How Many Balloons Will Lift an iPhone XS? - Will it Survive?

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I went on an adventure to see where 100 balloons will take my iPhone XS!
At the 2:07 mark I included the first and last few minutes of the iPhone recording. Video resumes at 7:40.
Cosmic Storm by A Himitsu soundcloud.com/a-himitsu
Creative Commons - Attribution 3.0 Unported- CC BY 3.0
Music promoted by Audio Library usvid.net/video/video-U4wXUdhNxZk.html
Music: Whitesand - Eternity
Link: usvid.net/video/video-50Deyoe3cFY.html
Music provided by: xEpic Journey


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Jul 14, 2019





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Comments 2 781
TechRax Month ago
Should I do this again with 500 balloons and a go pro too?
Movies xp
Movies xp 5 hours ago
Puggy Mastrz5448
Puggy Mastrz5448 7 hours ago
You should absolutely do it hell yeah!!!!!!!!!!
plush bros
plush bros 21 hour ago
Kheda Sulumova
Kheda Sulumova 23 hours ago
Minecraft look
Kheda Sulumova
Kheda Sulumova 23 hours ago
mireon the goat
Wish i had an iphone
Isabella Andrea Rodriguez
Qué geñal 😍👍🎈
Movies xp
Movies xp 5 hours ago
An iPhone gone to an adventure in the sky. The iPhone loves the view it's seeing! iPhone said it's like on of his dreams he had when he wa shutdown
Kalvi Muthukrishnan
Kalvi Muthukrishnan 14 hours ago
I thought it went to a another country
Marie Ranes
Marie Ranes 17 hours ago
You're saying the iPhone 10s to God
تركي الزهراني
I’m going home to pick him up from my house so we can get some food 🥘 in about two minutes I’ll see if there’s something else for dinner or whatever but it’s just not really that
Alan Rodger
Alan Rodger 22 hours ago
No cracks then he just dropped it
Kheda Sulumova
Kheda Sulumova 23 hours ago
Ich love minecraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaft
Kheda Sulumova
Kheda Sulumova 23 hours ago
Look minecraft 😢
Kheda Sulumova
Kheda Sulumova 23 hours ago
Kheda Sulumova
Kheda Sulumova 23 hours ago
Cannot load
Cannot load Day ago
If iphone XS drop to someone's head.That is too dangerous!!
Svante Idecrans
Techrax: best drop testning Channel on youtube and smashing plainrock124: in your dreams (plainrock124 won) o wait techrax has 6 mil subs but nobody cares plainrock124 won
Dritan Striniq
This looked like the film UP
Dritan Striniq
Tekrax do a face reveal Guys like so that this comment is noticed
I wish I had money to buy an iPhone x :/
Manuel 110
Manuel 110 Day ago
Oh oh oh
Damir Maatar
Damir Maatar Day ago
Don't need a tracker, just use the Locate my iphone app
Kassidy Thomas
the boss: hey where is your phone. the the man: um...
Fajar Khaerul Anam
Wow good😍
Elijah Otero
Elijah Otero Day ago
Everyone: Wow that's a lot of balloons Also everyone: The dumba** is doing another project, hooray
The AT&T Logo /And more stuff
Are they at Area 51 at the end
Рысбек Эркинов
3 May my birthday!
HILMA T 2 days ago
Omg iphone, i need phone if you wanna give me. Wkwk
Sceptileisthebestpokemon 123
Yes do it please please
Reverse Flash
Reverse Flash 2 days ago
How many iPhones you've destroyed/experimented on? Techrax: Yes
Suma Nath
Suma Nath 2 days ago
When my nokia 3310 slips from my hand Me: Oh Shit! It fell down When tech rax leaves iphone xs from his hand Tech Rax: Oh yeah oh yeah it's gone up
Mustafa Mustafa
Mustafa Mustafa 2 days ago
Hope morgz dosent find it
BAKCHOD BHAi 2 days ago
Iphone hunter😁😁😁😁
The LOL Gamer
The LOL Gamer 3 days ago
Next video: Sticking an iPhone in a tsar bomb, *WILL IT SURVIVE*
masti time
masti time 3 days ago
Sir please give it to me . Sir you have many iphones plz do giveaway of them
#. Dragon Ball Lover
