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This has been one of the most requested questions by you guys, so I finally got the courage to ask people. I don't know why I was so scared to ask this question, I guess I thought maybe it was a little too personal. Love is a touchy subject and when it comes to heart break I feel like most of us feel that people don't want to share their personal experience... but, once again I was proven wrong. The people who participated were more than willing to share their stories. A big THANKS to all of them :]
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Nov 27, 2017

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Thoraya Maronesy
Thoraya Maronesy 8 months ago
If you have a suggestion for a question I should ask strangers please direct message me on Instagram: @thor.aya
Ka-ppo 2 months ago
Have u ever loved someone while you're with someonelse...
baily burkett
baily burkett 2 months ago
Thoraya Maronesy You should totally ask how you define love?
I'm Beni, Actually
I'm Beni, Actually 2 months ago
First of, thank you for making such beautiful videos. Question: Practicality aside, what leisurely activity would you do everyday?
Kelly Connolly
Kelly Connolly 3 months ago
Ever been generalized in a negative way?
Eric hill
Eric hill 3 months ago
Can you make a video about the worst thing stranger's have did to people that they regret ?
kalekold 7 hours ago
I think you need to zoom in a little closer!
Back 2 Bass
Back 2 Bass Day ago
When I was in my freshman year of high school I met a girl who shared a lot of the same interests as me. I ended up falling in love with her. She reluctantly started a relationship with me. We dated for a few months but her parents didn’t approve of us. I was young and I wanted something more physical. So I basically dumped her for her friend cause her best friend lived in my neighborhood. We didn’t end up doing anything because I loved the original girl. I tried to go back to her but she was already with my best friend. I take full responsibility for that. I was foolish and I can admit that. That’s the biggest hard break I’ve gone through get. Which says something cause the girl before her cheated on me with 2 different girls. Yea, I’m hard to love😅. Anyways, I’ve now found someone who loves me and that can keep me happy. We’ve been dating for 2 years and we graduated together.
shaegse Day ago
7:02 - word.
Iffy50 Day ago
The use of "like" in the vocabulary of younger people has gotten completely out of hand.
jay colom
jay colom Day ago
My exgirlfriend broke my heart so bad I had an 11 year relationship I've helped her so many ways and when my mom got sick I've asked her to help me with her only 4 hours 2 days a week and she said no and it tasted like shit cause I raised her 2 sons and treated them as my own and I told her so much that day omg i sometimes hate women cause i feel like they only want what you can provide them and never would do a favor back to you
Fab StillSmokin
Fab StillSmokin 3 days ago
When people u knew since the age of 5 turn on you, and you realize you were being used the whole time. Smh i always kind of knew in the back of my head but thought it was just me. Most of my friends never really liked me, i just had something they wanted at the time.
Pete Louis
Pete Louis 5 days ago
My story was not a significant other, it was my old bestfriend. We would always hangout together and I would always be with him, his wife and kids. As well as their dog. We would always go to shows to watch our favorite bands and mosh together, go to the beach, watch every marvel movie on the release date, talk about everything and just have a great time. He was there for me when my dad passed away and he told me to stay at his house until I felt better. A couple months after my dad passed away, we had planned to go to another show to see his favorite band, I was about to buy the tickets so I send him a text... no reply. I wait thinking he was probably busy so I don't think much of it. 2 days pass and still no response, so I call since we would always talk on the phone... nothing. So I wait again, another day passes so I text him asking if he got the okay from his wife to go... nothing. It has now been two years since I have seen or spoken to him. That still breaks my heart till this day *insert meme*. It's like him and his little family passed away without saying good-bye. I miss my best friend, his kids and his dog so much. I always wish that when I drive home from work one day, I walk in my living room and see him sitting on the couch with his dog and his son there just to say what's up and let me know they miss me as much as I miss them. That would be the best thing ever. But it wouldn't ever happen. One can only wish right? Lol
Maylin Heidtke
Maylin Heidtke 7 days ago
My first heartbreak was from my best friend when I was 15. She decided we weren’t going to be friends anymore.
Steve Zali
Steve Zali 8 days ago
I got helped with my Breakup thanks to those guys FOR FREE: www.surgicalcoaching.net/. Super helpful
woo man
woo man 9 days ago
That message about Jesus was powerful to me. That was what I need to hear. What God has for us will be with us. After a hard heart break I am just resting on the things God has for me and letting go the things he doesn’t.
Phuong Tran
Phuong Tran 9 days ago
'Ive had my heart broken so bad it ripped into million pieces that nobody can mend it", I feel you! I hope every loving heart out there, please keep faith that you can find love again!
