"I REGRET EVERYTHING" | Inside the Mind of Nile Wilson

Nile Wilson
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Hughesy 3107
Hughesy 3107 3 months ago
Hey Nile my names Tom and I love what u do here on ya channel like seriously is amazing and especially these videos their a lot more meaningful. i am not a gymnast but a runner and I've always had body image issues and had a massive change but i still want "abs" but im struggling to find a way that makes me happy to get them. but anyway u are a massive inspiration and help me feel better about my athletics and performance what u do means a lot to me and i would love to hear from you but i understand that your a committed busy man
Bluhbluhblih 5 months ago
Starting with the big sigh 😂😂
MK Yaranon
MK Yaranon 5 months ago
Boris M.
Boris M. 5 months ago
I am sorry, but we know you'll be pushing it even more. Best of luck on the next one. Wish you a medal!
aanzo ranzo
aanzo ranzo 5 months ago
its 5am my head is fuzzy and all i can hear is ack ack ash ash when he talks abit fast
Albin Eriksson NA2C
Albin Eriksson NA2C 5 months ago
Amazing mindset and amazing thoughts! I recognize myself in what you say and that is something I find interesting.
Nicole Kerr
Nicole Kerr 5 months ago
Nile, The fact you show the down times as well as the most amazing times makes you more inspirational than if we just saw all the good times. 2018 my daughter broke her shoulder blade in January her foot in May and her humerous in September, not joking when i say as a gymnast it was the most devastating year for her, she loves you and is very much a wilsonator and seeing that you an olympic gymnasts has injuries and has to go through the sh*t times helps her know that she will get back to full strength she will get back to training 16hrs and she will hit all her skills again, her last break she had to have 12 weeks off and it sort of broke her emotionally but knowing she can watch nile go through injuries and emotions and tough times and get through it helps her. So know you help people all around the world thousands of miles away in Australia you have been there for a little 9 now 10 year old through her darkest times.
charlottetaa 5 months ago
Hey Nile! I am sorry to hear about your injury. As a physio, I know that you are a huge inspiration for a lot of young athletes recovering from injuries. Chin up mate, you've got this!
Rose Williams
Rose Williams 5 months ago
I ended up quitting Gymnastics because I had a really bad injury to my right arm due to a fall. I worked myself hard to try and get back to how I was before but I was never the same. I was devastated but my local gymnastics club where I had started all this wanted to hire me so I now coach kids from 4-16 everything I've learned and i love it. Don't give up Nile. You're amazing x
Ella Lloyd
Ella Lloyd 6 months ago
I met Christian Thomas a few weeks ago and I told him to say hi from me the next time he saw you
Marlene Anna
Marlene Anna 6 months ago
I have a constant injury in my head, its called depression and it is my strongest enemy but somehow watching your discipline, motivates me to fight against it
HeatherPlaysGuitar 6 months ago
Although of course I love challenge vlogs I do absolutely adore this style. It's so open and brings everything back down to earth! Great to see you recovering so well, big heart
Ginger Lou
Ginger Lou 6 months ago
I love your videos! I have a good feeling you will continue to push yourself to be the best version of you. When you are happy, there’s going to seem like theres no other way to live life and you’ll never regret a second of it. You give me inspo to fall more in love with my own sport, thank you so much
gary gjl
gary gjl 6 months ago
Nile you're a warrior, your pals at the gym are warriors. Continue embracing your emotions, they will change. keep up the pace.
steffxnn 6 months ago
i can relate with the straightfront then accidentally dropping your shoulder i do that all the time so now i have to concentrate fully on what i’m doing
Awesomeness Gaming
Awesomeness Gaming 6 months ago
Why does he have to be from Leeds I live in Bradford I love him he got me into gymnastics but we are rivals😂
Kyla Higgins
Kyla Higgins 6 months ago
Hey Nile! It was actually so nice hearing that you struggle with the "twisting problem"/"mind block" !!! It would be great if you could talk about it more and how yo work through it!! I used to be a competitive trampolinest and there was a point that i lost all my skills which was horrible! I had to start from scratch again which was a long journey! I lost my half out, double backs, barani's and even a stomach drop. Every time id try to do a stomach drop id end up doing a front flip at the last second "flipping problem" haha. I was a bit young at the time so did not know how to deal with it properly and i thought i was the only one. Its great to know im not alone. I now do gymnastics and have similar mental blocks so it owuld be great to know exactly what you do to overcome those obstacles! Much love from New Zealand!!!!
doga capanoglu
doga capanoglu 6 months ago
Still motivating us. Thumbs-up 👍👊
Eloise Ezzy
Eloise Ezzy 6 months ago
Awesome stuff Nile. Keep it up, keep pushing, keep going, don't stop until you win. You got this
Jaanai Inniss
Jaanai Inniss 6 months ago
Don't worry rest up and you'll be out there tomorrow. This too shall pass.
