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Thank you to SeatGeek for sponsoring today's video! I will be marching with SeatGeek at the NYC Pride Parade on June 30th! Hope to see you there!
Hi Beautiful! Man weaves are the coolest thing I've seen in a long time. It's unbelievable the things extremely talented barbers can do with a balding head.
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Jun 23, 2019




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Comments 2 099
Jennie Roper
Jennie Roper 2 days ago
I need your help. I used BAQ henna in my hair for years. I am now just letting my grey shine. Do you know of any way to lighten my dark ends? I don't want to cut all my hair off ( I look horrible with short hair). PLEASE HELP!!!
jamilla Harris9
jamilla Harris9 3 days ago
I feel like brad gets high asf and films these
It's yuh girl mikkeai8908
The stylist in the first video got skillz hairline looking like trash. Like the hairline is on a downward slope.
Febreeze Can
Febreeze Can 4 days ago
You’re very energetic today boi 🥴
melissad70 6 days ago
Trim it like a bush 😄😄😄I'm dead
laumei love
laumei love 9 days ago
Do you think Lebron has a man weave?
Original G
Original G 11 days ago
I really wanted the last guy to have his make up done also
jose ortiz
jose ortiz 13 days ago
I hope first dude had a great week
Azlyn's Mixed Media Arts
Wigs brad XD you don't need to shave anything XD
Madi 14 days ago
I would literally sell my soul to have brad do my hair
anja1994anja 17 days ago
I may be dumb, but what's the difference between a weave and extensions? I always thought it was completely different (never asked anyone but that's me) but when he showed the video of ''female'' weaves it just looked like extensions to me...
David Newark
David Newark 18 days ago
that's a bald cap
Mari Martinez
Mari Martinez 18 days ago
Cosmo and wanda ain’t slick
Cheshire• Cat•
Cheshire• Cat• 19 days ago
My bf lost all his hair in his early twenties. I showed him these B4 and he really wants one.
Anna Simone
Anna Simone 19 days ago
I know you did not say .. “he look so much younger..... and healthier” 😭😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Coffee Meets Carnivore
Second guy was HOT
Kitty Pearson
Kitty Pearson 25 days ago
I just saw Skillz in Las Vegas a couple weeks ago. That man is funny AF!
teri h
teri h 29 days ago
Brad : i am gay as hell Me : God why???? broken😭😭😭😭
Morgan Kelani
Morgan Kelani Month ago
What the fridge 😂
iluvdissheet Month ago
Brad your hair is gorgeous...you don't need a weave
Jinzo the Red-eyes
Am I the only straight guy here?
Kirsten Holliday
Whered he get his sweater from
Vicky Skye
Vicky Skye Month ago
how would u scratch your scalp ect, brad you should do blonde dread extensions for a video how epic would that be? LOL
Vicky Skye
Vicky Skye Month ago
lol this is like trickery imagine if u yank a guys hair during..... and it comes off could traumatize some1 LOL just kidding this is great a good remedy for some1 who suffers early alopecia!
cupcakexlindsay Month ago
How long does this glue last? How often do they have to re do it?
Patricia Carrillo
4:03 I had the exact reaction
Ryan Gant
Ryan Gant Month ago
Chile! I love your reactions! Love you beautiful.
Cat Gurl Christi
3rd one is totally ramen noodle hair.
Egypt Johnson
Egypt Johnson Month ago
16:29 This guys friend in the background is just about finished with life 😂😂
Sophie Kinsons
Sophie Kinsons Month ago
I am beautiful, you look beautiful, we are beautifulllll
Katie Mabe
Katie Mabe Month ago
Cosmo and Wanda you ain’t slick
Selena Guilmette
Skills hairline wasn’t straight 🤕
MadxHeza Month ago
I want to just shave my head and have them add hair so I don't have to pay for a hairline lowering surgery.
Shannon Lindsay
Shannon Lindsay Month ago
Me:hospital in 10 USvid:Brad uploaded a video Me:guess I'll died happy
Clementine 92
Clementine 92 Month ago
"My wife left me... my hair left me..." Hahaha.
Raven Vargas
Raven Vargas Month ago
WTF man weave? It's just a weave gender has nothing to do with it lol Those barbers are legit amazing artists
Ashton Carter
Ashton Carter Month ago
8:47 blue hair, pink hair, green hair 😂😂😂
Daniel Mcleod
Daniel Mcleod Month ago
Lets count how many times he said weave(s) with an "s" and then go back and speed up the video everytime LMAO
Bianca Lopez
Bianca Lopez Month ago
You are so handsomely cute!!
Jen Ferrin
Jen Ferrin Month ago
I just recently found Brad, love him and not only his style.......well okay everything about him. Awesome fun personality, smart and yes good looking 🤗. Thank you Brad
Tahj Young
Tahj Young Month ago
What’s brad mondos salon called
Katie Month ago
"y'all straights out there...calm down." I'm dying 😵 😭😭
Kate Month ago
Love your outfit!
Lindsey Wearne
Lindsey Wearne Month ago
omg I love you beautiful
Quick Silver
Quick Silver Month ago
Up gay bitches
Quick Silver
Quick Silver Month ago
Sorry but I'm straight
Brad do a man weave on my boyfriend please. He’s losing his hair and I love his hair 😭
Orla Month ago
It’s crazy to me that everyone is celebrating men getting these hair pieces as if it looks better. We need to recognize and appreciate normal aging and stop making these men feel bad for losing their hair. Yeah it’s nice that they feel better after this stuff but if we didn’t tear them down for this completely normal process in aging they wouldn’t feel the need to do this crazy stuff. I know brad doesn’t know much about black hair so he didn’t say anything because he didn’t want to get called out if he didn’t know, but gluing paper onto a bare scalp is a good way to get mold, yeast, and bacteria growing on the scalp. Just stop making fun of people for aging. That’s it and that’s all. It wouldn’t be a beauty standard if yall didn’t make it that.
Orla Month ago
Putting paper under the hair piece sounds like a fast track for a moldy yeasty scalp.
I want this outfit😍
Karmela Vujina
Karmela Vujina Month ago
You are the only person that is gay but is not acting so much like one ... too bad for all of us girl ‘couse you are perfect
Doris Ramos
Doris Ramos Month ago
Wowwowowowowowowow they are amazing!
Claudia Trammell
Vashti Perry
Vashti Perry Month ago
It’s not plastic it’s glue.
Vashti Perry
Vashti Perry Month ago
I love watching Adrian the barber. He does amazing transformations.
Vashti Perry
Vashti Perry Month ago
That second one looks great
Brian Barrell
Brian Barrell Month ago
"you can literally go in there and shave it like a bush"
Irem Ilhan
Irem Ilhan Month ago
11:52 reAlLy GoOd
Sammylove Month ago
I think some of them looked great. I suppirt glad that balding men have this option
Tashi Newland
Tashi Newland Month ago
Is it just me or was Skillz' hair line leaning. Lol
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