How To Make Steak & Potatoes With Matty Matheson

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In the latest How-To, Matty Matheson shows us how to make the perfect rib-eye steak and Power baked potatoes. The first thing you gotta do is turn those ordinary boring potatoes into Power Potatoes. Do you know how to do that? I don't think so, that's why you're about to watch this video.. Once the potatoes are in the oven you can start on the filling, this is what makes them Power Potatoes.. Start by making Lardon, you probably don't know what that is, that's ok! Once the potatoes are cooked, hollow out the inside, add that to the Lardon with all the other good stuff listed in the recipe. Make sure you keep the skins intact, guys!! Fill the skins with the mixed filling and put them back into the oven and move onto the steaks.
Make sure your rib-eye steaks are at room temperature - this is very important. Lightly salt the steaks and sear all sides. Add some butter to the pan and get into that meditative basting zone. Once you reach your desired temperature pull the steaks out of the pan and rest for 10 minutes before serving.
You are getting really good at this... just follow along and try not to fuck it up! It's that easy, guys..
Check out the recipe here: munchies.vice.com/en_us/article/d7kb4z/mattys-perfect-rib-eye-steak
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Apr 12, 2016




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That "X men fuckin wolverine fuckin goth shit" is actually called a dough blender, but I like his name more.
Jesse Cabrera
Jesse Cabrera 2 days ago
Xmen fkin wolverine goth shit 😭😭😭
Jesse Cabrera
Jesse Cabrera 2 days ago
You guys are gna be fkin tonight😂😜💀
Notaliberal Fromcali
He's a lizard
maskantjekila 5 days ago
He lik the cream and use it😂✊
MattyValiant 7 days ago
Been watching this for a few years now, and those punks at the end are parasisidic. Think they know quality, but actually don't know shit. Everything about their lives is fake and hyped up because they suck.
Philip Valenzuela
Philip Valenzuela 10 days ago
he reminds me of overweight Zach Galifianakis... in a funny way..
Colleen Gokee
Colleen Gokee 11 days ago
Looks pretty good catfish cooley
Colleen Gokee
Colleen Gokee 11 days ago
Can I have a shot of Kentucky clear as well😂😂😂
Kane Pedersen
Kane Pedersen 14 days ago
Hey Matty, been gravedigging a bit but I was wondering how long to baste my meat? Does the heat from the stove still "cook" it as I am basting? I'm trying to be a Master Baster here. Help a dude out.
James iPad
James iPad 18 days ago
I’d rather put my nuts in that cast iron then eat boiled broccoli
Ryder 20 days ago
Rare meat is disgusting imo. If its not fully brown i aint putting it in my mouth
Zack Cervantes
Zack Cervantes 21 day ago
"But what about the veegans.." Fuck Vegans
vlad luck
vlad luck 24 days ago
vlad luck
vlad luck 24 days ago
bacon gives me a lardon
Glenn Stenholm
Glenn Stenholm 25 days ago
i need one of those "fkn xmen fkn wolverine fkn goth shit" things
Martín Ureta Cataldo
Loov to see Scott thereee
Winnie Ngo
Winnie Ngo 26 days ago
Matty is the cutest choker
Random Person
Random Person Month ago
That X-men goth thing is a pastry blender
George Adams
George Adams Month ago
Annoying kid
Hague1970 Month ago
Jesus, there’s a reason why he’s such a fat cunt. In fact whilst all American people’s are fat cunts.
:45433 ;?6434&
:45433 ;?6434& Month ago
You can tell why this guy is so overweight by the way he’s cooking
Vanessa Avila
Vanessa Avila Month ago
Can you be my best friend? Please
Mochanimator Month ago
matty is the best
brian keenan
brian keenan Month ago
Pawn stars guy is a great cook
Luke L
Luke L Month ago
"meditation fucking vibe zone"
Risa's Kluttered Kitchen
That steak looks so good. I can taste it right through the screen.
