I met Lady Gaga (and cried)

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WHAT A DAY. She's amazing.
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I met Lady Gaga (and cried) | Andrew Huang
Andrew Huang


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Sep 10, 2017




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Comments 1 031
zjokka Month ago
With all the respect in the world: Gaga = no video allowed Andrew = (crying on video) I'll be back with another video tomorrow. Now who's real?
Hezza Ezzachary
Hezza Ezzachary 2 months ago
Legit I'd be the one crying if i met Andrew
Kamil Kontowicz
Kamil Kontowicz 2 months ago
Simpson 2 months ago
imagine meeting someone who you look up to and they wear sun glasses in your selfie. i would be diappointed.
Adrián Casallo
Adrián Casallo 3 months ago
Wow! That was really touching! Just watched your 30 minute music theory video and this and you got yourself a new subscriber from Spain. Good stuff! I love your channel! You are so... real? Unique? Don’t know how to describe you. Keep it up, you’re in a good path!
Polina Vlasova
Polina Vlasova 5 months ago
Wanted to hug you throughout the video(
Lo Loki
Lo Loki 5 months ago
I don't get, why do you feel different? Because you are extremely talented and driven? Did I miss something?
Adam Hargreaves
Adam Hargreaves 6 months ago
MUCH LOVE ANDREW HUANG! You're a huge inspiration to me for the music and who you are! Stick to your guns and shine as the person you are, for my perception of you is someone who is confident, stylish, funny and extremely talented!! Thank you for opening up and sharing your personality with us! Big ups
Ahkuji 6 months ago
When he first cried. I was thinking "Damn, I know how that feels." I've met a few people who are famous to me. And everytime I cry
PatchesFlows 8 months ago
I cried too bro! Love you :)
Andrew Craig
Andrew Craig 9 months ago
You're cooler than she is dude.
Mr Helixx
Mr Helixx 10 months ago
I love who you are man Can’t wait to guide you in a yoga class You might even hear some of your chill tunes 😝❣️
Alex Mari
Alex Mari 10 months ago
I think Andrew Huang has a crush on lady gaga!!!!!!!
z bee
z bee 11 months ago
Spread the love!💚💜
Juliano Beccari
Juliano Beccari 11 months ago
This was great, Andrew! I've cried too... It's specially touching when we realize that being ourselves is already a great step forward in this world full of insanity. I'm gonna be more myself and be awesome. This made my day better!
Anna M&M
Anna M&M Year ago
I didnt knew it was possible but... I love Andrew even more after this video. Such an amazingly talented sweetheart
JungleMU Year ago
Its been a bit over a year since this video was made, but I love how you are just sharing what you love and what you care about with your fans, you just want to be yourself, and that’s why I love this channel! Keep inspiring and creating.
Dylan Year ago
Hi it’s Andrew Huang.
I says Hi
I says Hi Year ago
fucking baby im joking this was made on my birthday :D also ur my second biggest inspiration
Max Runyon
Max Runyon Year ago
So pure. So well said. Thank you. And thanks to Lady for doing what shes been doing!
The Melon Man & The Pumpkin Kid !!!
I really like how you didn't think to yourself 'im not uploading this because i dont want people to see me crying' its cool to cry.
zuuded Year ago
I haven't been watching Andrew since this morning but watching him cry made me cry
libraReBelDe Year ago
damn ninjas!
Niki Solstråle
me just plain me
Henry Crockett
Aw, this video was so gosh darn genuine and that's why I always keep watching your videos Andrew. Keep up the great work and don't forget to stay hydrated #820. Much love
Kalle Year ago
Hey Andrew. I know this video is almost one year old, but I just got to know you recently (not in person, of course ;) ). I think it's kinda sad that you don't always feel confident about yourself and that you find it difficult to be just who you are. I don't know anything about you, except what you show us in your videos, but I know this: Every single one on this earth is weird in his own way. Because we are not all the same, therefor we are humans. I thought that you would run across this video in a few days, because it's like the annual you met Lady Gaga. And that you may again start crying, seeing this video. But there is absolutely no reason for it. And although I respect your oppinion about it, I don't think you need a Lady Gaga to encourage you to be the person you are and feel good about it (as well you shouldn't need these written words). You are meaningful on your own and you mean much to us people, who watch your videos and enjoy being "entertained" by you. But be assured that "being entertained" is not everything you mean to us. We like you for what you are :) Keep on doing stuff, do it the way you want and although life may be hard sometimes, keep that in mind: "Life's like a door. We have to get through"
Nautilus Year ago
You look like polite cat in the thumbnail lol
Joost P
Joost P Year ago
sage Year ago
AxilS Year ago
This video made my cry. Why tho
AxilS Year ago
Many of your fans support you for a reason.
Nico Schmitt
Nico Schmitt Year ago
