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Oct 8, 2019




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Comments 4 146
Udit Choudhury
Udit Choudhury 11 hours ago
Please make an honest trailer on the Japanese movie Your Name (Kimi no na wa)
madkim_ 7
madkim_ 7 12 hours ago
Do Bad times at el royale
McInerney76 12 hours ago
Toy Story 4 honest trailer please
Micah Hoder
Micah Hoder 12 hours ago
Will you please do the Final Destination series of movies?
Faeeq Solomons
Faeeq Solomons 13 hours ago
I don't even know if Disney wants spiderman if they keep wanting him to be the next spiderman....by the way...is bright burn so bad that you guys decided not to do the honest trailer
Ed Francis
Ed Francis 14 hours ago
Hey... How about the Karate Kid series? OR The Karate Kid VS Cobra Kai??
Benjamin Abramowitz
Benjamin Abramowitz 14 hours ago
1:12 Alan!
Matthew Steiner
Matthew Steiner 14 hours ago
Please say, “The Magic of Friendship Grows.”
cheshirefoxxx 14 hours ago
hammer industries, lawl
ZMalle2000 15 hours ago
Can you do Hachiko Please? It will be a short trailer anyway haha
Hazem Shawwa
Hazem Shawwa 16 hours ago
I love this channel , but lately i feel the guys comments and jokes are so SALTY
G. Host
G. Host 17 hours ago
The Finish Line
The Finish Line 17 hours ago
The suit looks so artificial. I prefer the friendly neighborhood Spiderman.
Friedrich Nietzsche
Friedrich Nietzsche 17 hours ago
I guess you guys couldn’t put in Adam West’s Batman I suppose you need to give the other Batmen a chance
Trap Dose
Trap Dose 17 hours ago
How much people like spiderman movies
kins 18 hours ago
The Daria one was great -Spot on
Artyom 18 hours ago
Sexy voice
Kaimas 100%
Kaimas 100% 19 hours ago
clone best batman
LostJourneyer 19 hours ago
say "in the MCU 'MJ' stands for Michelle Jones not Mary Jane, my bad"
姚澜 19 hours ago
Isn't the next Spiderman with Tom out in 2021?
fake real
fake real 21 hour ago
While Mysterio being the villain was obvious from the start, him not actually being from an alternate reality was definitely a twist I can appreciate.
Adam Loebig
Adam Loebig 21 hour ago
I just saw Gemini Man and man am I looking forward to your take on that!
VANILLARICE 21 hour ago
Do brightburn please
Joel Aguilos
Joel Aguilos 22 hours ago
I love Spidey before MCU because before the MCU Spidey was his own man/boy and the Avengers, Xmen, Fantastic 4 actually respected him but the MCU made him an Iron Man sidekick which honestly is really an awful reboot story, Uncle Ben's death doesn't matter anymore? Its like Batman is more affected by Superman's death than his parents.
Daniel C
Daniel C 22 hours ago
Please say Galactic Leyline
Von Sowards
Von Sowards 22 hours ago
Please do the original Dark Crystal movie!!
Dustin Savage
Dustin Savage 22 hours ago
Can you please do an honest trailer for Blazing Saddles.
James McDonough
James McDonough 23 hours ago
Say "What's in the box?!?"
Jadoreoneal Oneal
Jadoreoneal Oneal 23 hours ago
Gwen stacys brains get turned into nesquick. “WAAAH WAH WAHHHHHHHHHH
David Hernandez
David Hernandez 23 hours ago
nah Hobgoblin deserves his own spinoff. october release date. yeah. and a spider man cameo. true villain will be house elf. aka a Skrull.
Ryan Johnny
Ryan Johnny Day ago
Do tombstone please!
Doctor what
Doctor what Day ago
Make an Umbrella Academy Honest Trailers!
shadow king
shadow king Day ago
Mysterio is a imposter
Mr Wilson
Mr Wilson Day ago
🎺🎺🎺 😂😂
MC Mark Markson
Thank god you guys are doing a power list thing, it's the one thing I couldn't find on the internet...
Forest Frost
Forest Frost Day ago
Its not spider ,man, its iron kid
Colton LeClaire
I know its older but I would really enjoy a Dances with Wolves trailer
Andrew Ace
Andrew Ace Day ago
_"Only begun this drone war has..."_ Was my favorite 🤣
Goatllama Day ago
M A K E H I M H O B G O B L I N , C O W A R D S
Senitha Perera
Do Joker please, and I wanna be in the intro!!
Adam Placencia
Did you call Michelle Mary Jane? I'm disappointed in you, Honest Trailers...
Centro Educativo Las Americas
This one is good.
A S Day ago
It's supposed to be Maguire, Dunst, and Bruce Campbell.
Kid Commentaries Podcast
Do Marvel’s Daredevil!
Drew Grech
Drew Grech Day ago
Do Marvel’s Daredevil
Welch Disney94
Damn It with the WAWAWAAA CRAP!!! XP
Austin Huber
Austin Huber Day ago
The only reason to watch these stupid movies are for the villains.
SMASHER 0 Day ago
You guys need to do a trailer for The Goonies please.
Yochai even tzur
Ur getting worse from trailer to trailer. Miss past trailers
This movie felt like going to see a Superman movie and instead watching Jimmy Olsen clown around for 2 horus.
A-aronmusic Day ago
Do one for El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie
Inebriatd Day ago
Spiderman's Marvel's punching bag of all time.
2:15 I laughed at that so hard!
Nick K
Nick K Day ago
Unnecessary "hate" for an awesome movie..!
Greg Quilici
Greg Quilici Day ago
OKAY, OKAY. You can stop using the sad trombone sound effect.
Victor Palacio
6.66m subscribers
Isabel Sim
Isabel Sim Day ago
4:20 that needs to be his backing track every time he enters on set lol 😂😆
Please say: "A wight that can blink out of sight and fight with sprite-height frights is tight, but smite it with light and it's nighty-night. A'ight?"
Loren Darcy
Loren Darcy Day ago
Mary Jane is so QuIrKy
Gabriella Pallister
You should say: Tickle my pickle I got a big widdle nickle
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