mia lucas
mia lucas 6 months ago
You have taught me the best way to recover from an injury is keep training and don’t stop no matter what, so thank you Nile! I needed that x
Darcey Malcolm
Darcey Malcolm 6 months ago
Hey Nile, are you free on the 22nd December? It’s my gymnastics presentation night where we give out trophies and awards and I’m sure that my head coach would love it if you came! Maybe Neil come come to and share with us his amazing pep talks😂. I know you are going through a lot with your injury just it would just be the best thing ever if you came! Xx
hazelcolemanvg 6 months ago
Omg the twisting problem! People thought I was chatting shit when I couldn't do a front somersault without automatically throwing a twist in. I tried to concentrate SO hard on just doing a straight front and I'd twist. To the point where even a forward roll was so difficult as my body would try to twist once I got to a certain point. I didn't realise that anyone else had dealt with this, I thought I was losing my fucking mind LOL!
Bethany Prowse
Bethany Prowse 6 months ago
I have the exact same problem with twisting but on my fronts. On floor though I'm relatively fine (I say relatively cause there has been the odd moment where I've stopped myself because I've thought about it too much), as soon as I'm on a trampoline however, instantly twisting before even barely creating rotation. It happened as soon as I scared myself landing wrong a fair few times on a Barani. It's taken since March to get back on to a trampoline and do it, but I've managed it, theres still the odd day where I'll get on, overthink it and just can't do it again, but i've made so much progress since watching your loss move syndrome video on it, it's amazing. It's helped so much!
Bethany Prowse
Bethany Prowse 6 months ago
Will add that I sing a song or try to concentrate on something else in my head now instead when I do them, still can't get the height that I used to have on them, but, least I'm not completely avoiding them anymore or letting my brain just take over entirely.
Fockin Lasersights
Fockin Lasersights 6 months ago
I actually got a bad injury on high bar, so I quit the last two years, now I'm back into it though. The worst thing about is that now I've got terrifiyng fear of high bar because I wringeled my arm around the bar :(
lps diamond productions
Dear Nile Don't give up follow your passion and be live that you can do it and practise hard. Your coaches are there for you to incorage you and give you advise on how to master it cuz they have probably had the experience. One more thing work hard,achieve and believe and work hard💪💪💪💪💪💪
Jack Zeiman
Jack Zeiman 6 months ago
U got this nile and my first meet is on Sunday can u give me any advice
Brian Barclay
Brian Barclay 6 months ago
You are more than a gymnast .... you are an inspiration!
xMarzzPvP 6 months ago
Does anyone know that he’s copying Shane’s title or he just came up with it but 🤷‍♀️ I’m not hating I dont care it’s just funny 😂
Do ninja warrior
Jonas Kolstad
Jonas Kolstad 6 months ago
I also twist automatically on the backlip. If i do backflip from a high place or if i feel i have good power after a flick flack i just twist. Its so irritating!
Jade Darling
Jade Darling 6 months ago
Nile, I am so glad that you do not edit out the parts where you physically feel like you can do no more, it shows you pushing through and shows how you constantly break through that pain barrier and it is amazingly motivating to see someone being real about how hard you have to work in oder to get what you deserve from your life. You are an incredible motivator and you are a role model beyond belief. Take care, thank-you for being real.
Arjonne van der Laan
I love you man, you can do everything you want to❤️
vandep vood
vandep vood 6 months ago
Ты очень мощный парень и я всегда удивляляся тебе,как ты всегда такой на позитиве желаю тебе удачи и надеюсь увидеть тебя на Олимпийских играх-ты являешься для меня одним из лучших.
Summer xoxo
Summer xoxo 6 months ago
I am getting March YAAAAAAAY
Gracey Alexander
Gracey Alexander 6 months ago
Yasss more real content NILE....get in it!
Gigliola Lop
Gigliola Lop 6 months ago
You’re such a great inspiration ❤️ #proudwilsonator
Kirsty Lindsley
Kirsty Lindsley 6 months ago
Please share www.gofundme.com/stand-up-wheelchair-for-mia
El Kurioso
El Kurioso 6 months ago
it might seem to be dumb to get motivational speeches from complete strangers. but let me tell you this: you are and always been an inspirational figure, you made me laugh in my darkest days with delightful spirit. Keep your head up and keep trying! Dont loose faith in you because we all HATE TO SEE YOU SAD LIKE THAT! Much love from switzerland budd!
Rohan Rajput
Rohan Rajput 6 months ago
How many indians are following nile
cufftek 6 months ago
I am a professional climber and am in a similar situation at the moment. YOU WILL MAKE IT ONE DAY, DO NOT DO NOT DOUBT YOURSELF!
