How Much I Made From The "How Much YouTube Paid Me For My 1,000,000 Viewed Video"

Shelby Church
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Alright here it is.... how much USvid paid me for my 2,000,000 viewed video from 2 weeks ago! I am shocked by how many views this video got, and of course I had to make a follow up with how much this one earned! Comment down below what kind of channel you would create as a USvid for a chance to win a camera.
Check out Kevin David's channel: mmini.me/KDSubscribe
How Much USvid Paid Me For My 1,000,000 Viewed Video: usvid.net/video/video-do1VLjNg6AE.html
This video is all about how much USvidrs get paid from views on USvid. I shared my earnings with you guys from my most recent video and my past 28 days to give you guys some insight into what USvidrs can earn on USvid.
How This Entrepreneur Made $22,000 Her First Weekend in Businessusvid.net/video/video-KcNT2T9Ae-o.html
Vlog Channel: usvid.net/u-othershelby
Instagram: Shelbychurch
Twitter: @shelbychurch
Snapchat: shelbychurch
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Jul 13, 2019




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Comments 9 904
Tiger 01
Tiger 01 3 hours ago
How do you thing a toll channels good
Capital V
Capital V 4 hours ago
Next video will be called : (How much I made from the “How Much I Made From The "How Much USvid Paid Me For My 1,000,000 Viewed Video")
FlyingPhilUK 19 hours ago
Now at 5.7M views - must be nearly $20K by now! - not bad for a day's work! ;)
saultube44 21 hour ago
Next Video: How much I made from "How Much I Made From The "How Much USvid Paid Me For My 1,000,000 Viewed Video""
Joshua Osborne
Do you get to see any analytics about USvid Red users? How much do you make from users who have it?
Michaela Thompson
I would start a lifestyle channel showing post college graduation with an engineering degree. I’m passionate about my life and would really love to show it! Also interested in making my own music someday
The transparency of your videos are Refreshing!
Paul BIT
Paul BIT Day ago
Will you please do a video or 2 on Kevin David and the other accused FBA fakers? I'm being told these people are essentially con artists. Or do you condone the exploitation of the weak?
eight mysoul
eight mysoul 2 days ago
I wonder how much she’s made now. It’s over 5 million
Bryan Roy
Bryan Roy 2 days ago
You must have killed it now!!! It's over 5 million now
Sidney Diongzon
Sidney Diongzon 2 days ago
Amazing insight! Great video as always Shelby!
Albert Rosa
Albert Rosa 2 days ago
Planning on starting a youtube channel on music. Starting next month, wish me luck.
Rui Neves
Rui Neves 2 days ago
If I started a USvid Channel I would do animated and educational videos about mental health in a simple and encouraging way. I think it's important to clarify misconceptions about it and USvid is the perfect tool to do it!
I just watched that video and now it has over 5 million views, so maybe you can update us in the comments in a month or so?
Just Ari
Just Ari 2 days ago
i will be making a "How to make money online" channel watch me become successful
Gary Ainslie
Gary Ainslie 2 days ago
i need around 15k to make my lifetime dream a reality. maybe i should do youtube xD
keyb0at 2 days ago
i think i know what will be next
Lin Zhuo
Lin Zhuo 3 days ago
I already started my channel and I am doing about culture and life in china. I am Chinese but born in South America :D
Muhammad Ali
Muhammad Ali 3 days ago
How much I made from the how much I made from the how much I made.... BOLLUCKS!
Xhyllos1 3 days ago
I didn't think youtube video-making could be that lucrative. to be honest, I thought numbers would be 10 times smaller. This is actually interesting to know.
3001 Sessions
3001 Sessions 3 days ago
Thanks for your tips! We would use a professional camera to shoot live guest dj sets on our channel (that is focused on minimal house music) Also for tutorials on how create, mix and master electronic music properly. :) Keep up the good work :)
Miguel Garcés
Miguel Garcés 3 days ago
You are a gorgeous girl, and so charismatic. I enjoy your videos so much!
Eihoofd2 3 days ago
This girl knows what the viewers want to see and cuts right to it. Well done.
Christian Müller
I'm already making product tests about headphones on my blog and want to expand to more tech things, and I want to go to YT soon, but i need a proper equipment for that!
RicoLen1 4 days ago
And so now that you're over 5 million views does that mean you've made roughly 20k?
Unnamed 4 days ago
So wait, are you paid monthly by USvid? for all existing vid's as long as the views go up? Can you make a video explaining how this works?
Maggie Olivia
Maggie Olivia 4 days ago
I want to be a vlogger, I have a channel right now. I want to buy a camera, buttt they are sooo expensive, it would mean so so much
Veronika Kotyzová
I understand that making videos takes time and resources...but am not sure how I feel about one single video earning someone more money than I work for whole year and I work quite hard in a good company on a good position...but still I have to work 10+hrs to get the same money for WHOLE year as someone else will get for one single video.... this is very frustrating....
Mag ma
Mag ma 4 days ago
Is there a Total Earnings for all videos footage? (For 30 days/1month) Feels like it will be at least >$30000
Aleksey Voznesenski
As a kid i loved economics and history and i would love to make a channel about how and what is money and other related stuff. Don’t need the camera though. I’m sure there are others who need it more:) Thanks for sharing this info, makes me more motivated.
Hardcaslte 4 days ago
lol and now that video is at 5.5 million views.
Bryan Carter
Bryan Carter 5 days ago
I like her honesty 😅
Richie Hutchins
Richie Hutchins 5 days ago
I’d make videos about my time in college as a math major in a fraternity, might also dabble in ski tip videos because I coach ski racing
Louise Rask
Louise Rask 5 days ago
I would make videos about Apple products and maybe in combination with productivity and organization 😃
Penguin Milk
Penguin Milk 5 days ago
Next video: How much I made from the "How much I Made from the "How much USvid paid me for my 1,000,000 viewed video"
WinterTech Gaming
I cant believe u answered my request for this even if u didnt see it XD
First Name Second Name
What happens with the skip ad button 🤷🏻‍♂️
Erica Joy
Erica Joy 5 days ago
I make USvid videos but I don't think they're blowing up anytime soon. But thanks for sharing! This is awesome!😁
Belly Dancer Ekaterina
My question is: did you invest into Adsense account to get where you are at?
I_Said_ OU812
I_Said_ OU812 5 days ago
1. Not to be super critical but I noticed at 0:13 and 1:30 your tongue looked yellow and orange. Hopefully you just had some Tang or an orange sucker but its kind of a turn off for the viewer. 2. Also, I counted 3 commercials, but I skipped them. 3. And finally, I think Gold 🌟 or Silver coins (bullion) 💰 💰 would be a better & safer investment than a bunch of stupid overpriced cars 🚖 like a Tesla. That car is a joke. Seriously, it is. You can do much better than a Tesla. Much better.
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