HALLOWEEN SPECIAL FOR OPENING DAY! | Offseason Softball Series | Game 1

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For those who always ask, these softball games are PRIVATE because of far too many people showing up when they were public. If you send me a DIRECT MESSAGE to my INSTAGRAM @BOBBYCROSBY and give me your e-mail address and tell me why you want to play, there's a chance you'll be invited! It's basically an essay contest.
To really get to know all the players, don't just watch this series, but watch the Offseason Softball League too! Here's the link to that:


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Oct 31, 2018

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Comments 1 172
Brooke Planas
Brooke Planas 14 hours ago
Gone gone gone gone gone gone gone gone gone gone gone gone gone gone
Joseph Wronko
Joseph Wronko 4 days ago
That cat woman is a whole thot
Tim Folster
Tim Folster 24 days ago
debi harrigan
debi harrigan Month ago
Allyn Redrujo
Allyn Redrujo Month ago
I am a big fan
Ángel Pinto
Ángel Pinto Month ago
"Tacos for dayz dawg"
lukas the gamer
lukas the gamer Month ago
An eagle is my schools mascot
George Koutromanos
Gab is so funny
Rob ITFDB 2 months ago
Gabe's catch at the end is one of the best catches I've seen.
James Torres
James Torres 2 months ago
Garrett Fuller
Garrett Fuller 2 months ago
Ally wins
Azan W vlogs
Azan W vlogs 2 months ago
Cat women is sexy😘
STW_Seventyfivevet 2 months ago
But the cat women tho
Yosmay Veliz
Yosmay Veliz 2 months ago
Alley is the cat women
DB GLOW 2 months ago
Bro I'm done Fernando is squad leader😂😂 Fortnite
Jason Yap
Jason Yap 2 months ago
Oops actually 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😄
Steezy LingLing
Steezy LingLing 2 months ago
R.I.P Boner
TheRedKoala 876
TheRedKoala 876 2 months ago
Angle guy, is fireball
Lachlan Smith
Lachlan Smith 2 months ago
GG a11ey
FaZe Skull trooper
FaZe Skull trooper 2 months ago
Ummmm 3:11 sound familiar Boner
Gio Gastelum
Gio Gastelum 2 months ago
Efrain Lara
Efrain Lara 2 months ago
Catwoman THICCC
Logan Tallett
Logan Tallett 2 months ago
Is he really blind
Logan Gordon
Logan Gordon 2 months ago
Hey that eagles helmet is mine!
Nickthebeast 09
Nickthebeast 09 2 months ago
Lol boner
Weirdguygamer 1234
Weirdguygamer 1234 2 months ago
Nick Haslup
Nick Haslup 2 months ago
I hope you realized the dogs name boner
IPLAYMADDEN246 letzplay
Fernando fornit e skin
Harry Markov
Harry Markov 3 months ago
Alley as cat women is smoking
All Ashton
All Ashton 3 months ago
Lmao and his dog BONNER
Stacy Hoxie
Stacy Hoxie 3 months ago
Was Fernando the squad leader?
NegativeFour21 3 months ago
0:11 T H I C C ❤
Lil Patrick
Lil Patrick 3 months ago
Tix Lover
Tix Lover 3 months ago
Rutherfurd and Boner are best friends
Michael Primavera
Michael Primavera 3 months ago
Boner lol
RTV_Bullidiz TTV
RTV_Bullidiz TTV 3 months ago
The dog is named boner lmao 😂
whoadontzuccmedude 3 months ago
Cat woman is sexy 😍
N L boi
N L boi 3 months ago
Dog is named boner
XxD3AD5H0TxX 3 months ago
Lol the dogs name
TheRedKoala 876
TheRedKoala 876 3 months ago
Wow a dog named boner, XD, LOL 😂 😆 😝
Weston Brown
Weston Brown 3 months ago
I feel sorry for Ragena
Anthony Quijas_7
Anthony Quijas_7 3 months ago
Fireballs costume is the best so far angel hernandez
Darealmvp 3 months ago
Best thing I’ve seen all year is fireball as blind Angel Hernandez
