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Halsey - Without Me (Live From The Victoria’s Secret 2018 Fashion Show)

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"Without Me" available now: halsey.lnk.to/WithoutMeYD
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Dec 3, 2018

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Comments 15 298
Martin Earnest
Martin Earnest 10 minutes ago
0:37 When you high five your friends, but they dont !
Hooter23 12 minutes ago
Welcome to the narcissism 🤐
lilkushcee 15 minutes ago
okay but *w h a t a r e h e r b r o w s*
OutRiding !
OutRiding ! 20 minutes ago
A measure of ones intellect is what it takes to entertain them.
Abhinav Vivekanand
Abhinav Vivekanand 22 minutes ago
You murdered it baby
Kaylea S
Kaylea S 22 minutes ago
i can’t stop watching thissss
Poe Pups
Poe Pups 24 minutes ago
At least Halsey doesn't use autotune
Farqo Kaizen
Farqo Kaizen 31 minute ago
0:31 deki hareketi yine aşık olduk aq
Taiwo YEMZ
Taiwo YEMZ 33 minutes ago
Modeling just looks like a job thats just you in a private prison. Loool
Jc M
Jc M 39 minutes ago
Can’t stop thinking about Halsey and that is saying much surrounded by all those VS girls!! She is ridiculously sexy! Wow!!!
Gacha crazy !
Gacha crazy ! 47 minutes ago
Jennifer López
Jennifer López 47 minutes ago
Halsey i love 💖❤❤❤❤💋
Multifan 4 the win
Multifan 4 the win 52 minutes ago
Damn!!! proof that halsey eats CDs
LiiivinTheLife 1
LiiivinTheLife 1 55 minutes ago
natasha bieber
natasha bieber 57 minutes ago
Kendall jenner should have been in this
HellRazah 58 minutes ago
Halseys body looks so much better then those models no joke
Sub Cutie
Sub Cutie Hour ago
When the underwear models wear more clothes than the singer
Mr Killz
Mr Killz Hour ago
She look like she on summit but fit
Common Sense
Common Sense Hour ago
Well you got to hand it to Victoria secrets they do know how to make a show epic
Malia the midget
Hasley has a beautiful voice! Her outfit is so cute! :3
Stanislava Dimova
Perfect song with perfect models
Chiara Abad
Chiara Abad Hour ago
1:24 i can see Halsey doing that and it would be a meme
Liana x
Liana x Hour ago
Bella looked so good omg
Roga Hour ago
Lip syncing? I’m only asking because this sounds great.
B 9
B 9 Hour ago
I first thought that Halsey dyed her eyebrows!
Macario Patrick
I’m gay, but I watch this anyway!
victoria ulloaa
I thought that was Jennifer Lopez
flo Hour ago
whose the model in 2:02 anyone?
Rene Morales
Rene Morales Hour ago
Sexy 😝
Manjulekha Ghosh
So many sexy models on stage
Hays. Hour ago
I can’t stop watching her body damn im envious
Rylie Hamer
Rylie Hamer Hour ago
Love the eyes
Agnesya Wijaya
again :') NEVER expected this one 😩🖤🖤🖤🖤
Wanwalee Chareonwong
I love her voice and her face 💕
Ryadthic 2 hours ago
Halsey look and body😍😍🤩
Onyx Sith
Onyx Sith 2 hours ago
She is so beautiful, and that Angelic voice...God 💜
K Tube
K Tube 2 hours ago
Cant get over this performance. Its so captivating
Adis Barakovac
Adis Barakovac 2 hours ago
Halsey is so beautiful❤
Nova Alfiane
Nova Alfiane 2 hours ago
Halsey's body tho... oh mh
StarSn1per 2 hours ago
Look at all these men disguised as women
priya p
priya p 2 hours ago
loveeee her 😍😍😍
Fuck Trump
Fuck Trump 2 hours ago
Halsey is beautiful.
Alessandra Radu
Alessandra Radu 2 hours ago
*boobs left the chat*
Audrey Lynn
Audrey Lynn 3 hours ago
Amazing ❤
Pedro Emílio de Matos Pereira
Arrepiado com essa apresentação incrível dela. Muito linda
abdullah habib
abdullah habib 3 hours ago
1:24 I`m dead ❤️❤️
NamjoOns WiFu
NamjoOns WiFu 3 hours ago
Um doing to watch
This Is Google
This Is Google 3 hours ago
Lots of whores
Mashael Waleed
Mashael Waleed 3 hours ago
3:20 who is she?