Josh 7 days ago
I'm still dealing with the worst heartbreak of my life. Her name was Erica. She and I were together for almost 7 years. We shared and did so much together, we talked about getting married, having a future together, our families loved us, and we never had any serious problems. Perfect strangers who saw us in public said we were an adorable couple. She meant more to me than anything in the world and I really believed she was going to be my wife. Every day I told her how beautiful she was and how much I loved her and she always said the same. Then back in December she and her family went down to Key West for a few days, and while she was down there something changed in her. She came back and all of a sudden she didn't feel the same for me anymore. She ended it and just threw me away. I was completely blindsided and I never thought it was going to happen. I believed with all my being that she was my soul mate. I had been through heartbreak before but this one tore me to shreds. Ever since then I have been battling suicidal thoughts. Show less
Kirsten Crim
Kirsten Crim 9 days ago
Heartbreak is like a demonic spirit in your presence that won't leave... In time your heart slowly comes back together, but those spirits creep up in the darkest hour.. I was 6 months pregnant when my love left without a word , without a letter or any explanation.. If you break a heart please give that person respect and closure .. I never seen there father again.. I have 2 kids with him and he's never even asked for a picture of our new son... Even after all of that call me crazy but I still love him. For everyday when I look in my eldest sons eyes I see him..
J 10 days ago
Does a heart break due to someone who meant the world to u when u mean nth to them..ever heal?
Serena Gudiño
Serena Gudiño 10 days ago
So, basically I ended up with my one year 3 months boyfriend last wednesday and I've been feeling like my world just fell apart. Things were not going on as good as we wanted and we were discussing all the time for the smallest things. The last day I saw him I told him I really wanted to fight for our love because I knew that we could go through everything if we really wanted and supported each other, he told me he couldn't continue and that he'd rather break up our relationship before things turned into something worst... so that's what happened. I still love him so much and I just don't know how to figure things out and continue with my life, how to go to college and see him around and maybe in a while with another girl... Life does not prepare you nor warn you to let go the things you love. And my love for him is so big that I had to have the courage to let him go even though all I wanted was him to stay. Hope life gets better, I'm sure it will.
Madison Lam
Madison Lam 9 days ago
Serena Gudiño going through something similar to that. Please stay strong and know that you have people that love you and support you. ❤️
Grace Merritt
Grace Merritt 11 days ago
Girl at 2:45 sounds like Miley Cyrus lmaooo
Katie Sears
Katie Sears 11 days ago
What is it with people going to Europe and destroying their relationships?
Fucking grass
Fucking grass 11 days ago
The girl that talked about a crush she had that wasn't reciprocal... Bitch, if THAT'S your heartbreak story, you've had a fucking great life. I'm sorry, but that's nothing.
Destiny Vlogs
Destiny Vlogs 11 days ago
"I guess I loved him a little more then he loved me". That one hot way to close to home. its been months. He gave up because i wasnt enough. And to this day i cry every time i see him. Or think about him. Even though he left me
Annabelle Onessi
Annabelle Onessi 11 days ago
This video honestly gave me a lot of hope tonight.
ChillyCloth 12 days ago
Cest La Vie
Cest La Vie 12 days ago
All my life I have been alone, I met him, thought things were going to change and suddenly he stopped loving me and it hurts more than anything now
Shalom Ihemefor
Shalom Ihemefor 16 days ago
Just wish I could get 1 of these guys to love me if any were single 😢
Shalom Ihemefor
Shalom Ihemefor 16 days ago
Yes .. it was crushed .. not just broken ... and I know it can't be fixed
Fairy Alonto
Fairy Alonto 16 days ago
The first girl is so beautiful. They’re all beautiful really, but that girl is just my style.
Ricardo Hernandez
Ricardo Hernandez 16 days ago
Broken yet holding on to nothing. Dated her for 6 years. And 3 weeks ago she told me she wasn't in love with me. 6 years of loving someone and not being loved back it hurted and broke me into infinity pieces. Love her loved her and as much as I want to hate her this love is too strong.
Mollylife 101
Mollylife 101 17 days ago
Just remember, no matter how broken, who destroyed you are, Jesus, will save you if you give him your life
Bella Swan
Bella Swan 18 days ago
yes. its been a year and a half and a part of me can’t let go. he’s in love with another girl now but i’d still do anything for him.
Liskeysi's Life
Liskeysi's Life 19 days ago
Yes.... 😅 two weeks ago, I found out my ex cheated on me with the girl he said not to worry about. His bestfriend told me about it, I started bawling my eyes out in front of a bunch of people, I went to my bsf’s house and had a whole meltdown 😕 I still obviously love him very much... he apologized to me the other day and we’re still friends 🙃 some time things don’t work out, or both just met at the wrong time.... or maybe just needs a second chance but we’re just friends for now.
Gisselle Kordei
Gisselle Kordei 19 days ago
AHH in a heart break rn ahaha damn
noah del rey
noah del rey 19 days ago
Same thing here 😧
Madison Daily
Madison Daily 20 days ago
My heart broke when my cat died in my arms. She showed me unconditional love every day.
pete knicks
pete knicks 9 days ago
Seriously, isn't "that" a contradiction in terms??? Sorry for your loss though.
poweredman 10 days ago
Madison Daily literally the saddest thing i read/heard in this video.
