How to mount your GPU Vertically WITHOUT affecting cooling!

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CableMod came up with a vertical GPU bracket... let's see if its any good!
Available at CableMod- store.cablemod.com/product-category/vertical-pci-e-brackets/
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Oct 28, 2018

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Comments 1 464
Work with msi rtx 2080 ti lightning z?
James Latini
James Latini 2 days ago
Can you do a vertical mount sli setup with a case with a vertical mount and the cable mod mount. I would assume custom water cooling would be necessary.
gledi kapllanaj
gledi kapllanaj 4 days ago
JayzTwoCents it will fit on a Corsair Carbide Series 400C Case ???
Almostgfx 4 days ago
This mount never seems to be in stock on their website
Daniel Schmidt
Daniel Schmidt 5 days ago
I got a Meshify C and i need this bracket for my white gpu... must.. have.. it...
Zarddin 6 days ago
Wait! What?! Normal card will suck the air from bottom of PC and than release the heat at the side of the card in the way of side panel OR if you remove the side panel it will blow hot air outside of the PC making it even cooler and lovering the fan speed. Vertically will suck the air from the side of the PC OR if you remove the side panel it will suck the air from outside of PC BUT it will blow hot air near your CPU and CPU cooling making it hotter and forcing CPU cooling to work faster.
Sa mod Pc design
Sa mod Pc design 7 days ago
Number one😁
Dkzeria PR
Dkzeria PR 8 days ago
Anything for Micro atx Case's?
4x4EastCoast 8 days ago
haha I have that shirt and I am addicted to your channel.
Brian Terrill
Brian Terrill 9 days ago
What about, instead, mounting an AiO cooler like an h110i? And then mod the side panel to vent?
Kouya Sakurada
Kouya Sakurada 9 days ago
What’s wrong with mounting it normally
Antares Automatyka
Antares Automatyka 10 days ago
Don't want to be negative but at ~ 5:46 that is not a mechanism. Something a person who knows a lot about cars should know Jay :) Mechanism has moving parts, that is just a bracket or if you want a more fancy word you could call it a fixture :) Anyway cool vid but for me a useless thing because I prefer a PC case without a window and without RGB. Just plain and simple (maybe I'm too old).
SpinChilla 10 days ago
Please do thermal tests for this!
SHADOWxPHENIX 11 days ago
If my case has 9 slots.. and I need a slot for Avermedia 4k Capture card.. could i use a second PCIE cable to mount it lower than the video card using this? I wonder if that would work
Wilde 11 days ago
how can you plug in all other display plug ins if the strips or bars cover them? are they just perfectly lined up so you can run the cables through?
Oleg Nikolajenko
Oleg Nikolajenko 14 days ago
Question: Do display cables fit just fine through back “bars”? I’ve got Corsair 570x and I want a vertical mount in my rig, but I don’t want any metal cutting to be involved. Any suggestion?
Tony Michelback
Tony Michelback 15 days ago
Can you tell me exactly how much it pushes the card forward? i have the Meshify C and love it but i also have a long 3 fan card and have less then an inch of room to spare between the end of the card and my front fans. but i do like the look a lot! can you help me out J! =D
FastRedPonyCar 18 days ago
are there no other options on the market that don't sacrifice all the pci slots? I have to have room for my el gato and 3.1 Usb 10gig card :/
EliteGamerCorp 18 days ago
Why not just buy a new case with vertical support? I know this was just a demonstration, but this is so impractical, I'd be surprised if they got any sales on this thing besides you or other testers.
AG322FCX 13 days ago
i have a case with vertical mount support and i bought a vertical mount bracket like the one in the video, it is totally worth it, i use the NZXT H500i and if you use the vertical mount that already is integrated into the case my card just thermal throttles and also i have a strix card so i like to show it off without sacrificing power
snizer11 18 days ago
How about a gtx 1070ti amp extreme in H500i?
X8551516 19 days ago
pff my cards vertical without the adapter...only because I lay my case on its side. Heatsinks are getting wayyy too big to a point where I don't feel comfortable having my computer up right it, has to create a tone of torque.
