Here's Why the 2020 Toyota Supra Could Be Better

Doug DeMuro
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It's time to review the 2020 Toyota Supra. Today I'm taking you on a tour of the new GR Supra, and I'm showing you all of the quirks and features of the 2020 Supra. Then I'm going to drive the new Toyota Supra to show you everything you need to know about the Supra.
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Comments 100
Scypheroth Hour ago
THIS IS WHy you fucking POS...BMW BREAK FAST! Once you hit that 60,000kms mark on ANY ANY BMW youll start regretting you bought a BMW
Tommy L
Tommy L Hour ago
Toyota had a legend . . . why stamp bmw all under the hood. Disgusting
Frank Jager
Frank Jager Hour ago
I could forgive it practically being a BMW if it came in a manual transmission. But NOPE
Jacob Deutscher
it should have 3 pedals!
frankthespank Hour ago
My balls are bunched up to one side, what TUNING COMPANY do you all recommend to fix this?
jj lad
jj lad Hour ago
So car companies need a partner to make a sportscar....like the Corvette and ????, and the Mustang and ????, and the 911 and ?????, and the Camaro and ?????
Andrew Goldberg
That's really disappointing. I had high hopes for this car (like so many) but it falls short in the important places where it just can't. It NEEDS a manual, period. No more discussion on that. It needs to be more than just "good enough" compared to its competition. It shouldn't fall short of beating out the RS3, even by 2 points. It should be a BETTER driving car because it's rear wheel drive and a coupe, a true sports car. Being so close to the M2 is impressive though, I will at least give it that (and really, the M2 shouldn't be worse than the RS3 either...). So yeah, it seems I may want to test drive one, but maybe I'll keep holding out hope for an RX-9, I mean RX-7...
green323turbo Hour ago
BMW is unreliable overcomplex overpriced Junk ! This looks so bad on Toyota for them to do this
slak maltigo
slak maltigo Hour ago
How much is it? And when can I buy one?
Seanster Yu
Seanster Yu 2 hours ago
Will BMW dealers service the Supra?
Peter Filatov
Peter Filatov 2 hours ago
Douglas is missing a few important points here. TST review is there to help you fill the gaps.
The Real Gatsby
The Real Gatsby 2 hours ago
Toyota could give you matching Door Panels, but they're leaving that for the Tuning Companies
Panzerfaust 2 hours ago
If the new Porsche featured a Lexus hybrid engine everyone would be outraged. Somehow BMW's engine in the Supra is not seen as a disaster by car reviewers.
Chris Grothe
Chris Grothe 2 hours ago
Love me the sound of a BMW inline-six!
Seanster Yu
Seanster Yu 2 hours ago
Why not leave the whole motor out? so I can have LS motor with tuning.
Skurneha 2 hours ago
That wind thing is the wind cavitation meaning that there’s no way for the air to get out so it forces its way through the air coming in. Seems like a poor design actually, they should’ve made a way to not do that
chris nichols
chris nichols 2 hours ago
you can see the brakes rusting.....
christopher king
christopher king 2 hours ago
Of course they left it, or made it, to funnel cash flow to it's TRD dept...SMH...BMW's fail in the engine dept. That is the issue. Unreliable.
NutMilk 2 hours ago
Just like DLC content.
ichigozanghetsu 2 hours ago
Little bit of info on the interior and why it has mismatched door panels. It's a little homage to how the MK4 supra dash was centered towards the driver. The red trim on the MK5 is only surrounding the driver.
Yony Loya
Yony Loya 2 hours ago
You like bmw
jack sparrow
jack sparrow 2 hours ago
wait why didnt toyota just have the Lexus team build the new supra??? im kind of confused why they had bmw make it
Vince Sr.
Vince Sr. 2 hours ago
Sounds like the same approach Harley Davidson has to performance upgrades.
Noah 2 hours ago
Creeper awww man
Survivalist 2 hours ago
5:14 nice BMW logo in the throttle body LMAO
SmokeFan2014 2 hours ago
The rear end looks like a blend between an Alfa Romeo and Mazda. The side look reminds me of a Ferrari.
Anthony Clark
Anthony Clark 2 hours ago
Where do you go to get it fixed ? Toyota or bmw ?
SmokeFan2014 3 hours ago
This car isn’t a true Supra...its really a BMW Z4 with a Toyota badge.
Mousy Shark
Mousy Shark 3 hours ago
Tuning companies tuning companies tuning companies tuning companies tuning companies tuning companies
Functionalist 3 hours ago
7:51 - Go Polska!
Anton Vries, de
Anton Vries, de 3 hours ago
"integrated in to the rear defuser is a light that looks like rain light from a formula 1 car". Seriously Doug. "rain light". That light is an indication for when the hybrid system in a formula 1 car is charging.
No One
No One 3 hours ago
Ok..where to start? Yes Supra fans are upset BMW built the Japanese legendary car...not too hard to understand? Not a hit against BMW...just fans want a JAPANESE built car..The wind buffeting happens in my GMC Acadia as well...roll down the passengers side window to let air escape and not bounce around in the car putting pressure on your eardrum. I would prefer a manual as well but hardly the BIGGEST issue...how about all the BMW parts and interior? Looks like a tweaked BMW Z4 from the outside...
