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Highlights Villarreal CF vs Real Madrid (2-2)

LaLiga Santander
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Santi Cazorla scored twice and Villarreal CF draw the match against Real Madrid. Benzema and Varane scored for the visitors in the first half. LaLiga Santander 2018/2019
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Jan 3, 2019

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Comments 641
gerghgh herb
gerghgh herb 2 months ago
I'm sad he left arsenal. He still has the magic. He has that strange ability to get better into his 30's that spaniards have for some reason mastered
RHN 3 months ago
What a goal from cazorla (the first goal)
Mango Juice
Mango Juice 4 months ago
pyama party by marcelo
Велизар Димитров
Carlos Paolo
Carlos Paolo 5 months ago
RM without CR7 is nothing
Burtoll E n E
Burtoll E n E 5 months ago
yellow navy not submarine
виктория пирковец
Куртуа.......МЕЖДУ НОГ!!!!!!Дырявое очко
MrMessyb 5 months ago
Cazorla. What a waste of talent with his injuries late in his career. How I miss him 💔 Arsenal fan
AHMED 5 months ago
Proof Modric is trash and didn't deserve balon d or , hasn't done anything since the world cup
Yuda Lazuardi
Yuda Lazuardi 5 months ago
Courtois has to wear a skirt for prevent his goal 😁😁😁
John Roughneen
John Roughneen 5 months ago
Big Santi.
Make America Great Again
CLUB Real Madrid F.C Của Tui Ơi, Huhuhu😭😭😭😭🙁
Oga GBEMi 5 months ago
🎶Oh Santi Cazorla....
oscar tovar
oscar tovar 5 months ago
The gk situation won’t be fixed until one of them leaves. As a Barca fan I’m enjoying it lol
M1lkyway 5 months ago
Courtois great effort on second save
Will M
Will M 5 months ago
Golazo de santi
Sandi Gunawan Kusika
Real Madrid,back to bedlam. The end of an era is just beginning. Mark my words.
Ace Toprecord
Ace Toprecord 5 months ago
Wow that grass...
Jackson Reis
Jackson Reis 5 months ago
Cazorla is the Best
RE Inc
RE Inc 5 months ago
0:09 finesse shot level = FIFA 19
being human
being human 5 months ago
gave them another ballon d'or
Tramaine Terrance
Tramaine Terrance 5 months ago
Hello, Humans. " I never lose sleep over my enemies. It's my friends that keep me awake." ~Carmine Falcone(Gotham TV Series) TERRANCE OUT
tr1p1ea 5 months ago
Normally Vazquez would pass in that instance...
Noah Tewolde
Noah Tewolde 5 months ago
Courtois you should close your legs before you start talking about liverpool you Giraffe
Конфуций 551-479 до н. э.
Смысл вообще было покупать Куртуа?
Alex 09
Alex 09 5 months ago
Real Madrid games are so boring... just a pure boring team now. I dont enjoy any of there games
Gorgeous 5 months ago
Well we could seal the coffin... We just lost to RSA!!! Another loss with out a goal, Courtois is a LOSER. Oh boy, Florentino Pérez YOU REALLY SCREW IT UP BIG TIME
Natnael Tsegaw
Natnael Tsegaw 5 months ago
Didn't know Arsenal let go Cazorla. And first time ive ever seen him score a header.
Sith Master
Sith Master 5 months ago
The self-proclaimed best team in the world doing it big
max J
max J 5 months ago
Chai Cun Khim
Chai Cun Khim 5 months ago
Lucas vasques is egois player, he not thinking about team, he just think about scores in the game
misael medina
misael medina 5 months ago
Curtis. Era. Un. Crak. Pero. Ya. No lo. Es
VICLANEL 1 5 months ago
Real Madrid is BORING! 💤
Tij Laug tshwj xeeb
Tij Laug tshwj xeeb 5 months ago
Giờ đây real chỉ là 1 real madric rất bình thường và không còn nguy hiểm gì với các đội bóng nhỏ
coooks 5 months ago
Joyner Perez
Joyner Perez 5 months ago
Courtis is a piece of shit of goal keeper
S Gaatjeniksaan
S Gaatjeniksaan 5 months ago
Benzema should score 😡😡😡 or pass like wtf.. dont blame courtois... yet
android boi
android boi 5 months ago
all these people look like copy and pastes of the same person.
setha 5 months ago
I come here for Santi
フラジサイフ 5 months ago
As an Arsenal fan, i am happy seeing Cazorla happy
PlanB John
PlanB John 5 months ago
Seguid con courtois, lo dije y lo sigo diciendo es más atlético que madridistas. Basura de porteros.y luego sale Solari con sonriente y defendiéndolo. Por cierto otro Atlético.
leepsl11 5 months ago
What was courtois thinking by opening up like that in the second goal by cazorla.. you could basically drive a bus through the gap without touching his legs !!
