How to Render Exterior Walls - Beginner Tips

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Roger revisits a topic that Skill Builder covered many years ago, why? It is one that gets professional plasterers very hot under the collar. Who knew there was so much passion wrapped up in putting sand and cement onto a wall?
Best Render Mix video: usvid.net/video/video-UT_8vpsMuCU.html
Polyurethane Darby: www.toolstation.com/draper-poly-plastering-darby/p16887
Return to render! (not to be confused with the Elvis song Return to Sender).
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Apr 3, 2018




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Comments 910
Shaxxie 2 days ago
I love you Rodger! You make the hard diy jobs accessible for normal folk like me. Thank you! Perhaps it's time to give up my job in the city and become a property renovator!
Paul Webster
Paul Webster 3 days ago
so when you say you gave it two coats is that the scratch coat and then the top coat? Not the scratch coat plus two top coats?
Dan Aston
Dan Aston 4 days ago
The way you did it first makes me sick. You should fucking retire!
Peter Swarts
Peter Swarts 6 days ago
Just like your assistant, I taught myself how to render, and did my entire garage by myself. My only struggle was the corners. I had to watch several videos on how to get crisp corners. On a closing note, I also apply render the way you showed in the beginning , it’s just easier on the wrist. Once I get to wrist height, then I flip to the other method of applying it. Great video. Will be heading over to the other video to see how to mix the render ratios etc, coz I still have a few areas I need to do, but I can’t get the consistency I need
Boss Dog
Boss Dog 10 days ago
Thanks for posting your video. It's really straight forward and easy to follow. There are always more ways to skin a cat, so personal preferences for the application will always vary for different individuals.
Ben Freer
Ben Freer 13 days ago
Nice Roger - I teach apprentice plumbers how to repair a wall with render and this is great.
Joe Monty
Joe Monty 13 days ago
You start from the top and work down you are never a plasterer in your life you can't even load your hawk up I've been rendering for 42 years and you should wet your wall first your a imposter mate
Anthony Rookesmith
Anthony Rookesmith 13 days ago
Fucking love this bloke he gets stick big time on occasion but he does things his way and still gets the job done and doesn't let anybody tell him any different, I love him And his can do attitide
Nick Wiles
Nick Wiles 13 days ago
You're fucking dogshit and you ain't got a clue about rendering
herrata 14 days ago
That was brutal but amusing. I guess nobody can see it well up there and it's probably not going to fall off but that wasn't a professional job whatsoever.
stefan78able 14 days ago
Very good Video, learned a few things along the line.
Remobilise Limited
Remobilise Limited 17 days ago
Great Job Roger - do not listen to he moaners - you got it sorted. They only jealous.
Bogdan Adrian
Bogdan Adrian 20 days ago
Very nice !
John Roberts
John Roberts 22 days ago
Well done Roger..looks great
undae 22 days ago
I was waiting for you to say "it's like picking peanuts out of poo"!!!!
Alan Seymour
Alan Seymour 25 days ago
Lumps is cat shit.
Martyn0001 26 days ago
helped a newbie like me - thank you, great job.
steven holmes
steven holmes 26 days ago
I reckon it was a plastering guy chucking stuff in your aggregate.lol I learned to plaster by a one armed plastering chap. He was amazing at plastering.
Mike Stallan
Mike Stallan 28 days ago
toufik toufik
toufik toufik Month ago
Hi good job.
Catsnmi2 Month ago
Roger, there are always people out to disparage others so take no notice of them. I think you do a marvellous job in describing and showing us 'how it's done'. I'm about to render a wall now thanks to you!
Edd Jordan
Edd Jordan Month ago
cracking job
Katy Pryde
Katy Pryde Month ago
I'm looking to render a brick house and I want that rough, imperfect look as I'm going for a Mexican vibe. If the render is left to be rugged does it affect the strength of the render? Thanks for this informative video :)
Skill Builder
Skill Builder Month ago
No it doesb'tt make it weaker but it will hold the dirt and algae. The weather in Mexico or Spain is less likely to produce the algae so a rough surface is fine but in the U.K a smooth surface is going to stay cleaner.
