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Aug 8, 2014




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Comments 8 283
Sarah Rose
Sarah Rose 2 days ago
I had no idea people didn’t like Julien at first. Ugh that sucks. Just wish he knew how far he would go, and how soon people wouldn’t make these comments. That soon he would be one of the big ones.
Savannah Ziehms
Savannah Ziehms 5 days ago
Wow watching this in 2020 seeing how far julien came. And his glow up🥴
Ricardo Valencia
Ricardo Valencia 8 days ago
It started off with light humor then it turned malicious not my taste of humor. Love you Jenna & Julien
Who's A Pretty Kitty?
Watching this hurt my soul. How could anyone hate Julien?
dehydratedcactus 9 days ago
"ugly"? bro wtf im surprised he isnt on top 100 most handsome men. he's fucking attractive as helll
Julia Włodarczyk
Julia Włodarczyk 14 days ago
Okay but 1:05, the friendzone joke. It's so real five years later
donald ward
donald ward 19 days ago
He's not ugly wtf
Nobody 24 days ago
1:16 6 years later and Julien is still being friend zoned by Jenna
Jay Skates
Jay Skates Month ago
Its funny now cause if Jenna and Julien broke up, everyone would cry.
Patchwork Month ago
the incel at 4:26 tho
Anushka Sarkar
Anushka Sarkar Month ago
I have no idea what's wrong w/ these fellas like Julien is so perf♥️
laura janson
laura janson Month ago
Oh no I love your hair!
Grace Nichols
Grace Nichols Month ago
Okay I don’t like hate at all but I hardly ever see hate comments on videos. I’m not saying it’s made up but like I want to see them for myself I’m curious lol
eggplant iguana
eggplant iguana Month ago
Gay boy and donkey is still so funny oh my god like it’s so ridiculous I can’t help but laugh
insipid_rhyme 2 months ago
HE WATCHES JONAH FROM TONGA?!?!? I love him even more.
Eve Is so scared
Eve Is so scared 2 months ago
JuLiEn ? uNaTrAcTive ? I mean, have you seen his mUsTaChE ??
Rian Elizabeth
Rian Elizabeth 2 months ago
The fact that all the people commenting are “nice guys” and homophobic people shows you the people that don’t like them.
M n' M
M n' M 2 months ago
Imma rock yo world with my scent😂
the preggo gay
the preggo gay 2 months ago
Lily-Ann Matthews
Lily-Ann Matthews 2 months ago
5 years later Jenna actually did friend zone him
louise belcher
louise belcher 3 months ago
All this dudes calling him gay ehshhssj I think they may have a crush on Julien
ljwilliams10 3 months ago
Genuine and kind people catching hate sucks. This is what people mean by, "Life isn't fair" "Can't please everybody" YOU CAN BE AMAZING. SOMEBODY WILL STILL HATE YOU JUST BECAUSE THEY CAN.
Leah 3 months ago
Lmao the friendzoning thing is much funnier now that they constantly do it to each other
Just Jello
Just Jello 3 months ago
Was he...TWENTY TWO IN THIS???? I'm 22 now...this is fucking me up he always seemed so much more mature than most his age
manny heffley
manny heffley 3 months ago
2:41 oops
casual artist
casual artist 3 months ago
All these people saying he ugly. But legit he’s so handsome and of course gotta love his Aries humor.
Miriam Herrejon
Miriam Herrejon 3 months ago
That is what haters look like. Julien is the perfect man Jenna hit the gold with him. They complement eachother so purrfectly. Love them together. He is so handsome and funny and patient. Both are.
A is for Annihilation
Julien we love u & your stupid gay ugly hair (jk, I don't know how hair can b gay but congrats). Ppl r insecure miserable assholes. Much love to u both.
