HIGHLIGHTS | KSI vs. Logan Paul 2

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Nov 10, 2019




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Comments 38 911
AndresKroto 6 hours ago
This is hard to see like a suicide in a forest
Zeptkie 7 hours ago
火RAY 8 hours ago
not a fan between this two clown, but i will be honest .....i laugh so hard when i see logan paul reaction when he think he win but he lost....XD!!!!
Shaddow Punch
Shaddow Punch 8 hours ago
Logan Paul is gonaa Win But They Take Him 2 points That's not fear
Santo Georges
Santo Georges 9 hours ago
That’s why ksi won
Saroj Shrestha
Saroj Shrestha 11 hours ago
Gonna tell my kids that this was Olympics
BeastlyCobra 12 hours ago
Logan's eyes glowed up when he said "United" while announcing the winner 😂😂
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan 12 hours ago
The ref was awful
Farid Prap
Farid Prap 12 hours ago
if this video was age restricted, it wouldnt have gotten 22k dislikes
a pug in a mug
a pug in a mug 14 hours ago
Smh these dudes would get busted by a real boxer man, they need to keep them hands up
NightShade3268 15 hours ago
Logan paul should've won
Marc AMP
Marc AMP 9 hours ago
NightShade3268 Nah KSI deserved to win KSI earned that win
Matthew Stewart
Matthew Stewart 15 hours ago
I think fights should go until someone is knocked out
Eashaan Gaming
Eashaan Gaming 15 hours ago
awsome fight tho.
Carlos Martinez
Carlos Martinez 15 hours ago
Soo who won?
meow cat222
meow cat222 17 hours ago
i was alive when it happened
Himi 18 hours ago
Is this... a thing..?? 😩😩😩 His whole isnt about popularity its a scam 🤣🤣👏👏👏
Sof Egi
Sof Egi 18 hours ago
I'm so proud of KSI and if there any Logan Paul fans, come at me
Eric Bejarano
Eric Bejarano 18 hours ago
Fights from high school were more entertaining.
•Alex Gamer•
•Alex Gamer• 19 hours ago
Kids: Mommy how did slavery end? Me: *It all started with a simple fight...*
Rohith Yangalasetty
Rohith Yangalasetty 19 hours ago
Win by one point
ShaneIsGaming424 19 hours ago
KSI only won because of logan pauls punch down, he did this because Logan Paul is a SAVAGE
Marc AMP
Marc AMP 9 hours ago
ShaneIsGaming424 Please tell me that you are being sarcastic right
Mr. Maveraxus2.0
Mr. Maveraxus2.0 20 hours ago
Well, now that this is over..... Pewdiepie vs Markiplier fight?
Why am I Here
Why am I Here 21 hour ago
If I went I would of thrown a reverse card at the judges
HiDayBro 21 hour ago
How did Ksi win when Logan Paul has 2 knockdowns and Ksi only has 1
DewTewbe 23 hours ago
Mat wins
Васил Василев
Ski is athletic most big trash
deashrein 865
I wanted logan to win
Théo Blanckaërt
huttio srreu
huttio srreu Day ago
Logan Paul is color blind he didn’t know he was fighting a black guy Well it has come to my attention that I need a disclaimer (warning this is a joke read at your own risk)
Ruben Reyes
Ruben Reyes Day ago
Lol Logan would have won there both still raw n new it was fun to watch but they kept getting deductions even if scoring was to be consistent
Jamal Matthew Ladia
How about pacquaio vs logan
jirasick thiknes
Logan Paul is a big ßl5çh
huttio srreu
huttio srreu Day ago
Who else was American and was rooting for KSI?
Akuma火 Day ago
Qui a repéré mhadi ba ?
charlie wiser
ksi hairline was da distraction that caused logan to lose da battle
Kingston Wooding
Logan lost but at least KSI took off the bandana,right.
Guard Your Flanks
I don’t even know who either of these people are. I just heard about it on a podcast so I had to check it out. Kinda boring fights... both of them.
Gacha Ivana :3
I wanna cry right now because logan was rich,famous.AND NOW HES FIGHTING?! 😡
Suhbset Day ago
Let’s go home champ.
solen 1
solen 1 Day ago
That is bull
Shannon Briggs still probably said let’s go champ
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt Day ago
Not sure but this kinda like the fight that just happened on my campus last wednesday.
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