Nice vid. I got to patch my mid Terrace 1930s odd. Should i use this method n then throw pebble dash on . And dont wsnt damp so is it tge correct render?
David Kavanagh
David Kavanagh Month ago
Hi Roger, really enjoy the videos the last number of months. i moved house over a year now and all your tips and skill builder has been a great resource. Only one thing to comment on this video Roger I was a bit concerned to observe u rest up against the scaffolding guardrails. I know safety!, but, we can never be too careful. Cheers for the great content
Skill Builder
Skill Builder Month ago
Thanks David for your comments. I know the scaffolders well and I trust them. If the rails weren't secure then I wouldn't trust the rest of it. I know some people are nervous at heights but I have been a rock climber all my life and a scaffolding feels very secure compared to dangling from a rope.
Wilder's Equalizer
Get a scoop you’ll bend your trowel mate
Skill Builder
Skill Builder Month ago
Yes you are right
Demon 1
Demon 1 Month ago
You can’t render out of a bucket!! A barrow full of wet muck on a board up there and get it on much faster, rule off as you go. You must of been there for 2 days instead of a few hrs on the smallest area of the house 🤓
Skill Builder
Skill Builder Month ago
Yes that would have been nice but the scaffold is only two boards wide at that point due to the neighbour's property so we did that bit out of a tub. Yes it was slow but I am slow. I will speed up and you will get slower.
fergal daly
fergal daly Month ago
You rock!
Don Yurp James.
Don Yurp James. 2 months ago
Bit thin I think as you can see the block lines coming through, might even see the lines when it's been painted aswell. In all gd video tho.
Skill Builder
Skill Builder 2 months ago
Yes maybe a bit thin but it is now painted and no ghosting. The wall was so flat that it hardly needed anything in the way of build up.
Thanks Roger. Got plenty of render to do soon (DIY) extension. And got some nice tips that’ll improve this batch a lot from my last bit of rendering yrs ago (which weren’t too bad) haha. Lime, scratcher in waves n mahoosive float. Big respect bro. 👊🏽 Rich.
Bradley Buttar
Bradley Buttar 2 months ago
Awesome mate love this
Jennifer Williams
Jennifer Williams 2 months ago
Lovely finish. You make it look so easy.
Sinan Salman
Sinan Salman 2 months ago
Hi Roger, if I do a 1 cement, 1 lime and 6 plastering sand mix for rendering, do I add sbr to the mix or roll a slurry on to the wall? Keep up the good work. Love your channel
fixit 2 months ago
Always start at the top my friend
Rey Salomon
Rey Salomon 2 months ago
what kind of cement do you use oh what proportions can i do for the walls?
ant elephant
ant elephant 2 months ago
go to say mate just dropped in this because I'm doing a bit of diy but your style, tone and delivery is TV quality your a natural
Ken Aberson
Ken Aberson 2 months ago
Sorry you had to deal with those stones. You seem like a nice guy. The kid who drove the tractor probably loaded stones in someone else truck then didn't clean out his dump before loading your sand. I'd still very much like to know the name of the camera you are using.
Skill Builder
Skill Builder 2 months ago
Who knows where stones come from, meteorites landing in the dark, hot glowing lumps of rock from outer space. The camera is a Sony PXW X70 without the 4 K upgrade because I am too mean.
Ken Aberson
Ken Aberson 2 months ago
Hi Roger. Ken from Ken Aberson Plastering in California. What kind of camera do you use to film your youtube videos?
Steve Guttridge
Steve Guttridge 2 months ago
Solid info thank you very much , seems like a proper mush!
lame duck
lame duck 2 months ago
Also, I'll give everyone a free tip; I put it on too thick , like half an inch and it fell off.
lame duck
lame duck 2 months ago
How about applying the first coat with a notched trowel as used for tiling then you know you have an absolute level base, then just fill in the the gaps with a normal trowel?
lame duck
lame duck 2 months ago
Should the wall be cleaned before rendering or a primer applied?
mit kooc
mit kooc 2 months ago
Seriously, after stones in the first mix wouldnt you make sure the next mix was clean?