AJ Rylander
AJ Rylander 4 months ago
Who that actual fuck would say Julian is ugly? I would be his slut any day! Jenna has got to be the luckiest chick to be able to ride that fine piece of ass every night 💋
Ohsnapits _cbreezy
Ohsnapits _cbreezy 4 months ago
I'm sorry but Moq is the shit 🙌🏻💯 she fucking slays 💯 In all seriousness though Julien is like the most sweetest, thoughtful and awesome guy around and all you boys out there need to take notes because he knows how to treat his woman like the queen she is, I don't understand why people would want to waste their time to write these mean comments to him when it's all its doing is making you look like an idiot lol ahh... I'm going to pray for all of you cause y'all need Jesus.
Angel H
Angel H 4 months ago
Wow I know this is old but wow so many mean peeps :(
Cayla Jay
Cayla Jay 4 months ago
I love julien !!!!!!!
Nikki .W.
Nikki .W. 4 months ago
I love you and Jenna.
rogerina taylor
rogerina taylor 4 months ago
Why does his voice remind me of Shawn Mendes ?
Dyls Wife
Dyls Wife 4 months ago
Julien is hottt. Fuck the haters
erica king
erica king 4 months ago
People need to stop calling people gay lesbian. That shit so offencive Julian is a great sport love you Julian Big Ups to you and Jenna
Scraggledy 4 months ago
Does that make Jenna "Boots?"
Erikka Kartak
Erikka Kartak 4 months ago
So many jealous dudes out there mad they can’t be the ones spooning Jenna every night lol.
marry your heart
marry your heart 4 months ago
people using gay like its an insult like boi what
Hannah Dowd
Hannah Dowd 4 months ago
In 2019 and this is unthinkable. You guys are the most unproblematic and lovable youtubers on the platform.
Confessions of a codependent chica
"Well, yeah okay I'm a chode." If that's not some bde idk what is! 🤣🤣🤣 I love J&J, and anyone calling him a douche doesn't remember Jenna's ex.
Arabella M
Arabella M 5 months ago
Dominique Kayanna
Dominique Kayanna 5 months ago
Julien is so pretty in this video💕💕
Nicole Sonk
Nicole Sonk 5 months ago
gotta hate that julian is my fav lol
Boho Stevie Nicks
Boho Stevie Nicks 5 months ago
2019 and he's still being Friend Zoned....
Lindsey McDonald
Lindsey McDonald 5 months ago
I FUCKING LOVE HIM!!!!! Hahahahaha 😂🤣
Jonathan Luong
Jonathan Luong 6 months ago
There’s no friend zone because they’re such close friends, they can’t be separated
Melissa Chapman
Melissa Chapman 6 months ago
This is when the friend zone began.
Hannah Bright
Hannah Bright 6 months ago
He’s so douchy that’s why he’s let her wax his legs, paint his nails, put fake nails on him, do his hair. What a douch
Meli monster
Meli monster 6 months ago
Well years later they are the cutest couple. I enjoyed this blast to the past.
Krittika Sengupta
Krittika Sengupta 6 months ago
Julien had a baby face back then but now he has blossomed into a hot piece of fuck..❤❤❤
Miranda Owens
Miranda Owens 6 months ago
Okay who's donkey? Idk this gets me every time 😂😂
ALISHA MUKHTAR 7 months ago
How can anyone be mean to him?!! I don't understand!!
Aleida Garcia Patiño
Hahahahaha they are just frendsssss
Yes -
Yes - 7 months ago
Omfg why even leaving a hate bother Julien isnt gay or a douche
7 months ago
OH MY GOD! No,no no no no no no! His laugh is not annoying and I’m not gonna let you think that! It is literally the cutest thing ever♥️
Neel Kore
Neel Kore 7 months ago
I like julien a lot.. Handsome and caring one.
AudreyBored 7 months ago
His hair is fine *calm down*
Annalise L
Annalise L 7 months ago
5yrs later and they brought back the “just friends” joke!!
allison rogers
allison rogers 7 months ago
ok but the friendzone joke actually started like 2 years ago
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