Body Armor Alkaline 88 Water Essence Real PH Water *Ok Water* Figi Icelandic Vitanourish Proud Source Baì Core Evian Original Evian Original Red Cap Edition Cascade Arrowhead I was too lazy to show u the bad waters so yeah
8ballplayer06 23 hours ago
Figi is the worst water I have ever tasted
Asian Penguin
Poland spring anyone?
Charlotte Orahood
Lia: I’m not gonna climb these waters Also Lia: proceeds to climb waters
Nakita Brooks
poland springs?
Victoria Hernandez
Y’all forgot Poland Spring Now i am scared
Allison L
Allison L Day ago
I'm watching while drinking one of the worst ones...
Ellae Dior
Ellae Dior Day ago
i always drink fiji,springwater,essentia. idk y but i can taste water and how every brand tastes lmao. i hate hate avani or how ever you say it
Maggie Almazan
You testing aquafina while I am drinking aquafina Me:😭😱 You:😱😭
Yandere Gacha
Guava juice already did this
Emilia Cameron
you should have tested the tap water to
Karla Carnero
kyoukei katayaburi
Wow i learned so much
Elizabeth Satterfield
Vsco girl: ArE YoU uSiNG PLaStIC
Phantom_Wolf52 14 hours ago
also VSCO girls: SIESE HER!!!!!
Savage Barbie
Savage Barbie 2 days ago
Im drinking Aqyafina right now.....
Prince Jason
Prince Jason 2 days ago
Im from fiji and the water ph is neutral...btw I so love all your videos and your fun vibe personality
Spazmic Paradox
Spazmic Paradox 2 days ago
Did she buy some nestle Watr?
Ali Al Araimi
Ali Al Araimi 2 days ago
You need 15 milliliters of water to get an accurate result.
Salma Sagir
Salma Sagir 2 days ago
Green is neutral not blue Blue is more alkaline
Kimberly Vasquez
Kimberly Vasquez 2 days ago
Loved this shit tbhhh
Rimas Syed
Rimas Syed 2 days ago
Vsco girls be like:OmG aRe thOse plAStic BOTles?
angel _demon_gacha
i drink core ,fiji, and bai water
Jenna The Potato
Jenna The Potato 2 days ago
You should take the worst and best water, taste and compare them
Choo Jia Li
Choo Jia Li 2 days ago
Now i know n I also learnt a lot too😂
Cara Mayes
Cara Mayes 3 days ago
Vsco girls are QuAkInG
Zoey the cat
Zoey the cat 3 days ago
My mom is the one that bottles the water
Karina Juarez
Karina Juarez 3 days ago
Try nice water I drink nice water
Noor Paracha
Noor Paracha 3 days ago
Legit she says i forgot Dasani then I look down I’m drinking Dasani then she say but I know for a face Dasani is bad for u me throws water
Iz_Angie Playz
Iz_Angie Playz 3 days ago
*you ain’t no vsco girl,YOU’RE USING PLASTIC. lol*
Howard Johnson
Howard Johnson 3 days ago
Watching this video is like watching the nerdy side of Lia lol. She understands the science behind the pH and is genuinely intrigued by it. First ever serious video I've ever seen her in.
Nangamso Majola
Nangamso Majola 3 days ago
I look up to you because you're not only just another pretty USvidr but you're also smart
fernandotween aguirre
You should've done tap water
yeetus feetus
yeetus feetus 3 days ago
So witch is the best water?
Moren Din
Moren Din 3 days ago
the fancy water voss is from norway hihi😄😄
Victoria nunez
Victoria nunez 3 days ago
Where did u get the ph tester bcz i need to find one for a school project
Nathaniel Garrison Jr
Hello, here's you favorite french USvidrs Lia and me
Nathaniel Garrison Jr
Wow, 24 I would love to be you Lia!
Chocolate Fox
Chocolate Fox 4 days ago
When you love water so so SOOO much
Tyler Shereace
Tyler Shereace 4 days ago
Next; Fluoride Test please
Gacha Things
Gacha Things 4 days ago
I drink Evian both of them soo I guess it’s okay
Cece .303
Cece .303 4 days ago
My fav french USvidr where you at?
Jenna Quintana
Jenna Quintana 4 days ago
You should try water in a box,
Sara’s music 234
where im from you can buy water in a can
Care Bear
Care Bear 4 days ago
I’m drink Akaline water, although it’s from dollar general 😂❤️🤡
Artsy Mc.S
Artsy Mc.S 5 days ago
I love water, liquid, 2H0, hydro, melted ice, liquid ice, So many names for water
Panda Master 203
Panda Master 203 5 days ago
honestly I think that this is the coolest video you have ever made. It's so cool to know the PH level in water and what you are really drinking. You should test the PH level of waters from restaurants.
EJ’s Channel
EJ’s Channel 5 days ago
Jessica Ducat
Jessica Ducat 5 days ago
Omg yad
QueenGil 05
QueenGil 05 5 days ago
Jaka Rina
Jaka Rina 5 days ago
What a nerd project
Itz Panda
Itz Panda 5 days ago
Ah the PH scale.. ...loved learning that 😂😂
Trxshy 5 days ago
I’m still drinking Aquafina. 😪👋
Heather Ayres
Heather Ayres 5 days ago
Lillyah And tater tot
The turtels
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