I Found 9 Wedding Rings Underwater in the Ocean While Metal Detecting! $10,000+ (Returned to Owner)

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In this video I go metal detecting underwater in Hawaii!
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Apr 13, 2019




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Comments 17 106
DALLMYD 12 days ago
Drop a thumbs up if you guys would like to see more underwater metal detecting videos! If we can reach 10,000 likes I'll make another metal detecting video in Hawaii!!
ZeitReisender 5 hours ago
DALLMYD yea pls
Deevina mcInerney
+Patricia Oliveira My life is non of your business.
Jacey Long
Jacey Long Day ago
Patricia Oliveira
I mean if you ever find a cat earring it has he only joules one big one and one small one please return it to me I lost it in Brazil
Patricia Oliveira
DALLMYD If you ever find a cat hearing it has two drawers but they’re worth almost nothing I lost it in Brazil if you find it please send it back
Sassy Gassy Smith
Sassy Gassy Smith 11 minutes ago
hug to hug guys plsss
Syahfsl 1309
Syahfsl 1309 Hour ago
But i cant trusted your vid :v
Sartit TV
Sartit TV Hour ago
10php cool🔥
Desmond Tang
Desmond Tang Hour ago
Ummmmmmm... 13ads?
Jacob Rogers
Jacob Rogers Hour ago
ur metal detector sounds like a crying baby
Kpop Mirror
Kpop Mirror 2 hours ago
I love how he uses his hand to move sand.
Joanne Ooi
Joanne Ooi 2 hours ago
Why should you use the big metal detector when you can use the small one?..
Madhav Pulivendala
Madhav Pulivendala 2 hours ago
Those who liked this are perfectionists in foolishness who would believe these kind of things except those
Milena Mika
Milena Mika 2 hours ago
Seth Holt
Seth Holt 3 hours ago
Still the man Jake stay true bubba
Daniel Focht
Daniel Focht 3 hours ago
How in the heck did you find a $5 bill with a freakin metal detector
isabellalovegamer360 roblox
Just saying its not a payso it a peso its my country's mony and it looks like 10 pesos so yeah you pronounce it as *pe* like *pen* and *so* like do re me fa *so* This is the country's lounguage Kamusta ka...palihug ug like aron ma buhay ang akong ka lipay... 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂
Aaliyah Vetemotu
Aaliyah Vetemotu 3 hours ago
OMG i love your channel i watch it all the time omg!!!!!!!!! I cant believe im actually commenting on ur vids omg THiS IS AMAZING😆😆🙂🙂😍
TheDeadCobra 4 hours ago
Go deeper
Gacha Alphie_ Gaming
that was ten pesos not a peso
Hana Zejnilovic
Hana Zejnilovic 5 hours ago
Knightz Of Gamez
Knightz Of Gamez 5 hours ago
0:28 hey were u just wearing a kevelar vest???? or is that just a peice of clothing
anualcreator43 YEYE
Noooo I love in Hawaii and most out I live in wianaea which is on the same island Oahu😭
bon bon
bon bon 5 hours ago
14:16 must be kim Kardashias diamond ear rings ;-;
CH Channel
CH Channel 6 hours ago
look like I am going for a swim
Zen0x 64
Zen0x 64 6 hours ago
18:23 can u see the kid doing THE WORST orange justice ever
Lê Quốc Nam
Lê Quốc Nam 6 hours ago
M. Pikiatul Huda
M. Pikiatul Huda 7 hours ago
You are very good men
heartbroken. 7 hours ago
lOL he found a 10 Philippine Peso coin. 🇵🇭
Eray Denli
Eray Denli 9 hours ago
I subscribed
Kiliani Oshiro
Kiliani Oshiro 9 hours ago
I already know that beach I live by Makaha elementary with the dogs
Poor Ukrainian child
May you please list the gear you used in this video? Thanks! Love ur vids
Poor Ukrainian child
Look at the dates of the coins
Poor Ukrainian child
Are u in Hawaii right now? Please say you are still here. I really wanna meet u
Squidward Tentacles
Squidward Tentacles 10 hours ago
Nah nah returning things to people is nice an all but on a serious level i would pocket that 18 karat gold ring in seconds 😂
Victoria Riehl
Victoria Riehl 10 hours ago
is it just me..... or does the little metal detector look like a high-powered vibrator...
Patrick Forget
Patrick Forget 11 hours ago
Friends like that you don't need enemies you crushed him you guys that was cold you guys are awesome for doing that most people at 6 sucks to be him but you guys have great Karma
iMrHardkore PS4
iMrHardkore PS4 11 hours ago
That's my ring!!
roan torres
roan torres 12 hours ago
The coin you have found was a Php.10 its from PHILIPPINES
Christopher Patrick
Christopher Patrick 12 hours ago
Damn u guys are shitty friends
12 hours ago
Rhianna Ruiz
Rhianna Ruiz 12 hours ago
My only question is who takes change out into the ocean, like wth?!?
jim boot
jim boot 12 hours ago
Samantha Thomas
Samantha Thomas 12 hours ago
When the metal director went off it sounded like a dog
Anubis Silverwolf
Anubis Silverwolf 12 hours ago
you destoryed that mans soul made for good content though!
Wrestling Master33
Wrestling Master33 12 hours ago
He talks so faaasssssttttt
Royal Chains Tartar
Royal Chains Tartar 13 hours ago
Extremely *s a t i s f y i n g*
Jordan Sayas
Jordan Sayas 13 hours ago
8.5 k missed the like button. Like, WHY?!
Qualitech Landscaping Inc
What’s the best metal detector ?