Chaparrito Marston
Chaparrito Marston 5 months ago
People really out here defending courtouis saying defence is trash are you kidding me lmao Sergio Ramos and varane are not bad Courtouis is just plain shit Navas is a beast compared to that dude lmao
AdamTheTiger 5 months ago
If you are reading this, YOU ARE AWESOME 😎 don’t let anyone tell you otherwise 😊 your friend AdamTheTiger 🐯
Wilson Casemiro
Wilson Casemiro 5 months ago
Бауыржан Котенов
Я просто ору😂
ghjlkhl 5 months ago
Carzola rises from the grave!
jacob weiss
jacob weiss 5 months ago
Thibaut should have stayed at the bridge
Say No To Peni Parker #2099
We live in a society Where Real Madrid is tied with a midfield team
Dino Dino
Dino Dino 5 months ago
Man i miss our Santi Cazorla
Anderson GP
Anderson GP 5 months ago
Real Madrid pipocando como sempre time ruim da porra kkk
Duster McClean
Duster McClean 5 months ago
Courtois is not keeper for Real Madrids, Navas is the right one!
Jose Contreras
Jose Contreras 5 months ago
Navas we need you !!
Guilherme Bittar
Guilherme Bittar 5 months ago
Damn I'm not an Arsenal fan or anything like that but I'm so fucking happy for Cazorla. Hope he can keep playing well.
Prince Random
Prince Random 5 months ago
I wish my girlfriend legs were like courtois always opening 🤪
José Julián Matarrita
Que malisimo es Courtois
Joe Greenhart
Joe Greenhart 5 months ago
Haha madrid!!! 😂😂😂💩
PubgaddictionZTV ZZZ
had gh
had gh 5 months ago
A nutmeg by a header from the shortest man on the pitch. Real Madrid are shit.
FRAEMCI skillz
FRAEMCI skillz 5 months ago
Grande Santi!!
Rick Sanchez
Rick Sanchez 5 months ago
Sorry, I have to mention the Balon D'or winner. It's a disgrace. How is he the best player IN THE WORLD? Without Ronaldo and Zidane he looks lost and at the World Cup, you had GREAT players in that Croatia team. He's not the best in the world at all. He was in good teams last year. It's a complete joke.
Rushabh Bohra
Rushabh Bohra 5 months ago
Eliezer Velasquez
Eliezer Velasquez 5 months ago
Coladera courtois
Rick Sanchez
Rick Sanchez 5 months ago
You lost Ronaldo sure but without ZIDANE, you have NO direction. No enthusiasm. It's crazy.
Rick Sanchez
Rick Sanchez 5 months ago
I'm a Barca fan: Hear me out... I love that you've got Courtois, that's saying something. He's the worst purchase imaginable and why he's used over Navas, 3 times UCL winner, I'll never know. He's been rubbish EVERY game. YOU HAVE to go after Hazard seeing as he's in his last year of his contract in the Summer, you might get him at a good price, if not, you're going to have to spend BIG on 1 or 2 superstars otherwise you're going to have an average team. I don't know what else to say, your manager is shockingly bad and why you gave him a contract for another 2-3 years I'll never know. Simply because he won 4 games at the beginning against easy teams? Come on now...
Tekniek10 5 months ago
Dianne Escalante
Dianne Escalante 5 months ago
Im so happy to see courtois conceed goals.. Navas is way better.. Real Madrid wake up!!!
Dollazvibe 5 months ago
Manuel Asitimbay
Manuel Asitimbay 5 months ago
And after all this games. I'm justified when I said "Why are they buying Courtois when they have Navas?"
