I can’t believe Jaden is 21?!?!

Will Smith
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The equation still astounds me... Love + Tequila = a Person. :-) Happy Bday, J-Diggy.
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Jul 8, 2019

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Comments 22 128
Chris Tucker
Chris Tucker 20 minutes ago
He looks like he is 15 and has the metal capacity of an 8 year old. I feel sorry for him. Take away his fathers fame and money and he couldn’t get hired at any company for any position. Let’s start being honest people.
Felries Lariosa
Felries Lariosa 29 minutes ago
Bakit umitim ka Wealand?
A. Nilla-or
A. Nilla-or 40 minutes ago
I always like rich people who don't care much about making more money and start doing good deeds for other people. so Jaden, you definitely got my vote :)
Splash Timbs
Splash Timbs Hour ago
Crazy how fast the karate kid turned to the karate man
Kwizera Pacifique
Great support to your kid!
Ashanti Xo
Ashanti Xo Hour ago
This was so beautiful
DanielRey playzYT
I can’t believe your 50
james brooks
james brooks Hour ago
usvid.net/video/video-AZogeYRJuJw.html check her out
meteor545 Hour ago
With a hot mom and a handsome dad, how’s this kid wind up so fugly?
SheLovesQP Hour ago
the luiz wicked
the luiz wicked 2 hours ago
here's what you gonna be if you don't have strict parents. a legend.
Giselle Astrid Rivero
damn i love this.
big boss
big boss 2 hours ago
He is crazy asf
Lightskinned Yuteee
The age that Cameron Boyce didn’t get to experience 😭😭😭😭
Tandzisile Thwala
Tandzisile Thwala 3 hours ago
Why am I crying
rogerio maria
rogerio maria 3 hours ago
Jaden: Mum are you happy?😊 ❤️
King Jenise
King Jenise 3 hours ago
Did I spot THE Jasmine Guy at 00:23 😭
Hazel Fortnite
Hazel Fortnite 4 hours ago
Me: What’s Jayden’s age Kid: 21 Me: You stoop... actually thats correct
Victoria Horvathova
Victoria Horvathova
So Funny
Andres Mariño
Andres Mariño 4 hours ago
What about the other kids?. He centered his whole attention only in Jaden. I mean is awm but what about the rest?..
Ronan Bowman
Ronan Bowman 4 hours ago
Did Jackie Chan appear at this birthday party? i hope he did.
Taura_ xoxo
Taura_ xoxo 5 hours ago
Housity 5 hours ago
OMG, Jaden has done so much and he is only 21! can't even imagine, what he will do next!! Guys, I am fundrasing money for a new camera. If you have possibility to help me, donations can be made here: goget. fund/2Lrh1DB (without a spacebar after 'goget.'). I have one amazing idea for videos, which I want to realize, you will definitely not regret seeing it!
Sneaker Talk
Sneaker Talk 6 hours ago
El Doblo
El Doblo 7 hours ago
Kerata ne çabuk büyüdün sen öyle....😀 Nice mutlu yıllara
Sally Ma
Sally Ma 7 hours ago
E K 7 hours ago
2:02 what the name of this song?
Collin Daugherty
Collin Daugherty 8 hours ago
I remember a time when success or fame was bred by Talent not how much money your parents have
Fatima Amancio
Fatima Amancio 8 hours ago
Linda família 👏👏👏👏
tiffany curtis
tiffany curtis 8 hours ago
lyonsvalley *
lyonsvalley * 9 hours ago
4 years and people couldn’t drink water. in america.
cai foyd
cai foyd 9 hours ago
Imagine your dad making a video like this for u I mean wow
Diana Monza
Diana Monza 9 hours ago
I think he wonderful for just being himself, on top of it i he cares about the environment and animals,that’s just even more amazing at his age, he going places and he going to make a change with people and the environment!! Love this young man and proud of him as if he were my son!!
Roberta Henman
Roberta Henman 9 hours ago
How many children do they have? I just know of Jayden n a girl. Awesome family. Wow, the box water is amazing. No plastic. Great job.
Kurtsindahouse 10 hours ago
Wow I really wanna meet Jaden
Mohamed Nadhim
Mohamed Nadhim 10 hours ago
I hope god saves this autistic kid. Amen!
Osco Polo
Osco Polo 10 hours ago
Beautiful Family 💪💪I like it
Hannah Brown
Hannah Brown 10 hours ago
Why am i about to cry omg can you imagine how proud you would be if this was your son? The entire Smith family is just so amazing and proactive I love them!
Geetam J
Geetam J 10 hours ago
*He grew up so quickly!* Will Smith: It's rewind time.
Alaca Karanlık
Alaca Karanlık 10 hours ago
Bianca Jumarang
Bianca Jumarang 10 hours ago
Michael Medina
Michael Medina 10 hours ago
Im waiting for iamlegend2, pls
Just'ams 10 hours ago
musik in 2:03 please
尺口口下ㄚ 11 hours ago
Jaiden Smith *"You do not turn 21. 21 turns you"*
Mike Harkins
Mike Harkins 11 hours ago
Been a huge fan of Will a LONG time.. I think Jaden and Willow are a BIT strange, but they SEEM very happy on the surface, and if they are all truly happy and just living life on their terms, then what more can you really ask for in this life with your family?
Aaron Juma
Aaron Juma 11 hours ago
No different jaden and I I have achieved more potatoes than chips
Pablo Simon
Pablo Simon 11 hours ago
Mikey Ganson
Mikey Ganson 11 hours ago
Jayden’s Laugh is So mAddddd
IKur0 12 hours ago
Fresh prince is a king and his son is the real prince of bel-air and Vivian is Hattie (grandma) Ashley is Vivian,Carlton is Phillip,will iz still The king
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