Carolina Robles Pizarro
Love u halsey
Eighth Man
Eighth Man 3 hours ago
I feel so sorry for her, Lesbian, you will never be happy.
ride or die
ride or die 3 hours ago
Why can't i stop w a t c h i n g this?
slack Tantrum
slack Tantrum 3 hours ago
christitime :P
christitime :P 3 hours ago
Μαριάννα που είσαι ρεεε
tata zhamerashvili
tata zhamerashvili 3 hours ago
Can anybody tell me the name at 1:04 ?
tata zhamerashvili
tata zhamerashvili 2 hours ago
jackshaftoe21 thanks 🤩
jackshaftoe21 2 hours ago
Frida Aasen
Jennifer Hernandez
Jennifer Hernandez 3 hours ago
She is soo good BTW I am as good as her.
Monica Grapa
Monica Grapa 3 hours ago
her voice , her look. she is AMAZNIG!
Wilma Marks
Wilma Marks 3 hours ago
Halsey. Looks. Fine.!!!!!!😀
Hank Uleur
Hank Uleur 4 hours ago
Can this be more superficial and a waste of ressources pls...
Ashoud Anobetah
Ashoud Anobetah 4 hours ago
These girls are hungry
allishamylene 4 hours ago
I posted a cover of Without Me on my channel! ❤️👭💜
allishamylene 26 minutes ago
You did! Thank you ❤️ That's really sweet!🌟+Riya Chhillar
Riya Chhillar
Riya Chhillar Hour ago
I just saw that and believe me you were fab 👌
John Carlo Palileo
John Carlo Palileo 4 hours ago
Listen to pitched down version of this song :) usvid.net/video/video-7qcJxz8BI6E.html
this show is fabolous
Стефан Пеев
Waaaay over the top
Ashhyy Gumwil
Ashhyy Gumwil 4 hours ago
1:25 🔥🔥
Kary Lovan
Kary Lovan 4 hours ago
Lol thats not fucking live u dump fucks 😂🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️
eunice lope,
eunice lope, 4 hours ago
Ashhyy Gumwil
Ashhyy Gumwil 4 hours ago
Get on My Level
Get on My Level 4 hours ago
Rajesh Zayn
Rajesh Zayn 5 hours ago
Halsey can turn a gay man straight real quick 😍
J.P Electric Electrician
1:39 damn girl has a big ass head
Addison Donovan
Addison Donovan 5 hours ago
Yass girl hit it
Paris Livia
Paris Livia 5 hours ago
I replayed this video for an unhealthy amount.
Angelina Chan
Angelina Chan 5 hours ago
0:25 That girl kind of looks like Ashley Benson
IdConfirmed 5 hours ago
oml, the first model looks so much like IJustine
marcus gashi
marcus gashi 5 hours ago
love you soo soo much halsey much love
Linton Naik
Linton Naik 5 hours ago
It's partially or entirely lip syncing, see 0:56
Farhod Mirzobekov
Farhod Mirzobekov 5 hours ago
Tayyab Sohail
Tayyab Sohail 5 hours ago
wasnt Kylie GIGI in it??
Ankul Upreti
Ankul Upreti 5 hours ago
Oh my god .. Abel !!!!
buse yildiz
buse yildiz 5 hours ago
1:28 who is she??? Help me
Natalia Mikanowicz
Natalia Mikanowicz 5 hours ago
Shes hot
toxi c
toxi c 5 hours ago
Rihanna SavageX >>>>>>>> victoria secret
A Blige
A Blige 5 hours ago
She look model herself.
* GamerOlivia *
* GamerOlivia * 5 hours ago
What the #### with that fashion?!?! It's showing their skin too much
THE UNNIVERSE! 6 hours ago
Zeynep Tasdelen
Zeynep Tasdelen 6 hours ago
Ernie John Oliveros
❤️ halsey is beautiful
Olàh Eszter
Olàh Eszter 6 hours ago
Halsey killed it
ABDUL SALAM ADEL 6 hours ago
انا بالقنه ي عبدوو 😂😭🔥
WhyareYouTrippin 6 hours ago
Who’s dat at 1:15 she fine af 😍
jackshaftoe21 6 hours ago
Kelly Gale, and yes she is mighty fine 💖
Азамат Яппаров
Дрищевки!!! Зачем таких худых выбирают?
BTS Rules Natlie Nakogi
You're Soooooooooooooooo good ♥
Anu Chauhan
Anu Chauhan 6 hours ago
Martha's walk is kinda weird!
Dani Y
Dani Y 6 hours ago
Halsey com cabelos no braços Pra que depilar né gente? PS:Gostei q um monte das famosas ñ estão + naquela noia q precisa está toda lisinha.
belle grace
belle grace 6 hours ago
dayyumm 3:05 g-eazy’s loss. god damn she looks fine.
Queen Rose Wakeel
Queen Rose Wakeel 6 hours ago
Why is that ideal figure? Let these girls eat more!
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