Hairdresser Reacts to People Going to The Lowest Rated Hair Salons

Brad Mondo
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Hi Beautiful! I probably should find watching people going to the lowest rated hair salons as much as I do. But it amazes me some of the things these hairdressers do to people! Like whattttt?!
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Sep 8, 2019




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Comments 3 133
so_it_goes _
so_it_goes _ 6 hours ago
The grandma pearls/ big chain look is something only brad would attempt 10/10 phenomenal
Kayla Pratley
Kayla Pratley 12 hours ago
My hair is dark brown and turned yellow orange when I first bleached it
jalia thompson
jalia thompson 2 days ago
omg brad luvvvvv that shirt
Music Life
Music Life 2 days ago
Omg king let your pink hair stay why did u not keep it
Alina Bishop
Alina Bishop 2 days ago
Not just blonde but like bLoOoOoNdE Brad should get his own tv show and instead of being " What not to wear " It would be " What not to hair with Brad Mondo"
Rose Hoseok
Rose Hoseok 5 days ago
Once I went to a hair salon I told the women working there to *only trim* the ends....i ended up going back home with half of my hair gone 🤕🤕
Kevin McCarthy
Kevin McCarthy 5 days ago
I liked her hair color
By s makeup
By s makeup 5 days ago
I want to do my hair with brad😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😩😩😩😩
Teonia Holmes
Teonia Holmes 6 days ago
Living for your 00’s jersey and chains and bleached hair 😭😍
Cyra Sterner
Cyra Sterner 6 days ago
I have never once had a professional dye job turn out good. Never. Even paying 200$ for a “root smudge,” my hairs a natural level 8, they used a 5.🙃
Elizabeth McCartney
I need Brad to do my hair for me😂😂
AeRgLO siddhartha
Guy Fieri moment with those frosted tips, we in beauty town now
charzzzel l
charzzzel l 7 days ago
got my dark ass hair that has been bleached and dyed back to black for sch for like 50 times dyed earlier this week and i had to sit at the salon for 4 hrs. i died. the second application of bleach on my head was so painful as well as when the dye went onto my scalp i wanted to crawl our of my chair. wanted ash purple but got ash blue looking hair instead. still look cute tho so whatever
Hannah Warner
Hannah Warner 7 days ago
“BOOM. Penetrated.”
Bella Saint Onge
Bella Saint Onge 8 days ago
That looks nice
kiandra simmons
kiandra simmons 8 days ago
his videos are my new obsession
Forever is a lie
Forever is a lie 8 days ago
You look like a 90s rapper and I am here for it
SuperArtsi 10 days ago
When you think you have a good comment and type it out but realize it was actually stupid so you delete it again.
shivani saluja
shivani saluja 10 days ago
Please react to a indian video🙏🏻
fernanda sabedotti
fernanda sabedotti 11 days ago
Brad is soo sweet, I can’t deal with it
Vinny Lamata
Vinny Lamata 11 days ago
Only Seungyoun looks good in yellow strippy blonde lol
Christopher Clements
I'm kinda scared to go to anyone but you now lol
Serene To
Serene To 12 days ago
can u please do my hair makeover 😩
JustFraan 13 days ago
It's been almost 4 years, and I still I'm mad at the hairdresser that burned (destroyed) my waist long hair and made it orange, instead of the ash blond is asked for. Plus, him ruining my hair was so expensive!
Liz Kimber
Liz Kimber 15 days ago
Well. Ive never come out of a hairdresser thinking i look beautiful. Every last one has left me with wtf did you do
Mighty Ant
Mighty Ant 17 days ago
I really feel Brad should be hosting the Oscar,Golden Globe,Academy Awards. E! should offer him a hosting job. I mean he does'nt need a script at all.
Kayla 18 days ago
🤞 please toner save her hair 🤞 😂😂😂 I think we've all been there . Sometimes you gotta pray to the hair gods.
cutecheerfreak1 18 days ago
Why is Brad like a late 90s absolute Daddy with the slicked back hair. Girl it’s a LUUK
elise hamilton
elise hamilton 19 days ago
the first made her look way older
Service blondy Harvey
Damn I’d love to buy your product but I’m allergic to all five of them 😬 love your vids tho
Caroline Swede
Caroline Swede 19 days ago
Lol it's just funny to me how people go to the worst rated hair salon as a youtube dare and then sits there pouting "Ugh I am soo annoyed, I can't believe they ruined my hair, wwwuuaaaaahhh".
