Eating The Worlds BIGGEST Candy Was A Mistake

Craig Thompson
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Sep 8, 2019




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Comments 3 155
Gideon Armagost
Mini I live in Florida and universal has bigger doughnuts and they are amazing
Cristo Rodriguez
FunDip 4:17
Denki Kaminari
I'm watching this and EVERY Ad I got watch this video Was Colgate total toothpaste LMAO
Daniel Maldonado
There are bigger kisses then that look it up mini
jonathan gamlen
They have bigger heresy kisses
You shouldve gone to vat 19
Fun dip
ASMR with Skull
My Tung was destroyed
henk jibbe
henk jibbe Day ago
"I came across this..: *beer ad plays*"
Its Masochist
Bruh that explosion actually scared me. Wtf
Stephan ahler
You have bin mistaken it 576 GALLONS not grams of sugar
D7_BOLTZ Day ago
theres an even bigger herseys kiss
00wolfQUEEN Day ago
Is it weird that I was dissapointed that it was only 5 lbs?
Ms. Fandom
Ms. Fandom Day ago
Mini Ladd is King Candy
Andrew Moll
Andrew Moll 2 days ago
4:20 fun dip :-) got u mini
Whatnda stuff
Whatnda stuff 3 days ago
That giant Hershey’s bar can be used for an ad
Whatnda stuff
Whatnda stuff 3 days ago
I put seven packs of sugar in my iced tea, it was good. I don’t have diabetes yet
Whatnda stuff
Whatnda stuff 3 days ago
Taco Bell ad Nice Now I’m Hungry
MonkeyZay 3 days ago
4:22 Fun Dip
Comic_Manza 1
Comic_Manza 1 3 days ago
Ah shit here we go again. Shot me that kiss boi
darklos gaming
darklos gaming 4 days ago
I did when I was 4
Paola Carmona
Paola Carmona 4 days ago
Gacha Otaku
Gacha Otaku 4 days ago
4:18 Fun dip....it’s fun dip Craig
jjustaperson 4 days ago
i cACKLED so hard 7:58
Comanche Red
Comanche Red 4 days ago
4:15 fun dip
DankAnimeMemes 4 days ago
4:20 it's a fun dip and dope 420
Herr Darkurve
Herr Darkurve 5 days ago
Nobody: Craig/Mini in his thumbnails: :O
Princess Crystalwriter
What dentist gives you lollipops? They give me floss and toothpaste....
M C 5 days ago
Dude I found that Hershey’s kiss at target and ate it under like 5 minutes
Gaming Panda
Gaming Panda 6 days ago
Voodoo donuts is so good!!! I love how weird their donuts are
Captain Deadline
Captain Deadline 6 days ago
2:49 I've eaten bigger Hershey kisses
Starlight Kovu
Starlight Kovu 6 days ago
I laughed so I subscribed and then I liked but before all of that I did my homework.What do I do now?
fox legend101
fox legend101 6 days ago
Well... I'm a double dipper should I leave??????
Jason Sakuei
Jason Sakuei 6 days ago
Jason Sakuei
Jason Sakuei 6 days ago
I have eaten that Hershey's kiss before
Kylexcool games
Kylexcool games 6 days ago
I dont like chocolate
Waffle Master
Waffle Master 6 days ago
Pyrixthepython Oronion
About your tour what kind of things you and panda are gonna do in Demonetized?
redthemerc45 6 days ago
I had one of those Hershey kisses for Christmas and OMG it took me THREE DAYS to eat it
Bro2568 6 days ago
Try round rock donut theirs is bigger
Damian Haineault
Damian Haineault 6 days ago
Eating candy has officially became an Olympic sport
wyatt jones
wyatt jones 6 days ago
oh yeah and also I have eaten one of those chocolate bars in 5 days
ANONYMOUS 653 6 days ago
funny thing is that i am eating them right now
nameless bastard
nameless bastard 6 days ago
"you should watch that video" doesnt say what video... betrayal at its finest
msw 49
msw 49 6 days ago
What he right?!?! 4:39
Paxton Venditti
Paxton Venditti 6 days ago
If you come to Hersey Park in Hershey PA there is more huge candy bars.
Sora 6 days ago
Selling sexy clothing at restaurants is genius since it just sets your appetite further.
Jaiden Kinson
Jaiden Kinson 6 days ago
Is anyone thinking if willy wonka?
Is it sad that I have eaten all of these items?
Coby Sharp
Coby Sharp 6 days ago
7:28 what mini dreams about
goracks69 7 days ago
Gonna have to start calling you MegaLadd. Yeah, that’s right. I went there. Publicly. DM me if you wanna make it private.
Grant Hagen
Grant Hagen 7 days ago
MojoNoahGamer 7 days ago
Girthy B O I
Nascar Steve Bob
Nascar Steve Bob 7 days ago
I didn't skip this 2 minute ad i got you're welcome
Darla Walsh
Darla Walsh 7 days ago
Mini: It's a bomb! *Immediately kisses* ..Tasty bomb at that.
Moopsta Coopsta
Moopsta Coopsta 7 days ago
bottom right 0:00
Valissa marcel
Valissa marcel 7 days ago
You neste dicklis
Garrick Carroll
Garrick Carroll 7 days ago
If it doesn’t come in American size, it doesn’t matter
luis barboza
luis barboza 7 days ago
I looked up girth and that's not what I found but close
octoknife octoknife
It's fundip and my friends used to snort it
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