I Built a Dog House for our 7 Husky Puppies

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Daniel built a dog house for the dogs!! Go show him some love!
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Oct 6, 2019




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Comments 3 145
Alidia Theil
Alidia Theil Day ago
Natalie Kroening
My puppy is huge he’s 8 months old and he is bigger than his sister and she is 3 years old
Michelle Hoover
Michelle Hoover 2 days ago
What is the tip of puppies
Sweet Cheeks
Sweet Cheeks 3 days ago
I hope Joey is ok
Avery Kvale-Lanktree
You’re puppies are so freaking cute. I want one so bad 🥺
Lynn Scarlet
Lynn Scarlet 28 days ago
Lynn Scarlet
Lynn Scarlet 28 days ago
The funny thing is i watch both of them X3 because I love them both
Vimaris Cotto
Vimaris Cotto Month ago
He said:No one cares All the puppies: wakes up and look at him Me: 😂😍
Megan Month ago
Me and Yellow are the same😂😂😂we love sleep
ForeverLoveJaniel DanielPreda
Daniel Preda is god
Gacha Bananas
Gacha Bananas Month ago
When he said nobody’s cares and then the puppies run to him
shane brachais
shane brachais Month ago
The Rëalist Twìns
You kept them🥺😇🙏
The Rëalist Twìns
JanielLoves DanielPreda I’m sorry my little sister watches these things on my phone not me she loves dogs
ForeverLoveJaniel DanielPreda
Gacha-Nana ! This video is 3 months old they didn’t keep them all. They only kept teal
ForeverLoveJaniel DanielPreda
I love joey and Daniel
Lena Brown
Lena Brown Month ago
both of my dogs circle like 10-20 times okay maybe a bit less.
Lena Brown
Lena Brown Month ago
who loves his takeovers like if you do
Lena Brown
Lena Brown Month ago
do you mean your naked
Ace Kamado
Ace Kamado Month ago
ho Love's blue and lavender
Terminator GA
Terminator GA Month ago
there can never be too many dogs
Darrell Hodge
Darrell Hodge Month ago
I luv your channel
Darrell Hodge
Darrell Hodge Month ago
ForeverLoveJaniel DanielPreda
Brendashow Month ago
There's should have had a orange too complete the rainbow
Cotton candy Forever
I have a husky that is like wolfy
Christine Saenz
Christine Saenz 2 months ago
Do you ever let them be with their mom??🤗
ForeverLoveJaniel DanielPreda
Christine Saenz this vlog is two months old
T-LEI Wil 2 months ago
Mama seemed very nervous, that she couldn’t get In with her babies😕.
Napolean Dynamite
Napolean Dynamite 2 months ago
First time watching his videos, is he gay?
ForeverLoveJaniel DanielPreda
Napolean Dynamite Joey and Daniel are a gay couple
Dean Loxley
Dean Loxley 2 months ago
SiR tHiCkY
Bosson Clan
Bosson Clan 2 months ago
your husky are so cute
Juany Torres
Juany Torres 2 months ago
I like how when he said nobody cares two dogs come running to him
Mus!c !ove B!kes
Mus!c !ove B!kes 2 months ago
R you a dog presen
Mus!c !ove B!kes
Mus!c !ove B!kes 2 months ago
Mi Name es Elle
Mus!c !ove B!kes
Mus!c !ove B!kes 2 months ago
Jessica Unkelhaeuser
Feel better Joey and good luck Daniel
Bigalmou 2 months ago
When you clicked the video for puppies but the comments are just thirsty women. *You won't get anything done hoeing like that.*
selfmadebosschick 2 months ago
Enig Ma
Enig Ma 2 months ago
I think u should add some light so they can see.
Rita Zhang
Rita Zhang 2 months ago
It so cute
Julia's Channel That’s fun
You shouldn’t use that water use sink water:)
Bloxy Bloxy Gamer
Bloxy Bloxy Gamer 2 months ago
Shaliese Remus
Shaliese Remus 2 months ago
They are so cute
Talking trash
Talking trash 2 months ago
8:55 when Daniel did the pose,he was like: “I UsEd MEH gaY PoWer FOr ThIs SuCcEss!”
Mikazuki game
Mikazuki game 2 months ago
Tevas aquedar con los perritos quetiernos liker
Jesse Van Achteren
Jesse Van Achteren 2 months ago
Yashmeen Dhaliwal
Yashmeen Dhaliwal 3 months ago
sir thiccy hahahaha
Heather Battiste
Heather Battiste 3 months ago
Great job Daniel!!!!
Midnight Artist
Midnight Artist 3 months ago
Is no one gonna mention how pink licked the wall of the dog house?
Cursed Flow
Cursed Flow 3 months ago
Who's rewatching, or watching when theres only green, red and teal. Soon to just be red and teal? D;;
Serena 3 months ago
it’s application season and i haven’t had time to catch up with the puppies, can anyone explain why lark isn’t with the puppies?
Silent Carnage
Silent Carnage 3 months ago
I wish I could of got green he’s so cute and my absolute favourite
EnglishKittens 3 months ago
Do more dogs the dogs are probably bord the puppy's have a lot to do And the dogs are probably bord once again and they want to be a star agin🌟
Piper Warfield
Piper Warfield 3 months ago
Joel raided your minecraft base
Sophs Moran
Sophs Moran 3 months ago
Go Daniel 🥰
Sophs Moran
Sophs Moran 3 months ago
Bless ya heart 💖
Gracie Lindsay
Gracie Lindsay 3 months ago
Joey do you know that merell twins are subscribed to you?
WTF!#%Cheer Bows
WTF!#%Cheer Bows 3 months ago
Briar Quintal
Briar Quintal 3 months ago
So cute
Charles Cowart
Charles Cowart 3 months ago
Yellows my favorite
rescue and build house dog cat
I also make a nice house for my dog. Sorry no garden. usvid.net/video/video-0DOLHyzjPdM.html
Smore and Chase Vlogs
Daniel: *Sprays water* Lavenders: DA FUK Daniel: Oh sorry about that Lavender
unknown 101
unknown 101 3 months ago
Get well soon Joey 🤒🤧😔
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