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Halsey - Without Me (Live From The Victoria’s Secret 2018 Fashion Show)

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"Without Me" available now: halsey.lnk.to/WithoutMeYD
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Dec 3, 2018




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Comments 28 401
Koo kieツ
Koo kieツ 7 minutes ago
We love you Halsey 😍
Alexandra Grande
Alexandra Grande 30 minutes ago
Will you please stop this bts thing?? Bitch trying to find the old comments here
Intan Permana
Intan Permana Hour ago
Whoz is the 1st girl?
Tru Mandy
Tru Mandy Hour ago
sofia charlot ronidel vlog
She is feat in boy with luv in bts right
Nicole Bangtan
Nicole Bangtan 2 hours ago
Who’s here after watching this 👉 usvid.net/video/video-XsX3ATc3FbA.html
Bangtan islifeu
Bangtan islifeu 2 hours ago
That's our girllll💜
Megumi Malik
Megumi Malik 3 hours ago
Halsey could be a Victoria Secret Angel just sayin....
Joycee Somses
Joycee Somses 3 hours ago
I am just so in love with Halsey.... I wasn't a fan BUT now I am
sandratol 3 hours ago
am I the only one who thinks Halsey was far more beautiful than the models?
Hoseok,Jackson,Nayeon,HueningKai,Ryujin my loves
1:34 Can I just point out that Halsey was so sassy when she did that little *mic drop* and I was head over heels for her. Yoongi(Suga) taught you well lmao. But I really love this song so much and thank you for collabing with our kings. They really are very sweet as you say. I also really enjoyed your voice in Boy With Luv. May you be blessed through your life and you have all of your fans and ARMY support. Purple you Halsey💜
Nour 3 hours ago
damn she ate her cd, what an angelic voice
Fernández 5 hours ago
JIMIN tiene razón al decir que la voz de Halsey es "mmmm..." wooow Halsey!!! tienes una voz hermosa... H E R M O S A !! nunca vi tanta pasión al cantar en una cantante... OMG!
Keyon T.
Keyon T. 5 hours ago
2:00 who is she?
Jeongyeon is love
Jeongyeon is love 5 hours ago
I m an army bt plz can everyone behave? It's a video about Halsey not BTS.. P.s - She looked beautiful and confident here😍❣
Neha Negi
Neha Negi 5 hours ago
Her voice👌👌👌👌
no one know
no one know 6 hours ago
the way hasley look the model when hasley want to cross the road of model 😂
Nouf. 6 hours ago
3:30 the wink!! How is she so confident and cute
Nouf. 6 hours ago
Her energy on stage 😭 she’s so joyous
Nouf. 6 hours ago
Charlie looke
Charlie looke 7 hours ago
2:57 name?
Kasali Kofoworola
Kasali Kofoworola 7 hours ago
She owned d staged and she rocked it.
PINK PANDA ARMY 7 hours ago
I became a fan because of BTS❤ I LOVE YOU HALSEY
kim taehyung
kim taehyung 8 hours ago
I can’t count how many times I’ve watched this video
kim taehyung
kim taehyung 8 hours ago
im obsessed with this song
de alice
de alice 9 hours ago
This song just inspired me to be a better woman for man who actually deserve me better than the other one.
Brandon 9 hours ago
Why is the comment section full of bts fans?
Mishell Rivas
Mishell Rivas 9 hours ago
como se te ocurrió hacer un video con los másters de BTS alguien como tu quien eres?
Karlizz Lizzette Vasquez
Halsey Love You ❤😍💯💕
Chamichin Auccapiña Castillo
Officially Our Girl💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
Hi Welcome To Chili’s
This girl don’t need auto tune Auto tune needs her
mandyk36 9 hours ago
i am here because if Halsey. i oblt discovered her through BTS. but i am glad that i have. you are besutiful and talented. what a voice. we need more girl with beauty inside and outside.
HA anh Nguyen
HA anh Nguyen 10 hours ago
I am always proud of you really you are very top 💕
Richie Lyngkhoi
Richie Lyngkhoi 10 hours ago
Wowowww I love u halaey
Si Sen
Si Sen 11 hours ago
Cò lả
T. T.
T. T. 11 hours ago
She's BLACK ....I love it...Google her parents 😘😍😎🙌
Ryan B
Ryan B 12 hours ago
When the guy in the comments with all the names
Duip 13 hours ago
Me morí.
XIXLotus TV 13 hours ago
Halsey is gorgeous shes got body goalssss
Deer Maya
Deer Maya 13 hours ago
Why the fuck was everyone so gorgeous here
hh 7880
hh 7880 13 hours ago
1:25 WTF!!
Amélie Beenhakkers
Amélie Beenhakkers 13 hours ago
Is it just me or is it pretty obvious she’s lipsyncing
Marmone Eding
Marmone Eding 12 hours ago
Amélie Beenhakkers To me it doesn’t look like she’s lipsyncing.
Gabi 14 hours ago
TIA DOS TODDYNHO 14 hours ago
Halsey divaaaaaa
Stefany Fuentes
Stefany Fuentes 15 hours ago
My best moment 2:17
stream boy with luv mAte
*Okay but who’s an army and was here BEFORE Boy With Luv?*
Dinara Turkinbekova
Dinara Turkinbekova 16 hours ago
Красотка Halsey
Pinelopi Liraki
Pinelopi Liraki 16 hours ago
Her vocals are flawless!! She's a true goddess!!
