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This has been one of the most requested questions by you guys, so I finally got the courage to ask people. I don't know why I was so scared to ask this question, I guess I thought maybe it was a little too personal. Love is a touchy subject and when it comes to heart break I feel like most of us feel that people don't want to share their personal experience... but, once again I was proven wrong. The people who participated were more than willing to share their stories. A big THANKS to all of them :]
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Nov 27, 2017




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Thoraya Maronesy
Thoraya Maronesy 5 months ago
If you have a suggestion for a question I should ask strangers please direct message me on Instagram: @thor.aya
baily burkett
Thoraya Maronesy You should totally ask how you define love?
I'm Beni, Actually
First of, thank you for making such beautiful videos. Question: Practicality aside, what leisurely activity would you do everyday?
Kelly Connolly
Kelly Connolly 15 days ago
Ever been generalized in a negative way?
Eric hill
Eric hill 21 day ago
Can you make a video about the worst thing stranger's have did to people that they regret ?
sarina sound
sarina sound 25 days ago
Maybe you can ask : have you ever felt ugly? why?
Phibbles Day ago
Mine was two months ago, the first boyfriend I had ever had. I was in hospital for two months with one of those months being in a coma. I woke up after the months and he was there, but things were different, like he wouldn’t tell me he loved me and he wouldn’t kiss me, tried to pull away. But he promised me, he promised that he would help me through my healing process that i had to go through and am still going through now. Then on Valentine’s Day, something that I was so psyched up for that I had even made him a small poster with photos of us and a message considering I couldn’t leave the hospital and actually get something, and he rocked up all happy and shit. He gave me chocolates and all that and we had a good laugh and talk until he read my poster and what I wrote about and to him and he sorta just looked at me and was like “I have to tell you something” and I was like huh? And he just said “I don’t love you anymore” and I sorta sat there trying to ponder over what he had said, so I sorta asked when he did and he said during my coma and I just sorta bursted out into tears and I couldn’t really bear to see him so I made him leave me alone. And that was all on Valentine’s Day. And I don’t know why but I stayed with him and he stayed with me. I guess it was because I thought that I could get him to fall in love with me again like some movies I’ve seen. Then the day after I got out of hospital and invited him over for dinner as a celebration, he just sat on my bed and was like “we need to talk about us” and I just bursted into tears because I knew what that meant and I didn’t want to lose him. We left on good terms I guess? Like we’re still friends, and my family hate it and hate him and I can’t stop them from doing that, but he’s always still there for me when I’m feeling like shit and all and I’m still there for me, we just see each other as friends and not romantically. Two days after we broke up he got with a girl he was friends with while he was drunk and he’s been with her ever since and I’m happy for him because she’s a nice girl and he’s happy, it just sorta still hurts. I guess he’ll always have a place in my heart.
7:15 ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
haisnsisks Sjsksnu
I had my first heartbreak two days ago, and I literally feel like the world is ending. This gave me hope, I needed this.
Dog Lover
Dog Lover Day ago
I have never dated, but of course I have had my heart broken. I do have a little crush on a girl who was on my soccer team, and when I realized I was devastated. That was how I realized I was lesbian(or bisexual, this was actually very recent, so I’m not positive), and my feelings had grown so much for her. I feel in love, yet I can’t love her the way I want to because she is straight. And, of course, she doesn’t know that I feel the way I do. She doesn’t talk to me much, obviously, because we’re just friends and we should not have to talk every day. But, I want to, I crave her touch, her voice, her in general, and it’s all just intoxicating. To think that I will never have her breaks my heart. That’s my story. What’s yours?
Thibault Casier
6:26 damnn hard story.. how just one person can emotionally destroy you 💔
Beatrice Kpaku
The man that was suicidal and found Jesus, you'are awesome and so glad to hear that you found Him :)
JustA 2 days ago
Help me. I'm broken 😭
Happy Michie Worriah
Wow jesus mends. 7.19 yes. U look like the rock.
Happy Michie Worriah
6.00 nvm other female
warren n/a
warren n/a 2 days ago
Nice video and very touching ❤️💔
claire n sinnwell
“I just asked her to be faithful” 💔
Yvonne 3 days ago
anyone else watching Thoraya's videos to restore their humanity rn?
