Here's Why Norman Fell Left Three's Company Behind

Dave Sundstrom
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He didn't want to do it! He really didn't! But after the third season of Three's Company, Norman Fell and Audra Lindley left their hit TV series. Watch this video to learn more about their decision and what happened next!
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Aug 21, 2019




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Comments 2 579
Pete Faggen
Pete Faggen 6 months ago
Great video. Huge, huge 3's company fan. Ritter is my all time favorite actor. I still mourn his passing. ... About the Ropers, I think if you judge something by what you remember... then I remember the Ropers way more than Ferley. And that's not a knock on Knotts. He did a great job and the writers were smart with his character. Worked very well... But the Ropers on Three's Company was pure gold. One of the best shows of all time! To me, 3's Company is the gold standard of humor -- the misunderstandings... ..Fell was a comedic genius, especially as he sometimes hid under the covers from a pursuing Lindley. lol
Brian Haskins
Brian Haskins Month ago
When you watch a show every week, week after week after week, especially when you're a child or a teenager, it's like you begin to know the characters. You learn of their likes, their dislikes (if any), their hopes (if any), and their fears (if any). It's almost like they become a friend of yours and you get used to seeing them regularly. I liked Don Knotts as Deputy Barney Fife on The Andy Griffith Show, I respected Don Knotts and enjoyed his humor, but when it comes to Three's Company --- Forgeddaboutit!!! --- the Stanley and Helen Roper characters were funnier than the Ralph Furley character. By themselves, John Ritter and Norman Fell were good actors who could carry their roles, but put them together and you've got comedic dynomite. It's the same with Andy Griffith and Don Knotts, Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy, Bud Abbott and Lou Costello, Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis, etc. John Ritter and Norman Fell worked great together. May John Ritter, Norman Fell, Audra Lindley, Don Knotts, and the others I've mentioned who've passed away rest in peace.
Patrick Wentzell
@Dave Sundstrom there is nothing wrong with continued morning over the death of others. my mother died of cancer and I will allow myself to grieve over it. I don't wanna be miserable forever but I don't want to stop being sad about it. there are some things I just will not get over and that's all.but won't stop me from enjoying life.
Dave Sundstrom
Dave Sundstrom Month ago
@Erich Von Molder Solid comment and an interesting question to pose. I guess what I was trying to say, besides agreeing with Pete, is that when I see John on TV (Three's Company or something else), I feel badly that we lost him so soon. I do believe that he was a talented comedic actor and I, personally, enjoyed watching him both on TV and in movies. Hero at Large is one of my favorite films. Thanks again for the comment and eliciting such a healthy debate around the topic of "mourning" a celebrity.
Beholden 1
Beholden 1 Month ago
Willie Gordon you said it well. I’m 52 and nostalgia for me is the mid and late 1970’s when I was kid with less responsibilities. But on reality the 70’s was a decade of turbulence such as gas Lines, and political problems. I notice many millennials are nostalgic for the 1990’s and even early 2000’s. Its all relative. Young people say that today’s time with so much social media is such a tough and depressing time to be alive but in 25 -30 years from now people will have nostalgia for 2019 and onwards as the “ good old days”
Beholden 1
Beholden 1 Month ago
Willie Gordon agreed one most likely should not at all feel sadder when a celebrity dies than a personal family member or friend but people do feel sad when some celebrities they admired for many years pass on. But it’s not the same generally as a personal relative.
Tracy Whitt
Tracy Whitt Day ago
I liked both shows. 😁
E.L. S.
E.L. S. 3 days ago
Norman Fell was an underrated character actor. He is missed.
Willie Palma
Willie Palma 3 days ago
Three's Company was more funn With Don knotts.. every night at 7pm that show with Don Knotts was a huge moment time with coffee and cookies..🤗♥️🌹🌹🌹
Nicole Davis
Nicole Davis 3 days ago
I love this show growing up!!!!
Where is Waldo
Where is Waldo 3 days ago
John Ritter was my first man crush
Tracey Blake
Tracey Blake 3 days ago
Big big part of my childhood..love it then and love it now 💯♥️
James Tamburo
James Tamburo 3 days ago
I watch the Ropers in reruns I love it
James Tamburo
James Tamburo 3 days ago
Man the show sucked when Norman Audra Susanne Jennliee left
Gerald Balciar Jr
I also favored Janet.
