Help Let Me Go

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Help Let Me Go · Danny Gonzalez
Help Let Me Go
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Released on: 2019-08-16
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Aug 16, 2019




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Comments 1 715
Crystal 4 days ago
no one talks about how good he is at drawing
Maria jona
Maria jona 5 days ago
This gave me cancer:)
S1lo3 17 days ago
Ooooh that video he was so happy and those stupid dudes just runned away
Praxina TheVitta
Praxina TheVitta 19 days ago
StOp kIdnApPinG mE!1!!
Praxina TheVitta
Praxina TheVitta 19 days ago
0:28 That "haaa" at the background... Danny's voice is really pleasant to listen to 😭👌
Hailey Beans
Hailey Beans 21 day ago
Oh shit, I thought this was by Drew.
Potterhead 24 days ago
Why does this melody reminds me of Thank you next?
Eftenie Raisa
Eftenie Raisa 27 days ago
This is Better then dentro de mi change my mind if you dont know what dentro de mi is look it up
butter _s
butter _s Month ago
(jesus christ)
xXNikoTheDeerXx Month ago
Friend: So, whats your favourite song? Me: Well it's a little complicated...
Ha Ha
Ha Ha Month ago
dammit danny this is a bop
The Immortal Sun-kun
He made that cover art in Paint. What a legend.
always a real b!tch
I fr sway,bounce, and vibe to this ✨
awesomo9 Month ago
Hellup Me Pleas!
KnightEix Month ago
this song is really good but i cant understand for the life of me what its supposed to be about
Dassah Adeliyi
Dassah Adeliyi Month ago
Ryder Harris
Ryder Harris Month ago
What a banger
Ice Turtle
Ice Turtle Month ago
This is my my new favourite of Danny’s songs
Robert Sendelbach
Ok dope
Ambrose Curtis
Ambrose Curtis Month ago
hell ya dolphin man
Kxalbra Month ago
I never thought Danny would make some awesome music **aggressively saves every song to music playlist**
here to get wooshed
here to get wooshed 2 months ago
He was just a dolphin Swimming in the sea With his dolphin friends Happy as can be Until one day he went Adventure on to land And he got bitten by A radioactive man Now he's dolphin man Half dolphin, half man Hear him screech at night Cuz he just wants a friend He'll be quite a fright If you run in to him In the dark abandoned house Where he lives Ohh You know he may come off strong But he's not what he seems If he ever catches you You can bet that you'll scream Like Help, let me go Help, let me go Help, let me go Let me go tonight You'll scream Help, let me go Help, let me go Help, let me go Stop kidnapping me She was just a lady Not a care in the world 'Till she saw some grown men Kidnapping a girl She said Help, let me go So she sprung into action Then she looked right at a neckless And became Scarlett Johansson Then she kicked all their asses Varli, savior of the masses Don't know where that neckless came from Love more, hate less, that's the message Dolphin man saw her on TV And gave her a call They formed the best crime-fighting team In the world Ohh Then they saved the president From an alien race It was all over the news He was screaming in space Like Help, let me go Help, let me go Help, let me go Let me go tonight He said Help, let me go Help, let me go Help, let me go Stop kidnapping me Help, let me go Help, let me go Help, let me go Let me go tonight He said Help, let me go Help, let me go Help, let me go Stop kidnapping me
Seashell Bunny
Seashell Bunny 2 months ago
This is my ringtone
Dark Stark
Dark Stark 2 months ago
Me *gets kidnapped* Also me 0:49
julia xx
julia xx 2 months ago
lol look up pink suburbia by ieuan
Josie S.
Josie S. 2 months ago
*_I set this as my alarm and I'm waiting for my mom to wake up and hear it_*
iicxrla 3 months ago
Just imagine having one line in your head to the point where you have to make a whole song towards the line.
Eddie’s Cup Of Tea
egg mina
egg mina 3 months ago
This is art True art
breezily 3 months ago
I like how USvid made an auto-generated channel with Danny as the topic.
Sumeya Aidrus
Sumeya Aidrus 3 months ago
puppermynt 3 months ago
How the fuck it this man able to genuinely low-key like a song about a fictional dolphin/human saving the world? I am a teenager. H O W ? ! ? !
TheMarshCat 3 months ago
Meme The Fox
Meme The Fox 3 months ago
Man I've never related to a song more in my life! I love dolphins! PLEASE HELP THEY HAVE MY WIFE
zoe alana
zoe alana 3 months ago
katherine is uwu
katherine is uwu 4 months ago
Celebrities: *spend millions on an album cover photo shoot* Danny: **QUICK MeMoS**
mArgaux acr
mArgaux acr 4 months ago
this weirdly slaps
maple ass
maple ass 4 months ago
• [ C u p i d ] •
I’m gonna just blast this song in class
caleb post
caleb post 4 months ago
Danny i haven't listen to a song on repeat for awhile but you got me on it. I turned on notifications also so keep throwin them out brother
Umaru Umaru
Umaru Umaru 4 months ago
That laugh at the end of the song is the same stock laugh they use in the beginning of Party In My Iggy, but in that song its slowed down slightly.
King Shrek’s Swamp
This is 1 second shorter then the music video
the puppet is hyped
the puppet is hyped 4 months ago
Makes me mad >:[
Hydrast 4 months ago
U copying someone ;-;
Ruele Garridigan
Ruele Garridigan 4 months ago
Damn this song is liiit🔥🔥 and I'm saying this about a song about a radioactive dolphin and black widows super twin
Ben Kellard
Ben Kellard 4 months ago
Truly a sad story for the ages
Chloe Beaumont
Chloe Beaumont 4 months ago
I actually bop to this daily
thefortnitemusketer s
Arielle Franks
Arielle Franks 4 months ago
I’m so happy tik tok didn’t steal that song 😤💀❤️
Ryan Ross
Ryan Ross 4 months ago
This song already exists it’s pink suburbia by ieuan so is this a parody?
Lady Madonna
Lady Madonna 5 months ago
Danny is actually a good singer
Mac Wilson
Mac Wilson 5 months ago
I listen to this while on break at work
Oxey Ushe
Oxey Ushe 5 months ago
Danny is crazyyyyyyy 😂
Casper Nerving
Casper Nerving 5 months ago
well boys we did it kidnapping is no more
instant ramen :3
instant ramen :3 5 months ago
XD this is the best thing ever
Umaru Umaru
Umaru Umaru 5 months ago
A Trevor Henderson cryptid and a JoJo character save an orange
ozzy 919
ozzy 919 5 months ago
Why is this song actually good
Fiddleluk Munch Munch
I am VERY sick to the point where I feel like I'm dying but this song actually helped with my migraine.
Jaxel 2103
Jaxel 2103 5 months ago
Me: *walks into class wearing full black and a serious face* my headphones: *playing this banger*
9 year old Stuff :P
9 year old Stuff :P 5 months ago
Evan my 60 year old nanny is dancing
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