Paul Jamieson
Paul Jamieson 3 hours ago
This is actually a cheap BMW Z4 ... But with a base price of $85k, I am not sure you can call it cheap!!
claude arseneault
claude arseneault 3 hours ago
Cancelling the buffeting is easy. Crack the opposite window.
Death Locker
Death Locker 3 hours ago
sad that a newer lexus would smoke this supra and it has a toyota motor 😑
Death Locker
Death Locker 3 hours ago
Richard Schlecker
Richard Schlecker 3 hours ago
Why does the license plate on the car say Texas
Richard Schlecker
Richard Schlecker 3 hours ago
The reason people have a problem with BMW building part of the Supra is that the super I used to be like Toyota's car and now it's basically just a BMW and not really a true Toyota Supra remix sing
musicluv80 3 hours ago
They should call it "BMW Supra." I think that Toyota made a mistake with this one. Yes, BMW cars are great but people who loved Supra want Toyota version of Supra rather it is good or bad.
kokumaru 4 hours ago
car manufacturers are trolls ...
Karl Abilo
Karl Abilo 4 hours ago
Just like movies, nothing can beat the original
Johnny's Garage
Johnny's Garage 4 hours ago
i like that its not like the nix and gtr bc the price point is more attainable ny more ppl and it has enough power to be fun, i like that they didn't attempt to make the fastest car, its not necessary, its a great car the way it is. and I'm sure they'll have a better supra after a year or two
MyMuschilover 4 hours ago
That's like a pieced together bustard child of two automakers trying to save money and at the same time a lego kit for aftermarket companies to make extra junk for it that could have been there right out of the factory. BMW parts made in Poland??!!! in a toyota.
J H 4 hours ago
Ouch OUCH OUCH MY BALLS HURT. IT'S A AUTOMATIC...........................
グール 4 hours ago
It's not the fact that bmw doesn't know how to make a sports car. It's that their cars in general break at the slightest sign of wear and tear.
HeroicSultan 4 hours ago
Listen Toyota... GM tried the whole “change the body and the badges” thing twenty years ago. How did that turn out? Oh, they just had to kill off half of their companies, that’s all.
Sharaznx 4 hours ago
This is NOT 2020 toyota supra, its bmw z4.
Justin Jamison
Justin Jamison 4 hours ago
get your new overpriced and ridiculously unreliable bmw, but with toyota badges!
StayFocused 4 hours ago
2020 Supra just got wrecked by Doug....and that's just fine.
B TL 4 hours ago
Thanks for not being a sycophant Doug !!
B TL 4 hours ago
Thanks for not being a sycophant Doug !!
B TL 4 hours ago
Thanks for not being a sycophant Doug !!
ShitFilledHand 5 hours ago
This is the car equivalent to game makers who make a game and say "hm well modders will fix it"
Phil King
Phil King 5 hours ago
If this is going to be the base car then they should probably call it the Celica? Oh, and the thing most likely to kill you in this Supra is your luggage!
Darin Keithley
Darin Keithley 5 hours ago
It's actually pretty smart. Keep the cost of the car down making it more affordable for more range of people. Then people with less means can upgrade at their own reasonable pace. Kudos Toyota
Lee Sale
Lee Sale 5 hours ago
The radiator brace holes left for tuners! Haha! More like holes from the Z4 radiator braces likely deleted for a cost savings. Wow. Total loss of respect for Toyota on that. I'm sure there are plenty of great engineers at Toyota that were not happy with rebadging a BMW. Why not just put out a celica/supra based on the corolla or camry. Something Toyota would get respect for as their own. Of course now everyone that wants a cheaper Z4 can get one and put BMW badges back on it.
Jacob Griffin
Jacob Griffin 5 hours ago
This sports car has a cleft
Roman Galda
Roman Galda 5 hours ago
I dont know, im not Toyota fan or anything like that but i like the car. But 50k ? i think i will jump to M2 instead.
Jacob Griffin
Jacob Griffin 5 hours ago
Bmw supra. Buy extra oil
Jean Dechoudens
Jean Dechoudens 5 hours ago
This is by far the biggest Japan disgraced ever... What a way to kill a icon..
SendTorquez 5 hours ago
At least make manual optional smh. A supra isn't a supra without a manual. I don't understand how they would make a corolla manual but no manual supra is kinda wack
Chris Mills
Chris Mills 5 hours ago
It’s not good enough I fucking hate you people. Be great full you dum millennials. Mommy and Daddy didn’t pay enough.
Chris Mills
Chris Mills 5 hours ago
Winnie bitch.
kninzo tagoni
kninzo tagoni 5 hours ago
80 k for the entry level.... Nope
geo g
geo g 5 hours ago
Doug argues that BMW builds M-series cars so because they build them , we should trust a normal de-tuned BMW Z4 to carry on the performance to the Supra nameplate. Lol that’s like me saying that the Infiniti Q30 has the potential to be a great car because Mercedes builds AMG cars.. it doesn’t.
geo g
geo g 6 hours ago
Toyota better leave all those empty vents for an actual Toyota engine. If it’s a bmw Chassis so be it ..