Mary Faith Bayer
Mary Faith Bayer 3 days ago
Did anyone hear soldier boy in the first 5 mins
Mara O'Connor
Mara O'Connor 3 days ago
3:48 its not a heartfelt comment but crank that by solja boy is playing and i had to mention it
712 Divinity
712 Divinity 3 days ago
Ive never been broken hearted bc i don't have a heart
iLikecatz 3 days ago
I broke someone’s heart cause I felt worthless. Something deep down made me believe i didn’t deserve their love. My insecurities made me loose one of the people I loved the most. Cause at the end of the day I rather be heartless than showing others I’m broken too.
iLikecatz 3 days ago
I broke someone’s heart cause I felt worthless. Something deep down made me believe i didn’t deserve their love. My insecurities made me loose one of the people I loved the most. Cause at the end of the day I rather be heartless than showing others I’m broken too.
Theodore Roosevelt
It happened three times for me. The third is really crushing me since two years now. It’s been four months since we didn’t talk and ten since we didn’t see each other. We were friends, i am in love, i wish I could apologize for my feelings and destroying our friendship.
Angel Puyat
Angel Puyat 4 days ago
The guy who hurt me most was my dad. My parents had been separated since I was young but he didn't tell me he remarried and I wasn't invited to his wedding. I forgave him quietly and never said a word of hatred. Fast forward they got divorced and he didn't tell me he got a new girlfriend and got her pregnant. I only found out when she was 7 months pregnant through my grandma. It hurt me because I felt like I wasn't really part of his life. I work so hard in school just to get his love and attention but I guess i'm just a product of his mistakes in the past. Maybe that's why my standards are so low and would literally settle for guys who do the bare minimum because growing up, I had no example of how I should be treated correctly by a person I love.
TheBadboys35 5 days ago
I broke someones heart, I think it broke mine more
hannah mackenzie
hannah mackenzie 6 days ago
“there was a man and he’s named jesus christ..” amen!! god bless that guy🥺❤️
FatalHrtatak 6 days ago
I had a girlfriend of 4 years , she was my best friend and I was hers. I guess she just didn't wanna be with me anymore , it happened out of the blue, no fighting , no cheating , nothing. And just like that 4 years with her gone , her family was like my family and now they are gone too . I lost alot and it seems like there's nothing to do to get any of it back. Its going to be a hard time for awhile for me but I'll do my best. I wanna pray for it all back but then I feel I'm just wasting my time and can't heal if I do waiting for her to come back. I hope anyone else feeling like this is staying strong when it's so hard to because This is the worst feeling I have ever experienced
Kayla Sellers
Kayla Sellers 7 days ago
Ow, the Mom with the son that was an addict....my heart.... Now I know how my mom felt when I was struggling with my addiction.
EmIssTrash 7 days ago
“I was the greatest thing on earth but she didn’t notice” yes ❤️
Rukhsana Kousar
Rukhsana Kousar 7 days ago
This world is full of actors I mean just focus on their eyes and that smile Really it is hard to hide feelings But some people do it beautifully ❕
Amaya Nightshade
Amaya Nightshade 8 days ago
i was dating a guy i was so in love with, i found out he cheated on me with my best friend. i finally moved on and found some one new who mended my heart.
Midelorie 8 days ago
"His name was JESUS CHRITS" 🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿
Kramer 1
Kramer 1 9 days ago
The black guy with the sunglasses, looks EXACTLY like Isiah Thomas... NBA player... not the one from the Detroit Pistons, back in the day, the one that plays currently...
Twaambo Shankoti
Twaambo Shankoti 9 days ago
7:10 exactly what I needed to hear ❤
Love radiation 🖤
I love your videos 🖤
Zoe Liang
Zoe Liang 9 days ago
I’ve been with my boyfriend for 2 months now, and the longer I’m with him, the more I fall madly in love. He is extremely shy but I could see that he loved me so much at the beginning of our relationship. He used to send me good morning and goodnight texts, and he would stand outside my classroom peaking in and stare at me. But he’s stopped doing any of those things in the past 3 weeks. I know that he is slowly loosing feelings for me. And meanwhile, my heart is just slowly breaking into shattered pieces. I just so wish that we never got together in the first place. Because every morning I wake up now, I’m just afraid that he’ll dump me. Tbh, I’d rather have him dump me right away now, because then I’ll have to get over him. But I don’t understand why he doesn’t dump me. All of my friends tell me to breakup but I just can’t. I can’t let go of the person I’ve loved for 3 years now. The love I have for him is scaring me
AlexandraTheGreat 10 days ago
'Better to have loved and lost than never loved at all.' Never been in love myself but my Gran always said that to me after a loss in the family
jalessio98 10 days ago
7:10 favorite part of the video, couldn’t have said it any better
cry until no tears left to cry
They are broken, but look at their faces, they look happy right? That's how good we are in hiding pain.