Curt Fast
Curt Fast 6 months ago
Nile. You are an inspiration to everyone who watches. Talented and committed. Thanks for your example of the pursuit of excellence.
Bored User
Bored User 6 months ago
Keep up the hard work!
Sydney Snell
Sydney Snell 6 months ago
I’m in gymnastics I’m In level 4 !!!!!
Jonathan Chan
Jonathan Chan 6 months ago
Used to be there is a field called Sports Psychology Conditioning.... then it got abused.... I wonder if you could get a psychologist to actually get back to that?
Jonathan Chan
Jonathan Chan 6 months ago
How's the finger healing along?
Mentally Hurting
Mentally Hurting 6 months ago
You need to be a coach and also open up a gym with your family. Hugs big guy and to your family.
Lachlan Walker
Lachlan Walker 6 months ago
These are the kind of videos we want! Great mix of inspiration and solid training
Fox Lee
Fox Lee 6 months ago
What an amazingly honest story. You are inspirational. Keep training. Can't wait to see you win gold.
kim pooni
kim pooni 6 months ago
Nile hope u feel good I always say be the best u can be
Kevin Mettler
Kevin Mettler 6 months ago
Yeah GaryVee in Gymnastics! Love what you do Nile! The best Video so far I have seen from you! All the best with your finger! Can't wait to see you in 2019 even stronger!
unknown523n6 6 months ago
I did the same thing on a different skill. Only popped my finger.
doug .603
doug .603 6 months ago
As an athlete you train like mad, and should have no regrets, Nile. I fully understand the feelings you have of disappointment in yourself and having to postpone your goal. However, never feel that you have disappointed your parents or anyone else. You are loved, supported and respected. It is a true athlete & someone to look up to that gets injured, works around that, and moves on, continuing their training.
Natalie Akers
Natalie Akers 6 months ago
You’re such an inspiration Nile! I love watching your videos 🙂👌
ARK PHANT 6 months ago
Nile could you do a Q&A vidio as well how did you first start training outside of the club except the body bible
Summer xoxo
Summer xoxo 6 months ago
Do you dp anything where youvgo to fans houses to help them lern because im rabbish and it would be a dreem come true and at the moment im rubbish and need some help
Josef LebanonLibiria
Hey Nile, you should do a collab with a rock climber!!! I think Magnus Mitbo would be a good choice for he can do a one armed muscle up!!
Veronica Wagner
Veronica Wagner 6 months ago
LOVE THIS NILE!!!! Can you talk about the twisting thing for me? Cus I wanna know about it... cus I had that! And it Really set me back as a gymnast for years! Cus I couldn’t warm up 😂😂😂 i could only do hard stuff kinda
Herman Solberg
Herman Solberg 6 months ago
inspiring af, keep grinding!
Aimeexx13 6 months ago
Nile, you'll probs won't see this but you're actually so inspiring its UNREAL, don't EVER forget, train smart keep it reallllll x
haloon81 6 months ago
The best video in a very long time. It was worth waiting. Thank you Nile.
EWright 6 months ago
this is precious
mats trane
mats trane 6 months ago
Great vid!
Andrew Burgess
Andrew Burgess 6 months ago
Great insight. I think as others have said that you have gotten away from this kind of video recently.
ironfist941 6 months ago
Its not how many times you get knocked down its about how many times get back up. Its okay nile crush them next year.
Immy Macdonald
Immy Macdonald 6 months ago
LOVEEEE THIS STYLE LITERALLY AWESOME!! not much content like this around but what you’ve done here is fab, more of the same ! Xx
Liqhtro 6 months ago
I'm always so upset because you don't uploud as often, but when I see these kind of videos...this quality, powerful message, sick edit etc. It's unvalueable
Hannah Kersley
Hannah Kersley 6 months ago
Hey Nile, I'm a dancer in professional training and am currently injured, I know how mentally draining it can be but you have an incredible mindset of positive thinking! Keep it up!
Maximus Meredith
Maximus Meredith 6 months ago
You need a tan XD
Rich Sidwell
Rich Sidwell 6 months ago
Keep it up Nile. Your a top lad, down to earth, funny, genuine and seem to be a positive impact on the people around you. Wish there were more like you pal, especially to train with too!
free runner
free runner 6 months ago
Your new trainer is really good (pushing you to the limit) 👍
Zirmus 6 months ago
Micro Z02
Micro Z02 6 months ago
Re upload?????
CloudFistX 6 months ago
Its a part 2 i thought the same, the first 3mins is the old video, a recap.