AlphaCreative 6 hours ago
I bought a tire so I can let tuning companys build a car around it
Angie Slayton
Angie Slayton 6 hours ago
MyrON Gain3s
MyrON Gain3s 6 hours ago
Looks like a mazda miata
MyNameIzJordan 6 hours ago
Do those subwoofers in the hatch come with a consumer model?
TheAphaux 6 hours ago
fat german 86
Bertold Szekeres
Bertold Szekeres 6 hours ago
ThiiiiiiSsss is the...
OctoMan PC's
OctoMan PC's 6 hours ago
So Toyota...COUGH, COUGH...BMW Cares MORE about the aftermarket than their customers?!
deth bounnhingyong
deth bounnhingyong 6 hours ago
Ugly as fuck. Looks like a dam frikin Mazda. Mazda rear end BMW front end z4
sranjesuper 6 hours ago
Auto car companies work together, that's why none of them ever outpace each other by more than 10% . There is hidden deals behind all of this. If Toyota made a real supra again, it would blow every other German car out of the war for 1. Reliability 2. Race Performance. Nobody would buy a M3 or M4 when you could get a Supra 2020, with better performance and even 10x better reliability that Toyota is known for. Kind of like the Nissan GTR when it came out. That would end up bad for the Germans, so they have to throw in their 2 cents. This is how the WORLD works folks, this is not just Auto Companies, but everything from technology to medicine. The Big Zionist companies run the world and dictate who gets to do what. That's why they put a BMW engine in it.
Juan Calderon
Juan Calderon 7 hours ago
U mean to tell me that u took a picture back in 1994 with a supra? Hogwash, u looked for an owner in 2019 with an old original Supra and took a picture.
MultiPissTank 7 hours ago
Reminds of the episode when Homer designs a car that bankrupts his brother company.
Devon Tomkinson
Devon Tomkinson 7 hours ago
So do you go to a BMW or Toyota service centre?
trinhkets 7 hours ago
Nope. Not a supra. It has a German BMW engine.
Mrcoddy 7 hours ago
I think the "Toyota" part of this car is their competitive price point, which seems like a fair trade off
Greg Huston
Greg Huston 7 hours ago
Junk! The Lexus LFA was the real Supra replacement. Although this car is cheaper than a 1998 Turbo Auto *(the 1998 would be about $62K in today's money). Worry about reliablity? Um YEAH! The reliability of BMWs since the 1990s is questionable at best; hence the reason BMW was offering free maintenance a few years ago! Bullshit on the having to partner with another mfg'r; Nissan GT-R is all I have to say
Videogametourist 7 hours ago
Take a shot every time he says "Tuning Companies"
Playtime Hulot
Playtime Hulot 7 hours ago
Because its 2/3 a german car, I must say it in german: I would call it "Eiterbeule".11:33 It looks like a real Supra after a wasp attack. Sorry, my opion. The designers must smoke bad dope or simply too much!
noname69 request
noname69 request 7 hours ago
The new supra is going to depreciate like a BMW
Deborah chesser
Deborah chesser 7 hours ago
Porsche designed Harley’s V-rod motor big deal, same thing. I wish Toyota would have consulted Yamaha on this.
Emmanuele Infante
Emmanuele Infante 7 hours ago
Tuning Companies counter please
Ethan Huntington
Ethan Huntington 7 hours ago
love it.
Astrix321 7 hours ago
Nice BMW Z4..
Annie Rawr
Annie Rawr 7 hours ago
It does sound good tho, ngl
Down_ Shift
Down_ Shift 7 hours ago
See....I was bout to get a Charger 392, but imma gone get that Supra on these bitch ass niggas.. They don't know nun bout this right chere 😎👌🏽🙏🏽
Robert Williams
Robert Williams 7 hours ago
He is Quentin Tarantino little brother lol 😂
Tom Q
Tom Q 8 hours ago
Toyota should be ashamed of this pathetic excuse of a Supra..
Michael O'Keefe
Michael O'Keefe 8 hours ago
Automatic transmissions SUCKS! Get that shit out of the new Supra and put in a manual!
Woodley Victor
Woodley Victor 8 hours ago
So, this is a BMW. smh? An insult to The Original Supra!
MeloStep 8 hours ago
why are you gay
Aaron Boitz
Aaron Boitz 8 hours ago
Once he said it has a bmw engine.. kinda killed it for me.. is it even Toyota anymore... like come out w a 3jz or somethin cmon
Bun-n-cheese 8 hours ago
The funny thing is most of the haters didnt even like the original until fast and furious.
Fx Rousselot
Fx Rousselot 8 hours ago
Meanwhile there’s a 400HP Toyota engine in the new Lotus...
Gayln Grube
Gayln Grube 8 hours ago
how long before someone 2JZ swaps one? Or how long before rob dahm rotary swaps?
Gayln Grube
Gayln Grube 8 hours ago
how long before someone 2JZ swaps one? Or how long before rob dahm rotary swaps?
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