Andrea Music
Andrea Music 11 days ago
When that man said he found Jesus that really hit me in my chest. I started crying because that really resonates with me on a spiritual level.
Komal Komal
Komal Komal 11 days ago
4:38 lowkey looks like lilly singh.
Yana Speep
Yana Speep 11 days ago
Dated almost 6 years, then he went to college and we did long distance. He told me he didn't love me anymore. Life huh this was 2 weeks ago and time feels so slow but yet it's passing by.
ken zie
ken zie 12 days ago
Devito 12 days ago
Damn this speaks volumes to me honestly, I did not know there are people out there who still suffer from heartbreaks from months or years ago. If you are suffering now just know this: you will pull through.
Eikon Gaming
Eikon Gaming 13 days ago
Man when that guy started preaching about jesus christ, I literally just stopped the video and facepalmed. Like, was that the question she asked? damn dude
Meh N
Meh N 13 days ago
I feel the girl @3:25😭
Nathan136 13 days ago
Yea 3 fucking times!! Last one was the worse. Monkey branching bitch
Ikram Bouyoub
Ikram Bouyoub 14 days ago
The woman with hijab made me cry she seemed so affected by what happened 😢
Sydneynope 14 days ago
the saddest moment of my life was when my ex girlfriend broke up with me, and i didn’t know what to do. so i prayed to god every night that she’d just call me and say she made a mistake. i’m not religious. that was how i knew i was heartbroken.
Mariatiffy 15 days ago
As I listen I realize I am one of them. Then it sinks in my head. Now moving on saying it’s part of life and it’s the part when I learn life is important. So I embrace it and I am happy.
Richard Ortiz
Richard Ortiz 15 days ago
I've had my heartbroken where to this day I don't feel pain no more
Ravê _Oliveira
Ravê _Oliveira 15 days ago
*It took me 3 years to give up to have a relationship with someone who doesn’t felt the same for me*
Ravê _Oliveira
Ravê _Oliveira 16 days ago
00:25 *GORGEOUS*
Marie Song
Marie Song 17 days ago
The last time I had seen my father I was 8. He was in prison for most of my childhood. My sister and brother both given up the idea of ever having a relationship with him but when I was 19 I sought one out. Found him spoke for a few months met in person once. One day out of the blue he calls and says he doesn’t want to talk to me or see me anymore he sent a $1500 cashier check and told me to give $500 to each of my siblings and keep 5 for myself. That was 23 years ago.
Ligeia D.Aurevilly
Ligeia D.Aurevilly 17 days ago
I must be blind or have very bad luck in love. Because I never thought a man could really have a broken heart. Probably they hide it pretty well.
Paul Jonson
Paul Jonson 19 days ago
This video is even more helpful if you have just broken up
Josh 19 days ago
I'm still dealing with the worst heartbreak of my life. Her name was Erica. She and I were together for almost 7 years. We shared and did so much together, we talked about getting married, having a future together, our families loved us, and we never had any serious problems. Perfect strangers who saw us in public said we were an adorable couple. She meant more to me than anything in the world and I really believed she was going to be my wife. Every day I told her how beautiful she was and how much I loved her and she always said the same. Then back in December she and her family went down to Key West for a few days, and while she was down there something changed in her. She came back and all of a sudden she didn't feel the same for me anymore. She ended it and just threw me away. I was completely blindsided and I never thought it was going to happen. I believed with all my being that she was my soul mate. I had been through heartbreak before but this one tore me to shreds. Ever since then I have been battling suicidal thoughts.
The Flash
The Flash 19 days ago
Daymon Rondino
Daymon Rondino 19 days ago
One of the few questions in the world where we can all I find common ground.
Josephine Kam
Josephine Kam 19 days ago
7:00 made me so happy ❤️❤️❤️
Josephine Kam
Josephine Kam 19 days ago
5 months ago and a differ one 4 years ago. Painful stuff. But surely got over it
Melissa 19 days ago
My heart was broken almost one year ago. My ex-boyfriend left me, he said he didn't love me anymore, he changed is mind in a week. I've been through a period of depression, I spent months crying and doing what I've never done before, bad or good, just to feel something that it wasn't pain and fire in my chest. Fortunately there were my friends, they heal me a little bit. But after a year I'm still broken, I'm dating guys but I don't know why, I can't feel anything for none of theme. I hope, for myself, to get over one day, to fall in love again, to find someone who makes me happy and complete like my ex did...like the people of this video. (Sorry for my bad english)
victoria v
victoria v 19 days ago
3:34 that’s what I’m dealing with
Ferenc Jancsár
Ferenc Jancsár 20 days ago
My heart was broken again and again by a girl I was with for 7 years. I forgave her again and again I wanted us to work out so bad. I forgave until I wasn't able to. Now I feel empty, hopeless, I just want it to get better soon before the loneliness sinks too deep
dana n
dana n 20 days ago
I wish i believe in jesus..
