How To Make Matty Matheson's Thanksgiving Feast

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Welcome to the world of Thanksgiving! In the latest How-to, Matty Matheson shows us how to make a proper traditional Thanksgiving feast.
Did you know that the biggest problem in the world is that motherfuckers don’t know how to cook a turkey? We’re not gonna stuff the bird as it increases cooking time and the stuffing comes out like a sponge, we’re not gonna deep fry the bird, we’re not going to stuff a duck up it’s ass and we’re not even going to brine the turkey. What we are going to do, is put some fresh herbs in the cavity and cover it in salt, that’s it - It’s that easy guys!
Obviously no feast is complete without fixin’s, so Matty is also going to show us how to make casserole stuffing, cream cheese mash potatoes, maple syrup roasted carrots with pistachios, roasted brussels sprouts with bacon, sweet potato and butternut squash mash, creamed corn, gravy and cranberry sauce. You’re welcome!
Fuck with that turkey, trolls! Thanks to Thanksgiving, world peace!
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Nov 24, 2015




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Comments 2 463
Clifford Mascarenhas
It isnt a matty video without a shout out to Carol
Michael Alarcon
Can anyone ID his shirt? so sick
Daniel May
Daniel May 2 days ago
Surprised nobody has lost their minds in the comments over calling it stuffing vs dressing.
Christina Smith
Christina Smith 3 days ago
I did not know Canadians celebrated Thanksgiving
Lundynn Hodge
Lundynn Hodge 4 days ago
Matty’s thanksgiving is for people who dont have teeth :)
Kobe Bryant
Kobe Bryant 5 days ago
Dunno made the chimchurri recipe last time. Looked good but was absolutely drenched in oil and I used way less oil. I'd be wary of his recipes. Entertaining tho.
Christina Smith
Christina Smith 5 days ago
I just love how we're learning to nake a Thanksgiving meal from a Canadian
makeuplover 68
makeuplover 68 3 days ago
I don’t understand this comment ...you do realize that Canada has Thanksgiving as well as the United States, right ?
Gorgeous dinner. But the butter???? I want to trust the editing of the video meant he didn't use the part that actually touched the floor
james lewis
james lewis 8 days ago
What's poultry seasoning in the uk?
Corrally Cow
Corrally Cow 10 days ago
Did you just get hired to cook for strangers? lol Blonde looks legit pissed you're sitting at their table.
Allyson Arjon
Allyson Arjon 11 days ago
5:43 matty nutted 🤣
daleTron casablancas
I used to hate Matty but over time he has grown on me and I LOVE him. So entertaining and I actually feel like I get him.
Trece Waller
Trece Waller 16 days ago
No matty "U" are definitely the loudest thing in a kitchen.... 👍
Zen Ora
Zen Ora 18 days ago
Does Canada celebrate thanksgiving?why?
Griff notthatone
Griff notthatone 19 days ago
You want the consistency of chunky barf lol
N Aleman
N Aleman 20 days ago
I'm absolutely convinced that none of those ppl knew him before that day.
Cdizzy 20 days ago
matty is a saint
maluse227 26 days ago
Surprised Matty uses sage when hes from the east coast, normally they use summer savory there instead.
Normal Science
Normal Science Month ago
I have the exact same oven. I love it.
Stephanie Nicole
Really thick chunky barf consistency.
Mikey Month ago
It breaks my heard to find out this might not be Matty’s everyday volume
Austin B
Austin B Month ago
All the people look like they were forced to be there
Shane Dubose
Shane Dubose Month ago
Can we get a video of matty stuffing Turkey?
superthrowdown Month ago
Matty I love you, hell all these people do too 👇👇👇 but those people weren't your friends were they?
If Matty Matheson and a Action Bronson can make just cook video together...that would be magical
Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith Month ago
"This is what I like to add, another big f****** thing to skin." 😂
frankie ulloa
frankie ulloa Month ago
Every time I look at this guy for some reason Action Bronson comes to my head
Fabian von Reinsperg
What's the name of that xylophone song towards the end?! Absolutely love it!