Foxmino J
Foxmino J 19 days ago
Would this work with a EVGA 2080ti FTW it has 3 slot
Kevin Mccrea
Kevin Mccrea 20 days ago
What if you're using your VGA cable to your monitor? That's the only way I get 144 Hertz from my monitor
AG322FCX 13 days ago
just cut a hole, the right size for your cable
Projekt 9
Projekt 9 21 day ago
I was wanting to do a vertical mount on my Phantek ITX case... do they make any sort of adapter for these Mini ITX cases?
JBC 제비씨 TV
JBC 제비씨 TV 23 days ago
I have 500D Case, Noctua NH-U14S, and EVGA GTX 1080 Ti FTW3. Will this setup fit in my case well with CableMod?
otter25702 23 days ago
SLI an PCI-E add on cards are out of the equation with that device. If I were to go with anything like that I think I would go with a mobile G.P.U. separate from the MO/BO. in a self contained case. Nice idea if you don't need your slots...but I need mine. Nice job on the demo though.
Alex Carr
Alex Carr 24 days ago
There was a graphics card stuck in the side panel in pc building simulator
peachweezie 25 days ago
Weird question - does anyone know what screwdriver he uses or one similar?
Eric Brogen
Eric Brogen 25 days ago
Just go the poor man's way out and buy a case that the motherboard sits horizontally. I suggest thermaltakes level 20 xt. Lots of see thru and the gpu sits vertically.
BATKINSON001 26 days ago
Will this fit in a Deepcool Tessaract case?
War Monkey Gaming
War Monkey Gaming 26 days ago
hey jay, I know this is an old Vid and youll pry never see this comment but, the green fans you have in that syetem, what are they called? like what brand and such , I love how they look
RIchard Davidson
RIchard Davidson 27 days ago
great video. funny.
Vovical 29 days ago
am I the only one who prefers it the normal way?
Robert le'Dev
Robert le'Dev 29 days ago
60$ ??? You can get a case with v-mount for that price, wtf...
AG322FCX 13 days ago
i have a case with vertical mount support and i bought a vertical mount bracket like the one in the video, it is totally worth it, i use the NZXT H500i and if you use the vertical mount that already is integrated into the case my card just thermal throttles and also i have a strix card so i like to show it off without sacrificing power
ghostinthetreeline 29 days ago
Please test horizontal vs vertical gpu temps/etc. You're definitely the man for the job Jay!
David Keane
David Keane Month ago
Two mounts connected together and the GPU outside the computer, hmmm...
Hans Wurst
Hans Wurst Month ago
aha ... why is the riser cable so long ? you could use a shorter cable and plug it in to the lower x16 slots ? is thery any issues with these cables anymore ?
YothaIndi Month ago
Food for thought: Would thermals be better is the fans were facing into the centre of the case rather than out? Or for that matter, would GPU thermals be better if they could be mounted with the fans facing up (ie upside down mounting with the fans on pull instead of push)?
Rob Crook
Rob Crook Month ago
I have a meshify c however I also have a WiFi adapter but that does look awesome!
Tom Ponsford
Tom Ponsford Month ago
My mothrrboard only has 1 pcie slot lol
Notmade ofPeople
If it was extended a bit more you could still put other cards, for other stuff. You would have to make some new holes for video ports. I would rather drill holes than lose my network card.
Faiz Izz
Faiz Izz Month ago
Vertical 2-way SLI when?
2rawww Month ago
Philip Engelmann
Hi Jay, did you test the temperatures on the vertical gpu mount? How do they compare and how much space is there between the card and the side panel?
AG322FCX 11 days ago
i use asus rog strix gtx 1070, so i like to show off my card
Philip Engelmann
Philip Engelmann 12 days ago
+AG322FCX what card do you use?
AG322FCX 13 days ago
my card thermal throttles without the gpu mount he showed in the video
ModeZt Month ago
$80 for a flimsy tin foil. Its not rigid enough to fight sagging. Trash.
ModeZt Month ago
Not a single shot from the rear of the case. You need to show how the connectors on the actual gfx card are blocked. How the DVI is blocked.
Mark Ashton
Mark Ashton Month ago
Just ordered one of these along with an NZXT G12 so I can X42 my 1080ti. Looking forward to fitting it as my 750D has loads of empty space at the moment... Thanks for the useful fitting tips too!