Jas 20 days ago
The last guy's eyes are so beautiful. I find myself looking at some people's eyes, to see the emotion there.
elusive prodigy
elusive prodigy 20 days ago
I'm so sorry but can you back tf up, you're too close to my face, I'm uncomfortable 😂😂😂
T. O. D.
T. O. D. 20 days ago
@ 4:07 What kind of Favour? (sounds sketchy).
T. O. D.
T. O. D. 20 days ago
1:39 I have respect for you.
Ray Ene
Ray Ene 21 day ago
6:00 idk but that hurted my soul
JesusMySavior 21 day ago
7:26 -- good job brother! What a beautiful way to witness to people about the love of Jesus Christ! :')
zops DeKing
zops DeKing 22 days ago
“There was a man and his name was jesus christ. He said give me your heart and he will mend it”. Brought tears to my eyes🙏🏾
Chicken. SkiN
Chicken. SkiN 22 days ago
same situation with the first girl. =( i am falling apart
Stan Barkworth
Stan Barkworth 23 days ago
If you got any contact info on that guy with his new gf can we have an update on how they’re doing?
Colton the creator
Colton the creator 23 days ago
I can see the pain in some of their eyes when they’re telling their stories, and it makes me want to bawl
Colton the creator
Colton the creator 23 days ago
That poor girl who got engaged and it had only been one month... she must’ve been holding back the tears
megan kim
megan kim 24 days ago
Wow, the last guy just has those eyes that you immediately feel safe in
Kenziah 24 days ago
Damn, zoom out you’re breaking mine..
t d
t d 24 days ago
Fuck I KNEW he was gonna say Jesus
san san
san san 24 days ago
This happened few days ago. I dated a guy for 5 years. It was LDR but we loved each other deeply. We were on the phone all the time since the day we met and we got very close. I met his family and we were planning to get married some day. I got into anxiety and depression and he was next to me. He was the only person that I have and only one that lifted me up. I opened myself completely to him. I got a plane ticket to go and see him. I went. Stayed there for a month. The last day I discovered that he cheated on me. At the same period when I was feeling in my lowest. Few days before I come there to see him. It broke my heart like noone else. I loved him more than anything and I still do. I gave him the world. I cannot get over it. Its the most hurtful thing that made my mental health get worse. Please whoever reads this be careful of your actions towards people you don’t know what will the impact be.
Fiona Kramer
Fiona Kramer 25 days ago
I once kinda got my heart broken, a few months ago i had a boyfriend amd after 3 months dating him i broke up with him because i never saw him. But a month later i knew i had made a mistake because i keeped thinking about him and i asked him if he wandet to try it again he said no and i was really happy, i think because i could finaly move on with my life.
Diamond Playz
Diamond Playz 25 days ago
I'm currently with a woman who's living with her baby daddy. Shes told me since day one that they have been over and she gives me plenty of attention and even told me she loved me first. We've been looking for a home. Taking awhile because of financial strain, but it's not easy knowing she has to go back there everyday because of the kids. I'm happy and trust her, but in the back of my mind I cant help but wonder if its gonna workout. Guess im scared to lose her. I've cared about women before, but this one just feels different. Cliche I guess. Just how it is.
Terah Acevedo
Terah Acevedo 25 days ago
The story that made me cry like bawl was the man who found Jesus. I relate so much with him 😭😭😭♥️
narwhalfuturism91 25 days ago
Really lovely responses, and I get that the camera work is meant to be intimate, but there's also such a thing as too close close-up, especially around the 5 min mark the image can't even focus because the lens is so near the person being interviewed and it is kinda distracting, otherwise super nice!!
Macky M.
Macky M. 26 days ago
Watched this today and it is so timely when i just got out of a bad relationship yesterday. I feel stronger knowing there are people out there who experience the same thing as I have some much more. I just know I will move one from this situation.
unknown person
unknown person 26 days ago
My heart broke when my parents said (after asking whom they love most from all kids) "obviously not...[My name]." It was shoking for me because i was the kid which obeyed them! Which didnt fight back Which put herself back for them... Well...they were angry at me that time...so therefore this was their answer....but it kept in my mind...even after 15years...
