How-to Cook Short Rib with Matty Matheson

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What's better than braised, fall-off-the-bone short ribs? Said short ribs braised in Cholula Original, topped with a vinegary cabbage slaw. Matty Matheson is giving you something way more exciting to stuff in a hot dog bun.
Check out the recipe here: munchies.vice.com/en_us/article/kzk87m/braised-short-rib-sandwich-recipe
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May 23, 2018




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Comments 2 070
jose juarez
jose juarez 2 days ago
Chalula on everything why not lol
Paul Henry
Paul Henry 3 days ago
Matty "Canola Oil" Matthison
Aram Bedrosian
Aram Bedrosian 3 days ago
I wish I could like this video a second time :D
Inter Naut
Inter Naut 4 days ago
Hes screaming and cursing and meanwile the music
Donnie Moretti
Donnie Moretti 4 days ago
this dude radiates chaos and I am here for it.
scottioso6 8 days ago
1:40 the look every fast food employee makes when they drop your food and is desiding if they should, for the sake of time just pick it up and serve it or start over....😂😂😂 wow this is my first time watching this guy and i love his energy he is hilarious....
Flying Stormboyz
Flying Stormboyz 8 days ago
He is the bigjigglypanda of cooking
donkey kong
donkey kong 8 days ago
1:40 is a funny moment
Pablo Escobar
Pablo Escobar 11 days ago
Wish matty was my uncle haha so hilarious
Bryan Burns
Bryan Burns 15 days ago
We understand Matty loves his food but dude, slim down !!
Baltazar Munoz
Baltazar Munoz 18 days ago
Bro u need that chipped tooth back
Dinoluke Swainson
Dinoluke Swainson 19 days ago
Why is Matty everything I wish I could be in life??
EricLeafericson 20 days ago
This guy is like if Pennywise stopped being a child murdering clown, but still kept the personality. Really good cook too!
tobias paasonen
tobias paasonen 20 days ago
7:40 when you accidentally step on your dogs tail 🤣😂
Erik Gonzalez
Erik Gonzalez 22 days ago
Left the oven door open🤦‍♂️
Isaiah Bechar
Isaiah Bechar 23 days ago
Jonathan Vanginkel
Jonathan Vanginkel 24 days ago
Cast crew , were is the Mike , matt I don't need a Mike yahhh owww woooo
Russell jake Mendoza
Why can't anybody be like this in their show?!
Tyler VXXX
Tyler VXXX 26 days ago
"there's no cool way of doing this" 😂😂
MightySparkle 27 days ago
he deadass dropped the meat, picked it up again and placed it back in the pot. im deaddd
jessie parkin
jessie parkin 28 days ago
5:18 wait matty what if you use that co slaw for i a spicy yet funky burrito my good sir ;P
CardinalTrail 28 days ago
4:50 Look at this color....but if you use red cabbage get the f*** away from me
james war
james war 28 days ago
Holy fuck that looks amazing
Darbo Boyle
Darbo Boyle 29 days ago
everytime i watch matty i go and cook something
Brian Z
Brian Z Month ago
Falls asleep at 11pm watching Matty videos. Wakes up at 3am to another video of Matty screaming.
myles who
myles who Month ago
Lmao "there's no cool way to do this." I'd still eat it with floor meat or not.. Where's the short ribs
Harrison Johnston
savyourself freedom
Kyle Kirkman
Kyle Kirkman Month ago
Is there anything better than falling into a Matty Matheson USvid hole?
Donna Macwatt
Donna Macwatt Month ago
im going to put the tomato paste on the side of the pan not the middle
Is sponsor cholula video
Sonortubelug Month ago
The beer's going to do fuck all. It just looks cool.
Prostitutes Rhapsody
Anything with Matty is pure platinum...bar none
Jarrad Dark
Jarrad Dark Month ago
1:37 you’re welcome
raouf frht
raouf frht Month ago
@2:23 when I see matty in youtube
elvin karlsson
elvin karlsson Month ago
Daniel P
Daniel P Month ago
my god this was fantastic! - dont throw out the pulp of the sofrito after you strain it! it makes fantastic chunky meat sauce as a topping
P Cass
P Cass Month ago
I remember when I made real food that wasn’t entirely based on what my sponsors were telling me to make. You Matty have turned to the fuckin side and not in a good way. Chalula just doesn’t go with everything and you know that damn well you sell out.
MrPistolfil Month ago
Tout ce joli travaille pour finir dans un pain dégueulasse, je dit non. All this pretty work to finish in a disgusting bread, I say no.
Mr-ScarySketchy Month ago
7:40 when you accidentally step on your dogs tail
Matty was born with caps lock on
Joel Hassan
Joel Hassan Month ago
I wonder who sponsored this video...
Martin Mcnerney
Martin Mcnerney Month ago
i love his screams
Colin Month ago
I want someone to love me as much as Matty loves food
Esh11_WOTB Month ago
What vegan substitute you can use instead of the ribs?
Tyler Mulligan
Tyler Mulligan 2 months ago
What type of hot sauce did he use? I didn’t quite catch it. Say it again Matty
Balkamp 2 months ago
This is in my oven right now... You better not let me down matty
Nick Dodenc
Nick Dodenc 2 months ago
Like my comment so they give Matty his own show I need to see this guy
Cole Richardson
Cole Richardson 2 months ago
there is no food in my dorm. its 3 am. im eating kraft cheese and taco bell diablo sauce. THIS IS TORTURE
ron valentini
ron valentini 2 months ago
There's a hair on that one. COME ON!!, COME ON!!, COM'ON Marty,, short rib toss CUM'ON!!. WHAT?? I feel like saying COM'ON.
Kathy Childress
Kathy Childress 2 months ago
My mom used to pressure cook short ribs,,,,, talk about tender
Christian Whitley
Christian Whitley 2 months ago
Matty: * shows fond Babish has entered the chat
Kristi !
Kristi ! Month ago
Babitch lol
let's play stuff
let's play stuff 2 months ago
is it just me or when he’s making the slaw and says the shit ab the green cholula there’s already a bottle behind him
Nicholas Costello
Nicholas Costello 2 months ago
1:40 😂😂😂😂
Fish Fly
Fish Fly 2 months ago
No cool way of doing this LOL
Rocky Doggy
Rocky Doggy 2 months ago
I’m drooling 🤤
miyaza754 2 months ago
Let's all pretend that we never drop our food on the floor and bring it back to pan 😋🤗
enter a name here
enter a name here 2 months ago
this dude clears my depression 10 minutes at a time
Nathan Wiley
Nathan Wiley 2 months ago
Damn this man love Cholula.
mureaper 2 months ago
when you see a chef devour his own creation, you know that shit is bomb AF :)
AJ salve
AJ salve 2 months ago
that rib flip! ahahahaha
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