Luis Alejandro Espinal Guzman
Love this concept but i'm using other pcie slots :(
Chrueterchraft Month ago
Aaaaaand....allready out of stock in eu -.-
OW Purah
OW Purah Month ago
jay why dont you just make skuntworks your main pc?
CyanideGaming! Month ago
Didn't he say it was his main PC for a long time?
Japheth Lepcha
Japheth Lepcha Month ago
Why don't we just 3D print a vertical mount.... And if we install a vertical mount of any type, the horizontal mounts have to be cut because they obstruct the Input and Output of the GPU
Ronald Parrish
Ronald Parrish Month ago
which screwdriver are you using
Maxx Koggen
Maxx Koggen Month ago
What happened to the actual temp test?
Internet Police
Internet Police Month ago
Damn this would have been perfect for my Aorus RTX 2080Ti with all it's RGB glory on the fan blades. It's thick though and even though I have the 7 spare brackets in my mid tower, I doubt it's worth even trying. At the end of the day, I'd rather it run cool then look cool.
Eric Laska
Eric Laska Month ago
Please elaborate more on the whole "without affecting cooling" bit.
mkusanagi Month ago
Dope shirt man, got the same one in a tank 😁
ryanizer11 Month ago
Any other support brackets that are just as good but take up less slots?
Gamers 360
Gamers 360 Month ago
Can we do sli with it
Magnus Falsing
Magnus Falsing Month ago
just got mine myself.... would it be possible with a 3d print to make a extension for the bracket to hold 2 graphics in sli? :3
Drew Nai
Drew Nai Month ago
Mick 29
Mick 29 Month ago
why dont we just mirror our cases so the motherboard is upside down instead of the GPU? Would it be bad for the hardware?
Darren Rushworth-Moore
The large case has 8 slots, so why not move the bracket down one slot? Then you will still have access to the top PCI-e slot? I think the coolermaster one maybe better granted you need to cut into the chassis a little but thats not much effort and the graphics card is not moved 1-2" further into the case, so that option maybe better for smaller cases with the Strix graphics card at least.
Brandon Johnson
Brandon Johnson 2 months ago
I have tested a couple dozens times with my cooler master version of the mount, with my Evga GTX 1070 ftw . The mount has a lower profile to fit my mid-sized case giving me not necessarily better airflow but similar airflow without throttling my core clocks down in any way and the same is said when overclocking the card in both positions. (Average Results for cooling Horizontal non-OC under load 1950 boost 72C, OC-Under load 2100MHz 76C), Vertical was the same with a few 1% dips that really didn't change my data. two of my 12 test showed lower clocks vertical but one test horizontal also showed lower clocks. could use more testing. (Heaven, Valley, Evga OC precision Scanner, 3D-Mark, Rise of the tomb Raider all run 12 times in both positions). I'd like to see you get around to doing some test of your own for the cable mod V-Mount but i am hopeful you may have similar results.
Nico Fritzler
Nico Fritzler 2 months ago
had that mount and it was shit. mounting holes did not align and it doesnt fit into an AeroCool P7-C1 and the cable is to big ti fit trought the back fins. i wont say anything about it beeing able to hold my Red Devil Vega 64.
MyKonaRC 2 months ago
what about us with a 3 slot wide card? (Asus GTX680 DCII)
ceh4702 2 months ago
Dust may collect more if the Video card is facing out or Up.
Michael Gerard
Michael Gerard 2 months ago
wouldn't it create a longer distance for the gpu signal going to the processor? hmmmm... I dunno if there might a decrease in performance.
Ghxst 2 months ago
I think the riser cable is supposed to be mounted underneath the physical bracket...
hariharan ninjases
hariharan ninjases 2 months ago
i feel that a vertical mount is more for water cooled gpu (i am guessing it was introduced for this specific reason) as the window close up against the gpu helps show it off better and the water block with the fluid flowing makes it look good that's why it was introduced and besides why when you have a gpu with a back plate why show off the front? (my personal opinion)
Kragon 2 months ago
You did not show how the monitor cables look or fit at the back ??????? not going to spend over 50 dollars until I know all the cables go even the ones in the box that you also did not show how they go?
Bryant Lemay
Bryant Lemay 2 months ago
You guys should definitely test the cooling differences between horizontal & vertical mounting!
greenghost625 2 months ago
The Meshify C Case was the best case to do this mod in my opinion. Nice Video Sir.