Tyson Konken
Tyson Konken Month ago
Cream corn sux!!!
Gotcha Son
Gotcha Son Month ago
Oi chef Mattyyyyy you are my fuckin hero bud!
Dylan Gruenloh
Dylan Gruenloh Month ago
I really love how everyone is his best friend
Todd Jordan
Todd Jordan Month ago
god damn do you make anything look good?
Rush 2112
Rush 2112 Month ago
Matty is my favorite internet chef ! You are a superstar buddy! Keep up the great work Matty!
Aeris Deleon
Aeris Deleon Month ago
Why is the crew so awkward? Lmao id be dying in my chair
Jazmin Mitchell
Jazmin Mitchell Month ago
Did he say how many hours he bakes the turkey in the oven?
Clint Harris
Clint Harris Month ago
Stuffing casserole = dressing ;) Love Matty!!
Gary Stile
Gary Stile Month ago
One time
Chris Bigman
Chris Bigman Month ago
Alright Matty counting on you this year!!
Brian Miller
Brian Miller Month ago
2019 turkey!
Wowz Month ago
I do not know one person that likes cream corn.
Hehe Hehe
Hehe Hehe Month ago
15:03 I'm so happy Matty's "friends" look horrified and scared that they may find a human penis roasted inside the maple syrup coated meal.
Rob San
Rob San Month ago
For the last three Thanksgivings I search for this video for the recipes and make half the stuff he makes.
sean brennan
sean brennan Month ago
Where did you get that fucking shirt and hat??!!! I need them in my life!
Lili Kerven
Lili Kerven Month ago
Total dumbass!
Pierce Newman
Pierce Newman Month ago
Neil Michaud
Neil Michaud Month ago
I feel like I'm so concerned with cross contamination and matty just grabs everything next to the raw bird
Jazmin Mitchell
Jazmin Mitchell Month ago
He's feeding his fake friends. Doesn't matter, don't worry about it xD
veterinaren Month ago
Wanted to cook this for Thanksgiving this year, but ain't nobody got thyme for that!
Timothy Hale
Timothy Hale Month ago
Matty is WITHOUT A DOUBT the best celebrity chef ever; or at least, in subjective terms, MY favorite. Skilled, humble, and hilarious.
Capone 2 months ago
Idc if it was my first time netting those ppl, I’m frfr throwing down a couple plates. It looks so fye
David M
David M 2 months ago
matty is in a shit mood today...
seatrouter79 2 months ago
No fucking way these are his friends.
BPB9973952 2 months ago
I'm willing to bet that these are not his friends anymore
Ana Rodriguez
Ana Rodriguez 2 months ago
I come back to this video every year around this time 👌🏼🙌🏼
J Mead
J Mead 2 months ago
Ha!!! Its only easy if you have a bias oven
weston bowers
weston bowers 2 months ago
Yo! Anyone hitting this vid for thanksgiving 2019 help?
Gilbert Franklin
weston bowers hell yeah
XxStrattaGxX 2 months ago
This guy reminds me of all my white in laws that lives out in the sticks! They Act Just As Ghetto Or More!!! Even When The Black Side Tries To Get They Shit Together!!! We All Relate & I Show Them Nothing But Love & Respect! #Munchies Happy Thanks Giving To You All
Jon Will
Jon Will 2 months ago
I can concur. Cooked that bird with this recipe last year and it was the best I’ve ever had
Lil tay
Lil tay 2 months ago
This will be useful right now
DudeManBro 2 months ago
The second you said your not stuffing the bird I already DISLIKED this video cause you don't know how to make a proper turkey for thanksgiving
Jemetius Wade
Jemetius Wade 2 months ago
Stuffing the bird drys out the inside of the turkey. That's like turkey making 101 people are just used to the tradition of stuffing
Frank's world
Frank's world 2 months ago
We love you brother.
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