Half in the Bag: IT Chapter Two

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Sep 8, 2019




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Cody W
Cody W 11 hours ago
Re-upload you hacks. Get with the program USvid is a joke.
ThornsOfOurTime 11 hours ago
waited to come home and watch gremlins 2 video, yeah... its gone
jthom0027 11 hours ago
Stay classy Warner Bros.
Sam Dav
Sam Dav 11 hours ago
Wow it did not take long for your Gremlins 2 video to get copyrighted
Cloner Stive
Cloner Stive 11 hours ago
I laughed harder in the theater than I did in Avengers. This is just a comedy monster action movie. Not horror
Greg's Game Room
Greg's Game Room 11 hours ago
Crap... Went to finish watching the Gremlins 2 video and it’s blocked. So I thought I’d comment on your latest unblocked video to voice my displeasure...
El Los er'
El Los er' 11 hours ago
I'm so glad I watched Gremlins 2 Re-View before going to bed last night.
fuzz head
fuzz head 11 hours ago
Lol. Gremlins 2 re:view got blocked.
Matthew Chacon
Matthew Chacon 11 hours ago
Your new video about Gremlins 2 has been Copyright blocked! I hope they unblock it soon. In the meantime, I guess I’ll watch this
Gianni Goodwin
Gianni Goodwin 11 hours ago
Did warner bros. Seriously copyright strike the gremlins 2 re:view?
Nafen 12 hours ago
Ken Max
Ken Max 12 hours ago
Curse you Wonskolaser Brothers! Curse you!
Skywalker Sounds
Skywalker Sounds 12 hours ago
I have a feeling Warner Bros. memes will be an integral part of every RLM comment section from now on.
Yikum24 12 hours ago
Gremlin 2 video copy right claimed?! AYYYYiiiee
Blayden Bot
Blayden Bot 12 hours ago
Fuck you WB for blocking the gremlins review
thenewaeon 12 hours ago
I feel sorry for Warner Bros. for the wrath that will now be unleashed. No wait, I don't. At all.
Dan Nolan
Dan Nolan 12 hours ago
Ok but seriously, fuck Warner Bros for flagging that last HitB
This Leprechaun Writes
IT: Chapter Two was so painful I thought I'd got an AT-ST from Rich's star destroyer cum.
Brigand Boy
Brigand Boy 12 hours ago
Damn. You know, the only reason I actually watch some of the old movies is because you guys even remind me they exist? Fuck WB.
Nick 12 hours ago
Noooooo how could they take the vid down. There was time now!!!
Cal Serven
Cal Serven 12 hours ago
Fuck WB
S.Spoon 13 hours ago
Oh hey. Red Letter Media's Gremlins 2 re:View...
Weyland Yutani
Weyland Yutani 13 hours ago
Fuck WB I mean how could you make such a shitty sequel to Gremlins
Pire Aí
Pire Aí 13 hours ago
Fuck Warner Bros
Stephen Mitchell
Stephen Mitchell 13 hours ago
I'm guessing that Warner Bros. blocked your Gremlins 2 The New Batch Re:view because you bashed Christmas Vacation 2. They must have really loved that movie.
Andrew Jackson
Andrew Jackson 13 hours ago
Tom 13 hours ago
Copyright claiming a loving review of a 30 year old movie... you certainly know how to make friends on the internet, Warner Bros...
James Hampton
James Hampton 11 hours ago
Yeah what's up with that
GalvanInk 13 hours ago
I would say some WB has some gremlins in their system but they were broken way before this re-view
FMR 13 hours ago
WTF WB.......
Timothy Covert
Timothy Covert 13 hours ago
damn that re:view got claimed pretty fast
Indiana Jones
Indiana Jones 13 hours ago
Just here to comment on your gremlins 2 review.... Since WB CR struck it. Good stuff, I'm glad I got to watch it before they swooped in. Fuck you warner brothers, you bloody cock suckers.
Hugh tube
Hugh tube 14 hours ago
I was halfway thru the gremlins 2 episode and it got pulled. Wtf
Leonardo Bautista
Leonardo Bautista 11 hours ago
@Azrial Alaria it's really sad I was enjoying it alot to.
Azrial Alaria
Azrial Alaria 11 hours ago
Yep, same.
Leonardo Bautista
Leonardo Bautista 13 hours ago
Me 2 fuck USvid
Chewie Meatball
Chewie Meatball 14 hours ago
FUCK Warner Bros. For shutting down RLM's Gremlins 2 review
louise gormley
louise gormley 14 hours ago
Warner copyright claimed your Gremlins 2 video, i am seriously pissed at USvid!!!!
geensloth911 14 hours ago
For real, they were all over that. I was lucky enough to watch it right before it got taken down.
