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Aug 1, 2017




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Comments 945
Quang Tran
Quang Tran 2 years ago
Some of you guys may think this imposter Quang story is left to rest but its not. I've got a few insider of this man. I am working with the RCMP and gathering as much information I can possible can, to track this man down. I was told, if the "Quang" or imposter Quang Channel took off. This Imposter would do the same to other USvidrs and trick people into scamming them into faulty things. I've found out one of the members of this organization was in my home town, studying in Law! Which is crazy! I am gathering as much information as I possible can and handling it over to the RCMP. I just want to keep it clear with everyone and not push this as I am coming after him, as an attack to his life. I want this man to understand, that its not right to scam people of China and get away with this, while studying here in Canada for LAW School. APPAREL HERE: www.qtquangtran.com SHIPPING ARRIVAL TIME: CANADA & USA SHIPPING 8-10 Days OVER SEA SHIPPING 15- 25 Days
Bido86 2 months ago
CHIT CONG FOO 2 months ago
Let's track him down to the ground until he is in the jail for a long time I will not rest in peace when He is still studying in law at Canada plus he is a scammer NEVER TRUST A SCAMMER he should be in jail NOW WE SHOULD TRACK HIM DOWN AS QUIETLY and if he found out he will use any dirty trick to trick all the chinese people so you need to be careful of his action if he doesn't found out he will be in jail forever
Bido86 5 months ago
Zhouapah Yang I am
@Zhouapah Yang me
Beauty By Karen
Can I come eat with you😊 your food always looks so delicious!!
1LoVe3020 22 days ago
HAHAHAHA I love these work out vids, they crack me up
dawg Nation
dawg Nation 26 days ago
I had no idea Asians cod get farmers tans lol
Yingtheeevee 2 months ago
No better way to work up an appetite than lifting.
CHIT CONG FOO 2 months ago
He Should known the Law If I See him I will bring him to the court or police station If not happened I will appear in his dream and he will get the nightmare that he deserve I will get my team from the nightmare to scared him again and again (I made it serious he better don't mess with me or else he will get something from me😈) We will always protect you
MXRGツ 3 months ago
Quang I must say, your a UNITTT
JEREMY CRUZ 3 months ago
Wagyu beef, when prepared right and actually being wagyu beef...will melt in your mouth. Don’t think wagyu is the best choice for hotpot. Especially at the prices of a legit wagyu steak.
Jay Caldwell
Jay Caldwell 6 months ago
The real reason Quang is super freaking jacked. Never upset QT first lift gang
Daisy Flower
Daisy Flower 7 months ago
King kong quang
Jawad Hassan
Jawad Hassan 9 months ago
I showed my friend one of Quang's other vide . He said that Quang must be a fat fuck. Then i showed him this video . He said " this dude is the wrong one to be messed with"
Eric Wang
Eric Wang 9 months ago
i love hot pot
Shy Fryman
Shy Fryman 11 months ago
The intro took me out 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Geoffrey Nava
Geoffrey Nava 11 months ago
No one: Quang: *slurps*
SweetLady Year ago
How you go from working out to being nice???😂😂😂😂 that imposter should be scared!!!!👊👊👊👊👊
Lilmarco Trotter
No one likes chicken ass more then me
Ur fkn gay
Ur fkn gay Year ago
One thicc boy
Wtf I'm watching 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♂️
That one asian guy
That one asian guy 7 months ago
Someone eating hotpot, are you stupid or blind.
Ren Esho
Ren Esho Year ago
shit your mouth when you eat
Dusk Patriot
Dusk Patriot Year ago
I love you
vero rose
vero rose Year ago
Ur from Canada bro? Can me n my family go visit u? Ur shows r awesome
vero rose
vero rose Year ago
Dammit boi!!!! Go hard bro
john KBII
john KBII Year ago
I want to punch you in in the throat while your slurping that food you savage, no way in hell your married or have a civilized girlfriend in your corner. Hahaha some ppl are amazing.
Dat Hoang
Dat Hoang Year ago
It's green tea
Kiara Sites
Kiara Sites Year ago
im realising how violently you eat. i'm kinda spooked... but food looks bomb af
Victor Belgaroui
U looks so Big bro its not good
Ang Anak Ni Dodoy at Eta
Im all out for getting fit but obsessing on big muscles and too much work out is really not good man.. specially if you lack the height. No offense but your body no longer looks proportion.. are you over compensating man? I mean some people who has "small package" do this a lot... sorry but im just sayin dude...
_ KPRMX_ Year ago
J’onn Wayne
J’onn Wayne Year ago
Quanny, Whenever i watch your vids. I just wanna eat a lot and lift a lot.
Slav noob
Slav noob Year ago
I give you my pedophile qualification.
Danesha Harney
That beef cooks so quickly. Very cool.
Danesha Harney
Love your workout at the beginning. Wow, that's one hell of a pump 👀
Caleb Hor
Caleb Hor Year ago
wait is it hotpot or steamboat
renz estrada
renz estrada Year ago
Yo @quangtran i miss this kind of vids. Lol. That workout was hilarious
Itchy Kurt
Itchy Kurt Year ago
no table manners?!
Ner Montiero
Ner Montiero Year ago
1:55 belly peek
Calvin DeMaggio
I can feel the Raw power in the beginning of the video
carlos melgoza
Thicc uyy
Gamingslap Year ago
I don't think he knows you can close your mouth and chew at the same time
jeff cw
jeff cw Year ago
Find him and make a meal outta him lol
Nguyễn Tâm
Nguyễn Tâm Year ago
I'm not gonna hurt you, just teach you how to be a man :) with no hands
Dexter Poole
Dexter Poole Year ago
Only negative thing I have a please don’t smack on your food bro that noise is annoying. I enjoy your videos but dam chew with your mouth closed
kia kai
kia kai Year ago
Wtf did i click on...jk i love quang trans weird vids.lol
Seashell! Year ago
Me and my bestfriend love hotpot! We always get a spicy broth base though! So yummy! 😍
Marble Dream
Marble Dream Year ago
Pls don’t tell me that’s all the push ups you could do cmon
Chất Lắm luôn
sao anh ko về Việt Nam! chơi cả anh
Tôm cute Tuấn
I hear the word refund. Is that refund gamming ??
Ron Clint Bondal
Much respect for this man, keep it up 😃😃😃
Thanh Dương Phan
Tôi là người Việt anh lam nhiều về món ăn Việt Nam đi
This man gets so much hate comments, I’ve been here watching this man for so long and there is always a hate comment like dude cmon he’s trying to make cash like if you don’t do something with your life instead of hating on a man. They be hating on you, but they probably some team 10 fans. Like gtfoh and gtfo my face
4 7
4 7 Year ago
close your mouth while u eat
Kien Nguyen
Kien Nguyen Year ago
You so fat
RJ WAPU Year ago
Sizzling hot💓
Krusty S.
Krusty S. Year ago
Krusty S.
Krusty S. Year ago
Who the fuck boils wage?????
quan is so thick. xd
Dranreb Badenas
:-( im so jealous
Nate Espey
Nate Espey Year ago
I didn't realize how ripped he was! Holy shit
khan nhỏ
khan nhỏ Year ago
Viet nam dau
Nezuko Trap
Nezuko Trap Year ago
I swore he was gonna beat his ass lol
Comet with Bleach
Most Wagyu actually comes from Australia today. Kobe specifically will always only come from Japan. The farmer in the states does wagyu mixed with pure breed Angus. So still not pure breed wagyu
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