He Challenged ME To Play The HARDEST Bassline EVER

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I went on Fiverr and paid bass players to create the HARDEST Bass Riffs Ever...
The challenge? I had to play them all.
Who did the best job?! Leave a comment NOW
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Sep 9, 2019




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Comments 21 027
Davie504 5 months ago
*Slap* like or I will steal and delete your minecraft account... and then *SLAP* you
Thermoplaye φ
Thermoplaye φ Month ago
Slap me daddy
Cade Graal
Cade Graal Month ago
Viet Cuong Vu
Viet Cuong Vu Month ago
Davie504 But I don’t have a minecraft account.
Ziad Tariq
Ziad Tariq 2 months ago
I like ur cringe it suits u
Adrian Laulajainen
Adrian Laulajainen 4 months ago
yamuna e
yamuna e Hour ago
Come on, you really look as if you didn't eat for 2 days. Buy you really got talent.... You are fit for an announcer in airport "please slap you partner passenger because that guy has been sleeping slapping with his bass".
ChordMusic2 Hour ago
Don't have a Minecraft account
Lewis 2 hours ago
Slapp like now on this comment for more epical comments ,subscribe now to davie504
Anime games
Anime games 4 hours ago
crkrcksteady 9 hours ago
Why does he look like he constantly has the flu in every video?
Allo Ca Va
Allo Ca Va 9 hours ago
The pro sounds better than Davie
Chhuanawma F1s
Chhuanawma F1s 10 hours ago
Ebby H
Ebby H 11 hours ago
'the S L A P P part was easy" "it was very hard"
Brennan Pederson
Brennan Pederson 13 hours ago
quintuple camera guy's riff was kinda similar to Southbound Pachyderm by Primus
David Davis
David Davis 13 hours ago
I think this challenge will be EPIC... it will be so Epic that the loser will take one hour of bass lessons from the winner and posted on both channels... I know they already challenged before but a rematch would be EPIC
Wyatt {
Wyatt { 18 hours ago
I usually like to use a red and yellow popper in the small pools but I've recently switched to 20 lb line with a purple salamander. Thatsa how I slap de Bass
mathew thomas
mathew thomas 19 hours ago
3 minutes of cool stuff
Anonymous 21 hour ago
Lmao!!! 12:29 you see him Look at camera after realizing that was Hard 🤣.. "he used, -Dis Technique " im laughing !
Regina.campos Cam
Regina.campos Cam 23 hours ago
You can play a rosalia song like fire bird please
Алена Храбрая
I'm not sure, if it's important for jazz, I'm more about "death metal" i.e. hard rock etc. Your playing sounds like mess against what these players did... As if you rendered notes and how you recognized "techniques", but it's still not the music guys provided you. Again, I'm not sure, if it's important for particular music style, but probably if I buy some CD with jazz-rock or maybe "fusion", it would be the difference between albums I buy and albums i would never buy. Still, video is very good, I like most of "bass lines" you bought!
Joshua Santhumayor
Video starts at 4:11 thank me later😅😅
rippoxxx Day ago
The dude is funny..
Chus 78
Chus 78 Day ago
Davie i guess you can slapp my comentó and give it a 💝
Chus 78
Chus 78 Day ago
Well let’s see?
Boxed In Gaming
Slapppppppped the liek butt-on too hard
Harmel Basaysay
I think the best is bassist number 8, because the bass riff that he made was so good he forgot to send it
Desiree Trieu
I just found him randomly? I don't even know how...
Kliff justine Tumlos
Bassist #7 is probably a Filipino HAHAHA
Zakary Lauzier
Scott Conger
Scott Conger Day ago
I just SLAPPED, yeah im a slapper.
Josh Lee
Josh Lee Day ago
37 dollars was amazing in my opinion. He's probably also a pro
Lonewolf 2 days ago
"That was really really hard" the little kid in the comments says, HEHE THATS WHAT SHE SAID
Daniel David Hinkle
Davie says "hard" but how the hell is he making it look so easy?
SubZero 2 days ago
PrlmNT 2 days ago
this nigga funny af
Firman Syah
Firman Syah 2 days ago
Review chenel ALIP BA TA. form is Indonesia
Checkov HD
Checkov HD 2 days ago
definitly number 9!!!
Indus S
Indus S 2 days ago
what’s with glove guy? why the glove?
Loren Collins
Loren Collins 2 days ago
12:26 it was at this moment he knew..... He FuCkEd up 😂
DaxInvader 2 days ago
12:37 had me rolling. This is epico
Stéphane Ehouman
When you have no personality so you rely on video editing
danica ramirez
danica ramirez 2 days ago
Shu Yi
Shu Yi 3 days ago
The content and video is epic !
Nyethewolves kid
Nyethewolves kid 3 days ago
Max 3 days ago
Two last guys
xDZx GameZ
xDZx GameZ 3 days ago
1 last second in this video is the best omg that he ever made
Kid Crool
Kid Crool 3 days ago
I don’t play bass, but the dry humor has me coming back 😂
Eric Datuin
Eric Datuin 3 days ago
Davie. See if you can challenge John Taylor from Duran Duran & John Deacon from Queen & Sting from the Police a bass battle.
Dr Rowl
Dr Rowl 3 days ago
7 dollar guy best for the price. most expensive guy played the hardest one though
That'sCaliForYa 3 days ago
I will slap like to help you davie
kuroclown 3 days ago
Monica Campos
Monica Campos 3 days ago
Chef316 3 days ago
Charles killed it!
AMAZING IDEAS 3 days ago
Puoi insegnarmi a suonare il basso?
WichOMG 3 days ago
Very impressive but u can play that rift on smallest bass?
Triggarious 3 days ago
Slap that 🅱️ass
Jon S
Jon S 4 days ago
78$ had the best sound
Allan Sola
Allan Sola 4 days ago
1v1 bass battle
Bloxistic 4 days ago
🅱️ A S S
The Infinity Pig
The Infinity Pig 4 days ago
D3rPyBØT 4 days ago
Apo Knott
Apo Knott 4 days ago
How many times did you need to practice before watch of your takes?
smokey Kitten123
smokey Kitten123 4 days ago
Sentepiral camera guy
Giovanni Coutinho
Im disappointed, you used the pick proof: 9:32
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