The gaming Fanboy
So I wanted to make this but I couldn't find the fucking butter
Mike Downs
Mike Downs Month ago
Matty lickin mascarpone like a straight SAVAGE!!
Jack Beanstalk
Jack Beanstalk Month ago
`He's one FAT piece of shit
d d
d d Month ago
I love it that Matty has all of tbe talent and technique of a Gordon Ramsay but he's not a psychotic bully. Sure he's eccentric and he swears a lot but he has zero malice. He does what he does out of love.
vegans: "save the animals!" Matty: *CHEESE MEAT, MEAT CHEESE*
Aaron Rodriguez
Aaron Rodriguez Month ago
Chumlee has a cooking show now? Lol
contradicsean 2 months ago
Wouldnt mind some metal music instead of the classical in the background lol
Aimee Lopez
Aimee Lopez 2 months ago
Lmaooo ur jokes !!! You got a new subscriber 🤙🏼
Hard Nation
Hard Nation 2 months ago
4:09 is he talking about mascarpone? If yes, I definitely never thought to pronounce it that way.
matt c
matt c 2 months ago
Hard Nation he’s canadian. they say everything weird
Lancine Keita
Lancine Keita 2 months ago
Idgaf if he licked that shit. I'd still eat this
Rocky Doggy
Rocky Doggy 2 months ago
Better than Gordon Ramsay It’s Matty Motherfuckin Matheson
Todd Arthur
Todd Arthur 2 months ago
Maybe salt both sides of the steak
Steve Kastner
Steve Kastner 2 months ago
We’re hunting steak and potatoes today you go boy
GhostxJoker 2 months ago
This guy is jokes I can’t get over the intro 😂🤙💯
Switch Back
Switch Back 2 months ago
@10:07 is wrong. An open palm is rare. Thumb to pinky is well done.
Kyle Leeman
Kyle Leeman 2 months ago
Turns out I want Matty to lick the ingredients to stuff I eat in the future
Jacob Mann
Jacob Mann 2 months ago
i love this dude no homo ive been binge watching all his shit
Austin Butler
Austin Butler 2 months ago
Adds broccoli, instantly becomes a healthy meal.
Ja Curururur
Ja Curururur 2 months ago
The x men fuckin wolverine goth shit
Matthew Shofner
Matthew Shofner 2 months ago
I love Matty!!! Get off my guy people...
David Royo Gonzalez
David Royo Gonzalez 2 months ago
Mars Capone...
Bran Stark
Bran Stark 2 months ago
Hate on him for the butter, but take notes. Butter is half the secret. Now, everything in moderation. But, still.
ian long
ian long 2 months ago
I am soooooo fucking hungry after this video, but all I have is in my house is mustard, butter and ramen fucking noodles. I'm incredibly sad that all I get to eat is fucking ramen, and no, I'm not putting mustard on it, maybe some butter though. Time for a disappointing dinner. Thanks matty for making me realise I'm broke and can't afford any meat, let alone a rib eye steak.
Harry Carrington
Harry Carrington 2 months ago
I think Ramsey would a prove of his cussing and cooking
Kristen Roberts
Kristen Roberts 2 months ago
this mf here boy, istfg😂😂🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️
Arrynek01 2 months ago
Is "Mars Capone" the brother of his more famous sibling Al?
im a pothead
im a pothead 2 months ago
No one: Matty: my kitchen is my roooooom!
b2kzangelalwayz 2 months ago
His hand references to steak temperature were backwards
Bobby Roberts
Bobby Roberts 2 months ago
All chefs say the amount of butter they use will surprise you. Yet y’all still freak out and comment shit?
Matt Stew
Matt Stew 2 months ago
There's something magical about eating a bowl of cereal while watching Matty Matheson at midnight
Emre Eldelek
Emre Eldelek 2 months ago
steak ruined with canola oil smh
Taco Rick
Taco Rick 2 months ago
Add a drizzle of oil on top of the twice baked potato. Trust me
Loring Wiley
Loring Wiley 2 months ago
Best show on the tube; much love from st catharines
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