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Halsey - Without Me (Live From The Victoria’s Secret 2018 Fashion Show)

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"Without Me" available now: halsey.lnk.to/WithoutMeYD
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Dec 3, 2018

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Comments 25 479
HonigGurke Minute ago
Victoria who?
Román Félix
Román Félix 11 minutes ago
También ella parece modelo
Sarah Bahgat
Sarah Bahgat 37 minutes ago
2:02 just wow that girl is a Masterpiece. 😍❤
Josh Gimple
Josh Gimple 41 minute ago
Who is the girl at 1:34
Jenna Howard-Delman
Jenna Howard-Delman 47 minutes ago
the models have so much more life in their eyes jamming out backstage
sasha 95
sasha 95 52 minutes ago
I don't understand the hype with the Hadids sisters.None is beautiful. Just talentless bitches who only got where they are now cause of their mom.
Neftali Adrian
Neftali Adrian 59 minutes ago
Who's the model @ 2:17?
Andy Cheng
Andy Cheng Hour ago
Why dose every girl singer shave their hair nowadays?
the guy who said that guy
the guy who said that guy
*she sounds better live*
Pedro S.
Pedro S. Hour ago
Victoria's Secret is still transphobic
Alieena Imran
Alieena Imran Hour ago
What the hell happened there 0:30 - 0:33
Angela Krommida
samuelbm87 Hour ago
That 3rd one wasn't very pretty😬
Diamond youboty
Demm Halsey my body goals. Am obsessed
Diamond youboty
Diamond youboty 2 hours ago
Demm Halsey my body goals. Am obsessed
Spas Ivanov
Spas Ivanov 2 hours ago
Albert Jurošek
Albert Jurošek 3 hours ago
1:28 she is model WTF
Phantasy3D 3 hours ago
1:03 name ?
Phantasy3D 3 hours ago
1:03 name ?
Phantasy3D 3 hours ago
1:03 name ?
awesome angel
awesome angel 4 hours ago
they’re all so beautiful oh my holy crap
Esin Gümüşoğlu
Esin Gümüşoğlu 4 hours ago
one of the best segment in 2018 show. I think every model looks amazing and really fit the segment.
Ayaz Hossain
Ayaz Hossain 4 hours ago
Halsey in her element knows how to put a show
Stefanos Sozenidis
Stefanos Sozenidis 4 hours ago
3:20 who is she??
RainyArtZ 4 hours ago
Name from 1:54?
Sumit Kushwaha
Sumit Kushwaha 4 hours ago
widad basalamah
widad basalamah 4 hours ago
3:20 who is she?
bangtanjimin Tae
bangtanjimin Tae 5 hours ago
,,I said I catch you if you fall" -- Halsey's Eyebrows
Kayla Ramirez
Kayla Ramirez 5 hours ago
bangtanjimin Tae
bangtanjimin Tae 5 hours ago
Halsey eyebrows ... damn I want them too
RED JELLY101 5 hours ago
Her sound like she has auto tune #blessed
Juan DelaCruize
Juan DelaCruize 5 hours ago
Why she didnt trip one. She's bad like that
Ida Laila
Ida Laila 5 hours ago
Beloved kaa. ❤❤❤❤❤💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻
Heroes Evolved Chaos
Bless whoever broke Halseys heart because she has become this today. She's been turned into a fire in the industry that will continue to burn through all the autotune artists
Cajanaki 1204
Cajanaki 1204 6 hours ago
I feel her attitude is like that of Freddie mercury on stage.. Loved it
Yasmien Ashley Leal
3:07 was the winner
Nhi Ái
Nhi Ái 6 hours ago
Руслан Бурбон
1:53 who?
Mary Eljahmi
Mary Eljahmi 6 hours ago
Annette Maria
Annette Maria 6 hours ago
The models are way too skinny, like the models have gone from more muscular skinny to anorexic skinny
HoovernighT 7 hours ago
who is the first mannequin?
Bartman 7 hours ago
1:53 she's so pretty...
Federica P-luche
Federica P-luche 7 hours ago
Halsey debió de ser modelo pero prefirió la música
Freya Brokken
Freya Brokken 8 hours ago
halsey be lip syncing
Виктор Кучин
под фонеру спела и довольная, пфф
luis reis
luis reis 8 hours ago
Adoro esse desfile pelas musas e a trilha sonora nota mil
Raul Filho
Raul Filho 8 hours ago
Kamryn_N_Cameron 9 hours ago
I love how all the models were really excited and gave Halsey a high five or something!
rubena khan
rubena khan 9 hours ago
omggggg!!! halsey, u rocked it girl!!
Lincoln Romero
Lincoln Romero 9 hours ago
halsey x rose dj snake x lisa and waiting for jisoo and jennie for each artist collab.
YLR Official
YLR Official 9 hours ago
We’re OBSESSED with this song. Her voice and the lyrics 😻 she’s so pretty 🔥 we hope to follow in her footsteps, we’re a new U.K. boyband! We just made a cover of the song, check it out 🙌🏼❤️
Angela G
Angela G 10 hours ago
Damn.. She looks as good or better than the models!! And, that voice.
