I Built a Dog House for our 7 Husky Puppies

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Daniel built a dog house for the dogs!! Go show him some love!
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Oct 6, 2019




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Comments 3 046
Lismarie and jayden Santiago
Can I adopt one please like really for real
BorgQueen316 5 hours ago
Love the puppy run and house and I hope Joey is okay
madelaine richter
madelaine richter 5 hours ago
I want one they are so adorbs
Gacha Wolfy
Gacha Wolfy 8 hours ago
Are they gay? Or is one of them married to Maria
JanielLove DanielPreda
Daniel is a god of a man so fking gorgeous damn 🥰
Thecnos 5000
Thecnos 5000 10 hours ago
I have a question to were you got those dog fences
Animal Animator
Animal Animator 11 hours ago
Put the pool in there too
Kirkland Fam
Kirkland Fam 16 hours ago
Who's been watching since the birth of the puppies
mckinlea akers
mckinlea akers 16 hours ago
this reminds me of joey and his tent lol
Elsa Heikkilä
Elsa Heikkilä 17 hours ago
i cant stop smiling while watching this i love you and all the puppers so much!!
Karen Curtis
Karen Curtis 19 hours ago
Just catching up on things I missed whilst I was away having my hip replacement. Gorgeous house great choice. The space is fabulous seeing running around, Great Job. They love it . Take care everyone 😉
Monkey Mills
Monkey Mills 19 hours ago
Sir Thiccy😂
Monkey Mills
Monkey Mills 19 hours ago
Yes Daniel u annoy ur neighbours carry on😂
Juliana Carney
Charlie And mitch
Pink tie me home
Sherralee Clark
You must have spent as much or more than you are going to get from selling a few puppies.
Ricky Hawkins
Hope you get better soon Joey
Amanda11D Day ago
Aren’t the puppies old enough to go to their new homes already that way the new owners can enjoy the puppy stage too?
JanielLove DanielPreda
Amanda11D they go in two weeks
Cassandra Carson
Love the dog house ❤️
Meghan McGregor
i honestly love green bc of his eyes i want him so much
Deanna Webb
Deanna Webb Day ago
You guys are so crafty
Sara Evans
Sara Evans Day ago
I love daniel he is so hot
Elaina Tran
Elaina Tran Day ago
I haven’t been catching up but those dogs are huge now
Unicorn Roblox
Danielsays he’s hot but I am literally so cold
Summer Poss
Summer Poss Day ago
Who is the daddy of the pups
Zahraa Al Yaseen
Penny The Baddest
Love it
Bad Boyb2g music
Omg they are so cuuuute! Can I just have one plz😂😍
Funny Bunny Crews
Green is the cutest thing ever
Edits For life
Lark isn’t a husky she’s a shepsky
JanielLove DanielPreda
Edits For life we know lol daniel knows his dogs
Millie ?!?
Millie ?!? Day ago
I’m confused. Do the puppies sleep outside in their pen or do they get moved back to their wooden one
Ajay Badhasha
Please do a 24 hour in the puppy pen please🙏
Elias xx
Elias xx Day ago
shauna mantra
Why are you so extra when they’re just going to be gone soon ?
JanielLove DanielPreda
shauna mantra they are allowed to take care of them ffs
Nunya Business
No one: Absolutely nobody: Storm: bein a bad bitch 😌
Dexter Soreño
OMG your puppies are so cute and i really love them and nice job because you take care of them and you are nice💖💖💖💖💖💖
Charlotte Rotenberg
Thinking: wow Joey built something! Watching: oh it was Daniel
Lola G
Lola G Day ago
"Zip it Bob Barker!"
Roman Akbari
Roman Akbari Day ago
i want one of there puppies
Foxlover 14
Foxlover 14 2 days ago
We love a bottom🤣👌🏻
Lps Lemon
Lps Lemon 2 days ago
I’m glad that Daniel calls lavender boy and he instead Of Joey who’s calls him girl and she
Reinba And Solaris
Red looks so mature XD
Marin S
Marin S 2 days ago
I reeeally hope they keep red... he's so gorgeous
ADC 2 days ago
are they keeping all the dogs?
Jana'e Howard
Jana'e Howard 2 days ago
I love how you woke them up 😭😭❤️
Amy Bakay
Amy Bakay 2 days ago
Both of my dogs, will circle at least 10 times before they lay down. They both also pick up the blankets with their mouths, trying to spread it out.
alea syed
alea syed 2 days ago
Hope u get better Joey
Warrior Wolf Dragon 011
I started *WHEEZING* at 5:45 oml yes! Yellow is sir thiccy
GamingWJake 2 days ago
Wish you well Joey
Kendra Patocki
Kendra Patocki 2 days ago
The shade to the neighbors! *RELATABLE*
Magenta Watson
Magenta Watson 2 days ago
Image if the puppies get stlolen😢😭😨
Fun with Vicky!
Fun with Vicky! 2 days ago
Get well soon Joey!
Blue foxgirl
Blue foxgirl 2 days ago
You should put fairy lights in the pup’s house
Blake Taylor
Blake Taylor 2 days ago
I like when you said I’m all alone the came to you
Hi,how are u? I’m good THANKS
Make a little tub of water for them but water up to their paws so they don’t drown in there pen
COMET 0724
COMET 0724 2 days ago
I just wanna lay in the grass with them and become one of the puppies
Rosely Gold
Rosely Gold 2 days ago
I'm sorry I'm late but I love all of your guys!!❤❤💕💕 and I hope you get better Joey we miss you too! And for the people who wanted green and the other puppies to get more attention.. BE THANKFUL!!!!! And I l8ve all your dogs too they are little angels!😄
katy avendano
katy avendano 2 days ago
Red and yellow are like ketchup and mustard
Vallen Friday
Vallen Friday 2 days ago
Get Well Soon Joey.
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