Hairdresser Reacts To Japanese Permanent Hair Straightening

Brad Mondo
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Hi Beautiful! Straightening treatments are super helpful to those of you with extremely frizzy hair that just want to wake up and have your hair look perfect. But there's also some down sides to doing these treatments...
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Oct 6, 2019




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Comments 6 510
Brad Mondo
Brad Mondo 4 months ago
Ever thought about getting your hair permanently straightened?
T A Y L 0 R
T A Y L 0 R 28 days ago
Ofc not
MichaelRay McClendon
Yes! Mine will be getting done next month! Super happy. Wish I knew about this before cutting off my hair 🤣
Sunnishine 2019
Sunnishine 2019 2 months ago
I tried perming it to straighten it when I was a kid. Didn't work! What are the best products for wavy/curly hair in your opinion?
veronica ledezma
veronica ledezma 2 months ago
my hair has always been normally straight,,,I hate it b3cause it won't stayed curled :)
Mckinley Ray
Mckinley Ray 2 months ago
no, I love my curly hair!
Comrade Tia
Comrade Tia 2 hours ago
In my country, it's called a rebond. I have mine done every year.
Meipon 8 hours ago
yea japan is a humid hell so seeing Rachel finally getting it i was so happy
Lols.com 10 hours ago
Ahhhhhh Rachelllllll!!!!!!
Destrada1225 10 hours ago
I've never dyed or treated my hair because I'm afraid it will never be the same again.
CJF fan
CJF fan 12 hours ago
when he gets annoyed at a bug then names it lmao
Caitlyn Hibala
Caitlyn Hibala 16 hours ago
I have had the japenese hair straightener done to my hair and it made no difference. NOTHING has ever worked on straightening my hair. 😩😩
Lauren Smith
Lauren Smith 19 hours ago
Why did the first girl sound so much like Emma Watson? Like, am I the only one who noticed this?
Khate Lea Chegyem
Mikkaaan! There's Mikkaaaan!
Denise Ybarra
I literally watch Rachel's videos and Juns shes little so beautiful so happy to see her on your video!
Lunalike •__•
Mikan?!My goddess?!
Chimera Coloma
I love you tho, but if you did listen to rachels video. It says that there was no heat on the iron. Only on the blowdry parts
Bailey Hicks
Bailey Hicks Day ago
i just want to know what i can do to make my hair look good without having to straighten it 😭 i need a friend like brad mondo hahaha
Yeet Oofz
Yeet Oofz Day ago
I need this-
SongbirdRen 2 days ago
Clicked because of Rachel, saw Mikan as well. My three faves in one video, Brad, Rachel, and Mikan 🥺🥺🥺
Honesty Hervey
Honesty Hervey 2 days ago
I think they’ll regret it😂🤷🏽‍♀️
Lee Michaels
Lee Michaels 2 days ago
Well let’s face it you sound like you’re a hairdresser and you want to sell products. This stops need for people to buy all those products from you.👍
Zada Rose
Zada Rose 3 days ago
I have bright blue hair and it’s super super healthy. I’m not really sure how I got away with that. I have one of my friends bleach my hair at her hair school and even the instructor said it didn’t feel like bleached hair. I should also add that I don’t use any heat on my hair or blow dry it and it was virgin hair to begin with. My hair is pin straight and it hair drys perfectly.
V Paea
V Paea 3 days ago
Alexis McCann
Alexis McCann 3 days ago
Brad: "Why is there a fly on my set!?!" Also Brad: *smacks keyboard*
Natalia T
Natalia T 3 days ago
i clicked bc i saw mikan tbh
Sour Boi
Sour Boi 3 days ago
Notayuu 4 days ago
When you realize people clicked because of Rachel but you clicked because of Mikan
wawis231 4 days ago
When I was 15 years old, I went to get my hair curled (my hair is very curly and with tropical weather it is frizzy so I wanted a blowout and then curled) and the hairdressers were in a hurry so one curled it with a curling iron and another with a hair straightener...that apparently had keratine residue... the days after i washed my hair, it was half curly, half wavy straight weird...i had to get a keratine permanent straightening...i now have my natural hair..finally..i suffered for years
EmmaVasNormandy 4 days ago
Have you checked out her 1 year update? At least I think it was one year, on Rachel and Jun's channel
Gordana Stefanovic
OMG we love Rachel!! ❤❤
Talynn Brown
Talynn Brown 5 days ago
Bradddddd!!!!!!! If I had one wish.. I would wish that you would do my hair. Whatever you think would look best.. literally whatever you would want to do to my hair I'd be so down with that!
