I Got a Tattoo from One of Yelp's Worst-Rated Tattoo Parlors | One Star Reviews

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Taji gets a tattoo from a tattoo artist who has a 1 star review average online.
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Nov 29, 2018




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Comments 12 896
acapulcomike 5 hours ago
dam I guess for 5 mil views I would have gotten that bad tattoo too
FishingForSuccess 7 hours ago
Does he have a tv show? This is production quality.
Sonic1fire 717
Sonic1fire 717 14 hours ago
The Ethan Klein of Vice News
Quick Facts
Quick Facts 19 hours ago
1:25 The Sopranos intensifies
ish sanchez
ish sanchez 20 hours ago
That tatt was sooo dark and it’s ugly bro 1 star from me ⭐️
Jamal Barnett
Jamal Barnett 21 hour ago
Only works if you go undercover
Jord Day ago
shitty design , good tattoo.
Justin Watson
Dude i thought that was a mad Bifta! Nate seems like a pretty genuine bloke and he is taking full responsibility over his actions so kudos to him, it is refreshing to see such honesty ☺
la a
la a Day ago
ok but my dude nate has a STINGRAY
He has the most punchable face ever
I wanna Fuck Ivanka
I mean nates koo.... His work isn't so good.
Andrew Herlihy
Ah, mainstream body art.
Tbabyz smok3
Tbabyz smok3 Day ago
You look like h3h3
ghosting101 Day ago
Nate just seems kinda awkward and may not be able to convey certain things properly. They match in energies.
Naseem Ford
Naseem Ford Day ago
Did you see how he rolled his eyes at the camera 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😆
losif Stalin
losif Stalin Day ago
The tattoo is not bad
DOPE DidDat SuperProducer
Bruh the sketch was terrible ...
F.B.I Day ago
The quality of the tattoo isn’t really good
Neeky Nooky
Neeky Nooky Day ago
that tattoo is horrible lol
chickenoidi Day ago
nice shirt dude
AJ Johnson
AJ Johnson Day ago
That tattoo also warranted a single-star review.
Joost Silvio
Joost Silvio Day ago
man ur so awkward
TheClearwall Day ago
I maybe wouldn't pester a guy with a teardrop tattoo. Usually that is a sign that he killed someone
W2S Playz
W2S Playz Day ago
The host looks ugly
Gladius Day ago
That’s a curse to look like this guy, he’s like 12. I couldn’t imagine his teens
Julia De Marchena
give nate a break! he's a gentle soul. not all tattoo artists have the same style, that's why you have choices fot what you want
Andre Day ago
Damn that’s a bad tattoo 😭
Mason 美生
Mason 美生 Day ago
Needed subtitles
Zac Gilbert
Zac Gilbert 2 days ago
Bruh this guy is crazy, got a shitty haircut, got dodgy botox and now a tattoo. All for fkn VICE videos, this guy better be on big money
Schwifty Hawk
Schwifty Hawk 2 days ago
bro they fucked your shit up.
Love Elmo
Love Elmo 2 days ago
Is it just me or this man looks a bit like Mr. Bean?
Love Elmo
Love Elmo 2 days ago
Is it just me or this man looking like Mr. Bean?
Luke Urbanski
Luke Urbanski 2 days ago
"I notice you got some negative reviews..." ProTip: Maybe don't bring this up right as he's tattooing you.
Viper 2 days ago
This guys haircut is trash
TEWZ 2 days ago
I'd like to give a 1 star review to that blue flame shirt! ...
Tripp Mcintyre
Tripp Mcintyre 2 days ago
This guy has the wiedest smile
Jesse Carter
Jesse Carter 2 days ago
Didn’t know Ethan from h3h3 got a job at vice
AA Sharp
AA Sharp 2 days ago
He accepted full blame and wants to move forward, you have to respect that. Good on you, Nate.
Rickard Lindblom
Rickard Lindblom 2 days ago
The funny thing is that Yelp is pronounced like hjälp wich is the Swedish word for help. 😅
stuntbros52 3 days ago
Axillax 3 days ago
LOL that blue flame shirt
Jovan Manojlović
Nate actually seems like a cool dude
TrxshBum 3 days ago
Chill Summit1G go back to streaming😂😂
bri of mary kay
bri of mary kay 3 days ago
Yall do know that fat Kat tattoo is a 4.6 star rated shop. This guy is a liar.
Talinite 3 days ago
Wow Nate is actually a really chill guy
Dark Moon
Dark Moon 3 days ago
The camera is a low rated rate
SHACA LACA 3 days ago
i dont think you should do the ritual anymore. think you got a little too fucked up in the head from inhaling that shit
Matox 3 days ago
I would really like to give a chance to Nate. I see a lot of people talking about how bad the tattoo is, but let's remember that's a design from scratch that taji created with the help of Nate in the same day he went
Miscopy 777
Miscopy 777 3 days ago
The tattoo is not bad, but its funny how nobody noticed that he reused a needle.
rozynmike 3 days ago
I love this series.
Tyler Plueddemann
He just doesn’t care
uraganas viesulas
You look like ethan from h3h3
Jae_Sung :v
Jae_Sung :v 3 days ago
I thought Obah Butler had big balls for doing weird stuff, but holy shit, Ethan Klein here is really brave for doing all this shady things
Blake Houlder
Blake Houlder 3 days ago
Now you have to go to a one star tattoo removal
Tanner Binkley
Tanner Binkley 3 days ago
That dude put a trash ass tattoo on you. Horrible backlighting and no contrast. Too much black it looks like a mushy tribal piece
Max Yo
Max Yo 4 days ago
I didn’t know h3h3 was on vice
TheyDidntBanMe 4 days ago
Lmao I keep seeing fear in his eyes from all the other one star reviews
I drink water
I drink water 4 days ago
That shit looks weak as fuck. Those waves look more like ribs
Yo! Cerch!
