How Did Nancy Pelosi Get $100 Million w/Jimmy Dore | Joe Rogan

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Taken from JRE #1412 w/Jimmy Dore:

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Jan 16, 2020




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Comments 3 622
screech weiner
screech weiner 19 minutes ago
her daddy gave her 400 million and she only lost 300. trumpy lost all 400 his daddy gave him.
Sam Adams
Sam Adams 24 minutes ago
Joe asks, How did Pelosi make 100 million? Then endorses Bernie who has also become a multi millionaire while only ever working in government.
Sux_2_B_U Hour ago
Same way Nancy Pelosi gets all her money...corruption, deceit, and playing the Dem Plantation for fools. That's why Poverty Pimp Pelosi lives in mansions while her constituents live in tents and poop outdoors.
Cro nus
Cro nus 3 hours ago
Duh is she progressive. How did she vote on the Iraqi war duh. You guys are not giving any new information on corruption on either party..duh
Allen Bak
Allen Bak 4 hours ago
Jimmy Dore is a bitch.
Nathan C
Nathan C 5 hours ago
She is a crooked, alcoholic, incumbent, DemonRat, with lots of powerful "acquaintances" (none of them have "friends") That's the answer to the title question.
Brian Scott
Brian Scott 6 hours ago
Why is she still even around is my question?
LeftThumbBreak 6 hours ago
It's pretty much a given that any party labeled "the people's party" is anything but.
Mr J
Mr J 17 hours ago
Criminals , to become a millionare when Congress/Senate is you life long job you are a criminal . Forget sides dem or rep see all of them for who and what they are . Greedy. power hungry. Liars. Whom use their positions of office for personal gains not to make the country better for all people. That would mean they have to work like real people amd these 1 % of people shit all over all of us daily. Keeping us distracted fighting against our selfs over fake party opnions when they are all the same its THEM. Vrs. US .
trha2222 17 hours ago
Insider trading. As a member of Congress, she has had access to information well before the public and can use that to make millions in the stock market.
j b
j b 20 hours ago
Oh there is my stolen lottery
Vernal 69
Vernal 69 22 hours ago
Truth is, they all get extreamly rich at the top by selling out humanity...let me explain. First ya gotta understand that when you go outside of your body on DMT or any other way (other drugs, meditation, etc...) that is actually feels like "home" and more real then this reality. Don't take my word for it, just ask Joe Rogan or anybody else that has been outside of their body, like me. Secondly, when you are outside of your body your brain is literally functioning at 100%. Don't believe me? Just look up brain scans of people on LSD and realize that that's actually accurate. The brain scans will show you that your brain is functioning at about 80% versus the 5% that it normally functions at. But on LSD you do not pop out of your body but very close generally. On DMT you actually blast out of your body. This can only mean one thing, it is literally the goal of humanity to blast out of your body or else your brain would not function at 100% when you do so which it does. Once you understand that this is all actually very real perhaps you can understand that when the elites go outside of their body which they have been doing for thousands of years they are actually contacting very real entities out there in hyperspace. When they talk with them many of them don't like Humanity like the one they call Lucifer who is the ringleader of demons. I know, you think I'm crazy, but guess what? I'm actually giving you some of the most real truth that you'll ever hear. Anyways, once they asked you to do something bad to humanity they will give you something in return, generally knowledge that will gain you all sorts of things to include money, power, Respect, Etc. This is how the elites have become Elite and why Humanity has been trampled upon for millennia. Selling out Humanity has been the norm for way too long and people actually need to speak about it at the risk of looking completely ridiculous like myself. The truth though is that everything that I wrote above is a fact whether you believe it or not. I hope you do though and I hope you investigate every single thing I wrote about. But the truth is you will never completely believe me until you yourself go outside of your body and realize that it's actually real. So I understand all the hate I will probably receive from this comment if anybody reads it but the truth is that anybody that has been outside of their body would agree because they know that that reality is where we come from and where we go back to once we die because it becomes apparent immediately once you go outside of your body. I'm not guessing. I'm telling you a very real truth. Have a beautiful day.
Scott M
Scott M 23 hours ago
LBJ became a millionaire in congress. Used his office to build a radio and TV station empire.
DancingOwl JP
DancingOwl JP 23 hours ago
How many guys pants 👖did she get into ?
mike buchanan
Kind of like your guy Bernie boy sanders
Steep Guide
Steep Guide Day ago
How long do you think it would take you to accumulate $120,000,000 if you were a doctor making $220,000/yr? Either you're really, really, really lucky with the your investments or you're selling mountains of coke on the side. Mind boggling nobody questions Pelosi net worth and think Trump is the criminal.
paul walchok
paul walchok Day ago
gator bait
gator bait Day ago
Joe how are you so smart but then endorse a commie bastard like Bernie? Makes no sense..
Steve's Outdoor World
Trump 2020 easy win!
Clay DeFeo
Clay DeFeo Day ago
I don’t know the scam but I know Pelosi was involved in it.....ok Joe.
Gary D. Van Rossen Jr.