Paige Morgan
Paige Morgan 13 hours ago
I really liked this video I watched as you were on the phone with the owner of the ring his house he wanted you to stay in ~ in Florida I live very close to my son is a fan of yours if you take him up on the offer it would be neat to meet you and for my son to meet you ~ let us know if you come to stay at his vacation home in Dr Phillips Florida ~ love what you do and how you give back ~ not many left in this world like that !👍🏻
serai davis
serai davis 13 hours ago
How awesome!!! I love stories like this!!!
שחר פדידה
שחר פדידה 14 hours ago
It’s not peso it’s 10 shekels
Alyssa Garcia
Alyssa Garcia 14 hours ago
Great video DALLMYD I loved this video so much
phiayaya 14 hours ago
I once found a gold ring but lost it too😂💁
Malin Greenleaf
Malin Greenleaf 14 hours ago
Stop with the midrolls ffs!
joshua murphy
joshua murphy 15 hours ago
First you find ring then money it's like a pattern
orlley Mendez
orlley Mendez 15 hours ago
he looks so sad. 😢
Kari Kowalczewski
Kari Kowalczewski 15 hours ago
Best video
devilblueduke 15 hours ago
thumbs up for such a great story at the end and giving the ring back for nothing in return.
Ginger cookie Glmm
Ginger cookie Glmm 15 hours ago
Find 7 rings
ก้อย ก้อย
I want you to come to Thailand.🇹🇭
Rémix Brioche
Rémix Brioche 16 hours ago
Alexandra Stuckey
Alexandra Stuckey 16 hours ago
Will you marry me? No jk yes good because this is a prank
Avery and Davis Avery-davis
When you where talking about your first ring there was a boy in the back doing the orange justice
hayleypoppet 16 hours ago
Ahhh that guy was so happy! So awesome you found him and returned his ring! Plus the fact that you took the hair pin even though its worthless 😍 Fantastic video! We need more of you!!!!
Autism_Forever 17 hours ago
i found a lamborghini with a keys in a pool🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤
David Horn
David Horn 18 hours ago
6:27 the Kid on the Left site
Michael Parenteau
Michael Parenteau 18 hours ago
6:21 look in the left corner my guy going crazy
2KStreet 18 hours ago
If i last lost one of those rings would of had to remortgage the house ffs
Bakker 18 hours ago
That metal detector sounds like a whimpering dog
Kookookayla 19 hours ago
ʜᴇ ɪs sᴏᴏᴏ ʟᴜᴄᴋʏ!!!!!
Gamla Bettan
Gamla Bettan 19 hours ago
Hur många är svenska här?
uncle0eric 19 hours ago
It is so cool that you were able to find the ring's owner and return it to him. I want to see you guys take him up on his offer to stay in the house and do a video. That would be awesome.
parmenion2 19 hours ago
pro gamer
pro gamer 21 hour ago
Mom can you buy me a metal detector pls : )
Bill Nye your mom is a guy
9 angry karens
Little Potato Pleb
Little Potato Pleb 22 hours ago
Jake: Paysos (pesos) Me: *facepalm*
Ranz Fandida
Ranz Fandida 23 hours ago
13:54 heyyyyy, only Filipinos know what im pointing at
The crow clan
The crow clan 23 hours ago
You guys are so mean to brandon!😂😂😂
JA rodriguez
JA rodriguez Day ago
me: looking for gold also me: found this video 💛💛💛 always felt soulmate was real.
emma johns
emma johns Day ago
6:26 the kid in the backround
Dj Cyph3r
Dj Cyph3r Day ago
Where did u learn to dive?????
ImVibes Day ago
i feel so bad for him :(
Ted Heeney
Ted Heeney Day ago
Please look for treasure at koh toa Thailand
I lost my quarter can I have it back
Micah Walker
Micah Walker Day ago
Lou Po
Lou Po Day ago
Cool story bro
Lou Po
Lou Po Day ago
Jheez I remember when u used to be a beast at sniping
Kath Meow
Kath Meow Day ago
Is that a Philippine 10 peso coin???
One life Moto
Cool vidéo to watch. But I don't know if everything he find under water is true
Plus Athlete
Plus Athlete Day ago
Still growing fast as ever
cindys baby
cindys baby Day ago
Waikiki is where is used to live and that's lit I wish I seen you there and able to find stuff with you
Mr Potato
Mr Potato Day ago
mehh...i kinda do the same thing but the only thing i found is sock man the goddamn SOCK!!! but i sold it on ebay and......they call the cops on me........😑
Mion Yoonkook
Look at 6:27 the boy on the left side doing fortnite dance
T- Series
T- Series Day ago
Do you really find the owner of these or only say that
Taj and dad play golf
how long did it take you to get 7.6 million subs
Robert Mosterd
Hey 👋 was the time to Jacob
Phillip Strong
You are better than me on that gold ring lol , i would have taken it to a pawn shop and got the cash for it lol.
tuberesu Day ago
I watched this until the part where you recorded a cat being emasculated 1:15 and that was enough for me.
Nicole S
Nicole S Day ago
OMG i loved this video!!! You are a wonderful guy Jake with an amazing n big heart! Also, this medal detector was awesome....now i want and need one!!! I live close to Orlando so when u take him up on his offer lmk and maybe u can show me a few pointers if i have an underwater one by then that is lol.
NixsSal _PH
NixsSal _PH Day ago
People : I Lost My Ring Jake : Hold My Beer
Kim Demonise
Kim Demonise Day ago
Aw it's so sad.. I was wondering that The Wife and husband break up and throw the ring on the ocean... Like a movie😢
SayWhattGurl Day ago
Very very cool !!
Pier Roberts
Pier Roberts Day ago
ғσяgεт ιηтεяισя ∂εsιgη! **נυмρs ιη σcεαη**
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