Techformative 2 months ago
Caselabs went bankrupt and closed right?
GorLock 2 months ago
Yes finally a mount for my GPU. I have a dual motherboard bay case those giant cases from the past and i wantedd to mount my GPU on the top deck but couldnt because no standalonee mount. But now i can buy this. My case also fixs dual power supply the massive ones although i dont have that i just have a 950w and it looks tiny in the case. Even my TR4 ATXe board looks small in this case.
Isngot Kamote
Isngot Kamote 2 months ago
currently using a generic riser, im using it for mining. bought it for $5. so far so good, no extra noise or heat from the DIY vertical GPU setup.
Kazumi Akiyama
Kazumi Akiyama 2 months ago
I just don't get old about Barnacules:"LAADYYS".
Fallofawesome 2 months ago
Would the GIGABYTE AORUS fit in a NZXT
Big Dubyuh
Big Dubyuh 2 months ago
3rd fan blows on nothing LMAO
HawkFest 2 months ago
12:41... LMAO! Sometimes I wonder if you're trying to force yourself into talking at a fast pace..
Albert Baaren
Albert Baaren 2 months ago
Yup. finnaly one that doenst ask you to hack up your case xD i'm sold lal
miaogyver 2 months ago
Would love a video about orientation and thermal performance!
BedheadDavy 2 months ago
the link doesn't work =(
Zekic 91
Zekic 91 2 months ago
do it work on phanteks enthoo luxe ??
XDomGaming RogPcNotHp
2:15 lol
Z33 Garage
Z33 Garage 2 months ago
Joshua Miller
Joshua Miller 2 months ago
Jay! Could you test the Fractal define R6 with a Asus Strix 3 fan card? really thinking about getting this combo ...
Joshua Miller
Joshua Miller 2 months ago
Test the fit at least please?
Draganox Plays
Draganox Plays 2 months ago
If pc was an esport your team would be ibuypower
Drachen Army
Drachen Army 2 months ago
Can i pls get the asus 2080ti thx
jumpercableSCUD 2 months ago
When you integrate it into a permanent build, have a couple holes for fans (blowing outwards) cut into the side of the case. This should help with the thermal issue that everyone is worried about. RGB fans. Kinda tricky with glass, but I know you're pretty resourceful.
JuicyMango1014 2 months ago
*phil dies in the background*
Sir Alonne
Sir Alonne 2 months ago
Why it's out of stock what the hell
Wallyb 187
Wallyb 187 2 months ago
I have a 10 series strix card and a meshify C. will it fit with the bracket?
Big Texas
Big Texas 2 months ago
I have a Corsair 460X Crystal Series Glass case and use the CoolerMaster vertical gpu bracket to mount my Strix 2080TI and it fits and looks amazing. No cooling issues at all with 6 Corsair HD120 fans. System is quite quiet too. I was going to go with a larger case but I like the 460X because I can pick it up easy and carry it under my armpit with one arm when I take it out on my patio every once in a while to do a dust blow out on the whole system.
Battle House Gaming
Battle House Gaming 2 months ago
Still can’t believe the transformation Jay. We’ve been long time fans and we still talk about your change. We see it in your confidence and personality.
Jim Ericksen
Jim Ericksen 2 months ago
"without affecting cooling" shows no temps or benchmarks to validate claims. Damnit Linus, now i'm gonna have to ask Steve to do a video about this.
Richard Pedersen
Richard Pedersen 2 months ago
Jay! Would this product work with a 2080ti ftw3 ultra?
Karthig1987 3 months ago
Cool shirt jay. Also cool product but i wont be using it i feel
Drunk Wizard
Drunk Wizard 3 months ago
Ive always been curious with using one of these or any other way to mount vertically, what about adding a custom case mod to exhaust the gpu out of the case thru the side panel
person from 6018 ( 4000 years later ) “ WhAt ThE HeLL iS FuC*InG RtX 2080 Ti , the best graphics card we have is a f ing 608070906050403828283747474747474747474746476464747 TI TI TI TI TI TI TI TI TI TI TI TI TI TI TI TI TI TI TI TI TI TI OC EDITION
DreckkedUp 3 months ago
Can i have this RTX 10:30 plz Im playing at intel hd graphics Plz
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