Brenda Vazquez
Brenda Vazquez 19 days ago
There was this time when I asked for a reddish light brown and I ended up with CHERRY RED hair 😂😂😂 I wanted to cry so bad
swatermelon3 pinapple4
Brad= don't go to a bad hair salon. It's not worth it. Me= hey mum, there's a 1 star hair salon down the road. Let's ruin my hair for veiws
Phoenix Grimm
Phoenix Grimm 19 days ago
I'm not feeling the darker hair on Brad in this one, makes him look 15 years older. It's a look.
xSugar Plum
xSugar Plum 20 days ago
I've thought this for a few videos now but what's going on with your haircut? The sides are like....long but then cut super blunt right in the middle of your fade? I don't get it. It looks bad. :( That said why the hell didn't that hair dresser lift her roots lol. Surprised you said the second one would be an easy job...with that porous neon yellow hair you can't put brown on it you have to fill it first...
Erica hightower
Erica hightower 20 days ago
6:23 oh dang, YOU RIGHT!
Ashley Mackrell
Ashley Mackrell 20 days ago
Ok if I was the second girl I would rip him to shreds in the salon, like he completely ruined her hair
*goes to worst reviewed salon* Person: I'm pissed :( is not what I wanted
Ashley E
Ashley E 21 day ago
I love sitting in the salon chair...lmao
Deb McDarby
Deb McDarby 21 day ago
Love how you refer to growing hair as work! Like, omg, I’m exhausted from a long day of growing my nails lmao
den the foodie
den the foodie 21 day ago
brad mondo is the BEST humanbeing ever. and thats on that. PERIODT
Spiicy J
Spiicy J 21 day ago
You have such a pretty eye shape
Kaitlin McNamara
Kaitlin McNamara 21 day ago
I press disliked by accident but then realized it and changed it to like obviously because he looks so dagger in this video and his outfit and hair and accessories are ahhhmazingggg
Mel Stervoc
Mel Stervoc 22 days ago
“BOOM penetrated” 😂😂
Kyley Grindle
Kyley Grindle 22 days ago
Hi brad just wanted to say I'll do anything to work with you and even tho you dont care for mall salons I work at smart style in Walmart please apply we are a happy bunch. We like to eat and make fools of ourselves you'll fit in I love you.
Meat Prison
Meat Prison 22 days ago
I’m new to this channel. Brad reminds me of a gay Prota Zoa from Zenon.
Joy Rodriguez
Joy Rodriguez 22 days ago
5:45 I never feel like that at a salon. I always feel ugly beginning to end 😭. I must have gone to the wrong salons which is why I always just do it myself
luisa c. camacho
luisa c. camacho 22 days ago
i got a spiral perm at a mall salon and they left it in too long and they ended up having to cut off around 3 inches of my hair because it looked so bad. it looks like i braided my hair or krimped it. never again 😭 wish i recorded the process. i just asked for a natural curl with picture references, and it turned out nothing like that 💀💀
meena 22 days ago
i would kill my hair, i mean, bleach it multiple times, go to different salons 1 star stuff, chopping my own hair n bangs badly, just for brad to notice me.
Angelnicole Collado
Please react to “anncytwinkle” she’s too funny😂 she also went to a low rated hair salon
Suzanna Novak
Suzanna Novak 23 days ago
Brad should be the Gordon Ramsey of hair, like he should got to the worst rated hair dressers and save there store
Jennifer Morand
Jennifer Morand 13 days ago
@Hanna Debora He's replying to the original comment, not yours.
hlk 13 days ago
@Hanna Debora wtf are you talking about? Oh my god. Please look it up.
Caoimhe F
Caoimhe F 18 days ago
heythereitseve 18 days ago
Hanna Debora Tabitha’s salon take over!!
Hanna Debora
Hanna Debora 19 days ago
I remember there used to be one of those shows when I was younger! They would save hairsalons
YatoSwag Amv
YatoSwag Amv 23 days ago
i was wondering about the her recording everything and then you just said it and i loled xD
Addisyn Gibson
Addisyn Gibson 23 days ago
New subscriber here. Can you do my hair?
jala wade
jala wade 23 days ago
This is not a 4. Her hair is more like a 3a/b the curls/coils are super defined and not really kinky like a 4.
Sofia Prendiville
Sofia Prendiville 23 days ago
jala wade I think he’s talking ab the color depth bit I agree
Barbara Wicker
Barbara Wicker 23 days ago
The first girl on this video looked great...i am a black woman and never like when dark skin people try to get white hair and or blond.
Pavvy The cake
Pavvy The cake 23 days ago
i never knew so much thought went into a haircut, its so amazing now that I think about it, the level of complexity in hairdressing
Anani Johnson
Anani Johnson 24 days ago
brad mondo: *a hair stylist* also mr mondo: i HATE getting my hair done
Kelsi Madden
Kelsi Madden 24 days ago
Love his little scissors earring
Rama 24 days ago
i literally love YOUUUU
:C0NF1RM :
:C0NF1RM : 24 days ago
Brad Mondo: Disgusting!!! Me: My life is a lie
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