dude , i just love you :D
Nadhifa Syafiya Syahriandy
ohmy god i know ,gaga is a true artist. most of people around me dont think gaga the way i love her music and how she's so strong. congrats to you and want to say ur video makes me more confident about my music. keep inspiring andrew
Jeroen Naafs
Jeroen Naafs Year ago
Andrew, you are such a man! Being able to show your emotions abouth a topic like this. Not many people would do that, let alone on USvid. MUCH MUCH respect to you💪🏼💪🏼🙌 Ifound your channle few weeks ago by accident and you are already my biggest inspiration. Keep up your amazing work.
Deivy Bastida
Deivy Bastida Year ago
I would feel like that with you but not with gaga xD
2 Ownlife
2 Ownlife Year ago
Andrew, I only recently discovered your channel and have been gobbling up your videos as much as I can. Each one teaches me a little and inspires me a lot. This video however, is one of your best. I say that because the level of vulnerability expressed is beyond touching. I couldn’t agree more with what you shared regarding learning to accept and honor the differences that make us all unique. It can be really tough when society seems to want us all to fit in a mold. It is the mold breakers that make this world more rich and beautiful. You represent this to me and I am grateful for the inspiration.
Andrew Goldfish
I wonder if I would do this meeting you...
Kochetta Music
I know this is an older video at this point, but it still resonates so much. I have just started watching your videos not too long ago, but in that small amount of time, I have managed to see so much of what you have to offer. Sure, you are a phenomenal creator and musician, but that comes secondary to who you are a person. You seem so full of life, joy, uniqueness, and sincerity. So while you look at Lady Gaga and tell yourself and tell us how she is using her platform for good, just know that you, also, are using your platform in an incredible way! Thank you for the insight you have provided myself and many others, and I look forward to more great stuff to come! Be well, Andrew =]
Nick Bryant
Nick Bryant Year ago
dude you are just so funny
4zagger Year ago
Andrew!!! Bro, you are my favourite and number one most inspiring producer/singer/person , dont ever feel bad about yourself alright, you are a very positive person. It's my dream to meet you
Vincent Salamatino
Lady Gaga swears to Satan and now can't sleep alone because of the entities she's invited in her life haunt her whenever she's alone in the dark, and won't let her look in mirrors without taunting her. With that said I can't stop watching your videos because your positive energy and vigor for life and exploration just jump off the screen and into me pushing out all the depression and rage.
Gogo8mkd Year ago
So glad I saw this video. Thank you so much Andrew!
Isaac Huerta
Isaac Huerta Year ago
OH DEAR JESUS YOU MAKR ME CRY! T-T Love you a lot Andrew!! you inspire me a lot 💜
Kris Copley
Kris Copley Year ago
awesome! so cool that you're o.k. being vulnerable in a public setting Andrew! :)
Arctica The Fox
I remember listening to lady gaga both this way when I was younger. Years later I became a furry because when I was younger I was obsessed with talking animals and I felt pretty scared to admit to people or scared if they sound out I was a furry because of what they might think of me. But then I heard her song again and I remembered that being a furry is fine, as long as I have friends who can see past the stereotypes and see the real me and be able to accept me
Tydin Year ago
You’re so cute!
Joshua Alwin
Joshua Alwin Year ago
You're Amazingg Stay awesomee
Audrey Rouge
Audrey Rouge Year ago
Andrew you're making me cry oh my god this is so beautiful
Killer Wailord
I SMASHE THE HELL outta that like button
Casey Johnson
Casey Johnson Year ago
Thank you for sharing your feelings like this with us. I appreciate it. Thank you Andrew.
Kiranjot Kaur
Kiranjot Kaur Year ago
I think you're one of the best things on the internet, keeping shining bright
Sirwan Mahdi
Sirwan Mahdi Year ago
You are amazing dude. Cried with you
I love you dude, you inspire the heck out of me.
John Chambers
John Chambers Year ago
I love you, Andrew.
Lucy Blades
Lucy Blades Year ago
I'm way late but that's so amazing that you met her Andrew, so happy for you. It sucks she is now cancelling tour dates due to health concerns. The set up you described is similar to times that I met my own idols Linkin Park. The first time in a deserted hotel room with security and lots of doors and a lot of waiting around... Then at venues in official meet and greets it was always down a long corridor in an empty room with restricted access... Lady GaGa's message is very cool. She is an awesome human. So are you. Never stop being you.
isridr 2 years ago
2:14 - 3:30 same to you.
Lucas Ridout
Lucas Ridout 2 years ago
this is my favorite video ever. i love you and gaga so much
Carson Moore
Carson Moore 2 years ago
Does this make you Man GaGa now?
Clara Spain
Clara Spain 2 years ago
Making poker face using Lady Gagas face will be a thing someday.
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