Liroy Sword
Liroy Sword 5 days ago
I've been living in Thailand for almost 2 years now for studies and I got this treatment done. I generally really like my hair when I go back to my home country because the weather is really dry, however, Thailand is hella humid and it just makes my hair a pain to handle especially cause it can get really frizzy so I really just started hating my hair cause I permanently looked like a ball of fuzz and nothing I did made me look good. After getting it done, it's way easier to manage and it was honestly the best investment I've made, even if it does take like 4 hours to get done.
Sky Mora
Sky Mora 5 days ago
I got permanent straightening done after watching Rachel and Juns video a couple years ago. As someone with mostly straight hair but really annoying... flips? And random wavy bits, it was the most convenient thing I could have ever done to help me grow it out. I was trying to grow my hair out from a slightly longer than chin length bob. And it basically helped me skip the awkward stage of growing it out. Never had to brush it or anything, and then I just slowly cut off all the damaged parts as it grew out.
Francesca Quinones Caballero
This is weird...My hair was super curly before and I didn't like it so I decided to permanently straighten it. They did a Brazilian/Japanese permanent straightening so that it wouldn't damage my hair so much. This was in July 2017 and they told me it was gonna last for 6 months, They also told me to use a keratin special conditioner and shampoo and so I did for some months. Since then every time I showered or my hair got wet, if I just let it dry ich blow dry it without brushing it at the same time it wouldn't be straightened. It would be like really fluffy and frizzy. So every time I showered I had to blow dry it and at the same time brush it in sections and then use a straightener. This took really long (at least 1 and a half hour) since I have a LOT of hair and at that time it was really long and that is why I just stopped doing it after 2 months. Instead, I started using anti-frizz hair cream(? and that is what I've been using since then. The WEIRD thing is that my hair started growing and the ends were becoming curly again but at the roots, it was growing straight. In May 2019 I decided to cut shoulder length, I basically got rid off all the curls that were formed in the ends. I decide to cut it since as I said my hair was growing straight so I only had curls at the ends. Then little by little my hair has gotten wavier. Now it's February 2020 and my hair is a bit longer (I haven't cut it since May 2019) and it is gotten fluffier and some parts of it wavier. MY QUESTION: Is it normal that after almost 3 years I still don't have the hair I had before straightening it? And, will it ever become that really curly hair I had before? Like right now it is just wavy after I shower and let it air dry and it becomes more straighten when I don't wash it. I don't know whats going on lol
Angie Mojica
Angie Mojica 5 days ago
I used to get this treatment done to my hair all the time when I was younger (like grade 8 and grade 9). I also thought I had unmanageable, frizzy hair. Little did I know that I actually had curls and was just never taught how to care for them. Now I wear my hair natural and never heat style it.
a w t o d a s i i
bruh I watch brad and I barley realized I also love mikan and Rachel and hafsjvgeaogihyusrbkljghqabewalrighbqaouierhgvoi so yeah
linhD 5 days ago
I got mine done since highschool. My hair has been fine.
sour milk
sour milk 6 days ago
Mieng 6 days ago
The first girl kinda looks like Lydia Deetz from Beetlejuice the musical
Mia Mizuno
Mia Mizuno 6 days ago
I wanted to straighten the hair in Japan... They checked my hair (thinner curly mess) and rejected my request :'( They explained to me that I should not do this... I still really want to do it at some point
Jennifer McGinnis
Rachel has a year after hair straightening video. I moved to Japan and my hair was so extra frizzy! So I’ve got it done 2x so far. I love it! Thanks for the video!