Dick Money
Dick Money Day ago
This is news!? Pay attention.
Joseph Le bard
Tell me it ain't so joe , your supporting a socialist democrat. Bernie what a waste of a vote move to Venezuela joe I'm done watching your pod cast.
JG Day ago
Go to Google and search for Clinton Foundation donations and expenses. Notice how expenses track donations year by year and how high donations were while she was Secretary of State and while running for president. Also noticed how donations plummeted when she did not become president.
RobS ZZZ Day ago
She’s a terrible person
ash Day ago
No shit it hasn’t been stomped out, they’re the ones that make the laws that would stomp them out.
Jackross7_11 Day ago
Do away with political parties! Everybody should vote their conscience.
Ron Jon
Ron Jon Day ago
The corruption of the DNC is slowly coming out. The question is are we Americans going to let them get away with it.
el gar
el gar Day ago
OMG...politicians are corrupt??! Shocking! Who'da thunk??
Boondock Saint
Thank you San Franshithole
gitmehere1 2 days ago
Trump 2020
The Fishy Life !
The Fishy Life ! 2 days ago
Wow I knew she was just as corrupt as Trump!! However since Trump has the office I think he's more wrong than her by far! I think Americans are just exhausted with who's the worst of two evils or In our elections I should say, who's the least corrupt of two evils!!! It just really bogs you down and is so disappointing we can't get legit , fair and honest people in these high offices of our leadership!!!?
Song Whisperer
Song Whisperer 2 days ago
If you want something stomped out, you would first have to elect someone willing to do the stomping.
Danny Wings
Danny Wings 2 days ago
She's from Baltimore. Her father was a corrupt mayor who was associated with the Mafia.
CWRainwater 2 days ago
Get her! Make her clean up her Cal district removing all the needles and human feces.
perf b
perf b 2 days ago
where was Jamie to pull that sh*t up? A quick google would show it was commercial real estate and stock investing by her husband.
perf b
perf b 2 days ago
the grifting of the Trump family has set a new record
Boywonderr71 2 days ago
Im soo sick of the swamp. And how they forced laws on us that they wont app loo y t ok themselves. Didnt we vote in term limits but they vetoed it or killed it somehow. Jesus, come soon. She'll burn i hell for all her sins.
Joyce Box
Joyce Box 2 days ago
Politicians are parasites and they feed of the tax payers while they steal our so called insurance benefits and pass laws to cover each others asses. Wake up.
G C 2 days ago
This is why there should be term positions in Congress and the senate
Tommies Nuts
Tommies Nuts 2 days ago
Remember.. ..the poo maps R.I.P.
Sean Patrick
Sean Patrick 2 days ago
Trump whistle blower is dating Adam Schiffs daughter. Biggest coincidence in history.
Black Smith
Black Smith 2 days ago
And not a ficking thing will be done about it lol
Sister Mary Catherine
This’ll explain it better usvid.net/video/video-8yEOYwABa18.html
opugilist 2 days ago
It must be therapeutic to talk about, because that's the only thing that ever happens with these criminals.
Chris D
Chris D 2 days ago
I bet cranky commi $anda'$ has more homes than Rogan. entitled decadence , corruption
will friar
will friar 2 days ago
It is spelled kickback. Oh well just change your name to no one. Nancy no one has stated. Only no one is above the law. Everyone else must submit or die. So if you're a Democrat change your name to no one and no one will ever go to jail! How simple can it get. So Hillary no one Clinton who admitted I made a mistake I'll never do it again and lied to Congress constantly is not in any danger at all. Her mother was so wise to name her after a someday mountain climber. And so it was brilliant to make her middle name no one. It's like her mother knew she was going to be a lying scumbag.
AnnInTheMitt 2 days ago
“They’re all corrupt “. Huge understatement
The California Kid
CARTELS thats how dummies
kimm crumley
kimm crumley 2 days ago
Drug cartels payroll thats why she don't like Trump because of the boarder wall
It's Private
It's Private 2 days ago
Democrats are corrupt more than Republicans. The tides have turned.
Claus Von Bülow II
The POS old bag has dipped into the social security funds wasting millions on there BS programs that never work ! no wonder old people in America live in poverty and can't afford there medications each month because they must buy food ! the Democrats have been robbing money for yrs from the social security fund .
417altavista 2 days ago
All these corrupt lowlife assholes are so soooooooo evil. They want to impeach Trump for a phone call about looking into corruption and Pelosi pretends that that is so corrupt he should be kicked out of office, but it’s okay for her to actually be super corrupt. Trump doesn’t need to be corrupt, he made his money in business the real way. These other scumbags made their money by stealing it from the taxpayers!
Mat Winner
Mat Winner 2 days ago
They’re all corrupt, especially traitor Trump, except Bernie of course.
Adam Albrecht
Adam Albrecht 2 days ago
Term limits?
Adam Albrecht
Adam Albrecht 2 days ago
Obama admitted insider trading in politics isn't technically illegal.
denis omahoney
denis omahoney 2 days ago
Just like Hillary and Bill Clinton bent like a boomerang...Pelosi has serious mental issues but not when it comes to thieving money she’s a disgrace.....
Jérémie 2 days ago
If you live in CA-12 vote Pelosi OUT and Shahid Buttar IN. shahidforchange.us/
Paul Smith
Paul Smith 2 days ago
Nancy Pelosi is absolutely disgusting scum Corrupt with zero morals
Berettabear 69
Berettabear 69 2 days ago
String em all up the blood money would pour out of there pockets.
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