bobbymac 131
bobbymac 131 2 months ago
I love your vids, very thoroughly done. Sack jamie😃👍
JACOB TAYLOR 2 months ago
so your using contaminated sand, criss crossing your scratches, first coat on to thin, your block work will show through, if you want to plaster go to college for 3 yrs, then start learning
JACOB TAYLOR 2 months ago
@Michelle Stephenson if you want to watch plastering at its best, go and watch plastering force, now there's a man that can plaster, tutorials are good when the person showing you know's what there doing,
Michelle Stephenson
Michelle Stephenson 2 months ago
Good for tutorials purposes to mention the problem of having contaminated sand, first coat was 8mm, is that really too thin? Are you being a said fundamentalist ?
jessestrum 3 months ago
thanks roger , get up and go in abundance
Chris F
Chris F 3 months ago
Great video :) I'm not a plasterer and I'm not even sure why this popped up in my playlist, but I watched the whole thing. Beautiful job, it's great to watch a real pro at work.
Erle Harris
Erle Harris 3 months ago
This episode should be called "Smart Rendering." Not to be prideful, but this is really thoughtful work. "Do it right the first time."
Eary nikeolangolao
Eary nikeolangolao 3 months ago
Plasterers are good in general but like you say some are thick one horse pony with only one way haha
Richard Martin
Richard Martin 3 months ago
Nice job - for a plumber you make a pretty good renderer. The only thing I would add is that these days a lot of the top coats are acrylic based and usually include colour in them - Saves the painting. I guess you can always add cplour to your mix but it may be difficult getting it consistent.
Richard Martin
Richard Martin 3 months ago
I am In Australia and things here are clearly a little different to the UK. The current trend for a lot of houses here these days is to frame them in timber and clad them with polystyrene panels which are then rendered. They are always rendered with a coloured acrylic render. I am far from being an expert but I have used the acrylic and it is a lot easier to use than normal 6:1:1 cement render. Rockcote is one that comes to mind. The best advice I can give is to Google - Acrylic Render. There are heaps of them here and I would imagine there are also a lot in the UK. They have been available here for many years. Acrylic is a little more forgiving than cement render as it does have a degree of flexibility. Obviously that's pretty important when it's being applied over timber framing and polystyrene. I do get a little frustrated looking at building and joinery techniques in the UK and the USA on USvid. There seems to be a lot of products available over there that are not available here. CA adhesive with a spray on accelerator is one example. Your tiling board is another (I can't remember what you called it) Incidentally, I really like your videos and the both of you are very accomplished.
Skill Builder
Skill Builder 3 months ago
I have looked at some of the Acrylic coats. Have you any recommendations. Are they flatted off with a plastic float?
Jimmy Zarev
Jimmy Zarev 3 months ago
Thank you so much my friend,I like your easy way to to that ;) you are best man.Have a nice day.
elijah mariera
elijah mariera 3 months ago
John Nispeling
John Nispeling 3 months ago
Properly clean your mixer or purchase better quality product maybe??
x BOWZAR 3 months ago
So u dont paint it?
Alex Toland
Alex Toland 3 months ago
Great video, you make it sound pretty simple. I have been doing lots of pointing walls and now i'm going to render a wall for the first time after this video. I hope it turns out well. :)
Bigboy Sid
Bigboy Sid 3 months ago
As long as it gets there ? We will see a video on bad backs in a couple of years 😁
thornwarbler 3 months ago
What a great channel....................Thanks for your time............New sub here.
The Agenda
The Agenda 3 months ago
Any tips on rendering over a painted brick wall. I've heard that id need to sand blast wall or use mesh. Wonder what your thoughts are on that. Thanks.
Joe Monty
Joe Monty 13 days ago
Yes alumask it then net it I'm a Roughcaster from Glasgow that's the way we do it up here
Peter Cordingley
Peter Cordingley 3 months ago
Great video! I have a dividing brick wall between my neighbour and myself, which has white fungal and black damp looking patches. Is there something wrong with the brick work or can I get some treatment to apply before attempting to render?
bat hala
bat hala 3 months ago
Is it pure cement your using?
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