Bro I am Your Biggest Fan Can You Give Me an Iphone 6 using iphone 5 for years now
nathaniel bob
nathaniel bob 3 days ago
yes do 500
Myusernamesthisfan L
GlitchyChaos 1242
New law: no iPhone abusing
Brendan CMT
Brendan CMT 3 days ago
Michelle10000 Rice
I saw the date May 3rd or 2011. Where I born at
Michelle10000 Rice
I saw the date and it's Mazar that's my birthday so
alinaboleantu 4 days ago
iPhone nu se duce la mama naibii
alinaboleantu 4 days ago
Gamesonnal 4 days ago
Imagine just walking and this thing falls on ur head
GalacticFactionX 2 days ago
NubKat 97
NubKat 97 6 days ago
New Pixar movie Up-grade Edit: this is a pretty stupid joke
Bro wiyh out wasting the mobile plz gift me a mobile
babu meciya
babu meciya 6 days ago
Everytime u broke one normal indian guy's dream mobile 😭😭😭
Nnaemeka Nwanakwere
😵😵😵😵😵 why would you do that
I 6 days ago
iphone xs: weeeeeeee!!!!!!!!! RIP iphone XS
orange bird
orange bird 6 days ago
Reminds me of the movie Up 2:00
Exploit3d 6 days ago
Title should be : How to convert iPhone XS Max to Dron with very good camera
Amanda Rose
Amanda Rose 7 days ago
Honestly this has to be the best video that you ever made it’s so nice to see your neighborhood and how beautiful it is omg, def do something like this again
Deanna Stith
Deanna Stith 7 days ago
Can you literally buy me an iPhone x bro I could use one before you waste another one plz 😁😁😅
Johny P
Johny P 7 days ago
I bet Apple love you, they should put you on a loyalty scheme.
Victor José Luis Valencia Ambriz
Hmmm... great drone! 😍
Mr. India
Mr. India 8 days ago
Sand me plz iPhone x
Cyber Effect
Cyber Effect 8 days ago
Imagine the litter if it landed in a lake XD
Rakesh Mahapatra
Rakesh Mahapatra 8 days ago
Give me one Apple phone
ChrisBazazo 8 days ago
Can you please buy me a phone since you literally burn money
starteamplus 8 days ago
Very cool
[FIL] Rikswordfyr
I wounder what u do with the phones after the test.
G Selvam
G Selvam 8 days ago
Place help me
G Selvam
G Selvam 8 days ago
I want this iPhone plz iam poor family
بس احمدو
بس احمدو 8 days ago
This Amazing vid Thnks so so much brother
Llamafort 8 days ago
It's looks like the house from up 1:55
Daniel Verrelli
Daniel Verrelli 8 days ago
some africans in the congo extracted 60 different minerals of the earth to make a phone so this asshole could launch it into the atmosphere with some fucking balloons. actual genius
Owen Milk
Owen Milk 8 days ago
Don’t stretch your vids to 10 mins. But I love ur channel!
Jayden 10
Jayden 10 9 days ago
Wel the person who maybe got it is the lucky won (cause maybe it fell on her or him or fell in the ground we never know)
Mr Baldi
Mr Baldi 9 days ago
At 6:14 minecraft Song?
Anton V.
Anton V. 9 days ago
Lizardhorse Mc Tasty
Should've pointed camera down
DonutYT 9 days ago
The movie UP
Manuqtix Manuqtix
Well at least we got to see around your neighborhood
MelSGB 9 days ago
Who said we need drones we got this
ANIYAH Martin 9 days ago
Mane ik dey mad like waste of my damn iPhones apple💀🤣
rohan kapoor
rohan kapoor 9 days ago
Best content
Parthiv V Dilipkumar
Nice ... it's good ... you are crazy .....keep going ...next with 500 baloons
Peeyush Upadhayay
Peeyush Upadhayay 10 days ago
U r just superb
Muslim Proclaimer মুসলিম প্রচারক
Wow.... I found another Mr. Beast..... ❤️❤️❤️
Apple Juice Reacts
Apple Juice Reacts 10 days ago
So this is the up two trailer? Huh...
Vayda Turnbull
Vayda Turnbull 10 days ago
UP part 2😂
Ella jones
Ella jones 10 days ago
Who else skipped ahead to see the phone fall But didn't see it
Paulette187 10 days ago
Ya but can you put on space
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