Tony Montresor
Tony Montresor 3 days ago
I agree with your assessment on Janet. Never liked Suzanne Somers at all. In fact, a friend once asked me to rank the women on *Three's Company* and I put Janet at the top and Krissy at the bottom, beneath Mrs. Roper and Firley.
Riva Ewing
Riva Ewing 4 days ago
A great show !!
Michael Hartman
Michael Hartman 4 days ago
I give 3's company 4 star's. The Ropers I give 2.75. It was fair. The reason it failed was the supporting cast sucked. Plus the Ropers were window dressing. Great as part of a larger cast not the main event. Much like Knotts.
Andri AA
Andri AA 4 days ago
I like Mr. Roper and Mr. Furley. Sorry, Norman Fell got the short end though.
Richard Smith
Richard Smith 5 days ago
I was a huge Don Knots fan but when he took over for Norman he didn’t really replace with the same dynamic. So I stopped watching!
Dave Sundstrom
Dave Sundstrom 5 days ago
Totally agree that it was different without the Ropers around.
dukejason 5 days ago
Threes company is a classic, thanks for the video.
Ropers for life
Bettie Lewis
Bettie Lewis 5 days ago
Jack is one of my all time fav!
Andrew Chadaranek
Loved the Ropers!
Code Red
Code Red 5 days ago
Gay. I thought jack was try mac to chicks
Brian 6 days ago
The Ropers were far the best combination. I like Don Knotts very much in other shows especially in Incredible Mr. Limpet.
Kelly Cranford
Kelly Cranford 6 days ago
I never cared for Norman Fell, he always reminded me of a big pervert. And I'll probably get hate replies for that comment, but I can't help how I felt.
Ralph Williams
Ralph Williams 6 days ago
So ABC did them dirty smh proves that u need to go on ur 1st instinct
Bryan Jensen
Bryan Jensen 6 days ago
How to kill a sitcom in one sentence: "We're moving you to a new time slot."
JaekRiel DGX
JaekRiel DGX 6 days ago
I also thought Janet (Joyce DeWitt) was cuter....thought i was the only one.....Anyway - can you please tell me the song you have playing in the background? I recognize it, but don't know/remember what it is.....? Thanks in advance...
to G
to G 6 days ago
He made the show funny.and he could give a look that would make you laugh.
pappagetti 2009
pappagetti 2009 7 days ago
My name is Furl and I'm the owner of the building/I'm a stoner and I'm chillin' with two bitches like jack...
Marcia Boland
Marcia Boland 8 days ago
I LOVED Three's Company! I feel like The Bundys were inspired by the Ropers too.
David Marsden
David Marsden 8 days ago
I LOVED the Ropers on Three's Company!! They had such great chemistry with each other and with Jack, Janet, Chrissy and Larry!
RadRich 8 days ago
My dad was similar, but thankfully this show came on Tuesday which was his bowling league night. At 8pm was Happy Days and he wouldn't let us watch that (when he occasionally didn't bowl, which was rare) because of what he went through with racism in the 50's. He said there was nothing 'happy' about that time and to turn that 'crap' off.
JSB103 8 days ago
I remember Norman Fell from 'The Graduate,' the film that put Dustin Hoffman on the map, where incidentally, Fell played a similar role as in Three's Company.
Schön 8 days ago
Mr. Roper: "Not tonite, Helen. I've got a terrible headache." Mrs. Roper: "Aw, Stanley. You've had a headache for twenty-five years." Mr. Roper: "For once, you're finally right about something!" *then looks directly into the camera*
The Bear
The Bear 9 days ago
Mr Roper was second only to Jack ,on the show
stangmaster 2
stangmaster 2 9 days ago
Norman Fell was a serious actor befor this show. He played a Police supervisor bent on getting Steve McQueen (Lt. Frank Bullitt) off the SFPD, in the movie "BULLITT." usvid.net/video/video-Ovyfd29a1ik.html
Don T
Don T 10 days ago
I prefer Mr Furley. The Roepers we're annoying.
Michael Quintana
Michael Quintana 10 days ago
a very funny show....
Safety First
Safety First 10 days ago
Loved both shows. Never knew, till know, what was behind all that. Interesting....and sad. But, thank u for the info. I was a kid then, but still watch the reruns on Antenna and Me tv. What wonderful memories
Rita Swann
Rita Swann 10 days ago
Liked the Ropers. Did not care for 3's company !!!!
Ritsuka 11 days ago
Chrissy was so pretty in season one but in later seasons when she got those bangs she looked meh, that and her stupid personality ruined her.
