How to Make Matty Matheson's Favorite Chicken Cacciatore

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Matty Matheson has a brand new cookbook! He’s in the MUNCHIES Test Kitchen showing us how to make his mother-in-law’s chicken cacciatore recipe. Served over spaghetti, this stewed chicken is the ultimate comfort food and will change your life.
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Oct 3, 2018




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Comments 2 019
shaho rezai
shaho rezai Day ago
Am I the only one that think all this screaming is annoying? Good chef but all the screaming is abit annoying
Arno Alberts
Arno Alberts Day ago
dude, you are funny AF, subbed in the first 5 seconds
Arno Alberts
Arno Alberts Day ago
Imagine Dragonites
Finish it off on the broiler or high oven for like 5 minutes to crisp up that chicken tho
Matt Hoffman
Matt Hoffman 3 days ago
there is literally no way u can hate this guy
anonymous Day ago
He hates trump so other than that he is awesome
Kron Tha Don
Kron Tha Don 5 days ago
If Jack Black became a chef haha
Shaolin Killlah
Shaolin Killlah 7 days ago
Can you crowd the pan any more?
Davina Z
Davina Z 7 days ago
His medium dice is how fine I'm currently able to dice
Mr Sandstorm
Mr Sandstorm 10 days ago
Sammy Catchiatore
Make Love
Make Love 11 days ago
Love him but not into this one so much. Maybe different pasta shape?
C R 11 days ago
Love you Carol!
Waide Braaf
Waide Braaf 20 days ago
Can we please get Matty and Jack Black in the kitchen together? I feel like those personalities would be so good together
VitaminDevil- G
VitaminDevil- G 22 days ago
Is it just me, or does it feel like I'm watching a scene from Tommy Boy?
Matt Mar
Matt Mar 23 days ago
I’m Italian and I’ve never seen this dish...looks delicious tho!!!
W.P.Cox 23 days ago
animalamu 26 days ago
Am Italiano from Italia. Nice version of the recepy. Our version does not come with pasta in it and it’s not a stew, there’s much less tomato in it, just a tiny bit to colour it, and a lot more peppers, brazed down quite a lot, as to obtain a cream really. We do have a stewed version of it but it comes with potatoes in it instead of pasta. Still, interesting version, we do make something similar (a pasta sauce) with more or less the same vegetables and techniques shown here but we use ribs (cow ribs or pigs rib) instead of chicken, that comes as a pasta sauce/ stew
Kava Tutone
Kava Tutone 27 days ago
I don't think he " tries" to be funny that's just him . Lmao
youwant2suck 28 days ago
7:53 that bell scared the heck out of me, 3 AM and the door bell's ringing o.O
Ryker Landon
Ryker Landon 28 days ago
Post Malone is a foodie now?
Joe mores
Joe mores Month ago
What no cheese? Your killn me smalls
Aidan Teichert
Aidan Teichert Month ago
My cook boo- yeaaaaaaaaaaahhhh
three monkeys
three monkeys Month ago
Almost 1.7 million views. Where ya at and who's made this? Me, former Bluenoser now in B.C. and making this tonight.
ddw1977 Month ago
Rocket surgery.
Wesley Nash
Wesley Nash Month ago
This is food for thespians, 3178 baby
Eleanor Rigby
Eleanor Rigby Month ago
One thing we don't have to worry about is whether Matty eats his own food. He looks like he eats his own food and then some..
Angeleyez Month ago
I’ve made this specific chicken cacciatore recipe a few times now and it is so good. I also add a splash of white wine to the sauce and a teaspoon of butter and it makes the sauce so rich and velvety. Bomb recipe!
Mo Tee
Mo Tee Month ago
I pour in red wine too. Any excuse to drink while I'm cooking 👀
Russell Martinez
This guy sucks.his energy is over kill.and all his dishes basic ass.and his look is deranged.i watch him cause of the cringe
BMW W. Month ago
I can hear him getting fatter
Explodingtraps Month ago
Matty you are awesome..please take care of yourself we want to see you for a long time
Todd Jordan
Todd Jordan Month ago
your presentation is horible
J Register
J Register Month ago
Matty ur the fuckin man
Jenni Rayflo
Jenni Rayflo Month ago
Personally I wouldn't have served the chicken and pasta together. Toss the Pasta in a bit of the sauce, and serve that first. When that course has finished, bring out the chicken with some like cooked vegetables or a salad or whatever
*Matty was born with caps lock on*
Jamess Month ago
This dude should come with a headphones warning
enter name here
enter name here Month ago
Beginner's mistake
Emmanuel Jearim Sadio
post malone's cooking now huh
tcspeed1 Month ago
i love this guy!
B L Month ago
0:17 Matty got that tongue movement
Callum Stammers
Callum Stammers Month ago
Gonna get stick for this... But I don't think chicken and tomato belong in the same dish.
justamatter v
justamatter v Month ago
It's gonna YAAAAH!
FLamin FLamingo
FLamin FLamingo 2 months ago
Who is A Dante??😂
John Grams
John Grams 2 months ago
I bet Matty talks a bit during intercourse
Spank Juicer
Spank Juicer 2 months ago
Love his shirt
Evan Hayes
Evan Hayes 2 months ago
Liked for the t-shirt
Tripvan Tango
Tripvan Tango 2 months ago
In Australia it’s top secret! But through a teaspoon of vegemite in with your the mince (ground) meat of any Italian meal to multiply the flavour! 100%
Mario Garcia
Mario Garcia 2 months ago
How can I meet Matty and see the kitchen??
ColeenLikesToEat 2 months ago
Omggg that recipe looks bomb!
Jays Moto Journeys
Jays Moto Journeys 2 months ago
Its Rocket Surgery !!
Julie Santos
Julie Santos 2 months ago
Matty and Carol need to do a segment together!
Jango Fett
Jango Fett 2 months ago
Bigjigglypanda if he became a chef
Justin Jones
Justin Jones 2 months ago
How to Make Matty Matheson's Favorite Chicken Cacciatore... Fuck you won't do what you tell me!
Kaleo Tovar
Kaleo Tovar 2 months ago
“This is food for thespians”
Steven Andersen
Steven Andersen 2 months ago
Who is the dante?
Klé D
Klé D 2 months ago
Listening for
Charles Dickens the 3rd
I love this man.
Jason Mclaren
Jason Mclaren 2 months ago
All that moisture from the vegetables, its gonna *YAAHHHHHH* Thanks Matty, for that wonderful explanation.
Late Night Show With Mike and Mo
I love carol
Garrett Irvine
Garrett Irvine 2 months ago
Italians are white. That was a weird thing for you to say Matty.
Sacha Levy
Sacha Levy 2 months ago
thanks carol lol
L 'Artiste
L 'Artiste 2 months ago
Omg bad tomato sauce ... o dear can u do this ?!
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