PAZ 27 days ago
Hi I would appreciate if you guys read and follow my poetry page on Instagram @pazpoetry I appreciate it it's my all 💜🌟🤗
Lisa Vitale
Lisa Vitale 27 days ago
That guy talking about Jesus is such a sweetheart
Paulina Rivera
Paulina Rivera 28 days ago
The same guy broke my heart several times, but in part was my fault, after months dating (he was my first love) he told he never didn't love me, but I insisted on "try it", after that he was an asshole, I left him, after months he was begging me to come back (I later realized it was because he didn't have more options), we were back together and after a year I got pregnant, everything was good, until a day he just started ignoring me and told me he was interested in another girl, he was with her for three months and later his life was too fucked up, so I helped him because he didn't have a place to go, we live together for almost a year, I did all I could go but he was complaining all the time, and telling me he was having "an empty" things ended up really bad, he broke up, I became webcam, he came back to me begging, and we tried it again, but he again broke my heart ending up things because he wasn't comfortable with my job, I left my job and try to come back with him but he told me that he doesn't miss me and he wants to continue with his life... currently heartbroken :/
Spencer Lowe
Spencer Lowe 29 days ago
I think that
I think that Month ago
I was in a relationship with this girl for 3 years and then like after 2 and a half years i started losing interest in my relationship. I was thinking that i was using her and it will not work out between us so i broke up with her but I wasn't able to tell her the real reason for the break up because she absolutely loved me from the bottom of her heart and i couldn't break it. I treated her horribly towards the end of our relationship and then i left without giving a proper reason. She kept on insisting me to come back but i didnt care. This went on for a while and about 2 weeks ago she got a new boyfriend. Now all i can think about is all the lovely times we had and how things could have been if i treated her better. I only realized how much i loved her after i lost her and honesty my entire life has flipped around after losing her, i can't even spend a second without thinking of her, it kills me from the inside knowing she is with another man. I'm a horrible person and i have only had my heart broken for like 2 weeks and i cant endure it, it is so hard to imagine how she would have felt all this time that i ignored her... 😫 I know her more than anyone else in this world and i know that she still loves me, but more than that she hates me for everything i did. What i did was unforgivable but i still want her to forgive me and i keep on begging her to come back but..... Its true that u never know what u have till its gone I hope one day she can come back to me.... Even though i dont deserve her
Bailey Mann
Bailey Mann Month ago
It's been a month since my girlfriend broke up with me. Were together for about seven months but she realized that we weren't really compatible. I got lots of texts at 3am saying how much she wanted to get back together and that she still loved me. I'm 18 and she's 20 but we still got along really well and we both cared a lot for eachother. Fast forward to now where I still occasionally see her in the halls at my school and it's a horrible feeling. Seeing someone who you really cared for and loved just doing things without you. I'd be lying if I said I still didn't love or care about her, but I'm 18 and she just wasn't the one. I know that there's someone else out there for me, but right now I'm dedicated to loving myself and moving forward in life. Hope someone can relate ❤️
Jessica Villavicencio
The girl on minute 3... omg... those words
Graham Shonfield
I needed to hear this. Deeply humbling and makes me feel incredibly connected to everyone. You're not alone, even when you think you are.
RP Month ago
This made me cry. Ty ♥️
mohanned Month ago
WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO MY EMOTIONS !!!!! absolutely great video and a great person, keep doing what you are doing. god blesss
True love Xoxo
True love Xoxo Month ago
Over text and they live within 5 min from me . And it was infront if his friends
Sorry, but 0:52 looks like THANOS
lotte Backelandt
My heart has been broken This morning... idk What to do tbh Im just broken
chauncy primm
chauncy primm Month ago
I think people sometimes confuse heartbreak with disappointment
D Mankefor
D Mankefor Month ago
we laugh now but it was hell thyen. Yeah, we moving ON
dallas thomas
dallas thomas Month ago
I’ve never even been in a relationship but I was talking to this kid for TWO months which isn’t even long. We talked all day everyday & then he started acting weird & when I brought it up he said “I just don’t have time anymore, I’m barley on my phone” I called bs. He still try’s to keep in contact w me a little bit but it hurts cause I can’t have him anymore, when I thought it was going somewhere.
Ann Nee
Ann Nee Month ago
Sorry, micromanaging mom at 2:35, but if you desperately want even otherwise normal kids to become drug addicts, that's precisely how you should treat them. Micromanaging will not prevent your kids from becoming addicted but you'll make them anxious or angry and more likely to rebel.
BUI THAO Month ago
Everyone here almost talk about their ex. This is the main reason i cant get brave to date with anyone while i have many stress to handle. How can i struggle with it?
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