ريناد علي ali
ALoveooo halsee
Aninha Bartoli
Aninha Bartoli 10 hours ago
I love you ❤ Music love 😍
Beatriz Duarte
Beatriz Duarte 11 hours ago
Estou Apaixonada ❤️
Diana Nazier
Diana Nazier 11 hours ago
you slayed it . You were so perfect
jewel and friends
jewel and friends 11 hours ago
I can't stop watching VS fashion show. Who's with me.?! 😇😇😇
Merve Uzun
Merve Uzun 11 hours ago
Çok güzel karısınız Halsey abla jshdj
WarLord 11 hours ago
Hasley’s voice aint meant for live performance unless there aren’t too much of high notes
ConnorShawMusic 11 hours ago
Moza Alkuwari
Moza Alkuwari 12 hours ago
Best victoria’s secret runaway so far
whatsyours1 12 hours ago
Tell me why Halsey lookin better than all the other models. Couldnt keep my eyes off her.💗👀
Gerard Delas Armas
Gerard Delas Armas 12 hours ago
0:44 what a horse looks like
José Garcia
José Garcia 12 hours ago
Is she bi
Gerard Delas Armas
Gerard Delas Armas 12 hours ago
3:20 a bitch’s face who can turn a billionaire to millionaire
Ka Wrss
Ka Wrss 13 hours ago
pitch perfect coke head lathered in oil showing tons of skin repeating the same lines 50 times as she doubles her voice to make it seem majestic and angelic. Its the oldest trick in the book. Shes average at best these days.
Pallavi Munjane
Pallavi Munjane 13 hours ago
0.15 her eyes😍😍😍
Depth of Dream
Depth of Dream 13 hours ago
"Name in the sky does it ever get lonely?"😍😍
Todak Kamgo
Todak Kamgo 13 hours ago
Halsey halsey halsey ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ i love her
esthétique 14 hours ago
even tho its spell Halsey i pronounce it *helsey* ;-;
vOyseN 14 hours ago
She got some cute eyebrow wings.. xD
Donna Ferreira
Donna Ferreira 14 hours ago
I think halsey is a true talent and her beauty is just as much as those models. But girl, that voice and feeling in your words and your beauty .....sister...OUTSTANDING!!!....coming from the one n only 808 Hi.
The Freeman
The Freeman 15 hours ago
I’d like to see more tattoos.
Christine B
Christine B 15 hours ago
ARI PLAYZ 15 hours ago
i love ur voice ashley, your voice is to die-for!!
Ariana vs The world
Ariana vs The world 15 hours ago
Her eyebrows traumatized me .🤷‍♀️
Hunter Ng Boon Hian
Hunter Ng Boon Hian 15 hours ago
Man. Halsey makes a gay guy turn straight
Dd Rr
Dd Rr 16 hours ago
Nivin Vinod
Nivin Vinod 16 hours ago
Edit the title to Halsey concert
Linh vu
Linh vu 16 hours ago
omg her voice
Roziah Limat
Roziah Limat 16 hours ago
O. O
George 16 hours ago
June 2006 anyone?
Clown Shoes MMA
Clown Shoes MMA 16 hours ago
They should have Cupcake up there singing/rapping That would be a show worth watching 😱
Pat McRotch
Pat McRotch 16 hours ago
Halsey's body is ROCKIN'
Pat McRotch
Pat McRotch 16 hours ago
We now know that Victoria's Secret was a Goddess named Halsey!
R I F F I N 17 hours ago
Is Halsey flat... I'm sorry I'm just wondering
Mariana Cortez
Mariana Cortez 17 hours ago
Halsey could be one of the models
Enmanuel Bonilla
Enmanuel Bonilla 17 hours ago
beautiful voice 🎼🎵🎶🦍😍
Selene Pantaleon Reyes
The second model to go had to much plastic surgery in her
Irene Odessa Sanii
Irene Odessa Sanii 17 hours ago
She's eating her CDs
O Sr. Carvalho
O Sr. Carvalho 17 hours ago
A Halsey tá uma delícia, mas tem que alimentar esses anjos aí, tão muito sequinha, gente
Austin Phangcho
Austin Phangcho 18 hours ago
what the hell fashion show lol boring
Abrar Din
Abrar Din 18 hours ago
Perfect perfect perfect perfect, I love you so so so soooo much😞🍯💛💛💛💛💛💛💔💔
Jasmin Kaur
Jasmin Kaur 18 hours ago
Halsey’s the real model
Isumi MUDANNAYAKA 19 hours ago
* Creepy men have entered the chat 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️
Savannah Peterson
Savannah Peterson 19 hours ago
2019? 2020? 2021? 2022? Any year? Put the year you saw this in the comments 😊
vena309 19 hours ago
The short hair cut on women is becoming a trend nowadays! Only a few woman can actually get away with that type of hair cut though.
Abigail Miranda
Abigail Miranda 20 hours ago
Why isn’t anyone commenting about her eyebrows💀💀😂 I love her tho so no hate 😂💀💀😂😂😂
OTF_DBoy 20 hours ago
Was there any thick girls???
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