Yo! Cerch! 4 days ago
People does fucked up things for views and a little bit of money
Naomi Hollard
Naomi Hollard 4 days ago
Everyone deserves a second chance! And beauty is subjective.
Stefan McDonald
Stefan McDonald 4 days ago
Get that shit removed fam
pepep__ 4 days ago
"Yeah birds are cool, they fly. Seagull." -Nate
NuttyNate Day ago
pepep__ Nate here. Yeah birds are definitely cool
Crappy tat I’d give one ⭐️
kierow ordiales
kierow ordiales 4 days ago
This is so ugly. Worst tattoo wtf
Matthew Levine
Matthew Levine 4 days ago
Asks for guy surfing, gets Milky Way galaxy
fred dogg
fred dogg 4 days ago
captain beaver_man
1 star movie theater, sure. 1 star restaurant, okay. 1 star tattoo parlor? Do you want Hepatitis? Because that is how you get hepatitis
Marianna Catherinne
“how do u feel about birds?” “yeah birds are cool... seagulls yeah”
Fichtenschweif 2 days ago
Well what else would you reply to this question 😂🤷 birds are birds, my answer wouldent have been much different 😅
Sultan D
Sultan D 3 days ago
2:47 😂😂
YourMomJulio 4 days ago
You can’t even tell wth it’s supposed to be tho
constant perception
Wow ethan, great moves, keep it up. Proud of you
Christoffer Skjersli
Shit.. Nate is gonna show up at your house at the middle of the night..
Brix Films
Brix Films 4 days ago
This dudes got serious balls
Johnny Marcedo CL
Emma Kochanski
Emma Kochanski 4 days ago
Good to see that you have a fresh needle. Mhm
Nikuya 4 days ago
Young Ethan Klein
MadMetalManiac74 4 days ago
Looked like shit. Blurry. Washed out. That doesn't even look like a surfer. Not even close. The guy seems nice but he's not a very good artist. Could tell from the stencil that is was going to be shit.
Capten Hook
Capten Hook 4 days ago
Couldn't be held responsible for spelling the word "remember" hahaha I almost fell out of bed laughing when I heard that shit.
You can tell what it is but you needa be closer
EdzHD 4 days ago
1:25 i thought he was lighting a J , that a daily ritual too homie lmfao
L O N E L Y ㋡
L O N E L Y ㋡ 4 days ago
the things this man does for money and content is incredible
lupe Nunez
lupe Nunez 4 days ago
This guy is a mix of Ethan from h3h3 and Nathan for you
Jesus 3 hours ago
He's a mix between Ethan and Summit1G.
Manuel Kumli
Manuel Kumli 2 days ago
if the title would say: ethans son gets a tatoo i would believe it 100%
Sahil Lala
Sahil Lala 3 days ago
And some bits of sofloantonio
A. S
A. S 3 days ago
lupe Nunez lmfao i was wondering why his face looked so familiar, this dude looks almost exactly like ethan
Tino L
Tino L 4 days ago
dude sry but I have never tatooed and I'm 100% confident that my first tattoo would look way better than this..
KingMatthew420 4 days ago
sacred ritual to light up a joint before a 1 star? xD
Aaron Bell
Aaron Bell 4 days ago
Taji, are you related to Michael Reeves.
George Nguyen
George Nguyen 4 days ago
I would never go to a 1 starrerd tattoo parlors cause im not trying to get std's
George Nguyen
George Nguyen 4 days ago
+Jaren Songer you could also get them if if tattoo parlors dont clean their equipment or if ear piercers dont either
Jaren Songer
Jaren Songer 4 days ago
Look up what STD's are, it's in the name how you get them 😅
rxdx p
rxdx p 4 days ago
Is this real or not? I honestly don't know what to think, it might be stupid asking but i really can't tell.
Changez Haider
Changez Haider 4 days ago
Man this guy does all the bad shit to himself
Raven S
Raven S 4 days ago
this show makes me giggle so much!!!
Naughtz 4 days ago
Seems like such a nice genuine guy
Bryan S
Bryan S 4 days ago
Tajis chin has left the chat
Becca c
Becca c 4 days ago
I like Nate, he throws in some cool little jokes here and there, Nates the bomb!!!!
Mant yhas
Mant yhas 4 days ago
He looks like h3h3
Gemma Cairns
Gemma Cairns 4 days ago
He reminds me of Shia LaBeouf. 😍
Luis Irurita Juarez
Real cool, great host too funny
Ciara Smith
Ciara Smith 5 days ago
This guy is brave and cute
Adam Gillespie
Adam Gillespie 5 days ago
Why do u keep doing this to yourself!?
Rahul shankar
Rahul shankar 5 days ago
That tattoo looks shit 😂
MrBrowning42 5 days ago
Yeah that's a fucking shit tat.. lol
BIG BRO Lo lo 5 days ago
I hate your smile but love it at the same time
I think it's a sarcastic smile
Koolaid Killa
Koolaid Killa 5 days ago
Tbh it’s kinda hard to make out what the tattoo is if someone just looked at it cause one part of the wave looks like ribs and the guy looks like a blob I can’t find the bird I can barely make out the surf board and the shading is done wrong I’m no professional or anything but it’s not the best sorry man
Alister O'Halloran
1 star rated suicide technique plz
BIackIist 5 days ago
This dude has a Jesse waters vibe
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