Draco Malfoy
Draco Malfoy 21 day ago
Yes. They told me they liked me back but when a friend asked for me they said they liked me like a friend. That crushed my heart into infinity pieces
John Rabbit
John Rabbit 21 day ago
6:13 this is an alternate version of Donnas love life in that 70’s show
Bloke Masterson
Bloke Masterson 22 days ago
So much face!
barely breathing
barely breathing 22 days ago
i’ve only been heartbroken once but that’s because I’ve been afraid to fall in love again. my first serious boyfriend was when i was 14 and we dated until i was 16. i know some people will say at 14 you don’t know what love is. but that’s not true, the feelings i felt towards him are unexplainable. it still hurts thinking about all the things we said we’d do when we were older, all the plans we had. i guess when you really love a person you’re too busy thinking about all the things you’ll do together and not thinking about how your life would be without them. his feelings for me died though and it really sucks but life’s tough i guess. I’m here 2 years later still missing him but getting stronger everyday without him.
Laura Carter
Laura Carter 22 days ago
The woman who said her son was a heroin addict, her advice was to keep your child under your thumb at all times and know where they're at. That doesn't solve anything, people and especially kids will find a way to do what they want to do no matter what. drug addicts become drug addicts for a reason. There is a pain they are trying to cover, she could have paid more attention to him, figured out what kind of void he was trying to fill.
slimeballz 23 days ago
That last guy gave Real game away. Thanks Thoraya for highlighting what makes Us human. Love and True Light from a subscriber in Skåne sweden.
Michael TM
Michael TM 24 days ago
The only thing that has broken my heart so far in life; my mother doesn't love me. She abused me mentally and physically, let me mutilate myself, and let my step father abuse me without a word. She denied everything, called me a liar, and to this day pretends we are okay. It hurts when the one person who is supposed to love you doesnt. Don't worry kids-and anyone else- we'll get through this together
Sup. 24 days ago
Time heals 💕 Remember that
Tony 25 days ago
i am where 4:33 is at and it hurts...im still talking to this person and don't know where we stand but i hope it works out if not i hope i can move on like her.
Elaine nicholson
Elaine nicholson 25 days ago
Heartbreak is one of the worst feelings a person can feel. I hope i never hurt anyone in my life.
Jakob Lopez
Jakob Lopez 25 days ago
I don’t know how but this video has given me the highest of hope
Lauren Judd
Lauren Judd 27 days ago
When you realize after the mom one that theres more than romance to break your heart... oof. 💔
Olivia 28 days ago
Red hat girl 😭😭😭😭😭
Mj Raaz
Mj Raaz 29 days ago
She really had one of the best man she could ever ask for but left me over petty reason's. She chose her ex finally(I'm not sure but I'm quite positive). It's been almost 2 1/2 year's I still remember her but she wouldn't care for the way I feel anymore. The saddest part is that I have no one to share this with due to complicated reason's and it's been eating me alive. My do have a best friend but she's been going through her own mental breakdown and I just don't want to add that up by sharing her about mine. I've lost tremendous amount of confidence and passion within me towards doing thing's as I remember her everyday. Maybe that is why I'm letting my feelings out in short as possible in USvid comment section. I don't want to be like this and I hope I could get better ASAP.
Dex Trash
Dex Trash Month ago
2:25 oh fuck
Samantha Besson
Samantha Besson Month ago
3:15 I couldn't relate more one of my ex boyfriends were that way we dated at least 5 times since I had a softspot for him he played with my heart everytime and it took every ounce of me to say that I was done falling with his lies I mean we're friends and of course our bond broke but he knows that I don't want to to go out with him anymore but I later found out that he was heartbroken after I told him that and haven't dated since
Samantha Besson
Samantha Besson Month ago
So my ex-boyfriend which was also my longest and first boyfriend he was moving in the summer (so like rn) and he thought it would be better if we broke up 2 months prior to him leaving and what sucked knowing that we still had more time and we could have done long distance but he thought that was the best so I respected it we didn't see talk to each other for 2 months straight until the day before he left we were talking and hanging out making more memories (we broken up by that time) and at one point I looked into his eyes and it looked like he had sorrow and pure happiness but I didn't want to say anything about it So the next day when he left he acted like I didn't even exist like I thought we were cool now because he was my best friend before dating and it hurt to lose him since I lost 2 in 1 but we were right back to square one pretending that the other didn't exist 😭💔
Foster Brent
Foster Brent Month ago
If a seer had told me that my wife will ever come back in my life i wouldn't have believed. her ex from university days came back into her life and started manipulating her mind about our marriage. he would come take my wife out and bring her back late, sometimes she don't come back home for days. this kept on and she finally moved in with him. my wife finally wanted a divorce. i was devastated and desperate that lead me to look for help on online. i was on youtube, and i saw someone commented about a love spell caster. i contacted {W E B S I T E: lovespellsolutiontemple. wordpress. com} {E M A I L : 24hrslovespell @ gmail. com} i explain my situation to the spell caster and he told that he shall return my wife back to her right self and performed a reuniting love spell. After twenty four hours my wife came.
Joost van Dijk
Joost van Dijk Month ago
"But then one day all of a sudden there was a man..." Yes, praise God!
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