renjumin 6 days ago
I used to actually have pretty straight hair, until I got bangs on the side of my face and it went all wavy, just the bangs and the rest of my hair was still straight. That was until I got a bob cut since my bangs had grown long enough for me to cut into a bob, and after that, my hair has been wavy ever since. Yes, it is easy to manage but I just wish I could have my straight hair back ! 😭😭 I’m planning to get permanent straightening when I go to Japan, but I feel like my hair is wavy when it’s short and not when it’s long, but I’ll have to wait a while for it to grow back
Carol Martinho
Carol Martinho 7 days ago
I was listening to Brad talking about Brazilian vs Japanese straightening treatments and I wanted to mention my experience. I have really really thin hair fibers (I have a lot of hair tho) and it's a 3A mixed with a 2C kind of wavy that turns into a mess easily. So, I get the Brazilian treatment from time to time and as my hair is too thin it actually makes my curls more structured instead of straightening them, I believe it's probably because it adds keratin and I love it ♥️
Elaine nicholson
Elaine nicholson 7 days ago
I'm sooooo jealous of the last girls hair .
Jill Lindsay
Jill Lindsay 9 days ago
I hadmy hair Japanese straighteneda d it was cute til it started growing out then it looked awful! Half my hair was crazy curly and the bottom was pin straight. Never again
Alphonsine 9 days ago
So this is a relaxer basically
•IceBerrii• 9 days ago
Is it just me or does the first girl remind you of Melanie Martinez? She sort of looks like her and her style resembles hers!
Priscilla Zerachiel
oh my gawd my fav american+japanese couple
Allison Herman
Allison Herman 10 days ago
So we're not saying anything about that shirt? Ok just wondering >.>
Michel H
Michel H 10 days ago
I used to get my hair Japanese straightened. we used Rusk thermal str8 and after quite a bit of trial and error we found the perfect method but that grow out period was rough cause I needed to have at least 4” of new growth 😭😭
Hi I'm Jamie
Hi I'm Jamie 10 days ago
I have the same skintone as the girl with copper hair, I was thinking of getting it colored like that, but I have noooooo clue if it would be a bit strange with short hair
Laya Bitman
Laya Bitman 10 days ago
What would you suggest for someone with thick auburn naturally curly virgin hair that is always frizzy? She does not want any processing but would love not to have any frizz. We air dry and only shampoo and condition once a week. She has to brush every day or it gets way too knotted just overnight. Plz suggest an expensive and cheap solution if possible.
Katelyn Bright
Katelyn Bright 10 days ago
why does his intro sound like im getting my teeth cleaned at the dentist 😳
Katelyn Bright
Katelyn Bright 10 days ago
i love you💖
Joleen Phillips
Joleen Phillips 10 days ago
We did try to do a straightening treatment on my daughter's hair and it FRIED the ends of her hair so bad. I took her to a different stylist who understands how to work with her hair. He said that was the WORST thing I could've done. He had to cut off all the fried hair, which was about 5 inches! He then did a ton of moisturizing treatments and lots of blow drying between. She now embraces her natural spirals.
アリーallie 10 days ago
Katrina Wagner
Katrina Wagner 10 days ago
Well now I have new appreciation for my hair. It air drys pretty mich same as the second girl after her treatment. It's always been super straight and silky.
G. Naybet
G. Naybet 10 days ago
Omg Rachel!!!✨ I clicked on the video cz I saw her lol
Keike Honey
Keike Honey 11 days ago
So basically putting a relaxer in the hair
Mei Kho
Mei Kho 11 days ago
I literally do all that for every 4 or 5 months
Stoyan Danchev
Stoyan Danchev 11 days ago
I really like you, but you talk way too much 😂
elyse moscozo
elyse moscozo 11 days ago
Honestly, I just want to permanently straighten the front of my hair, my annoying baby hairs that kink up when I'm trying to have straight hair or bangs! And bit of sweat and bang, they're wavey 😑
Samantha Hummer
Samantha Hummer 11 days ago
Omg this was totally an early 2000’s trend. All of my fellow Korean girl friends had “magic” straightening perms because they wanted to look like BoA. Surprised folks are still getting it done in 2020 😮 #throwback
corrads 11 days ago
I did this in grade 7, I regretted it afterwards. My mom paid for it and it took 4 hours in the salon. My hair is naturally curly (2c-3a texture) and while it looked amazing when I did it, but as it grew out my curls grew back at my roots and it looked HORRIBLE. Took years to grow out.
wizard ni
wizard ni 12 days ago
wait a sec, ut Rachellllll
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