Abraham Covaciu
Abraham Covaciu 5 months ago
Wth are we playing so shit
ISAIAH AGABA 5 months ago
Madrid is becoming a shit
Richcard. Rashu.
Richcard. Rashu. 5 months ago
C'mon guys!! What are we doing?? Santi Cazorla haven't scored a header in his career, now he scored one against us. And pls put Navas on the goals for the league and Courtois for Copa del Rey & UCL if not he's gonna leave
Victor Scrivener
Victor Scrivener 5 months ago
Maaaaaaldito arquero hjp
carloss xx
carloss xx 5 months ago
Que hace en tendencia de Estados unidos?
Imad Almosawi
Imad Almosawi 5 months ago
لايمكن للملوك ان يضيعوا كل هذه النقاط ويتوقعوا التفوق في نهاية الدوري،،،، يجب عليهم حصاد آل ٣ نقاط خصوصاً عندما يقابلون فرق ليست بالمستوى العالي كاتلتوكو او برشلونا او إشبيليا مثلاً فان الفرق الأخرى تمثل فرصه الان للريال ليلحق بالفرق المتقدمة وإلا سوف يبقى يراوح في مكانه وللاسف
ManuC 5 months ago
Madrid only score with the head, small team
Thiago 5 months ago
Que vergonha Real, seria bom se o Hazard, ou Aguero viesse para o Real
Orangutan 0
Orangutan 0 5 months ago
Real Madrid's defence is total shit... My friends play better
Gustavo Ferreira
Gustavo Ferreira 5 months ago
Real Madrid empatou por falta de passe na merda daquele lance, pqp, toma no cuuuu
roni ro
roni ro 5 months ago
Courtios my hero my hero hahahahahahahaha hahahahahaha
moussa moussa
moussa moussa 5 months ago
real could have got 2 more points but vasquez was too selfish
nga Le
nga Le 5 months ago
Chidiebere Udechi
Chidiebere Udechi 5 months ago
Arsenal go for Samuel Chukwueze
Moha Moha
Moha Moha 5 months ago
Viva barca
Puchito puchito
Puchito puchito 5 months ago
We need Navas back Asap
Moura Filipe
Moura Filipe 5 months ago
Real madrid sucks now 🙁
Мухаммад Асоев
Зачем Реалу типо кортуа келор навас лучше
Enigma 5 months ago
Meanwhile, Ronaldo is in serie A, being amongst the top assists leaders and goal scorers. I still remember people saying Ronaldo's career would just go downhill, but he just won best player at the Dubai awards. Players like Messi and ronaldo thrive wherever they are as far as they have the will and determination to do so until they grow to old to play. Real Madrid devalued Ronaldo so he went to where he is valued...now real Madrid have to seriously get their shit together and get good forwards and re structure the team because obviously Ronaldo was an integral part of it and now he's left there is chaos, but this should have been rectified by buying good players because this is just embarrassing... I mean, it's REAL MADRID!!!. They don't even look top class anymore
MuseFX 5 months ago
Lol, all you Real Madrid fans thought Tibo was gonna be good and is a good keeper, we finessed you lot , hahahahah he’s the shittest keeper ever, would much rather a good keeper like kepa
Marlon Flores
Marlon Flores 5 months ago
menos mal que es el mejor portero xd eso pasa por menospreciar las personas como keylor soy del Madrid pero ojala pierda todo
omar Arias
omar Arias 5 months ago
I hate seeing people say no Ronaldo = No Madrid it’s not true at all No Zidane = No Madrid that’s the fact
jon g
jon g 5 months ago
Naval would have won that game for madrid. But theres no space for a latino to shine in madrid. It's always been that way
Allen Iverson
Allen Iverson 5 months ago
Navas plz is better any keep it 89 in fifa plz
Jesus Gallardo
Jesus Gallardo 5 months ago
Santi's first goal was beautiful.
jmlukaku 5 months ago
cazorla is better player than the whole RM team
Avdyl Rashica
Avdyl Rashica 5 months ago
The second goal of cazorla was lucky
Jetemiah Ballard
Jetemiah Ballard 5 months ago
Get off trending
Ramiro Bautista
Ramiro Bautista 5 months ago
Guard of honor for the club World Cup? 😂
Devin Wu
Devin Wu 5 months ago
Welcome back Santi Cazorla from arsenal fans🔥❤️
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