Lethícia N
Lethícia N 16 hours ago
Completamente apaixonada, halsey eu te conheço a algum tempo, porém só agora conheci o trabalho dela e mds a voz dessa mulher e maravilhosa
Katina 16 hours ago
Oh God, she's soooooooo good live, I think I'm in love with Halsey since now. :o
anime life
anime life 17 hours ago
No hate but like, halsey looks like an angry bird with those eyebrows
Brandon 9 hours ago
anime life lmao
stream boy with luv mAte
you did not sjfkgk
k 17 hours ago
Angrenzende Untergewichtige Menschen, schlimm
Алима Алиева
Что эта шкура делает в моей ленте?!
gguk jen
gguk jen 17 hours ago
Comment section be like: 95% armys talking about loving Halsey 5% about the models.
Greta Romero
Greta Romero 17 hours ago
Verga, es hermosa.
dareen 18 hours ago
2:21 abel and bella’s mother were there, this is so cute
Kulloa -KN
Kulloa -KN 18 hours ago
owo uwu
owo uwu 18 hours ago
Su voz es realmente muy hermosa *-*
Rebeca Namjoon
Rebeca Namjoon 18 hours ago
Miren lo chiquita que se ve Halsey a lado de las modelos aww cosita linda . Por otra parte amo esta canción lpm, amo su voz, ya estoy esperando los billboard para ver la presentación con mis niños aka BTS uwu
Pamelita Arnez
Pamelita Arnez 18 hours ago
Is so cool!! 💜 i loved it
Karol Ballesteros
Karol Ballesteros 19 hours ago
Amo amo
Karol Ballesteros
Karol Ballesteros 19 hours ago
Jamás me cansaré de ver este video lol
Karol Ballesteros
Karol Ballesteros 19 hours ago
La amo
Kiaya Walker
Kiaya Walker 19 hours ago
BTS h0e
BTS h0e 19 hours ago
I'm literally like ready to get married w her lmao
Houda Slaoui
Houda Slaoui 19 hours ago
Don’t get me wrong she looks absolutely amazing but the top is the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen
Houda Slaoui
Houda Slaoui 19 hours ago
Don’t get me wrong she looks absolutely amazing but the top is the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen
joanil botelho
joanil botelho 20 hours ago
Martha Hunt, Toni Garrn and Elsa Hosk so beautiful and amazing!!!
The pusheen Gamer12
The pusheen Gamer12 20 hours ago
Her voice tho..... She sings like a GODDESS!!!!!!!!!!!!
anonymous 113
anonymous 113 20 hours ago
Im in love
stepan potoskyev
stepan potoskyev 20 hours ago
she no bra?
Blue Tæ
Blue Tæ 20 hours ago
Halsey!!!!! Your voice hmmm👍 You know what i mean armys
Camila Labrín
Camila Labrín 21 hour ago
ARMY purple you Halsey💜
SiamceKitty XD
SiamceKitty XD 21 hour ago
I wish some day I'll be a model..
Frøzed 21 hour ago
Why need models when Halsey’s already one
Fendi Alvian
Fendi Alvian 21 hour ago
3:19 - 3:21 😍😍
Le Alessandro
Le Alessandro 21 hour ago
Halsey is so gorgeous
_이응 21 hour ago
kim taehyung
kim taehyung 21 hour ago
halsey is so pretty omg
alejandra guzman garcia
Me favorite singer Halsey perfec song 👌🏻🙂
Martin Canini
Martin Canini 22 hours ago
AWESOME!!! 😍😍😍😍
btsvelvet answer
btsvelvet answer 22 hours ago
Halsey! You're so beautiful! I love you! ❤
Yeol Hyun
Yeol Hyun 22 hours ago
Omg who’s the girl at 1:15 😫
Yeol Hyun
Yeol Hyun 15 hours ago
jackshaftoe21 thanks 🤗💙
Yeol Hyun
Yeol Hyun 15 hours ago
Flying Potato she is 😭
jackshaftoe21 18 hours ago
Kelly Gale 💘
Flying Potato
Flying Potato 22 hours ago
Yeol Hyun IKR she’s so pretty
BTS IS LIFEU 22 hours ago
It's official. I'm now a fan of Halsey. PERIOD
루랄룰 23 hours ago
할시 눈썹에 저거 모야...
he actually did drop is croissant
eyebrows on fleek
Sad bøys
Sad bøys 23 hours ago
Это слишком пиздато
Sam pras
Sam pras 23 hours ago
Halsey the Angel Singing 😊😊😊😊 vivement with bts May 1 at billboard 😚😚😚
Benny 23 hours ago
The black girl with vitiligo is beautiful; however, it almost seems unfair that the other girls have to be perfect.
iL 23 hours ago
2:00 who's she?.😭😭😭
Hence Kuo
Hence Kuo 22 hours ago
Alanna Arrington
Itz Just Us
Itz Just Us 23 hours ago
stop corruzione
stop corruzione 23 hours ago
chissà quanta co2 ha comportato questa serata....sarà il caso di tornare a concentrarci su cose utili e umili tornando al nostro ruolo di mani della terra invece di promuovere superbia lussuria avarizia invidia gola ira e accidia?? però date da mangiare a sti ossi và.
Jimin is my spirit animal
Halsey ate the CD or what ? 😂
Jane Nguyễn
Jane Nguyễn 23 hours ago
here after boy with luv. Halsey you're amazingggggg
Undang Hakikio
Undang Hakikio 23 hours ago
I love this my song 😘😘😘😗
tiddie king
tiddie king 23 hours ago
Respect for those models but i cant really look away at Halsey and it just fascinates me on how she moves her hands lmao
Marcelo Cardenas
Wowwwww I am army I love Hayles Bts x Army ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Vizz Vizz
Vizz Vizz Day ago
The last model tho🦋❤
Lisa 16 hours ago
Vizz Vizz she's Elsa Hosk
Gd Tulca
Gd Tulca Day ago
Why’d they have a fashion show at a Halsey concert?
Teleradio Sfogazzo
Tutto questo sticchio per quattro mutanda daiiiiii...
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