Jay Y
Jay Y 14 hours ago
Gremlins two review got flagged 🤦🏽‍♂️ damn you Warner brothers
Guts Puck
Guts Puck 14 hours ago
I watched the Gremlins New Batch Video and it is blocked by Warner Bros Now!
Saint111Michael 14 hours ago
Fuck Warner bros.
Mason Thompson
Mason Thompson 14 hours ago
Just commenting on this video to say Warner Bros are a bunch of twats for taking down the Gremlins 2 video. Glad I saw it before it was taken down.
Robert Breeden
Robert Breeden 14 hours ago
Wow Gremlins got blocked quick... Glad I got to watch it all the way through.
bloochoo 14 hours ago
Lol warner bros blocked the gremlins 2 re-view!!,
luce flambeau
luce flambeau 14 hours ago
If only Warner had blocked its DCU movies instead.
Ster alt
Ster alt 14 hours ago
Wow Warner Brothers was fast on f****** and getting rid of that Gremlins to s***
Big T. Larrity
Big T. Larrity 14 hours ago
Fuck Warner Bros, haven't done anything of value since the 90s and keep claiming everything with a second of footage even when they don't have the right
Michael Palin
Michael Palin 14 hours ago
I have the Gremlins 2 video downloaded at 84.5%, :'(
johnny1893 14 hours ago
Warner Bros is a dump of subhuman...
AvidGamer 13 hours ago
God dammit i just made dinner and thought id sit down and watch it. Fuck you WB!!
JCIce007 16 hours ago
I honestly wondered for a moment while watching the movie if I had imagined the "Don't Call Me Angel" scene. It was so odd.
The Awperator
The Awperator 16 hours ago
They didnt digitally make the kids younger they shot those scenes during chapter 1 im pretty sure cause they pretty much already casted and started prepro on it 2 before the first one was even released
kailomonkey 17 hours ago
I think they just wanted to give the guy some funnies as he was probably seen as depressing and too serious by test audiences. Ripping off the music Deadpool uses for funnies though was odd. He's in no way Deadpool.
Christopher Urena
Christopher Urena 17 hours ago
I didn't even like the old lady scene, tbh that was one of the better looking monsters of the movie. OLD LADY CREEPY STARE is not building tension, a lot of that scene felt like a huge gimmick. like HEY GUYS, SOMETHINGS WRONG WITH THIS OLD LADY HYUCK HYUCK HYUCK. SHES DOING WEIRD STUFFFF fuck this movie though. stupid and not scary
lupelupelupe 20 hours ago
Yes! I agree, they altered the kids' ages and voices! It's especially evident when Richie is attacked by the statue thing.
Tristan Mahler
Tristan Mahler 20 hours ago
IT 2 wasn't as good as the first one but I don't think it realistically could be. The reason the first one was so well structured was because it WAS just the kids, and having a longer format series would not necessarily make the book's story format better for a visual media. Especially with the weirder parts of the book that they can't ever film for legal, ethical and moral reasons. A lot of the scares were supposed to be funny, imo. You can tell because the CG is intentially kind of goofy compared to the first one, especially Titty Grandma. The leper is disturbing in IT 1, but in IT 2 it's a punch line. I also liked the kids getting killed again, the little girl under the bleachers was the best but skateboard kid was also fucked, I wasn't expecting him to die there. I thought it was a fakeout. The thing about wanting more character stuff is that it's kinda not in the book. Most of the adult character stuff is them abruptly remembering shit from their childhood.
Dawg 21 hour ago
Dreadjaws Day ago
This movie was the weirdest McDonald's ad I've seen since Mac and Me.
Ben Salerno
Ben Salerno Day ago
Now that I'm a joyless old doofus that watches too many horror movies and nothing scares me anymore, I had to re-calibrate my expectations for horror movies. Instead of "is it scary" I have to ask myself if it did horror-themed stuff in a fun way or not. I think it's fun that the heroes in this movie save the day with the power of bullying.
Khristian Williams
They managed to make a 3 hour movie feel rushed. Also a homicidal maniac escaped from a mental institution and the police were not on high alert, and the town was not notified..
Khristian Williams
SPOILER they bullied It to death.
jazztom86 Day ago
no-one of them is a virgin in the book, since they all fuck Bev when they are still kids. That's actually in the book.
Pete De
Pete De Day ago
I'm surprised none of them stayed in touch and they all moved away, At least a few of them would have remaind friends in real life. Most of my highschool friends still live in the area and I talk to a few of them regularly.
Pete De
Pete De Day ago
Didn't they film all the kid scenes at the same time?
Cassandra Wladyslava
All I want to know is wtf was with those scenes where Ben's poem was being screamed out... YOUR HAIR IS WINTER FIRE!!!!! JANUARY EMBERS!;;!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!! My HEArt bURNs THere TOooooOooo0000!!!;!!!!!!OooooITSSODRAMATICANDINTENSE!!!!!Raaawwwrrr!!;
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