Lynn m. Zeeryp
Lynn m. Zeeryp 11 days ago
Love Both the Roper's & 3's Company !!! :) used to watch them All the Time when they Showed it. I Never Laughed so hard when I was a kid. They were Definitely Awesome !!! :)
oscar bell
oscar bell 11 days ago
Hey now!!!
Mr Blue Roads
Mr Blue Roads 11 days ago
when suzanne left i left
Mr.Punchy 11 days ago
Love both of the shows! Be nice to see them pop up somewhere on Roku.
Ricky Battle
Ricky Battle 12 days ago
I liked the Ropers on Three's Company, they were great. Don Knott's didn't fit quite right to me on the show, he was great as Barney Fife on The Andy Griffith Show but wasn't quite right for Three's Company because the Ropers already made the show there's, they were great!
Matthew Leonard .
Matthew Leonard . 12 days ago
I really injoy both shows! The changed t.v.'s way of thinking. Thank You...
KingRandor82 12 days ago
Funny about Norman Fell's final appearance....just like how Don Knotts' final appearance before he died was as Mr. Furly on That '70s Show...with his final line being utterly perfect: "for once, why can't you just be talking about sex?!!!!!!!!!!"
Rg Webb
Rg Webb 12 days ago
Three's Company is one of my favorites. Born in 77 so I caught the show in re-runs. I like both the Ropers and Furley era but much prefer Mr. Furley. Larry got more involved, without the Ropers, and that made for predictable, yet still hilarious storylines. The Ropers show was alright but watching Jeffrey Tambor is tough for me. Something about his appearance, during that time, and character gives me the chills. So creepy.
TheGrungy1 13 days ago
I loved when he broke the 4th wall. And well he was correct in his assessment.
Anthony C Brown
Anthony C Brown 14 days ago
Norman Fell and Audra Lindley were Three's Company BUT they needed 'the kids' to create the crazy antics.
Anna Marie
Anna Marie 14 days ago
Love the Ropers!
blackcummer1 15 days ago
I miss that show so so much
CarloisBuriedAlive 15 days ago
I would watch Three’s Company reruns from a really young age and all of the sexuality went right over my head lol.
IcePrincess751 16 days ago
I gotta say that the Ropers were awesome,but I absolutely LOVED Mr. Furley!😁I was a huge fan of The Andy Griffith Show,and Don Knotts was hilarious as Deputy Barney Fife.His portrayal of the Ralph Furley character was just amazing.😃
Nick Viola
Nick Viola 16 days ago
They were both Great on Three's Company! Sad they got the shitty end of the stick. My they R.i.p
TheJohno95 16 days ago
I, like, you, came from a very conservative background. I don't think my parents were even aware of the show, because it was airing on a channel we couldn't get. I did start watching it in second grade when it started showing up in reruns. And my Mom had to give me the talk about what homosexuality was. And....It wasn't really a big deal. I didn't understand it, so she couldn't have cared less if I watched it or not. As long as it wasn't bothering me one way or another, it didn't bother her. As I got older, I enjoyed the show. And as much as I like Don Knotts, losing the Ropers was huge for that show. I saw the reruns of the Ropers, and even though it was a good show, it just felt like when Fonzie took over on Happy Days. The funny bit characters are awesome in their short little appearances. But making the show about them takes the mystique away and makes it kind of boring. I also preferred Janet to the multitude of blondes. Give me a smart woman any day of the week over the brain dead ones. I always thought she was hot, too. And, honestly, I've always been kind of baffled that Tom Ritter never became a bigger mainstream movie star. Yeah, he was a great comic actor. But he could play serious well, too. I guess Hollywood just wouldn't throw that many serious leading roles his way. At least he got plenty of work in the comedy world.
Joanna Edwards
Joanna Edwards 17 days ago
I didn't like watching 3 company when the Ropers left the show and brung Don knots to the show it wasn't that funny anymore 2 me
Joanna Edwards
Joanna Edwards 17 days ago
I used to 😍 watching 3 company and the ropers and I really enjoyed watching how Stanley used to call Jack twinkle 🔔 bell every time he saw Jack tripper
david williams
david williams 17 days ago
I thought Three's Company was. Kind of trashy cheap comedy, never understood. It didn't enjoy it in The Ropers even less. Sorry. Those were two shows. I never cared for
calee4nyaboy 17 days ago
Mrs. Roper was always complaining that Stanley wouldn't do her...lol
PS3GamerSyKe 17 days ago
Great video. That Roper smile is definitely classic XD
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