Harden can’t treat Westbrook like Chris Paul - Jalen Rose | Get Up

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Jalen Rose breaks down the ways James Harden and Russell Westbrook need to adjust their attitudes in order to have a successful partnership on the Houston Rockets. #GetUp
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Published on


Jul 15, 2019




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Comments 1 285
Anis Miah
Anis Miah Month ago
They need to make it work If they don’t win in next couple of years They won’t win
The Osidan
The Osidan Month ago
Jalen Rose acting like the reason James scores on unassisted shots is because he doesn't have someone to pass him the ball. Foh 😁 Harden refuses to move without the ball. This ain't gonna work. They gonna be trying to trade Westbrook very soon.
Steven Holloway
Steven Holloway 2 months ago
TAY AND FRIENDS 2 months ago
it can work they have been playing together for so long since age 13 smh
Jayvyn Grant
Jayvyn Grant 2 months ago
Harden and Westbrook will Co exit, as long as they are winning.. Once the losing starts, then the true colors will come out of Harden.. I see this match up.. with me dating the mother of my children.. We are good as long as things are going according to plan.. Once something gets out of place.. We remember why we are not together in the first place.. Not every player will give up his or her game, like Clay and Curry did...
Iso RxOxP
Iso RxOxP 2 months ago
I'm not sleeping on the Rockets regular season... As for the playoffs though, wake me up when they're out in the 2nd round at best.
David Nieves
David Nieves 2 months ago
I think Westbrook is going to pass way more and take way more less shots
David Nieves
David Nieves 2 months ago
Westbrook is going to average 10 or more assist easily
Matt Zamora
Matt Zamora 2 months ago
I don’t like it , I love it . Best quote ever
Tito Lanas
Tito Lanas 2 months ago
OKC management is trash :D they got Westbrook, Harden, Durant and didn't win anything but lost all of them :D
Tech Mic
Tech Mic 2 months ago
Jalen Is an underrated analyst
Mervin Fitzgerald
Mervin Fitzgerald 2 months ago
Westbrook will go in competition mode against Harden just as he did with Durant...
Black Presti
Black Presti 2 months ago
KD in Houston 2021?
GB 2 months ago
They're getting rings
Jerry Phillips
Jerry Phillips 2 months ago
They will have a decent regular season but the playoffs worry me about this team. Both guys kinda choke in the playoffs so we will see what the coaching staff can come up with.
DSG 2 months ago
Last time they both were in the finals was together...Russ had a efficient 43 without gunning on lebron and dwades head Now snakes are out the fold, now Harden can play his real role and let Russ be the great player hes destined to be. Clippers over Rockets in 5 WCF 😂 Lakers lose in 5 in second round... Clippers sweep the Finals
K. Moore
K. Moore 2 months ago
Nobody talking bout the Lakers aye? LA and sixers in 2020 w LA taking the chip!
general public
general public 2 months ago
Let Harden shoot his 3's and let Westbrook drive it to the basket
Elann Suvat
Elann Suvat 2 months ago
When Russel Westbrook can shoot consistently and at a high percentage, they will win a chip.
DGM BEEZY 2 months ago
Harden is a better shooter than rus but rus is a better player
Malachi Penalver
Malachi Penalver 3 months ago
It's all fun and games until the season starts.
Terrance Goldman
Terrance Goldman 3 months ago
What about Eric Gordon?
aaron hines
aaron hines 3 months ago
I heard an alarm and looked around my house lol
Billson Satake
Billson Satake 3 months ago
Houston should trade Harden b4 February-2020 and let Westbrook run the offense. D'Antoni system fit Russell Westbrook. James Harden failed 5 years in a row. Houston should look at the big picture here. First they brought Dwight Howard. 2nd they built around Harden with Ariza, Patrick Beverly, Jason Terry, Corey Brewer, Josh Smith + Dwight Howard. After they fallen, new chapter of cp3. Now Russell Westbrook. Please Houston Rockets Trade James Harden...!!!...
On Point Dogs
On Point Dogs 3 months ago
Been there, done that. It didn't work.
TheDiegoo17 3 months ago
Harden off the ball could be even better So could Westbrook
leche10 3 months ago
every time Jalen or Jacoby says "Get Lowe," Lil Jon should get a dime.
Creative 3 months ago
He's right because CP3 is better than Statbrook
Living Life
Living Life 3 months ago
Not going to work
J J 3 months ago
King Oortman
King Oortman 3 months ago
Best duo in the league an I'm a Laker Fan..
Weres Waldo 😭
skip jones
skip jones 3 months ago
no chance zero defense zero chips u must defend!
Nostalgia King
Nostalgia King 3 months ago
That was more than 2 words J lmao
Emiun ᛃᛟᚴᛖᛋ ᛟᚾ ᛈᛖᚱᛋᛖᚢᛋ
Rockets are my sleeper team to win this year, love this duo😤
justanother undergroundrapper
This duo probably has the closest relationship than any other duo in the NBA, call me crazy but the fact they've been friends since age 13 is a big deal lol
Jonathan Encarnacion
They’ve known each other since they were 10 they good
nyghtryder 3
nyghtryder 3 4 months ago
Imagine if they didnt sign cp3 that fat ass contract kd harden westbrook this time rockets???
Kudakwashe Muparadzi
I was born in 1973 was unnecessary thrown in there for no reason by Jalen 🙆🏿‍♂️
Calvin Rivera
Calvin Rivera 4 months ago
ESPN slipped molly in their drinks.
Cert Nimt
Cert Nimt 4 months ago
Westbrook will become chris Paul with the bad contract at 34
Cert Nimt
Cert Nimt 4 months ago
Cory Simmons I’m a thunder fan and personally I love him but he will get old with a big contract at 34
Cert Nimt
Cert Nimt 4 months ago
Cory Simmons how sway
Cory Simmons
Cory Simmons 4 months ago
totally not true
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