Brandon Beams
Brandon Beams 3 months ago
Boner 😂
Hailey Ludwig
Hailey Ludwig 3 months ago
love gabe and spidey
AntGTRant 3 months ago
named uh uh Boner
XDGAMER54 3 months ago
Wow gabe
Zachary Taylor
Zachary Taylor 3 months ago
Alontra sure been michael Myers
Itz.stealth 3 months ago
Wtf he said boner
Fire Carter
Fire Carter 3 months ago
KC Royals
KC Royals 3 months ago
Boner the dog lol
Angelica Borrego
Angelica Borrego 3 months ago
I was link for hallowee
Daniel Meza
Daniel Meza 3 months ago
Scott Johnson
Scott Johnson 3 months ago
In loving memory of Bradley cooper 😪😪👻👻👻💔😈
SoChildish 3 months ago
Rip Coop!
Legend Gamer
Legend Gamer 3 months ago
Silver Swagger
Silver Swagger 3 months ago
Angel Hernandez costume was the most accurate costume ever
Esteban Harle
Esteban Harle 3 months ago
I was swat this year
Luis sanchez
Luis sanchez 3 months ago
Hilaryous angel hernandez HAHAHAHAHHAA
ROS killer360
ROS killer360 3 months ago
boner hahahahah
Hoyt Wormet
Hoyt Wormet 3 months ago
3:11 named ah “Boner” lol
WTF Cooking
WTF Cooking 3 months ago
Lmfao dog named BONER
The Adynman
The Adynman 3 months ago
XD Boner!
Max and Cam VLOGS
Max and Cam VLOGS 3 months ago
mr cassidus
mr cassidus 3 months ago
Wdywantfrommeh Ok
Wdywantfrommeh Ok 3 months ago
____ __( )====: : /~~~~~~~~ \ \O.O.O.O.O/
Nickel Dick
Nickel Dick 3 months ago
Russian Andy is my fav tbh
Devin Churchill
Devin Churchill 3 months ago
You guys should start doing kickball
dkassteen1 3 months ago
You should do offseason and onseason hokey series
Niklez87 Figueroa
Niklez87 Figueroa 3 months ago
Freedom!! 3:01
Patricia Robles
Patricia Robles 3 months ago
Gabes cach was so cool nice job gabe
Ayden Alexander
Ayden Alexander 3 months ago
RIP Coop you will be forever known
DEEDIBOL 3 months ago
Amazing Angle Hernandez impression
Evan plays Roblox
Evan plays Roblox 3 months ago
He named his dog boner 😂😂😂👌🏻
TheJFamily 3 months ago
XXKreiden AlmonYT
XXKreiden AlmonYT 3 months ago
nathmare foxy gameing and plush
# Gabe gate cach
Eli Rutherford
Eli Rutherford 3 months ago
Love Rutherford
Xxveronica Lovesxx
Xxveronica Lovesxx 3 months ago
It’s not link it’s Ben droned
Lebron Fart blossom
Lebron Fart blossom 3 months ago
Robert and boner
Leiden VaN aBsHoVeN
Leiden VaN aBsHoVeN 3 months ago
Boner 😂😂😂
Juan Campos
Juan Campos 3 months ago
Bonner the dog😂😂
Its ya Boi jake
Its ya Boi jake 3 months ago
The dog nome though
Bills Fan 13
Bills Fan 13 3 months ago
Boner died
Apollo_FuRy 3 months ago
Haha he said boner
C and O Gaming
C and O Gaming 3 months ago
a dog named boner luv u guys!!!
Quin Ogdon
Quin Ogdon 3 months ago
And his dog boner
Goldrusher_27 3 months ago
I have been watching you sense I was 8
DJ LanZer
DJ LanZer 3 months ago
The dog is boner haaaahaaa😅😂🤣😅😂🤣😅😂🤣
Froggy Hargis
Froggy Hargis 3 months ago
Ms schools mascot is eagles
Josh Wolfer
Josh Wolfer 3 months ago
Spidey was on Trevor Noah.
Tiny MAn
Tiny MAn 3 months ago
The dog is boner😂😂😂
stevekicksbutt 3 months ago
Lmao, “boner”
jeff Choi
jeff Choi 3 months ago
I saw superman playing softball
Trystan Overman
Trystan Overman 3 months ago
Is he actually blind I'm 5
Malik Johnson
Malik Johnson 3 months ago
Is Fernando really the squad leader 😂😂
Flame Clan
Flame Clan 3 months ago
Fortnite f
Sweet-T 3 months ago
Nice dog
Yolo Head
Yolo Head 3 months ago
The dog named boner
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