i made a better chicken sandwich

julien solomita
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Sep 20, 2019




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Comments 3 435
Karina Solano
Karina Solano 5 days ago
Julien can be a Loving Loser sometimes idk love u Julien tho 😁😁❤️
nini 8 days ago
we got it done to us last week but we will do it to'em now :)
White Raven
White Raven 9 days ago
I know I'm very late, but in my experience, silken tofu freezes way better than firm, you don't have to freeze it twice. It also becomes way stringier/spongier than the firm one
Wanda Weaver-Hourigan
I do that with tofu when I bbq it.
Lauren O'Neal
Lauren O'Neal 10 days ago
You can get cute condiments cups at dollar tree
js 13 days ago
10:31 you're gonna get your knife! ...and put it into the sink because it's dirty, and you're a responsible adult. 🤣
Victoria Garces
Victoria Garces 14 days ago
Jenna on her channel: is gangsta Jenna on Julien’s channel: am baby
HeidiSue60 14 days ago
mmm make something with seitan!
Jessica Sure
Jessica Sure 19 days ago
Can he just open chain restaurants so I can eat there everyday.
Lisa Nass
Lisa Nass 21 day ago
Literally why is Jenna a food-gasmer lol
Jay Havaldar
Jay Havaldar 26 days ago
lmao i realize im late on this but does anyone know which tofu press julien uses or a similar one i can get? i eat tofu like 2-3x a week and just smush it with a pan and some bean cans for an hour lol
Jhope Is My Aesthetic
I love the aggression of the first bite
Emmalee Ballard
Emmalee Ballard Month ago
The windows on your cabinets are two slightly different sizes
Fin & Vern
Fin & Vern Month ago
The way he ate that sandwich tho
Ashley Rodriguez
That’s the healthiest chicken sandwich I have seen in my life
gordon ramsay would hate this fucker
Katie Rub
Katie Rub Month ago
Send Jenna on a Virgo mission to go get you matching glass bowls for your spices
Zoë Akira
Zoë Akira Month ago
Each of them are more annoying on each other’s channels 🤔
Heather Dake
Heather Dake Month ago
Some of my friends are vegan and I'm really excited to make them for them 😊 this recipe looks so good
qwerty qwerty
qwerty qwerty Month ago
This reminded me that i still have some tofu just sitting in my freezeer from like half a year ago xd
Khorri Jones
Khorri Jones Month ago
Chicken sandwiches are better than burgers
Hopper S
Hopper S Month ago
"I ruined chicken"
Brandy Walker
Brandy Walker Month ago
To be fair yall rock. Thanks for being chill. Lost aries daddy and this is so relaxing.
Hunter Crosby
Hunter Crosby Month ago
I did that to my tofu once on accident by leaving it in a too-cold spot in the fridge. It really is like the texture of nuggets
Cookie Cat
Cookie Cat Month ago
I made the tofu for thanksgiving but the breading I made more turkey like but it turned out so good besides adding a little too much liquid smoke. So thank you very much as the only plant based person in my family I felt chill having a nice option
Sarah Shoemaker
Sarah Shoemaker Month ago
“And the chick’n... it’s like... it’s there” 😂
someone Month ago
"I was like a little kid - we would go through the drive-through, one time on a bike, got yelled at but still got our food" in Finland it's almost a part of our culture to go to the McDonald's drive-throughs without cars, often just by our legs it's cause the restaurant closes but the drive-through is open 24/7 at least _I_ have never gotten yelled at either
jeralyn sanchez
jeralyn sanchez 2 months ago
do a vegan blovelife seafood boil with the vegan shrimp n lobster and all that vstuff omggg
U Haul
U Haul 2 months ago
Nice stache.
SinTanity 2 months ago
That looks so. Good. I gotta make that
Courtnea Ledger
Courtnea Ledger 2 months ago
Julien: Please make soup. In Aries Kitchen. Then share with Jenna. Jenna wants it. Jenna gets it. Please.
Alexandra Incognito
Alexandra Incognito 2 months ago
I got a Gordon Ramsay commercial. Teehee
Savannah L
Savannah L 2 months ago
"Soy boy science" 🤣🤣 I love his channel
Carter Morris
Carter Morris 3 months ago
Boi loves his wisk😂
kelsea 3 months ago
kelsea 3 months ago
Oh mayo. I may have been rash. Forgive me aries followers
kelsea 3 months ago
DRY ASS (albeit delicious) CHICKENWICH
Jordanne Herrera
Jordanne Herrera 3 months ago
This is awesome, just wish i knew how much of each seasoning 😭
Jayvon Keffer
Jayvon Keffer 3 months ago
It's like grandma's recipes you've just gotta listen to your heart.
Vanessa Janes
Vanessa Janes 3 months ago
Chef Julan, these recipe videos are awesome and so dang helpful. I recently made the switch to a plant based diet and seeing that making HECKING AWESOME plant based food is easy and fun makes me feel so happy. THANK YOU!!
Duck_Billed_Atheist 3 months ago
Not hating, but that is the saddest bread I ever did see
Margot Paez
Margot Paez 3 months ago
Does this work with gluten-free flour?
Des Cleveland
Des Cleveland 3 months ago
I like the variety and uniqueness of all the different dishes.
Cassie Oheron
Cassie Oheron 3 months ago
that looks like the toilet krabby patty
Katelyn Fournier
Katelyn Fournier 3 months ago
Probably just gonna make the non vegan version of this tbh
No Me
No Me 3 months ago
Cool, oooo yes
Aj KVK 3 months ago
try veganaise from Walmart
Geeky Gainster
Geeky Gainster 3 months ago
Who here thinks Julien just needs to open up a restaurant? Like damn I wanna eat everything he makes but I don't wanna make it myself 😂
Naomi Nagata
Naomi Nagata 3 months ago
So are you just keeping track of what Hot For Food does so you can copy it a few days later?
Abigail Picard
Abigail Picard 3 months ago
julien has the real life version of those joke glasses that come with the nose & mustache
Oh, Worm?
Oh, Worm? 3 months ago
Blease I need text version of recipe
Sara Winberg
Sara Winberg 3 months ago
Man you can armed a subscribe I need these recipes in my life
Heather Miller
Heather Miller 3 months ago
Wait Hellmans Mayonaise on the west coast is called Best Foods????:
Kia The.FatUnikorn
Kia The.FatUnikorn 3 months ago
Today will be my second time making this recipe. It was WAY too good not to remake it. I'm switching it up again today & making it a bbq chicken sandwich. Thanks for the recipe!
fatimah anwaar
fatimah anwaar 3 months ago
Wait! I thought chefs aren't supposed to wear black uniforms otherwise it can lead to embarrassing flour stains
Gloomylady 3 months ago
Just became a vegan. Gonna watch these videos and then be sad because I have none of the supplies you need
Smoola :3
Smoola :3 4 months ago
What kind of herb was „savory“? xD
Rosie Harrington
Rosie Harrington 4 months ago
I love that Jenna and you are vegans. I’m vegan now, too. :)
Liv Nic
Liv Nic 4 months ago
Julien needs to open a restaurant and call it Aries Kitchen ♈️
Bani Roka
Bani Roka 4 months ago
tnx for making up for the lave mess xx i needed it
Levi Murphy
Levi Murphy 4 months ago
4:39-4:50 I wish julien was my teacher
Efrain Rivera
Efrain Rivera 4 months ago
One of the Best Vegan Sandwiches I’ve ever had. Thanks Julien!
poppy lagoon
poppy lagoon 4 months ago
thank you for this video my mom is a fan she made it and it was bomb
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