Tramayne Murphy
Tramayne Murphy 6 months ago
I respect and appreciate you sharing this showing that no matter what happens anything is possible! You give me hope and confidence that I can do this that I can lose weight! Appreciate you so much! Thank you! ✌🏻
Madam_Meow99 6 months ago
Dems tha brakes! All you can do is continue to heal and keep a positive attitude. I watched the World finals, and the battle for male all-around was intense. The announcers said that the men shined when they needed to, and that it was anyone's medal to loose.
Robert Strachan
Robert Strachan 6 months ago
You are there ,the Love is behind you.xxx
Jonathan Wood Goddard
Don't be so hard on yourself big fella....chin up! Your a champ in my eyes👍 Mate you've got a solid attitude, you'll be back i just know it. Keep ya head up! keep positive! learn some healing through meditation and keep busy. Love ya work, keep it up your awesome motivation for this ole fella😉🙏
Jette Zuijderduin
Jette Zuijderduin 6 months ago
Wow WOw WOW! You are such a hard worker!! Keep on going!!
Cyndi Kan
Cyndi Kan 6 months ago
Wow this is relatable in so many levels.I do taekwondo and unfortunately fractured my middle finger metacarpal during traininf about a month ago, 2 weeks before a major competition. So much regrets but could blame nobody. Any tips for recovery and getting back to training from an injury? Anyway hope you recover soon!
Crystal Waters
Crystal Waters 6 months ago
Amazing video as per usual. So inspiring! Who did you say you follow religiously Gary who?
Crystal Waters
Crystal Waters 6 months ago
Amazing video as per usual. So inspiring! Who did you say you follow religiously Gary who?
Emily Hewitt
Emily Hewitt 6 months ago
Saw you about Cambridge with your family and thought it would be rude to stop you as you were all chatting together and looking like you were having that perfect kind of family time. You guys look exactly as your vlogs picture: close, warm, fun and completely there for each other. It was nice to see that your little corner of USvid isn’t at all fake. And it’s because people sense that that the Wilsonators are also a pretty damn great bunch to hang out with in the comments. All genuine people here, supporting you and each other 👍🏻 You better believe I’m gonna be in Tokyo wearing that merch. Train smart, keep it real.
Popo 6 months ago
12:00 he starts flicking his boob
Nicole Mchugh
Nicole Mchugh 6 months ago
Nile you are amazing such an inspiration to any athlete out there that has an injury, you show such determination to not let it get you down and that you can keep moving forward with your injury! You push me to be a better athlete and to constantly check in with myself about my goals and if I am training to the best of my ability! #changingthegame
SuperrSquirrel 6 months ago
Videos are getting so much better man. Never followed you for the "vlogging" type of youtube style. This video was awesome and very interesting to watch. Keep it up!
Lee Fisher
Lee Fisher 6 months ago
12:08 - Given that floor sprint, I'd say you were in peak fitness. Oh... hang on... was that in fast forward?
finn lee
finn lee 6 months ago
regret makes you stronger you can't fix it but you can work from it Nile your gonna be stronger from this injury your going to have edge over others
Smapiecus 6 months ago
I have the exact same problem with tumbling into a layout back. I almost always accidentally drop my shoulder and pull into a back full without meaning to.
Duhh itz Lauren
Duhh itz Lauren 6 months ago
I came upon your channel when I was on USvid in the hospital after my surgery. When I saw how you hurt you ankle in the flash back of this video i wanted to watch them all I have watch all of those today because the surgery that I had earlier today was for the same thing the videos have changed my vision of my recovery and hope that I can recover as fast a good as you. Love your channel you will make it through your injury .
Samuel Coles
Samuel Coles 6 months ago
You inspire me to be the best that I can be, you can make it though this injury, keep doing what you are doing, train smart keep it real
Samuel Coles
Samuel Coles 6 months ago
Love you Nile
Lydia Funcik
Lydia Funcik 6 months ago
I’ve found the same problem when i twist in my tumbling too!
Kyla B.
Kyla B. 6 months ago
Dude I love you so much, I’m a gymnast too! I want to get into something though... no hate but you keep going for popularity. Your original content was so much better. SO MUCH BETTERRRRR!
The Praska Brothers
The Praska Brothers 6 months ago
Subscribe to my channel please!
Vallie Ko
Vallie Ko 6 months ago
Collab with jujimufu!
Trish Brown
Trish Brown 6 months ago
Nile! PLEASE send me the weight vest and I'll mend it for you so all those threads aren't poking out of it. It's falling apart and needs a drop of glue and a pair of scissors taking to it. :)
buddy boy
buddy boy 6 months ago
Did I miss what do you regret actually
RedHex __
RedHex __ 6 months ago
California here. Started watching about a year ago. Love your videos. Very inspirational
itsjustarnie 6 months ago
2:18 im donne his legs tho
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